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This page lists appearances of the First Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel, comic story and audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as information in Lance Parkin's AHistory which allow us to make observations on placement of stories, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks Databank, Whopix, the Big Finish forums, The Whoniverse and the Divergent Universe forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Additionally there are statements on the back of Virgin Missing Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures novels that state between which TV stories the novel takes place between. These can be used to narrow the field, and should be viewed as the only placing for these novels.

Complications Edit

Arrival in 1963 Edit

Accounts differ as to when exactly the Doctor and Susan arrived in 76 Totter's Lane; In TV: An Unearthly Child, Susan refers to "the happiest [five] months of her life" in November, implying she's been in Shoreditch since around June. This was reaffirmed in COMIC: Operation Proteus, where Raldonn, claims to have noticed the the Doctor's arrival in London four months prior. COMIC: Ground Zero confirms that Operation Proteus took place in October 1963. AUDIO: Hunters of Earth is also set in October 1963 and on multiple occasions indicates that they had been there for four months.

According to Time and Relative, however, Susan had already been in Shoreditch for five months by March, though she acknowledges that the Doctor's "tinkering" with the TARDIS had been throwing her timekeeping out. In The Rag & Bone Man's Story, the Doctor had allegedly been paying rent to the owner of the junkyard, Hawkins, for nine months prior to his departure in November.

TV Comics placementEdit

The First Doctor's travels with John and Gillian are very problematic to place in the Doctor's timeline, as between The Experimenters and The Extortioner, the Doctor is inexplicably replaced by his second incarnation.

The stories Conundrum and The Land of Happy Endings hypothesise that these adventures are either stories created by The Master of the Land of Fiction or the Doctor's dreams.

Timeline Edit

Life on Gallifrey Edit

The Doctor's early life is completely erased from his mind and he is forcibly regenerated into a young body to live as an average Gallifreyan. (TV: The Timeless Children)
The Doctor is "born from the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow" on Gallifrey.
As a Time Tot, the Doctor plays hide and seek with the Rani for forty-two years. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)
The Doctor is told the story of Grandfather Paradox by his mother, (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles) and sees flies swarm around the corpse of an elderly lady who had been covered in veils, giving him nightmares for years. (TV: Heaven Sent)
The Doctor hasn't joined the Academy yet. He is weeping in a barn located in the Drylands.
Facing "the blackest day of his life," the Doctor visits the hermit on the side of the mountain from his family's house, who assists the Doctor with an epiphany by pointing at "the daisiest daisy". (TV: The Time Monster)
At the age of eight, the Doctor is taken from his caretakers for the selection process into the Academy. The Doctor reacts by running away.
The Doctor attends the Time Lord Academy as a member of the Prydonian Chapter, (TV: The Deadly Assassin) befriending the likes of the Master, and the Rani. (TV: The Sea Devils, The Mark of the Rani) He is personally taught by Borusa. (TV: The Deadly Assassin)
The Doctor spends four days trapped in the Cloisters, where he talks to the Cloister Wraiths, who tell him of the prophecy of "the Hybrid," and show him a secret passage out. According to his twelfth incarnation, the experience drove him "completely mad," and he was "never right in the head again" afterwards. (TV: Hell Bent)
At the age of thirty, the Doctor asks K'anpo Rimpoche the name of the mountain on which he dwells. He is attending the Academy, and has made several friends.
At the age of forty-five, the Doctor leaves the Gallifreyan equivalent of primary school. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) At the age of fifty-eight, the Doctor ruins Valyes' summer project. (AUDIO: The Next Life) At the age of ninety, he visits the Medusa Cascade. (TV: The Stolen Earth)
The Doctor is scolded by Borusa for his lack of respect, but is also taught how to appear to respect the traditions he loathes.
The Doctor conducts an experiment that creates a bacteria known as the Ablative, with the ensuing scandal nearly getting him expelled until it is covered up by the Academy. (AUDIO: Planet of the Rani)
The Doctor skips his time-travel proficiency lesson, and rejects an offer to retake the lesson, leaving him unqualified to operate a TARDIS. (PROSE: Festival of Death)
The Doctor has already failed his "driving test" at the Academy.
Having been forced to kill their bully to protect the Master, the Doctor makes a deal with Death to have the memory transferred to the Master, and then has the exchanged erased from his memories.
The Doctor and the Master travel into Gallifrey's past in search of Valdemar.
The Doctor and the Master work on the Consolidator together.
The Doctor and the Rani both attend the Prydonian Academy. (TV: Time and the Rani)
While studying at the Prydonian Academy, the Doctor crosses wits with the Celestial Toymaker for the first time, but his friends Rallon and Millennia are apparently killed. The Doctor is expelled from the Academy as punishment.
The Doctor attends "Time Lord University". (COMIC: The Friendly Place) He leaves education with the lowest possible pass mark on his second attempt. (TV: The Ribos Operation)
The Doctor is disinherited from his ancestral House.
The Doctor works as a Scrutationary Archivist in the Bureau of Possible Events, (PROSE: Lungbarrow) and slowly rises high in the ranks of the Time Lords. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors) When he learns about the miniscopes, he successfully campaigns to have them banned from the galaxy. (TV: Carnival of Monsters)
The Doctor saves a glowing life form from being killed by an old friend, but ruins his friendship with him as a result. The Doctor still has superior ranking on Gallifrey.
The Doctor fights in a war. (AUDIO: The Sontarans)
Traveling back in time, the Doctor rescues Patience and her granddaughter from a danger on Ancient Gallifrey. The Doctor later marries Patience, and the two have thirteen children together.
The Doctor brings his granddaughter to watch him and a group of Prydonians perform a ritual in Arcadia.
The Doctor is living in a small house on a mountain with his "adopted granddaughter", who tells him tales of him "building" the TARDIS and leaving Gallifrey. When the High Council hear of her tales, and after "an incident" takes place outside the Capitol, they send armed guards after the Doctor.

Leaving Gallifrey Edit

Due to conflicting accounts, each telling of the Doctor's fateful escape have been listed in order of release.
In a story told by the Master, the Doctor decides to leave Gallifrey in the midst of a civil war. He enters a TARDIS alone, and finds a young lady inside, who he adopts as his granddaughter.
The Doctor and Susan escape from an explosion on Gallifrey, determined to keep the Hand of Omega safe.
A flashback shows a lone Doctor discarding his Prydonian robes as he is departing Gallifrey after a meeting with likewise hooded elderly men.
After an argument with his cousin, Glospin, the Doctor leaves Gallifrey with the Hand of Omega, and travels back to the Old Time, where he adopts Susan, the granddaughter of the Other. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)
Set during The Beginning: The First Flight, after Susan steps inside the first TARDIS, and before the Doctor takes her into the second one on the prompting of a mysterious girl.
The Doctor and Susan are pursued by the Chancellery Guard whilst fleeing Gallifrey with a flying trunk containing the Hand of Omega. The Doctor sends Susan into a TARDIS, but does not follow. After speaking to someone outside, the Doctor quickly ushers Susan into a different TARDIS entirely. (AUDIO: The Beginning)

First flight Edit

The Doctor and Susan enter the TARDIS for the first time during their escape from Gallifrey. While the Doctor figures out the console controls, Susan explores the TARDIS interior.
According to this account, the wanderers have their first experience with humanity on Iwa and, controversially, take the names of "the Doctor" and "Susan" for the first time.
According to this account, the wanderers, already going by the names "the Doctor" and "Susan", arrive on Earth's moon immediately after leaving Gallifrey. They discover Quadrigger Stoyn in the TARDIS, who was repairing it when they took flight. In a further confliction with Frayed, the Doctor and Susan have their first encounter with humanity on the Moon. The Doctor and Susan decide to pay a visit to planet Earth, but arrive on a mushroom planet instead.

Wanderers in the fourth dimension Edit

Wanting to learn more of Earth and the human race, the Doctor and Susan visit the French Revolution in 1791. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet) Shortly after leaving the French Revolution, the Doctor meets another renegade time traveler named Iris Wildthyme. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress)
During a visit to Tiaanamat, Susan buys a Five Hundred Year Diary and begins recording her adventures in the TARDIS.
The Doctor and Susan visit India during the Indian Mutiny, where the Doctor becomes the guardian to David Warblington after having his life saved by David's father. (PROSE: The Duke's Folly)
The Doctor and Susan visit Jabalhabad in 1843, and meet Siger Holmes.
Learning that a dictator would cause Earth's destruction, the Doctor and Susan go back in time to kill the dictator as a baby. However, the Doctor drops his weapon and is forced to flee before he even sees the baby.
Susan is still new to the TARDIS, but feels enough familiarity with the TARDIS to begin calling it home.
The Doctor is relatively familiar and comfortable with humanity. This is the first time he and Susan have spent time away from each other, and is the Doctor's first holiday since leaving Gallifrey. Susan's experience with humanity prior to this story appears to be limited to eras where they "[chopped] off the heads of anyone posh", setting this before any of her visits to 20th century Earth or later.
The Doctor and Susan land in London, much to the Doctor's chagrin. He recognises the Cybermen.
The Doctor has been attempting to "fine tune" the operation of the TARDIS.
The Doctor and Susan briefly stop at 76 Totter's Lane in 1963, and the TARDIS turns into a police box for the first time. The Doctor retains the shape as the TARDIS lands in 1955, due to a malfunction he has to fix. Susan wonders if the TARDIS will ever return to 1963, while the Doctor expresses disdain for the school systems of Earth.
The Doctor and Susan saves a world from radiation poisoning and takes the radiated fragment of a spaceship with him.
The Doctor meets Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart properly for the first time, and recalls visiting his funeral.
The Doctor and Susan are familiar enough with Earth to debate whether or not the Great Wall of China is visible from space.
Susan has been replaced by an imposter, setting this after Bide-a-Wee.
The Doctor is familiar enough with human pop culture to reference Harry Potter, Blake's 7 and Artemis Fowl. He is not easily able to pay for his replacement hand, setting this before The Price of Conviction.
The Doctor is targeted for punishment by the people of Refkeet Nine for meddling with time.
The Doctor and Susan attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.

Searching for a new home Edit

The Doctor and Susan have been to Earth several times by now, and the Doctor is considering settling down somewhere for a period of time. He is currently using jewels from Aldebaran IV as a form of currency.
After leaving 2134 Urrozdinee, the Doctor says that he and Susan will "put down some roots" for a while, and says he has a place in mind, implying that the next stop may be 1963.
According to the Fourth Doctor, Susan will be enrolled at an Earth school not long after the adventure in 16th century Prague.
The Doctor and Susan have already had many adventures in the 20th century, but have not seen much of the latter half of the century. The Doctor is looking for a place for him and Susan to settle down for a while. Telling the story during her adventures with Barbara and Ian, Susan recalls the Doctor's search for a suitable place to use a machine of his, recalling the events of Quinnis as taking place during his search, setting this story near Quinnus.
Set "4 or 5 journeys" before The Edge of Destruction. Telling the story after she settled on 22nd century Earth, Susan believes it to be her last adventure before 1963. The Doctor believes Susan needs friends her own age, stability and teachers.
The Doctor takes a brief trip to 1997 to check if the United Kingdom will remain a safe place to stay in the times to come. The Fourth Doctor recalls this being the last time the chameleon circuit worked before breaking in 1963.

Settling down in London Edit

According to one account, the Doctor and Susan are brought to I.M. Foreman's junkyard by the Father of Time. They briefly visit Skaro and encounter the Daleks, but learn the names of neither. Controversially, the TARDIS is depicted in the form of a police box before they arrive in London.
According to another account, the Doctor uses the Blessing Star to pilot the TARDIS to the junkyard at 76 Totter's Lane, but the ship is damaged in the process. The Doctor takes up residence in the junkyard, and Susan begins attending Coal Hill School. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story)
In her second diary entry, Susan suspects that the Doctor does not know how to pilot the TARDIS and recalls visiting Earth, Venus, Esto, Quinnis and Dido. She is now living on Earth in 1963 and plans to enroll herself at a school. (PROSE: Susan's Diary)
The Doctor has only recently arrived in London 1963, and Susan is already in education.
Susan and the Doctor get lost in the streets of London on a "very cold" night, possibly setting this before Time and Relative.
Set from 27 March to 4 April 1963. The Doctor and Susan have been on Earth for five months, Susan is attending school and something breaks when the Doctor journeys in the TARDIS, forcing him to fix it using 20th century parts. The Doctor begins to take an interest in protecting the human race.

Relocating the Cold Edit

The Doctor successfully takes the Cold to Pluto in the far future on his fifth attempt. He then makes to return to Susan, but it takes him "more than a dozen journeys" to do so. (PROSE: Time and Relative)
The Crab Nebula is the farthest the TARDIS has travelled up to this point, making this one of the Doctor's earliest adventures. Susan is absent, and the TARDIS is in its police box form, setting this during Time and Relative.
The Doctor visits Vortis for the first time, and he does not recognise the Zarbi, setting this before The Web Planet. Susan is absent, and the Doctor claims that he is from the planet Earth.
The Doctor does not recognize the Sensorites, setting this before The Sensorites. Susan is absent, and the TARDIS is in its police box form, setting this during Time and Relative.
The Doctor is alone and unable to control the TARDIS's navigation systems. He also claims that he is from Earth.
The Doctor successfully arrives back in London on 2 April 1963, immediately after he had departed. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

Final months in Shoreditch Edit

In her third diary entry, Susan recounts her experiences at Coal Hill School. The Doctor is currently giving the TARDIS an overhaul. (PROSE: Susan's Diary)
As the Doctor walks through Shoreditch, he thinks of where to hide the Hand of Omega, setting this before he hid it.
Set on 7 August 1963. The Doctor hides the Hand of Omega at a funeral parlour.
Set in the late summer of 1963. The Doctor uses the name "Dr. Foreman".
Set in October 1963, according to Ground Zero. Raldonn claims to have noticed the Doctor arriving in Shoreditch four months ago.
Set in October 1963. Susan claims to have been at Coal Hill for four months. The Doctor has been collecting parts for the repair of his TARDIS since he arrived.
The Doctor is still collecting parts for his TARDIS, and meets River Song for the first time. Set during the first week back at school after half-term, and Susan has been at Coal Hill for "a few months".
After her adventure with the Doctor, Shivani Bajwa asks for a policeman to check 76 Totter's Lane, setting this shortly before An Unearthly Child.

Meeting Ian and Barbara Edit

In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Doctor is captured by the Cybermen immediately before the events of An Unearthly Child.
On 22 November 1963, Susan's curious teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, follow her home and force themselves into the TARDIS, and the Doctor flies the ship in a panic, bringing the teachers with him and Susan to 100,000 BC. Ending leads directly into The Daleks.
Set during An Unearthly Child: The Forest of Fear, just after Ian prevents the Doctor from stoning Za to death. He is talked out of trying it again by the Eighth Doctor in a time bubble.
The Doctor encounters the Daleks and the Thals for the first time. He also explains to Ian and Barbara that he can't properly fly the TARDIS and can't return them to 76 Totter's Lane.
In an alternate account to The Daleks that completely omits An Unearthly Child, Susan, going by "Susan English", receives private tutorship from Barbara instead of attending Coal Hill School, and they are struck by a lorry while driving to Barnes Common. Ian meets them for the first time at the crash site. After Ian becomes an unwilling passenger aboard the Doctor's TARDIS, the newly formed TARDIS crew arrive directly on Skaro from 20th century Earth, and experience events that are nearly identical to The Daleks.

Early exploits with Ian and Barbara Edit

Set immediately after The Daleks, with Ian referring to Skaro as having been the previous trip. The TARDIS' sentience is brought up for the first time. After realising that his paranoia got the best of him when the TARDIS tries to warn him about its imminent destruction, the Doctor makes amends to better himself in the future after he saves the TARDIS.
Ian and Barbara are still trying to grasp some of the more alien concepts in their travels, and the Doctor is not yet on a first-name basis with them.
Barbara has yet to visit an Aztec temple, setting this before The Aztecs. The Doctor's most recent travels haven't been into Earth's history, and he is constantly rude to Ian and Barbara, who are not particular fond of him.
The Doctor believes that he and Susan should be more open with Ian and Barbara, setting this shortly after The Edge of Destruction. Ian and Barbara are given their first proper tour of the TARDIS, though it is a brief one. Though they are still recent additions to the TARDIS crew, Susan claims they have "been through so much together" by this point.
The Doctor is still unfamiliar with the layout of the TARDIS interior, and is still learning about most of the universe. Ian is still exploring the TARDIS.
Though they do not appear, the Doctor is currently travelling with Ian and Barbara, though he is apparently not on a first-name basis with them.
The Doctor and Barbara have a talk about the events aboard the TARDIS when it was nearly destroyed and reconcile with each other, just as the TARDIS lands at the Plain of Pamir. (TV: The Edge of Destruction)

The great spirit of adventure Edit

The TARDIS crew venture on a trek through China with Marco Polo in 1289. The Doctor is still not on a first-name basis with Ian and Barbara.
The TARDIS crew have just left China only "two minutes" ago, setting this immediately after Marco Polo.
Ian is still wearing his Chinese gown, setting this shortly after Marco Polo.
The TARDIS lands on Marinus, and the travellers encounter the Voord for the first time. Ian is still wearing his Chinese clothes from their adventure with Marco Polo, setting this shortly after Marco Polo.
The Doctor is currently travelling with Susan, Ian and Barbara. (DWM 475) He leads his other incarnations in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and has a tea party with them in the Under Gallery during the novelisation.
Barbara recalls the recent events of The Daleks.
The Doctor warns Barbara about the consequences of altering the course of history when she tries to educate the Aztecs against using human sacrifices. The Doctor has a brief affair with Cameca, and is gifted with a brooch from her when he leaves.
Set between The Aztecs: The Bride of Sacrifice and The Aztecs: The Day of Darkness.
Barbara refers to the events of The Aztecs.
Barbara refers to the Doctor's warning about interfering with history from The Aztecs.
Susan knows of Barbara's familiarity with Cortez and the Mexican civilisations, setting this after The Aztecs.
Barbara believes that history cannot be changed, setting this after The Aztecs.
The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan spend several weeks on the planet Fragrance. The Doctor is making repairs to the TARDIS in order to get Ian and Barbara home.
Authorial intent places this between The Reign of Terror and Here There Be Monsters.[source needed] Barbara knows that history cannot be changed, but Ian isn't convinced.
Set directly after Farewell, Great Macedon, with the events from The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance being mentioned.
Susan unlocks a deeper telepathic ability than the Doctor thought she had. Barbara has fully recovered from her ordeal from The Aztecs. When Ian makes a snide comment about the Doctor's piloting, the enraged Doctor claims he will leave Ian at the next stop, leading into The Reign of Terror. The Doctor and Susan have been travelling for years, and have never had an argument.
Set between The Sensorites and The Reign of Terror, with the Doctor preparing to throw Ian and Barbara out of the TARDIS. The crew spend several weeks on the Endeavour, but the Doctor is still intending to exile Ian and Barbara when they leave in the TARDIS.
Following on from The Sensorites, the Doctor is still arguing with Ian and Barbara, until an adventure during the French Revolution calms him down enough to forgive them.

Destiny in the stars Edit

The Doctor refers to the events from The Reign of Terror as the crew's previous trip.
Ian recalls the Doctor telling them that their "destiny is in the stars" and notes that they have arrived on Earth again, suggesting a setting immediately after The Reign of Terror. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan spend several weeks in Alexandria. Ian refers to Alexander the Great as an old friend, setting this after Farewell, Great Macedon. He and Barbara begin to think that the Doctor has been deceitful with them about changing history. Ian recalls the events of The Transit of Venus as occurring weeks before their arrival in Alexandria.
Ian refers to the events of The Transit of Venus. He and Barbara aren't surprised when the Doctor thinks that history can be changed. Ian also mentions his broken watch.
The crew are a close unit, and Ian wonders if they are still on Earth, indicating that this takes place after an Earthbound adventure. The Doctor spends two years on Destination fixing the damage caused by the Master. Ending leads directly into The Great White Hurricane.
This is Ian's first time in New York City. Susan admits that she sees Ian and Barbara as family. After their adventure in New York City, the Doctor claims to have found a way to return Ian and Barbara home.
Following directly on from The Great White Hurricane, the Doctor fails to return the TARDIS to 1963. The Doctor refers to the recent events of The Reign of Terror.
The TARDIS has recently left Paris, setting this shortly after The Reign of Terror.
Follows directly on from The Barbarians and the Samurai. Ian and Barbara learn that the TARDIS has a library, and believe it should be around Spring 1964 in their own time. Ian sells his watch, setting this after The Flames of Cadiz.
Follows directly on from The Phoenicians. Susan mentions that she is a little bit telepathic, and the Doctor realises that he needs to give Susan more independence.
The Doctor attempts to use the fast return switch for a second time, but it brings the TARDIS back to Skaro fifty years after their previous visit.
The TARDIS has just left Skaro, setting this immediately after Return to Skaro. Barbara and Ian have been travelling with the Doctor and Susan for months by now. Susan believes that history can be changed, but Barbara disagrees and refers to the events of The Aztecs. The Doctor is beginning to wonder if he has a duty to intervene in events, despite what he was taught on Gallifrey. The TARDIS stops working.
Barbara and Susan are mentioned to have stayed behind in the TARDIS, setting this before The Dalek Invasion of Earth.
The Doctor considers Ian and Barbara as part of his family.
Ian remembers the Doctor saying that the crew's "destiny is in the stars", which he said in The Reign of Terror. Barbara and Ian still believe that history can't be changed.
Sequel story to The Keys of Marinus.
Though he is currently separated from them, the Doctor is travelling with Susan, Ian and Barbara.
Set after The Sensorites, with Susan's telepathy growing stronger.

Final adventures with Susan Edit

Susan is beginning to realise she will need to leave the Doctor soon and make her own life.
Susan is writing a letter for Ian and Barbara to read after she's gone. She mentions the Doctor's warning of the immutability of history from The Aztecs.
Susan mentions the human-colonised planet from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The removal of the life pod from the TARDIS begins to affect its dimensional stability, setting this shortly before Planet of Giants.
Susan is still troubled with the telepathic powers she demonstrated in The Sensorites, Barbara is still regretful for the events of The Aztecs, and she and Ian recall the events of The Reign of Terror. After leaving 1692, the Doctor pilots the TARDIS to 1742, and makes further plans to jump from the 18th century to the 20th century, leading into Planet of Giants.
The TARDIS has just left the late 18th century, with the Doctor attempting to travel forward to the mid-20th century when the TARDIS shrinks due to a malfunction. The Doctor is more apologetic towards his rudeness at Ian and Barbara than he was previously.
Set immediately after Planet of Giants.
Set between Planet of Giants and The Dalek Invasion of Earth, according to authorial intent, with the part of the TARDIS the Doctor is shown tinkering with intended to be the scanner.[source needed] Ian and Barbara are unsure of how long they've been travelling with the Doctor, but suspect it has been months at the earliest and "years" at the latest.
The Doctor encounters the Daleks off of Skaro for the first time. Susan falls in love with David Campbell, a rebel of the 22nd century Dalek invasion, and the Doctor decides to leave her behind so she can grow into her own person after the crew help defeat the Daleks on Earth.
Set during The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

Lone exploits with Ian and Barbara Edit

The TARDIS crew have just left 22nd century Earth, and the Doctor still adapting to life without Susan. He has a prototype sonic screwdriver on his person.
The Doctor is still thinking about gold for a wedding ring for Susan, as he was in Venusian Lullaby.
It has been roughly a year since Ian and Barbara were abducted by the Doctor in An Unearthly Child.
Ending leads directly into The Zarbi Are Destroyed.
The Doctor explains how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside to Ian and Barbara.
Ian takes his first trip to Scotland, setting this before Set in Stone. According to him, Susan left "a while ago".

Joined by Vicki Edit

On Dido, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara rescue a young girl named Vicki from the clutches of Koquillion, and she is invited to join them aboard the TARDIS. After leaving Dido, the TARDIS falls from the cliff it landed on, leading into The Romans.
Romans Cutaway, along with Byzantium!, is set after the TARDIS materialises and falls off the cliff at the end of The Rescue. Romans Cutaway is set shortly before the crew settle down in Rome at the start of The Romans.
While awaiting the TARDIS's recovery, the Doctor accidentally inspires Nero to burn down Rome.
The Doctor is trying to make the shortest journey possible away from Rome, setting this directly after The Romans. Ian and Barbara have been traveling in the TARDIS for two years, and Ian proposes that he and Barbara should marry each other if they ever return home.
According to Vicki, the TARDIS crew have just left Rome, and are still wearing their Roman clothes when they arrive in London. After their adventure in London, Vicki plans to tell Barbara about her meeting with Nero.
Vicki recounts her experiences in Rome to Ian and Barbara, who decide to change out of their Roman clothes. Meanwhile, the TARDIS is pulled towards a planet by an unknown force. (TV: The Romans)
The TARDIS is forced to land on Vortis by the Animus.
Set during The Web Planet.
Ian mentions the recent travels to Vortis, Rome, Byzantium, and China.
Set between The Web Planet and The Crusade.[1]
Sequel story to The Web Planet. After helping Thomas Huxley fight off the Animus and the Zarbi, Ian, Barbara and Vicki are kidnapped by Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Ian, Barbara and Vicki from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.

Final exploits with Ian and Barbara Edit

Ending leads directly into The Space Museum.
Ian recalls the events of The Crusade, and the Doctor is still wondering if leaving Susan behind was the right thing to do.
Vicki refers to the events of The Crusade.
Ian recalls the events of The Crusade.
Despite the events of Room for Improvement, the Doctor claims that the 23rd century is the furthest Ian and Barbara have visited Earth in the future. Vicki recalls the events of The Space Museum.
Barbara has a feeling she and Ian will find a way home soon, setting this shortly before The Chase.
Ian introduces himself as "Sir Ian of Jaffa", setting this after The Crusade. The Doctor decides to begin working on the Time-Space Visualiser, setting this shortly before The Chase.
The Doctor is still working on the Time-Space Visualiser he picked up during The Space Museum, setting this shortly before The Chase
The Doctor meets and frees spaceship pilot Steven Taylor from the Mechanoids. Ian and Barbara use a Dalek time machine to return to their home time period.
Set during The Chase: Episode 4, just after the Doctor, Ian and Barbara realise they have lost Vicki.

Travels with Steven and Vicki Edit

Set immediately after The Chase, with the Doctor and Vicki finding Steven in the TARDIS shortly after saying goodbye to Ian and Barbara. The Doctor invites Steven to remain aboard, and the trio battles with the Monk for the first time in 1066 Northumbria.
Vicki and Steven are still wearing their clothes from The Time Meddler.
Steven mutters that his last meal was in 1066, and is still getting used to time travel etiquette, setting this shortly after The Time Meddler.
The Doctor is summoned by the Time Lords to assist his second and third incarnations in their battle with Omega, but he becomes trapped in a time eddy.
Set immediately after The Three Doctors, with the Doctor being returned from the Omega crisis with his memory of the events wiped. Vicki recalls the recent events of The Time Meddler.
Vicki mentions that Steven has only recently joined the TARDIS crew.
The Doctor mentions that everywhere the TARDIS arrives can't be a fun fair, alluding to the events of Frostfire.
The Doctor is experimenting with the component he stole from the Monk's TARDIS in The Time Meddler.
Steven has only recently started traveling with the Doctor and Vicki, setting this shortly after The Time Meddler.
Authorial intent places this directly after The Dalek Occupation of Winter.[2]
Authorial intent places this directly after An Ideal World.[2]
Authorial intent places this directly after Entanglement.[2]
Time briefly becomes distorted.
The Doctor, Steven and Vicki briefly encounter an apparition of a Charley Pollard from an alternate timeline. (AUDIO: The Light at the End)
The Doctor is switched with his fifth incarnation by the Monk.
Vicki thinks to herself that she's not a child anymore.
Time briefly becomes distorted.
Vicki injures her ankle, leading directly into The Myth Makers.
The Doctor tells the brain-creature that Vicki and Steven have faced Daleks, Vikings and Chumblies, setting this after Galaxy 4.
Vicki is still recovering from her ankle injury, setting this shortly after Galaxy 4. She leaves the TARDIS to stay in Ancient Greece with Troilus, and the Doctor and Steven are joined by Katarina. Ending leads into The Daleks' Master Plan.

Brief travels with Katarina Edit

Set directly between The Myth Makers and The Daleks Master Plan. The Doctor can feel his first regeneration coming for the first time.
Set during The Daleks' Master Plan: The Nightmare Begins, just before the TARDIS lands on Kembel. The Doctor's TARDIS collides with that of his second incarnation, setting them off course. They arrive on Urbinia and spend three months there while the TARDIS is repaired. Steven still hasn't got a TARDIS key, and the Doctor gives his to Katarina. The Second Doctor averts this timeline by preventing the two TARDISes from colliding, leading back into The Daleks' Master Plan.

Fighting the Daleks Edit

Katarina loses her life in a hostage situation, and Sara Kingdom joins the TARDIS crew in her place.
The Doctor, Steven and Sara are still celebrating Christmas together in the TARDIS' control room, setting this immediately after The Feast of Steven. Sara has not yet been told about interfering with history, setting before The Little Drummer Boy.
Set an hour after the events of The Feast of Steven. Robert grabs the taranium that the Doctor stole in The Daleks' Master Plan: Day of Armageddon.
After Katarina's death, the Doctor is summoned by Persephone to help Katrina in the afterlife.
Sara recalls Robert dying in her arms during The Little Drummer Boy.
Upon visiting the House on Ely, Sara leaves a copy of her mind as the House's conscience and then continues on her travels, setting this after The Drowned World, The Guardian of the Solar System and The Little Drummer Boy, as the House recalls these adventures.
After their ordinary life is over, the Doctor decides to return to Kembel, leading the TARDIS crew back into the events of The Daleks' Master Plan.
The Doctor battles the Sontarans for the first time, and learns about their war with the Rutan Host. Another time machine begins pursuing the TARDIS, leading directly into The Daleks' Master Plan: Volcano.
Sara dies as a result of the Time Destructor.

Joined by Oliver Harper Edit

The Doctor and Steven have just left Kembel following the death of Sara Kingdom and the TARDIS returns to I.M. Foreman's junkyard for the first time since departing in An Unearthly Child. They are joined in the TARDIS by Oliver Harper after he helps them defeat the Fulgurites.
This is Oliver's first trip in the TARDIS. The Doctor decides to take Steven and Oliver to the plantoid Grace Alone, leading directly into The First Wave.
The Doctor, Steven and Oliver successfully arrive on Grace Alone. Oliver sacrifices his life to save the Doctor and Steven from the Vardans.

The Game of Rassilon Edit

The Doctor and Steven are taking a break after the events of The Daleks' Master Plan. Ending leads directly into The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is kidnapped from a garden by Borusa to play the Game of Rassilon in the Death Zone with his second, third and fifth incarnations. He is briefly reunited with Susan on Gallifrey. After Rassilon deals with Borusa at the First Doctor's urging, the Doctors are permitted to leave.
Set during The Five Doctors.

Travelling alone Edit

The Doctor begins travelling on his own with the ability to pilot the TARDIS effectively as a favour granted to him by Rassilon for his role in The Five Doctors, allowing him to tie up some loose ends before his first regeneration. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)
The Doctor mentions his visited to Troy from The Myth Makers.
The events of The Myth Makers were "not so long ago".
The Doctor is alone and seems to know the Voord, setting this after The Keys of Marinus. He is also able to pilot the TARDIS to Marinus, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is able to pilot the TARDIS to Vortis, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor mentions the Daleks, setting this after The Daleks at least.
Sequel story to The Keys of Marinus.
The Doctor uses his signet ring to open the lock on the epitomiser cubicle, as he had done to the TARDIS lock in The Daleks' Master Plan.
Follows directly on from The Sons of Grekk. The Doctor is able to pilot the TARDIS to Tiro, setting this after The Five Doctors.
Follows directly on from The Devil Birds of Corbo. The Doctor is able to pilot the TARDIS to Rhoos, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor has deliberately come to the end of the universe to meet his eighth incarnation, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is learning about a disturbance in the timeline. As he would need a deliberate effort to do this, this most likely takes place after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is deliberately involved in this situation, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is able to pilot and control the TARDIS within the Void, setting this after The Five Doctors.

Adventures with John and Gillian Edit

Returning to Earth, the Doctor bases himself in another junkyard in England, and makes arrangements to meet his other grandchildren, John and Gillian. (COMIC: The Klepton Parasites)
John and Gillian Who find the Doctor's address, enter the TARDIS and join him on their travels when the TARDIS takes off with them. Presumably, John messing with the controls causes the navigation circuits to break again.
The Doctor recalls his visited to Vortis from The Web Planet
The Doctor fights with a police officer who will not allow him entrance into a police box he is guarding. If this box actually is the TARDIS is unclear.
The Doctor almost walks into a police box, but is stopped by a police officer.
The Doctor is trying to return John and Gillian to 1964 England.
It is unclear what circumstances caused the Doctor to leave John and Gillian, but they later began traveling with his second incarnation, whom they addressed as "Dr. Who" instead of "Grandfather". (COMIC: The Extortioner)

Resumed travels with Steven Edit

After some time alone, the Doctor returns to Steven and the two continue to travel together again.
Steven thinks of Sara, as well as Ian and Barbara, suggesting that this takes place not long after The Daleks' Master Plan.
When Steven admits he has had trouble sleeping since leaving Kembel, due to still recovering from Sara and Katarina's death, the Doctor tells him a story from his time hiding in 1963 Shoreditch. (PROSE: Ash)
The Doctor and Steven stop an alien invader on a nearby beach with the help of Greenaway, who loses his legs and part of his skull, and ends up in a coma.
Steven mentions the Omwanadar, setting this after Making History.
Steven has met the Vardans before, setting this after The First Wave.

Travels with Steven and Dodo Edit

After storming out of the TARDIS due to an argument with the Doctor, Steven returns immediately after Dodo Chaplet walks into the TARDIS, joining the two in their travels.
Dodo takes her first trip in the TARDIS, setting this immediately after The Massacre.
Dodo takes her first trip into the future. Ending leads directly into The Celestial Toymaker.
Ending leads directly into The Gunfighters.
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo spend several days in Tombstone, Arizona.
Steven voices his surprise that the Doctor wants another holiday so soon after The Gunfighters.
Only a few days have passed since The Celestial Toymaker.
Steven mentions Tombstone, setting this after The Gunfighters.
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo investigate a crashed spaceship during the Boer Wars. (AUDIO: Tales from the Vault)
The Doctor is travelling with Steven and Dodo, but becomes separated from them while on Vortis.
Steven mentions the events of Mother Russia. Steven and the Doctor discuss Steven potentially leaving the TARDIS.
Steven decides that the next place the TARDIS lands is where he wants to make a lasting impression, setting this immediately prior to The Savages.
Steven leaves the TARDIS to mediate a peace between the Elders and the Savages.

Lone exploits with Dodo Edit

Set a few months after The Celestial Toymaker. The Doctor is aware he will regenerate soon. The Doctor and Dodo talk about Steven for the first time since his recent departure, setting this before The Horror at Bletchington Station.
Dodo is more wounded and mistrustful of the Doctor, setting this after The Man in the Velvet Mask.
Steven's departure is a recent event, but the Doctor and Dodo have had several adventures since he left.
The Doctor and Dodo battle WOTAN and the War Machines with Polly Wright and Ben Jackson. The Doctor's battle with WOTAN causes Dodo to have a breakdown, and he sends her to the country to recuperate.
Set during The War Machines: Episode 4, after the Doctor has defeated WOTAN. He thinks that Dodo will want to stay in London.

Alone again Edit

The Doctor travels alone for a while before returning to London. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story)
Set shortly after The War Machines, with the Doctor "dressed for the cold" in a cloak and an astrakhan hat, and traveling alone when he meets Winston Churchill for the first time.
It has been "eons" since the Doctor travelled with Ian, Barbara, and Susan, and "centuries" since he last spoke French. During an imposed "celestial retirement", the Doctor recounts the events of The Massacre to the Time Lords.
The Doctor regrets not visiting Susan for Christmas.
In 1630, (PROSE: Night of the Intelligence) the Doctor helps the monks of the Det-Sen Monastery fight off a bandit attack, and is entrusted with the monks' ghanta by the High Lama, Padmasambhava. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)
The First Doctor is collected by the Tenth Doctor to assist in the defeat of the Sirens of Time, suggesting that this does not take place during a time he has control over his TARDIS. He doesn't mention being with any companions.
Mention is made of the Doctor's "retirement" by the Time Lords from The Massacre novelisation happening "ages ago".

Adventures with Ben and Polly Edit

After informing the Doctor of Dodo's decision to stay behind on Earth, Ben and Polly board the TARDIS while attempting to return the Doctor's spare key, leading directly into The Smugglers.
Ben and Polly take their first journey in the TARDIS, and the Doctor accepts their company.
Set immediately after The Smugglers. Time briefly becomes distorted.
Ben is wearing his sailor outfit from The Smugglers.
The Doctor is traveling with companions, but they remained in the TARDIS.
While Ben and Polly visit some friends, the Doctor meets up with several of his future incarnations. He feels he will regenerate soon.
The Doctor comments that he shall soon feel a whole new person, referring to his upcoming regeneration.
Ben and Polly have been travelling with the Doctor for some time now, and the Doctor has been making comments about his body "wearing thin" often. The Doctor agrees to take Allie Kay with him in the TARDIS until they can find him a suitable home.
The time distortions are revealed to be caused by the Daleks trying to invade the First Doctor's timeline and prevent his regeneration at the South Pole. The Player is able to prevent the Daleks' victory, setting things up for The Tenth Planet.
While Ben and Polly sleep in the TARDIS, the Doctor is pulled back to Gallifrey and is aware that his next adventure will result in his regeneration.
Ben and Polly are woken up in the night by a nightmare. An older Polly recalls how this was her last trip in the TARDIS before The Tenth Planet.

Last stand at Snowcap base Edit

The TARDIS lands at the South Pole. During an encounter with the Cybermen, the Doctor collapses. With much of his life force having been absorbed by the planet Mondas, the Doctor begins to regenerate.
Set during The Tenth Planet: Episode 3, when the Doctor is bedridden.
Walking in the snow back to his TARDIS to regenerate, the Doctor catches a glimpse of Oliver Harper's ghost. (AUDIO: The First Wave)
Before entering the TARDIS during The Tenth Planet: Episode 4, the Doctor meets the Twelfth Doctor while both are trying to fight off their regenerations.
Set immediately after The Doctor Falls, with the Doctor being convinced to endure his regeneration after meeting his future self.
The Doctor regenerates into his next incarnation in the TARDIS with Ben and Polly. (TV: The Tenth Planet)

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