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This page lists appearances of the Fifth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like their TV story counterparts, that each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in[statement unclear]. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is based in part on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as DocOhoReviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks Databank, Whopix, the Big Finish forum, The Whoniverse and The Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]


Stories with Adric, Nyssa and Tegan travelling together must take place before TV: Earthshock, while any story with just Nyssa must be between TV: Time-Flight and TV: Arc of Infinity.

Any story with just Nyssa and Tegan must take place after Tegan's return in TV: Arc of Infinity and before TV: Mawdryn Undead. Any stories where they are accompanied by Marc must take place after AUDIO: Tartarus.

Any story where Tegan and Turlough are travelling with a young Nyssa of Traken must take place between TV: Mawdryn Undead and TV: Terminus. Whereas stories where they are travelling with an older Nyssa must take place after TV: Enlightenment and between AUDIO: Cobwebs and AUDIO: The Entropy Plague.

Any story with just Tegan and Turlough must take place between TV: Terminus and TV: Resurrection of the Daleks. Any story with just Turlough must take place between TV: Resurrection of the Daleks and before TV: Planet of Fire. Any story where they are accompanied by Kamelion must take place between TV: The King's Demons and TV: Planet of Fire.

Stories with Peri Brown must occur after TV: Planet of Fire, while any story where Erimem accompanies them must take place between AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion and AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon.

Any story where the Doctor is travelling alone can be placed between AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam and AUDIO: The Elite, between AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me and PROSE: The King of Terror, and between AUDIO: Conversion and AUDIO: Madquake.


The Fifth Doctor wore two distinct costumes, with the first debuting with him in TV: Castrovalva until it was replaced with the second in TV: The Awakening.

Sonic screwdriver[]

After his sonic screwdriver was destroyed in TV: The Visitation, the Doctor elects not to replace it, setting any story where it utilizes the device as happening before The Visitation.


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A new body[]

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
Set immediately after Logopolis, with the Doctor's regeneration still settling.
Set during Castrovalva: Part 1, when the Doctor is resting in the Zero Room before the Master interferes with the TARDIS navigational systems.

Early adventures[]

Set two days after Logopolis, and shortly after Castrovalva. The Doctor promises to get Tegan back to Heathrow.
Set three days after Logopolis. The Doctor is still recovering from his recent regeneration, and fails to get Tegan to Heathrow.
The Doctor is still in need of the Zero Room, implying he is still recovering from his recent regeneration, and still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver and is travelling with Adric, setting this before The Visitation. No explanations are given about the absence of Nyssa and Tegan.
No explanations are given about the absence of Nyssa and Tegan.
Tegan is not concerned using the Doctor's dream-manipulating machine, setting this before Kinda.
The Doctor has recently regenerated, and Tegan is still upset about his failure to return her to Heathrow, setting this before Divided Loyalties.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone, but still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Fifth Doctor assists the crew of the the USS Swinetrek with a plot device. However, another account depicts the Tenth Doctor assisting the USS Swinetrek crew. He appears to be travelling alone, but still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.

Focused on returning to Heathrow[]

The Doctor begins focusing more on trying to get the TARDIS to Heathrow Airport to return Tegan to her job as an air hostess. Nyssa collapses after a showdown with Monarch.
Following directly on from Four to Doomsday, Nyssa recuperates in the TARDIS throughout the crew's stay on Deva Loka. The Doctor meets the Mara for the first time and it possesses Tegan until driven out.
Authorial intent places this between Kinda and The Visitation.[1] The Doctor is out for a night stroll on his own, and he still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
Set almost immediately after Kinda, with the Doctor reprimanding Adric for his actions, and Tegan still haunted by her possession. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed by the Terileptil leader, and the Doctor's defeat of them accidentally starts the Great Fire of London
The TARDIS has just escaped the Great Fire of London, setting this immediately after The Visitation. The Doctor avoids landing the TARDIS on a planet because he believes it would lead to another adventure, and instead allows the TARDIS to float in space. Tegan decides that she wants to remain with the TARDIS crew, and suggests that they take a holiday. According to other accounts, however, Tegan wouldn't decide to stay with them for some time yet and the TARDIS crew would continue aiming for Heathrow.
The Doctor has recently lost his sonic screwdriver, setting this shortly after The Visitation. Harry Houdini is the first historical figure that Tegan has met since beginning her travels with the Doctor, and the TARDIS crew encounter the Master for the first time since Castrovalva. Nyssa believes Tegan is beginning to enjoy her travels, something Tegan implies is correct. Nyssa is surprised to learn that the Master is alive, suggesting a setting before The Toy.
Nyssa refers to the events of Kinda and wonders if the Master is still alive. The Doctor mentions that the Master has a habit of surviving, which Nyssa already knows.
The Doctor is still trying to get to Heathrow Airport.
The Doctor is still trying to get to Heathrow Airport, and Tegan is doubtful he will land there anytime soon. Nyssa begins to suspect that Tegan doesn't want to leave. The Doctor has recently lost his sonic screwdriver, setting this shortly after The Visitation.
After her plan to trick Adric into piloting the TARDIS fails, Tegan gives up on the TARDIS's ability to get her back to Heathrow, and she and Adric believe the Master is dead.
Tegan, after some hesitation, admits to Adric that she has begun to enjoy travelling in the TARDIS. She recalls her brief piloting of the TARDIS from Four to Doomsday.
The Doctor tries to get to Heathrow Airport, but Tegan has lost interest. Nyssa's psychic potential from Kinda is referenced.
Set sometime after The Visitation, with the Doctor looking for components to build a new sonic screwdriver. When Tegan is offered an opportunity to leave the TARDIS, she elects to remain with the crew.

Final adventures with Adric[]

Nyssa refers to the events of The Visitation as having "just" happened,[quote 1] and Tegan reminds the Doctor of her newfound willingness to stay aboard the TARDIS for a while,[quote 2] setting this soon after Divided Loyalties. The Doctor is gifted the Black Orchid book by Lady Cranleigh.
Set during Black Orchid: Part 1.
Adric, Nyssa and Tegan are kidnapped Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue his friends from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
Though they do not appear, the Doctor is currently travelling with Adric and Tegan.
The Dar Traders predict that Adric's death is coming soon, setting this shortly before Earthshock.
Adric feels unappreciated in the TARDIS, setting this shortly before Earthshock.
Adric feels unappreciated in the TARDIS and is resentful towards Nyssa and Tegan's friendship. Adric's upcoming death is foreshadowed, setting this shortly before Earthshock.
The Doctor has "finally gotten around to" reading the Black Orchid book, suggesting that some time has passed since Black Orchid, and Adric believes that none of the TARDIS crew take him seriously, setting this immediately before Earthshock.
The Doctor has only read the first few pages of Black Orchid. While stopping the Cybermen from destroying the Earth, Adric dies in a spaceship explosion that triggers the extinction of the dinosaurs.
Set immediately after Earthshock, with the TARDIS crew grieving for Adric, and Tegan failing to convince the Doctor to change history and save him. While trying to go to the Great Exhibition, the TARDIS lands at Heathrow Airport, where, after a battle with the Master, Tegan is left behind by the Doctor and Nyssa, due to both of them believing that Tegan wanted to remain on Earth.

Lone travels with Nyssa[]

Set directly after Time-Flight. The Doctor and Nyssa once again attempt to visit The Great Exhibition. Nyssa still has her latent psychic powers and has often thought about asking the Doctor to take her to Traken at an earlier point in its history, setting this before Primeval.
The Doctor is haunted by a vision of Adric, setting this after Earthshock. Despite it being destroyed in The Visitation, the Doctor is using a sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor has recently lost Adric and Tegan, setting this shortly after Time-Flight.
Nyssa recalls Tegan recently returning to Heathrow Airport after Adric's death, setting this shortly after Time-Flight.
Nyssa knows very little of the history of Earth, and suggests they look up Tegan once they're back on Earth.
Nyssa refers to the Doctor's recent regeneration.
Tegan has recently departed the TARDIS, setting this shortly after Time-Flight.
Nyssa mentions the recent events from The Land of the Dead.
The recent events of The Land of the Dead have prompted Nyssa to fix the TARDIS proximity alarm. Nyssa encounters Daleks for the first time.
Several weeks have passed since Kinda. Nyssa has recently shown psychic sensitivity, setting this shortly after Time-Flight.
The Doctor and Nyssa haven't stopped to mourn Adric since Earthshock.
Nyssa mentions visiting Alaska, as she did in The Land of the Dead.
The Doctor is travelling with Nyssa, though she waits in the TARDIS for the duration of this adventure. The Doctor chooses not to share the fate of several teenage boys with Nyssa, as she is still mourning the death of Adric, setting this shortly after Earthshock
Nyssa recalls the events of Spare Parts.
Nyssa recalls visiting Heathrow Airport, and deeply misses Tegan, setting this a while after Time-Flight.
The Doctor recalls his visit to the school in Long Term as occurring "not long ago". He is also still bitter about Adric's untimely death.
Having found things difficult recently, Nyssa attempts to propose that she and the Doctor separate for a while, though the Doctor convinces her that they should take a holiday instead.
The Doctor and Nyssa relax on Saturn, with Nyssa relieved that they're finally taking a break. Nyssa becomes upset by the Doctor's lack of empathy for the Saturnites.

The Stockbridge ordeal[]

The Doctor temporarily parts with Nyssa so she can undertake a solo expedition to 13th century Rhodes. (AUDIO: Renaissance of the Daleks)
The Doctor is playing cricket in 1980s Stockbridge when he meets Sir Justin of Wells. He also encounters Shayde for the first time.
Set shortly after The Tides of Time. Still in Stockbridge, the Doctor meets Maxwell Edison for the first time and takes him on a trip in the TARDIS.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit.
The Doctor learns that he accidentally brought an elemental back to Stockbridge during the events of Stars Fell on Stockbridge. He is put on trial by the Time Lords, but ultimately released.
The Doctor is recuperating on an island in the South Pacific following his trial on Gallifrey during The Stockbridge Horror. He meets a Japanese soldier named Fuji, who is soon killed by Gus Goodman.
Set immediately after Lunar Lagoon, with Gus joining the Doctor on his travels. The Doctor has not learnt how to swim, setting this before Warriors of the Deep.
Gus is killed by the the Moderator, who was aiming for the Doctor on the orders of Josiah W. Dogbolter.

Resumed travels with Nyssa[]

The Doctor is tracked to the Savoy Hotel by General Tillington, and is reunited with Nyssa. After they defeat the Daleks, they resume their travels together.
The Doctor and Nyssa spend three weeks in Stockbridge. The Doctor has regularly played cricket in Stockbridge as a pastime, setting this after The Tides of Time.

Troubles with Thomas Brewster[]

The Doctor is separated from Nyssa by a time breach and spends twelve months in London searching for her, while only a few hours pass from her perspective. Thomas Brewster steals the TARDIS, leaving the Doctor and Nyssa stranded in 1867 London.
Using the pseudonym of "Dr. Walter", the Doctor sends a young George Litefoot the Yesterday Box, along with a letter with instructions on its use. He also sends a letter to a young Henry Gordon Jago, informing him of an opening for a master of ceremonies at the Regency Theater. (AUDIO: The Year of the Bat)
Five months have passed since the Doctor and Nyssa became stranded on Earth in The Haunting of Thomas Brewster. Brewster is guided back to the Doctor and Nyssa by a mysterious voice in the TARDIS, and they allow Brewster to travel with them.
Set shortly after The Boy That Time Forgot, with the Doctor and Nyssa recovering the parts of the TARDIS that Brewster sold.
Brewster leaves the Doctor and Nyssa's company, staying in 2008 London.

Further travels with Nyssa[]

The Doctor mentions Sir Justin of Wells from The Tides of Time.
Follows directly on from Castle of Fear.
Follows directly on from The Eternal Summer.
Nyssa is still thinking about her happy childhood on Traken, as she was The Demons of Red Lodge.
The Doctor refers to the events of The Demons of Red Lodge.
Nyssa mentions the prisons of Folly from Doing Time.
Nyssa recounts the events of My Brother's Keeper, The Interplanetarian, and Smuggling Tales.

Brief travels with Hannah[]

After the TARDIS door is left open due to a malfunctioning latch, Hannah Bartholemew stows aboard the TARDIS as it takes off.
The Doctor finds out about Hannah stowing aboard the TARDIS, setting this immediately after Moonflesh.
On the SORDIDE Delta space station, Hannah is left in a robot-like state after being purged of all emotions. She decides to stay on the station instead of going with the Doctor.

Continued travels with Nyssa[]

The Doctor and Nyssa are captured by the Daleks, and transported to Mojax, where numerous duplicates of them are created, leading directly into Dalek Soul.
It has been five years since the Daleks captured the Doctor and Nyssa on Traxana.
Nyssa says that she lost her father "a long time ago," setting this late into her travels with the Doctor.

The return of Omega[]

During a scuffle with Omega in Amsterdam, the Doctor and Nyssa are reunited with Tegan, who rejoins them in the TARDIS.
Set during Arc of Infinity: Part 3, when the Doctor is floating in the Matrix.
Set between Arc of Infinity and Omega.
On behalf of the Time Lords, the Doctor is clearing up after the events of Arc of Infinity.

Travelling alone[]

While the Doctor is initially attempting to return to Amsterdam to pick up Nyssa and Tegan, he instead considers making the journey back to 1983 more of a "round trip".
The Doctor is in his first outfit, and traveling with an unidentified companion.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit.
The events of The Visitation are mentioned.
The Doctor is in his first outfit.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit, and recalls the events of The Visitation.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit. The Doctor hasn't seen Steven since The Savages, setting this before The Five Companions.
The Doctor recalls visiting Heathrow Airport in 1981, setting this after Time-Flight.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit. After an encounter with the Racnoss, the Doctor decides to return a Time Lord combatant, Alayna, to Gallifrey.
The Doctor has Christmas dinner with his other incarnations.
The Fifth Doctor unites with his other incarnations to help a group of people seal the Time Fracture.

Travelling with Brooke and River[]

The Doctor is joined by Brooke 1, who is an assassin sent after him by Madame Kovarian. (AUDIO: The Furies) The Doctor has numerous adventures with Brooke without finding out. (AUDIO: A Requiem for the Doctor)
The Doctor and Brooke are joined by River Song in their travels.
The Doctor reacts with curiosity when he hears River use the phrase "timey-wimey", suggesting this is set before Time Crash.
The Doctor has his memory of Brooke and River erased by River's hallucinogenic lipstick. He is shot with regeneration inhibitors by Brooke and dies.
Brooke 2 uses River's vortex manipulator to prevent her past incarnation from killing the Doctor by tricking her into killing Andrew Edwardson in his place, saving the Doctor. River mentions that the Doctor is on his way back to Amsterdam, and he agrees to drop O off at a galactic trading centre on his way.

Returning to Amsterdam[]

The Doctor is in his first outfit, and has no sonic screwdriver, setting this after The Visitation. He has started using the phrase "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey", setting this after Fallen Angels as well.
The Doctor is still trying to return to Amsterdam. He does not react to Jenny's use of the phrase "timey-wimey".
The Doctor recalls his trip to Heathrow, setting this after Time-Flight.
Though the Fifth Doctor is traveling alone at the moment, the Tenth Doctor implies that he is currently travelling with Tegan, and they both recall the events of Time Crash.

Renewed voyages with Tegan[]

The Doctor returns to Amsterdam thirty seconds after he left to collect Nyssa and Tegan, saying that he had to run a "quick errand" for the Time Lords, as depicted in Omega.
According to one account, immediately after leaving Amsterdam, the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa encounter the Dark on Akoshemon's moon. Tegan is having dreams of snakes, setting this before Snakedance. The Doctor is checking if the Time Lords installed a tracking device on his TARDIS during Arc of Infinity.
According to another account, immediately after leaving Amsterdam, the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa encounter the Daleks on Florana. Tegan suggests a trip to Brisbane to recover, leading directly into Hexagora.
The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa holiday in Brisbane for several days to recover from the events of The Elite.
Set immediately after Hexagora.
The Doctor and Tegan explore a planet whilst Nyssa remains behind in the TARDIS. Tegan is wearing her air stewardess uniform.
Tegan returns to Heathrow Airport to meet a friend, suggesting that she has been back with the Doctor for a while. In fact, all the Doctor Who Annual 1983 stories features the Doctor traveling with Nyssa and Tegan without Adric, but with Tegan still dressed as an air stewardess. Presumably, as hinted in The Elite, she is wearing her old suit due to her inability to find other clothes in the TARDIS.
The Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa are in good spirits, setting this after Tegan's recent return in Arc of Infinity.
The Doctor and Tegan are having an old argument about Adric's death and the Doctor's refusal to go back in time and save him.
Tegan mentions being in Amsterdam, and is still wearing the same clothes from when she was there, setting this after Arc of Infinity. The Doctor is still reluctant to speak about Adric.
Set between Arc of Infinity and Snakedance, according to the book's back cover. Tegan and Nyssa are both concerned about the Doctor's mental state and reluctance to speak about Adric's death.
The TARDIS crew visit the Necropolitan, and create a memorial to Adric.
Tegan is sceptical that a dream could manifest itself physically, setting this before Snakedance.
The writer's notes place this between Arc of Infinity and Snakedance.
Despite wearing his second outfit, the Doctor is currently travelling with Nyssa and Tegan. (DWM 475) He helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, has a tea party with his other incarnations in the Under Gallery as a celebration.

Marc joins the crew[]

Tegan and Nyssa can't remember the last time that the Doctor mentioned Adric, with Nyssa concluding that he is struggling to come to terms with his death. Marc joins the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa after being freed from slavery by Cicero.
Marc has only just joined the TARDIS crew, seeing outer space and sliding doors for the first time, setting this shortly after Tartarus.
Marc is partially cyber-converted by the Cybermen, and the Doctor vows not to allow them to take another friend from him after Adric, leading directly into Conversion.
The Doctor manages to save Marc's mind from cyber-conversion. He drops Tegan, Nyssa and Marc off on Callanna to recover from recent events. He decides that he should take a break from his companions for a while, so that he can have a chance to think.

Time apart from companions[]

The Doctor visits Cicero to ensure that he doesn't include their adventure together in his letters. The Doctor alludes to something bad happening to Marc, presumably his near cyber-conversion. (AUDIO: Tartarus)

Lost in the Time War[]

The Doctor is traveling alone when he arrives in 1930s Australia, where he meets Douglas Jardine, Flora Calderwood and Mrs. Calderwood. After they mysteriously disappear, the Doctor discovers the Daleks are involved and begins following their time trace, leading directly into Lightspeed.
The Doctor makes a comment about "not being able to get away from flight attendants", suggesting he has recently been traveling with Tegan.
Set immediately after The Bookshop at the End of the World.
The Doctor mentions that it has "been a long time since [he] used a broadsword".

Continued solitary exploits[]

After an encounter with the Eleventh Doctor, the Fifth Doctor decides to return to Tegan, Nyssa and Marc, leading directly into Madquake.

Final travels with Marc[]

The Doctor reunites with Tegan, Nyssa and Marc on Callanna. Tegan and Nyssa recall the events of Kinda, but they don't mention the events of Snakedance, indicating that it hasn't happened yet.
Set directly after Madquake. While the Doctor claims that Adric died "not long ago", Tegan states that it was "a while back". Marc is still new to the team.
The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Marc encounter the Daleks on planet XB93, where Marc decides to stay to invade the Dalek Pathweb and hold back their influence.

Continued voyages with Nyssa and Tegan[]

The Doctor suggests either Tegan or Nyssa read out the coordinates for their next destination, leading directly into Snakedance. [quote 3]
After reading out the coordinates for their next destination while under the influence of the Mara, Tegan causes the TARDIS to land on the planet Manussa, where the Doctor manages to purge the Mara from her mind again.
Cliffhanger ending leads directly into Goth Opera.
Tegan is still recovering from her possession by the Mara, setting this immediately after Snakedance. The Doctor has not seen the Master since Time-Flight.
Tegan and Nyssa visit Manchester, setting this after their first visit in Goth Opera.

Joined by Turlough[]

Set almost immediately after Snakedance, with Tegan sharing her concerns about the Mara returning, and discussing the events on Manussa with the Doctor. She is "still having terrible dreams". [quote 4] Under orders from the Black Guardian, Vislor Turlough joins the Doctor in his travels so he may kill him for the Black Guardian.
Turlough has only just joined the TARDIS crew, setting this immediately after Mawdryn Undead.
Turlough is shown his bedroom in the TARDIS, and is greatly disliked and distrusted by Tegan, setting this shortly after Mawdryn Undead. The TARDIS is severely damaged after Turlough tampers with the console on the orders of the Black Guardian, resulting in a crash-landing on Terminus. Nyssa decides to stay on Terminus to help treat the Lazar victims.
The Doctor is repairing the TARDIS, and discusses Turlough's actions while on Terminus, setting this immediately after Terminus. Turlough, with the Doctor's encouragement, defies the Black Guardian and is able to escape his agreement with him. Turlough decides that he wants to go home to Trion.
Set immediately after Enlightenment. The Doctor plans to take Turlough home, although via a roundabout trip. They intend to hide from the Black Guardian. The Doctor and Tegan don't trust Turlough.
Turlough has an underlying fear that the Black Guardian will punish him for siding with the Doctor, though his relationship with Tegan appears to be amicable.

Reunited with Nyssa[]

Set two days after Terminus. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough reunite with Nyssa, roughly fifty years later from her perspective, and she rejoins the TARDIS crew, on the condition that they take her home, though she knows it might take some time. Tegan has an argument with the Doctor about his willingness to trust Turlough.
Ending leads directly into The Cradle of the Snake.
Tegan mentions the Mara being purged from her system, setting this shortly after The Cradle of the Snake.
Nyssa and Tegan discuss the recent events of Heroes of Sontar and Kiss of Death.
Nyssa's appearance is reverted to that of her younger self at the time that she left the TARDIS crew.
Set immediately after The Emerald Tiger, with Nyssa adjusting to her rejuvenated appearance.
Authorial intent places this between The Jupiter Conjunction and The Butcher of Brisbane.[source needed]
Turlough refers to Dr. Sa Yy Findecker from The Butcher of Brisbane.
Ending leads directly into Mistfall.

Trapped in E-Space[]

Drawn off-course, the TARDIS passes through a CVE into E-Space, trapping the Doctor and his companions there. Ending leads directly into Equilibirum.
Tegan is kidnapped by space pirates, leading directly into The Entropy Plague.
Nyssa stays behind in E-Space to power a portal back to N-Space for the TARDIS.

Joined by Kamelion[]

Tegan wonders if the TARDIS has fallen into a trap set by the Black Guardian. The Doctor takes Kamelion with him in the TARDIS after liberating him from the Master, and sets the TARDIS coordinates for the Eye of Orion.
The Doctor responds to a summons from River Song at the Café de Paris in 2161, where he mentions his frequent attempts to visit the Eye of Orion. River drugs his tea in order to make him more suggestible and does not wipe his memory of their meeting, setting this after The Furies, since the Doctor would have recognised River there.
The Doctor writes a note to River Song while visiting "a friend" in Egypt. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)
The Doctor is trying to reach the Eye of Orion, setting this shortly after The King's Demons.
Despite the events of The Cradle of the Snake, the Doctor encounters the Mara for the first time since Snakedance. Though he stays aboard, Kamelion is keen to leave the TARDIS with his fellow crew-members, but ends up being controlled by the Mara via Tegan's subconscious.
Set a few days after The King's Demons. The TARDIS is heavily damaged, and Kamelion is influenced by a strong mind and endangers his fellow travellers. He decides that he cannot be trusted and elects to remain within the TARDIS indefinitely.
Kamelion has only recently joined the TARDIS crew, and Tegan does not yet trust him. The Doctor and Kamelion make repairs on the TARDIS console, including a refitting, setting this shortly before The Five Doctors. Kamelion does not fear leaving the TARDIS.
The Doctor has recovered from the back injury he received in Devil in the Mist. Kamelion begins to believe that he is a liability and should no longer travel with the Doctor. The TARDIS team decide to take a trip to New York, leading into Power Game.
Rather than New York, the TARDIS instead arrives in York. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough spend three weeks searching for Kamelion after he goes missing. Kamelion receives a signal from his home planet.
Set immediately after Power Game. The TARDIS follows the signal to Kamelion's homeworld of Mekalion. The TARDIS console is destroyed, and Kamelion decides that he cannot be trusted and elects to remain within the TARDIS until his mental resistance is stronger. The TARDIS materialises on the Eye of Orion and the Doctor prepares to repair the TARDIS console, leading directly into The Five Doctors.

Reminders of the past[]

The Doctor has brought Tegan and Turlough to the Eye of Orion, as he had promised to do during The King's Demons. The TARDIS has a brand new console.
Set during The Five Doctors, after the Doctor uses the Master's transmat recall device to escape the Cybermen.
Set immediately after The Five Doctors, with the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough returning to the Eye of Orion to resume their holiday.
The Doctor writes a letter to River during his stay at the Eye of Orion. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)
The events of The Five Doctors were only "the other day". Kamelion is put inside a cupboard made from off-cuts of the TARDIS in order to protect him from mental signals.
The Doctor refers to the recent events of The Five Doctors.
The Doctor is inexplicably depicted as traveling by himself.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit, and Turlough is well adjusted to life in the TARDIS.
The original Big Finish website placed this between The Five Doctors and Warriors of the Deep.[2] The Doctor is in his first outfit, and Tegan and Turlough are trapped in the TARDIS.
Tegan hasn't seen the Master since The Five Doctors, setting this before Birth of a Renegade. Tegan still doesn't trust Turlough.
Tegan and Turlough spend a week travelling by train after being separated from the Doctor. Tegan still doesn't trust Turlough, even momentarily believing him capable of murder. However, they learn to trust each other more after growing closer over the course of the week.
Set several weeks after The Five Doctors, and before Warriors of the Deep.[3] The TARDIS has had troubles since leaving the Death Zone, and Turlough has been travelling with in the TARDIS for "months".
The TARDIS console has recently been rebuilt, setting this shortly after The Five Doctors, but is now supposedly working perfectly, suggesting a setting after Ringpullworld.
The Doctor is depicted in his first outfit.
Turlough has changed his mind about going home, deciding to stay with the Doctor and Tegan.
After stopping a interplanetary war, the Doctor writes another letter to River Song, expressing further interest in meeting up. He mentions that Tegan has gotten sick of hearing him speak about River, to the extent that she pushed him up against the zero room wall and advised him to stop talking about River. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)
The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough decide to take a break in order to recover from the events on Sea Base 4, setting this immediately after Warriors of the Deep. Tegan still doesn't trust Turlough. The Doctor is wearing his first outfit, which is ruined by a Xaranti, leading the Doctor to hope he has a spare outfit in the TARDIS. Tegan decides that she wants to visit her grandfather, setting this shortly before The Awakening.
The Doctor received the Master's distress signal while in Little Hodcombe, setting this immediately after The Awakening. After he defeats the Master, the Doctor intends to collect Tegan and Turlough from Little Hodcombe immediately.
The Doctor spends a month trying to return Will Chandler home to 1643. (PROSE: The King of Terror) They are accompanied by Jane Hampden on their adventures. (PROSE: The Hollow Men) Tegan and Turlough spend three weeks in Little Hodcombe while the Doctor is away. (PROSE: The King of Terror)

Continued adventures with Tegan and Turlough[]

According to the back cover, this is set between The Awakening and Frontios. The Doctor has recently spent a month returning Will to 1643.
The Doctor attends the third test at Headingley in 1981 with Tegan and Turlough. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World)
Kamelion makes a rare trip outside the TARDIS to help the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough.
The Doctor is depicted in his second outfit, setting this after Deep Blue.
After receiving River's response to his previous letter, the Doctor drops Tegan and Turlough off on Metebelis III, and travels to the Café de Paris to meet River again. He helps her to steal a doomsday scroll from the Tenth Doctor, and she spikes his tea with memory agents afterwards, causing him to forget all his meetings with her. (AUDIO: Expiry Dating)

Final adventures with Tegan[]

The Doctor and Tegan leave Turlough behind on Frontios while they take the Gravis to Kolkokron.
According to one account, the Doctor and Tegan drop a still dormant Gravis off on Kolkokron. The events of Frontios are their most recent adventure. Immediately after leaving Kolkokron, the Doctor takes Tegan to see the end of the world before making plans to return to Frontios. However, he speculates that their side trip may cause issues getting back to Frontios immediately.
According to another account, after travelling for twelve hours towards Kolkokron, the TARDIS is diverted to Queth, where the Doctor, Tegan and the Gravis briefly explore. After successfully transporting the Gravis to Kolkokron, the Doctor and Tegan then resolve to return the Queeth to Queth.
Set immediately after Life after Queth. The Doctor and Tegan have dropped off the Queth and are still in the same time zone as Frontios, but are forced to take a detour to answer a distress call. The Doctor invites Vivash O'Connell aboard the TARDIS. The Doctor, Tegan and Vivash are forced to take another detour from returning to Frontios.
Attempting to return to Frontios, the TARDIS is forced to stop off on Artaris to rest. Tegan and the Doctor get into an argument about landing in the wrong place, prompting the Doctor to send Tegan to wait in the TARDIS for the whole of his adventure with the "Katy Manning" Iris.
The Doctor and Tegan go back in time to kill a dictator as a baby. However, the Doctor is unable to go through with the act and leaves.
Tegan is concerned that the Gravis might escape from Kolkokron, but she also acts annoyed when the Doctor claims they are going back to Frontios, as though he has said this many times before. The Doctor and Tegan are summoned to Gallifrey by Leela, where the Doctor is forced to claim presidency until the fallout from Borusa's presidency is dealt with.
The Doctor and Tegan attend the coronation of Elizabeth II. Tegan is wearing her air hostess uniform, and the Doctor is depicted with his second outfit.
The Doctor and Tegan return to Frontios for Turlough, and get caught in a time corridor upon leaving with him, Tegan initially suspects that the Gravis is attacking the TARDIS, indicating that she is still concerned that it may escape Kolkokron.(TV: Frontios)
The time corridor lands the Doctor into a confrontation with Davros and the Renegade Daleks. Tired of all the death and violence she has witnessed, Tegan decides to remain on Earth, causing the Doctor to rethink his lifestyle.

Lone travels with Turlough[]

Tegan has only just left, and the Doctor is checking to ensure that the Gravis did no lasting damage to the TARDIS in Frontios, setting this shortly after Resurrection of the Daleks.
Weeks have passed since Lords of the Storm, and the Doctor is still upset about Tegan's departure.
Turlough can operate the TARDIS accurately enough to move it forward in time by six months.
The Doctor is aided by a "red-haired young man", presumably Turlough.
The Doctor briefly recalls Charley appearing in the TARDIS during The Light at the End, but the memory escapes him. He decides that he and Turlough need a holiday, somewhere "without so much sand".
Turlough returns to his home planet, and the Doctor destroys Kamelion at the android's request. Peri Brown joins the Doctor in his travels aboard the TARDIS.

Early travels with Peri[]

The Doctor asks Peri to stay in the TARDIS library when he believes that the destination they've arrived at is an unsuitable place for him to start showing her the wonders of the universe, setting this immediately after Planet of Fire. After seeing her still in the company of his next incarnation, the Doctor realises that he will regenerate soon.
Peri has only just joined the Doctor and is still trying to figure out if she wants to stay with him. A few days have passed since leaving Sarn, setting this shortly after Planet of Fire. The Doctor expresses a desire to watch Les Misérables, and decides to attempt a trip to Headingley Stadium In 1981 again, leading directly into Black and White.
It has been three days since the TARDIS left Sarn, and Peri recalls spending two days on N'Tia in the interim. After visiting Headingley Stadium together, the Doctor takes Peri shopping in London to recover from her recent encounter with the N'Tians in Light at the End of the Tunnel. The Doctor and Peri watch Les Misérables.
It has only been a few days since the events of Planet of Fire. The Doctor gives his age as 850-years-old.
Peri is unfamiliar with the Ice Warriors, setting this before Red Dawn.
The Doctor has promised Peri "a tour of another alien world". Peri encounters the Ice Warriors for the first time.
The Doctor encounters the Master for the first time since Planet of Fire, which occurred a week ago for the Doctor and Peri. Peri recalls visiting Mars in Red Dawn and Gelsandor in The Ultimate Treasure.
Peri has been travelling with the Doctor for two weeks, and mentions her shopping trip in Black and White. Peri's only other experience of time travel was her trip to Regent Street in 1981.
The Doctor and Peri's previous trip was to Wembley Stadium in 1935, setting this immediately after The Church of Football.
Peri hasn't been time-travelling for long and is just getting used to the Doctor and the TARDIS. However, she is beginning to view the TARDIS as home. She is nineteen-years-old.
Peri hasn't been travelling with the Doctor for long, and spends several months separated from him.

Joined by Erimem[]

The Doctor gives Peri a tour of the TARDIS and she finds out about the food machine, setting this shortly after Planet of Fire. Erimem joins the TARDIS crew, with a cat she had adopted. The Doctor claims not to have been to Egypt recently, suggesting a setting before Never Seen Cairo.
Set immediately after The Eye of the Scorpion, with Erimem settling into the TARDIS, while the Doctor attempts to bring her to the Braxiatel Collection. Erimem names her recently adopted cat Antranak.
Set between The Church and the Crown and Nekromanteia, as Antranak appears and has already been named.
Erimem leaves Earth for the first time, setting this shortly after The Eye of the Scorpion. Antranak sacrifices his life saving the planet Talderun.
Peri has heard the Doctor use the alias "John Smith" before. Erimem's hair is starting to grow longer. The Doctor leaves Peri and Erimem behind to run an errand and, when he returns around ten seconds later from his companions' perspective, his hair is significantly longer.
Erimem does not have a TARDIS key, and Peri begins teaching her English.
Peri refers to their recent adventure in The Axis of Insanity. Erimem's ability to cope with time travel and her burgeoning relationship with Peri is explored. Peri has been travelling with the Doctor for at least a month.
Erimem has taken to wearing a key around her neck, and is still recovering from the events of The Roof of the World. Peri hasn't been travelling with the Doctor for long. Peri and Erimem ask to visit Earth.
Erimem is "glad to be back on Earth", suggesting a setting immediately after Three's a Crowd.
Erimem has short hair.
Erimem visits England for the first time. Peri and Erimem spend two years separated from the Doctor, but only a short time passes for him.

Unfinished business[]

The Doctor leaves Peri and Erimem in 1966 Monte Carlo to recover the Veiled Leopard. Erimem's hair has grown out, suggesting this takes place after her two year separation from the Doctor in The Kingmaker. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard)
The Doctor spends eighteen months trying to return a woman to Earth. Nyssa and Tegan are mentioned as former companions of the Doctor, and he is depicted wearing his second costume.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone, and encounters Tegan in 1987 Australia, setting this after Resurrection of the Daleks. The Doctor is depicted in his second costume and the events of Snakedance are referenced.
The Fifth Doctor and his other incarnations are switched with the Seventh Doctor at Albert Square by the First Rani's time loop. He is wearing a unique jumper that borrows traits from the first and second designs. It is implied that he knows Peri, setting this after Planet of Fire.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone, and meets with Sarah Jane Smith, setting this after The Five Doctors.
The Doctor appears to be travelling alone.

Continued solo exploits[]

The Doctor is depicted wearing his second outfit.
The Doctor is depicted in his second outfit, and appears to be travelling alone.
The Doctor salutes the Brigadier with his other incarnations.
The Doctor is depicted in his second outfit.
The Doctor is illustrated in his second outfit, and is piloting the TARDIS with its The Five Doctors design.
The Doctor is depicted in his second outfit.
The Doctor attempts to visit the Ice Caves of Shabadabadon, but ends up arriving at the Gogglebox. He decides to solve the mystery of energy spikes appearing across time, originating in 1980s Baltimore, before collecting Peri and Erimem from Monte Carlo. During his investigation, he is reunited with Tegan Jovanka in 2006 Brisbane.

Final adventures with Erimem[]

The Doctor, Peri and Erimem visit a cricket match together, setting this after The Roof of the World. They are also visiting England together, setting this after The Kingmaker. Erimem has short dark hair.
The Doctor, Peri and Erimem spend several weeks in London, setting this after The Kingmaker
The Doctor recalls the events of Blood and Hope.
The Doctor attends the inauguration of the three-bodied lustrousness of the Vix with Peri and Erimem.
Erimem is reasonably proficient in written English.
Erimem is considering leaving the TARDIS, and the Doctor suggests that perhaps their next destination will help her decide, suggesting this takes place immediately before The Bride of Peladon.
The Doctor, Peri and Erimem recall the events of Son of the Dragon. Erimem decides to leave the Doctor and Peri and remain on Peladon.

After Erimem[]

Set shortly after Erimem's departure in The Bride of Peladon. The events of The Mind's Eye and Son of the Dragon are in Peri's recent memories.
Peri has been traveling with the Doctor for months at the least. She has her own TARDIS key, setting this after The Axis of Insanity.
The Doctor and Peri are separated from each other for a year, during which time Peri becomes a guerrilla fighter on the planet Sylvana.
The Doctor has been to Cairo, setting this after The Eye of the Scorpion.
The Doctor and Peri return to the setting of an adventure they had a month previously.

Second quest for the Key to Time[]

Big Finish production codes place this after Mission of the Viyrans. The Doctor has been intentionally separated from Peri until the Key to Time is found. He recalls the events of Red Dawn. The Doctor and Amy are ambushed by the Black Guardian, leading directly into The Destroyer of Delights.
The Doctor destroys the Key to Time in the Chaos Pool, and asks Amy to stay with him and help him find Peri, however she refuses and instead plans to return to Gallifrey with Romana in order to attend the academy there. The Doctor then intends to take the two back to Gallifrey in the TARDIS.

Reunited with the Wicked Sisters[]

The Doctor recalls the events of Time in Office and The Chaos Pool. He is reunited with Leela, Abby and Zara. Ending leads directly into The Moonrakers.
The Doctor and Zara encounter Sontarans on the moon while Leela and Abby meet a group of Earth colonists. Ending leads directly into The People Made of Smoke.
The Doctor, Leela, Abby and Zara all part ways after defeating the smoke people.

Final travels with Peri[]

In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Doctor is forced to land the TARDIS on a Cyberman occupied Skaro.
The Doctor and Peri attempt to flee from the Cybermen following their arrival on Skaro in Prologue: The Fifth Doctor.
Ending leads directly into The Caves of Androzani.
Poisoned by spectrox toxaemia, the Doctor regenerates into his next incarnation after ensuring that Peri is cured of the poisoning.
Set during the Doctor's regeneration in The Caves of Androzani: Part 4.

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  1. DOCTOR: "It's interesting, isn't it. And no jet lag. Shall we go outside?"
    NYSSA: "You think that wise, considering what we've just done to London?"
    DOCTOR: "Oh, that would have happened if we'd been there or not. All part of Earth's history."
  2. TEGAN: "I did say I wanted to stay with the crew for a while. You can stop trying to get me back to Heathrow."
  3. "Perhaps." The Doctor frowned as he fished for the key, then brightened. "If you want, one of you could read out the coordinates while I input our next destination."
  4. TEGAN: "Doctor? I am free of the Mara, aren't I? I'm still having terrible dreams."
    DOCTOR: "It's your mind's way of coping with the experience. You've suffered a great deal."
    TEGAN: "That could have been prevented if that Dojjen person had destroyed the Great Crystal."
    DOCTOR: "No, he couldn't. The Mara during the process of its becoming. It had to be trapped between modes of its being."
    TEGAN: "The feelings of hate. Doctor, I couldn't go through it again."
    DOCTOR: "Well, you're completely free of it now, Tegan. For you, the Mara is dead forever."