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This page lists appearances of Fitz Kreiner in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, two Big Finish forums and the Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Joining the Doctor and Sam[]

The Doctor and Sam are joined by Fitz Kreiner, due to the Doctor taking pity on the fugitive due to the death of his mother. Sam has been traveling with the Doctor for "years" by this point.
Fitz leaves the TARDIS for two years, but only a week passes for the Doctor and Sam.
The events of Revolution Man are still fresh in Fitz's mind. Sam is 22-years-old. Ending sets up the events of Unnatural History, and begins a small arc of the TARDIS being unwilling to leave Earth until The Hour of the Geek.
Set "a couple of weeks" after Dominion and "a few weeks" after Revolution Man. A dark-haired Sam encounters a dimensional scar that alters her timeline, reworking it, giving her blonde hair, and creating the established timeline she experienced with the Doctor. The Doctor loses his shadow, and his Volkswagen Beetle is destroyed.
Sam decides to leave the TARDIS, and asks the Doctor to drop her somewhere near 1997, leading into Shock Tactic. The Doctor claims to be 1018-years-old.
Unnatural History occurred "a couple of months ago" for Sam. Fitz becomes stranded on 2593 Ordifica after being trapped in the Cold for six hundred years, and joins the Faction Paradox.
Sam choses to leave the Doctor while on 1996 Earth, and the Doctor decides to travel alone for a time after a traumatic battle with the Faction Paradox, which sees Fitz separate a part of his memories into a Remembrance Tank to become Father Kreiner, while the re-remembered Fitz agrees to join the Doctor and Compassion, a fellow remembered who was a member of the Remote.
Father Kreiner becomes an aspect of The Horror.

Joined by Compassion[]

Fitz and Compassion wait in the TARDIS while the Doctor visits I.M. Foreman during the events of Interference: Foreman's World.
The Doctor meets up with Fitz and Compassion to travel in the TARDIS once again. To protect Compassion from harmful signals she might encounter during their travels, the Doctor interfaces her receiver with the TARDIS systems.
Compassion begins to transform into a TARDIS.
Fitz still has a suntan from the events of Frontier Worlds.
The Doctor and Fitz appear alone in this story, setting this immediately before The Shadows of Avalon, where Compassion was learning to be human on Earth while the Doctor and Fitz were temporarily travelling alone.
Romana III is War Queen of Gallifrey. The Doctor loses his TARDIS after it collides between the dimensional barriers, but Compassion evolves into a Type 102 TARDIS and allows the Doctor and Fitz to travel within her. With the Time Lords wishing to use Compassion to breed more sentient TARDISes, the trio go on the run from them.
To better avoid the Time Lords, the Doctor installs a Randomiser into Compassion without her permission.
Compassion recalls the recent events of The Shadows of Avalon and The Fall of Yquatine.
The Doctor mentions the new coat he "only just got" during the events of The Banquo Legacy. The Doctor‘s TARDIS restored itself above Gallifrey in the shape of a Flower of Remembrance. In order to thwart Grandfather Paradox's plan, the Doctor causes the destruction of Romana III's Gallifrey. As the TARDIS collapses down into a small cube, the Doctor again loses his memories and is left with the regenerating TARDIS cube in 1900 England by Compassion and Fitz. Compassion believes Faction Paradox and the War in Heaven have been erased from time, but the Doctor only destroyed one of many duplicate Gallifreys, and Compassion goes on to become a major combatant.

Reunited with the Doctor[]

In 2001, the TARDIS grows back to its full power, and the control room rearranges itself to resemble a mixture of the white room and the Victorian parlour design with an octagonal control console. The Doctor is reunited with Fitz during a Kulan invasuion, leaving with him in the TARDIS for new adventures, along with Anji Kapoor after her boyfriend, Dave Young, is killed by the Kulan. The Doctor's memories are still "a little hazy".
Set immediately after Escape Velocity. Fitz learns his memory problems from Escape Velocity are due to his memories disappearing.
Set "a couple of weeks" after EarthWorld, but Fitz refers to New Jupiter as the TARDIS's "last port of call". The Doctor still has no memories beyond The Burning. Ending leads directly into Vanishing Point.
The TARDIS is still re-growing, and console is now octagonal. Anji refers to the recent events of The Year of Intelligent Tigers.

Combating the Council of Eight[]

During his wedding to Scarlette, the bearded Doctor's second heart is removed by Sabbath, allegedly to cure the Doctor of an illness caused by the heart's attempt to connect the Doctor to Gallifrey.
The Doctor still cannot remember events that pre-date The Burning.
The Doctor shaves off the beard he grew during The Adventuress of Henrietta Street. Anji finds closure for the death of Dave after cloning him so that a version of him can live a full life.
Set two days after the events of Hope.
Fitz's memory of events prior to The Burning are disappearing more severely, with Fitz being unable to name of the Time Lords, and being unsure of their fate. The TARDIS control console is now pentagonal.
The Doctor learns to dance. Fitz now has noticeable gaps in his memory.
The Doctor starts re-growing a new second heart, and is starting to recall some of his past. Anji begins thinking about returning home.
The Doctor is traveling with Fitz and Anji, and remembers his travels with Sam.
With his second heart still regrowing, the Doctor drops off Fitz and Anji to travel alone for a time, and then returns with his second heart completely regrown. Trix MacMillan, a con artist hired by Sabbath, asks to join the TARDIS crew, but is denied by the Doctor. Ending leads directly into The Infinity Race.
Ending leads directly into The Domino Effect.
Ending leads directly into Reckless Engineering.
Ending leads directly into The Last Resort.
Ending leads directly into Timeless.
The Doctor discovers that Trix MacMillan has been hiding in the TARDIS since the events of Time Zero, and invites her to stay aboard as his companion. Anji leaves the TARDIS to take care of a surviving Time Lady named Chloe. Ending leads directly into Emotional Chemistry.
Reuniting with Miranda due to the threat of the Council of Eight, the Doctor watches his adopted daughter kill herself to avoid being used as Octan's hostage against him.

Final adventures with Fitz and Trix[]

Through unknown means, Fitz regains his lost memories.
Looking through the Tomorrow Window into his future, the Doctor sees the events of Seasons of Fear.
Set five months after The Tomorrow Windows. The Doctor spends several months in 1904 tracking the survivors of the Sholem-Luz attack, and then spends a century in a self-induced coma in a stone tomb in the crypt beneath Mausolus House.
The Master is still trapped in the Eye of Harmony.
According to Fitz, the events of Halflife were "months ago" and the events of EarthWorld were a "couple of years" ago. The Doctor regains all his memories from before The Burning, and, after defeating the Vore, Fitz and Trix plan to leave the TARDIS to start a family together. The TARDIS interior has been changed again, but is then destroyed containing the explosion of a cold fusion generator.
The Doctor is illustrated with his appearance from The Night of the Doctor. He is haunted by the possibility of a future "war of time", and what it may turn him into.

Awaiting placement[]

Fitz is familiar with Iris, setting this after The Blue Angel. Fitz falls into an alternate timeline with Iris in the middle of an adventure, and is keen to get back to his friends.