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This page lists appearances of the Ice Warriors in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.


Timeline Edit

Old empire Edit

The first Ice Warriors are created on Mars by the Gandorans.
The Ice Warriors live a peaceful life, however the events leading to the evaporation of Mars' atmosphere occur.
The Doctor visits an Ice Warrior prison in Antarctica before both being frozen for "a few million years" before being found and dethawed in 2012.
The Ice Warriors go into hibernation as their atmosphere evaporates. Izdaal says he will face the red dawn "tomorrow."
Izdaal faces the red dawn, and 12,000 years later, after entering suspended animation, Isskar locates the Doctor on Safeplace.
Apart from Isskar, the rest of the Ice Warriors are apparently in suspended animation on Mars (TV: Empress of Mars), Deimos, the Asteroid belt (AUDIO: Deimos), Antarctica (AUDIO: Frozen Time), and probably more.

Resurrection Edit

The Galactic Federation Edit

An Ice Warrior called Ssard becomes a companion of the Eighth Doctor.
Ssard settles down in his own time period with new wife and fellow companion Stacy Townsend following months of adventures with the Doctor.
The Ice Warriors participate in the Siege of Trenzalore.

Unplaced Edit

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