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This page lists appearances of the Eleventh Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, and the Big Finish forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]


Any story featuring Amy Pond must be after TV: The Eleventh Hour and before TV: The Time of Angels, or after TV: Cold Blood and before TV: The Pandorica Opens. Any story featuring Amy and Rory Williams as TARDIS residents must be after TV: The Vampires of Venice and before TV: The Hungry Earth, after TV: The Big Bang and before TV: The God Complex, or after TV: The Power of Three and before TV: The Angels Take Manhattan. Any story with Amy and Rory taking short trips and returning home must be after TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe and before TV: The Power of Three. Any story where Amy and Rory are married and Rory remembers being a Roman centurion can only be after TV: The Big Bang.

Any story featuring the Doctor by himself must be set before TV: The Impossible Astronaut, or set between TV: A Good Man Goes to War and TV: Let's Kill Hitler, or set between TV: The God Complex and TV: The Bells of Saint John.

Any story featuring Clara Oswald must come after TV: The Bells of Saint John and before TV: The Time of the Doctor.


By TV: The Snowmen, the Doctor has changed wardrobe, switching to a purple 18th-century costume. Any story where he is in this costume must be set after The Snowmen. At some point, he stopped wearing the 18th-century outfit and returned to his tweed jacket, as seen in WC: The Bells of Saint John. The one exception to this rule is COMIC: The Steampunk Conundrum as, while the Doctor is depicted wearing a purple coat, the story is explicitly established as being set between TV: A Christmas Carol and The Impossible Astronaut.[1]

In TV: The Bells of Saint John, the Doctor switches his tweed outfit for one similar to the one he wore in 1892, but with a purple over-coat. The next episode, TV: The Rings of Akhaten, sees him add a grey waistcoat to his outfit. From TV: Nightmare in Silver, this becomes a darker velvet waistcoat, and then from TV: The Day of the Doctor until his regeneration, the Doctor is wearing a different black waistcoat which is no longer veletty but still with a high-cut.


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A new body[]

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation. The TARDIS is damaged in the process, and begins a crash landing.
Follows directly on from The End of Time. Crash landing into Amelia Pond's shed in 1996, the Doctor finds a crack in the fabric of time and space on her bedroom wall that leads to Prisoner Zero's cell, but is forced to take off in the TARDIS without Amelia before he can find Prisoner Zero. Accidentally returning in 2008, the Doctor helps the grown up Amelia, now calling herself "Amy", and her boyfriend, Rory Williams, in guiding the Atraxi to Prisoner Zero while his TARDIS regenerates. After the crisis is over, the Doctor, having been warned that the "Pandorica will open" and "silence will fall", takes his new TARDIS control room for a test run, and returns in 2010 to fulfill his promise to take Amy traveling with him. He also receives a new sonic screwdriver after his old one is damaged by Prisoner Zero. Amy is roughly 21-years-old when she board the TARDIS.
Set during The Eleventh Hour, when the Doctor and Amelia are eating fish fingers and custard.
Set during The Eleventh Hour, when the Doctor confronts the Atraxi on the hospital roof.
While he is taking the TARDIS for a test run, the Doctor looks at his new face for the first time and, despite knowing it to be untrue, calls it his eleventh face. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)
Shortly after his regeneration, the Doctor meets up with Davros on Traxamere Beta for their Christmas truce. (PROSE: Father of the Daleks)

The first adventures[]

Interlinked between The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below. The Doctor informs Amy of the workings of the TARDIS, such as the broken chameleon circuit.
Amy takes her first trip in the TARDIS, ending up on the Starship UK in 3295, where she and the Doctor help Liz 10 free the star whale the ship is built on. As they prepare to leave, the TARDIS is contacted by Winston Churchill, leading directly into Victory of the Daleks.
Answering Churchill's summons, the Doctor finds three surviving Daleks fighting in World War II, and is tricked into activating a progenitor that creates a New Dalek Paradigm that escape to rebuild the Dalek Empire. The Doctor realises that history is being interfered with when Amy fails to remember the Daleks' 2009 invasion of Earth.
Amy is wearing her clothes from Victory of the Daleks.
The Doctor and Amy attend the coronation of Elizabeth II.
The Doctor has already given Amy a TARDIS key, but he has only met Rory once, setting this before The Time of Angels.
The Doctor claims that a number of months have passed since The End of Time.
Amy knows about her wedding day and Rory is absent, setting this before The Time of Angels. Reference is made to the events of Apollo 23.
After he ensures that there are no cracks in New York City, the Doctor intends for his next stop to be the Delerium Archive, leading directly into The Time of Angels.
Finding a message from River Song in the Delirium Archive, the Doctor and Amy help her and the Church face off against a Weeping Angel at the crash of the Byzantium on Alfava Metraxis, which is also Amy's first visit to an alien planet, only to find a horde of Weeping Angels waiting for them, leading directly into Flesh and Stone.
Set during The Time of Angels.
Escaping the Angels into the Byzantium, the Doctor finds another crack in time and realises that they are removing events and people from history, and uses this to defeat the Angels. River tells the Doctor that she is in prison for murdering "the best man [she] knew", and that he will next see her "when the Pandorica opens." Returning Amy home, the Doctor learns that she is getting married to Rory, but she attempts to seduce him as comfort for the frightening events, causing the Doctor to decide to find Rory, leading into The Vampires of Venice. The Doctor claims to be 907-years-old.
Interlinked between Flesh and Stone and The Vampires of Venice. Amy finds out about the Doctor's previous companions.

Joined by Rory[]

Hoping to prevent Amy's adventures from ruining her engagement, the Doctor brings Rory aboard the TARDIS, taking the pair to 1580 Venice as a wedding present, where he learns more about the cracks in time from Rosanna Calvierri of the Saturnyns.
Set concurrently with the pre-title sequence of The Vampires of Venice.
Shortly after The Vampires of Venice, the Doctor relays his experience to William Shakespeare.
After being toyed with by the Dream Lord, Amy realises how important Rory is to her.
Reference is made to Amy's Choice, and the Doctor is trying to get Amy and Rory to Rio, setting this shortly before The Hungry Earth.
Failing to get to Rio, the TARDIS crew find a tribe of Silurians under 2020 Cwmtaff. Taking Alaya prisoner, the Doctor goes to negotiate peace in the Silurian city with Nasreen Chaudhry, leading directly into Cold Blood.
Set during The Hungry Earth.
After Alaya is killed, her sister, Restac, begins a war campaign, forcing the Silurian leader to put the Silurians back into hibernation. Nasreen decides to remain in the Silurian city. While fleeing to the TARDIS, the Doctor is distracted by another crack in time, and fishes burnt shrapnel of the TARDIS out of it. Rory is killed by Restac while saving the Doctor's life, and is then wiped from existence by the cracks, causing Amy to forget him.

After Rory's death[]

Set immediately before The Journey.
Amy asks the Doctor who he is, setting this early in their travels, and the two encounter Daleks and Weeping Angels in the Time Vortex, setting this after Flesh and Stone.
The Doctor and Amy visit another planet, setting this after The Time of Angels.
The Doctor and Amy visit an alien planet while Rory is not with them, setting this after Cold Blood.
The Doctor and Amy have faced Weeping Angels before, setting this after Flesh and Stone.
Amy notes that the Doctor has been taking her to nicer places recently, and feels that she has recently lost someone, but not the extent that she recognises the feeling.

Creating the Child of Time[]

The Doctor and Amy visit another planet, setting this after The Time of Angels.
The Eleventh Doctor has his first encounter with UNIT.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Vampires of Venice.
The events of Planet Bollywood, The Golden Ones, The Screams of Death, and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night are implied to have happened recently. Ending leads directly into The Child of Time.

Further adventures with Amy[]

Amy has her first encounter with the Cybermen.
Interlinked between Blood of the Cybermen and TARDIS.
Follows on from the ending of TARDIS.
Amy already knows the Cybermen, setting this after Blood of the Cybermen. The Doctor sees a hologram of himself and Amy from the future events of Evacuation Earth.
Amy and the Doctor save the lost city Anglica, setting this before The Mazes of Time.
Amy refers to the events of Flesh and Stone and Rory is absent, setting this after Cold Blood.
Amy recognises the Judoon, setting this after The Forgotten Army.
Sequel to Return to Earth. Amy knows about the Silurians, setting this after Cold Blood.
The Doctor claims to be 908-years-old.
The Doctor and Amy are traveling without Rory and Amy knows about the Weeping Angels, implying that this takes place between Cold Blood and The Pandorica Opens.
Amy recognises the Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels.
The Doctor and Amy celebrate Halloween on Verticulus.
The Doctor and Amy visit a colony world without Rory present in the TARDIS, setting this between Cold Blood and The Pandorica Opens.
The Doctor lodges with Craig Owens for three days to investigate 79B Aickman Road, which he sees as an attempt by someone to build a TARDIS. Before he leaves, he helps Craig admit his love for his friend, Sophie.
Amy recognises the Cybermen and Silurians, setting this after Cold Blood and Blood of the Cybermen.
One week before investigating the Pandorica, the Doctor and Amy visit Space Florida. (TV: The Big Bang)
The Doctor is traveling with Amy, but Rory is absent.
Set three weeks after The Lodger. Following a message from River to 102 Stonehenge, the Doctor and Amy find the Pandorica and discover it is opening and transmitting a signal that is summoning the Doctor's enemies. Finding Rory alive as a Roman Centurion, the Doctor is able to frighten away his enemies, but River's piloting of the TARDIS is hijacked. As the TARDIS begins to explode with River still inside, Rory, who is actually an Auton, shoots Amy dead and the Doctor is imprisoned in the Pandorica by an alliance of his enemies, leading directly into The Big Bang.
Set between The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. The Doctor briefly escapes from the Pandorica.
The Doctor is freed by the Auton Rory, and places Amy in the Pandorica to revive her. Meeting up with the pair again in 1996 using River's vortex manipulator, the Doctor saves River from the TARDIS and launches the Pandorica into the eye of the explosion to reboot the universe. As the Doctor's timeline unravels, he revisits the events of Flesh and Stone and The Eleventh Hour, where he says goodbye to Amelia before going into the crack. However, his words to Amelia cause Amy to remember him and the TARDIS back into existence at her wedding reception. After the celebrations conclude, the Doctor takes Amy and Rory, revived to his old self by the reality reboot, for more adventure in the TARDIS.

Amy and Rory's honeymoon[]

Not long after Amy and Rory's wedding, the Doctor chats with Rory in the TARDIS over a glass of a corrosive substance he thought was liquor, that eats through the glasses and table. (PROSE: Visiting Hours)
Amy and Rory's wedding is still treated as a recent event, setting this shortly after The Big Bang.
The Doctor says that the TARDIS is "still playing up" after the recent events of Spam Filtered. He, Amy and Rory were attempting to attend the beginning of the football league in 1888 before they arrived in Whitechapel.
The Doctor mentions the events of The Big Bang.
Set during the beginning of The War of Art, just after the Doctor leaves Amy in the TARDIS.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory are attempting to visit the 1966 World Cup Final.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory are joined in the TARDIS by Kevin, a robotic copy of a Tyrannosaurus rex, who wants to find a better role in life beyond the resort complex he worked for. The Doctor is wearing his green overcoat.
Ending leads directly into Space Squid.
Kevin decides to stay at Nebula Base as its new chief of security.
Rory recalls the events of The Big Bang, and is mistrustful towards the Doctor and his ability to take care of Amy, suggesting a setting early in their relationship.
Set before Death is the Only Answer, with the Doctor attempting to buy a new fez. Rory still takes an issue with the Doctor referring to him as "Mr. Pond".
The Doctor drops Amy and Rory off on a Honeymoon planet. (TV: Death of the Doctor)
The Doctor is traveling alone, having left Amy and Rory on a honeymoon planet for their honeymoon. He meets up with Sarah Jane Smith and the Bannerman Road gang for the first time since his latest regeneration, and is also reunited with Jo Grant when the Claw Shansheeth fake his death.
The Doctor prepares to tell an unseen audience about the recent events of Death of the Doctor.
The Doctor attends a party at Frank Sinatra's hunting lodge with Father Christmas and Albert Einstein. (TV: A Christmas Carol)
The Doctor is traveling alone while Amy and Rory are on the honeymoon planet, setting this after Death of the Doctor.
The Doctor leaves Amy and Rory in 1605 to see Romeo and Juliet. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)
Set before Death Is the Only Answer.
The Doctor acquires a new fez, setting this between The Big Bang and A Christmas Carol.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor receives a letter from Amy telling him to collect her and Rory from 1605 due to James I arresting them. The Doctor then drops them off at the Gardens of Zul-Thep in the year 3104. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)
Set before The Impossible Astronaut, at least according to River.
The Doctor receives a telemessage from Rory telling him to save him and Amy from giant bees in the Gardens of Zul-Thep. The Doctor then sends them to meet Wyatt Earp. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)
The Doctor is travelling alone in his tweed jacket, and is in good spirits.
The Doctor receives a telegram from Amy detailing the disastrous results of Rory's meeting with Earp. The Doctor then drops Amy and Rory off on Drago14 for a beach holiday, and later receives an Instant Message that they have booked a cruise on the Thrasymachus cruise ship. (PROSE: Honeymoon Horrors)
The Doctor gets together with his other incarnations for Christmas. He is wearing his tweed jacket, and proudly proclaims that "[he] wear[s] a Santa hat now".

Rewriting Kazran's history[]

Rory is still a little untrusting towards the Doctor, as well as a little jealous when he is credited for saving the day, and recalls his previous "honeymoon ideas" with displeasure. The Doctor is summoned by Amy and Rory when the Thrasymachus starts crashing on Sardicktown. To save them, the Doctor seeks to rewrite the timeline of the town proprietor, Kazran Sardick, by visiting on Christmas Eve for seven years to take Kazran, and Abigail Pettigrew, on adventures in the TARDIS. On their first trip, they release a sky shark back into the cloud belt. On the second of their annual trips, the Doctor takes Kazran and Abigail for a sleigh ride, drawn by the same sky shark, in the cloud belt.
The Doctor picks up Kazran and Abigail for one of their trips.
Set when the Doctor is traveling with the teenaged Kazran on the crest of his adulthood. They intend to collect Abigail after they and Winston Churchill have a "day out with the lads".
The Doctor and Kazran pick up Abigail for their sixth annual trip. Abigail sees Kazran grown up for the first time and they spend Christmas Eve with Abigail's family. At the conclusion of this trip, Kazran and Abigail share their first kiss. (TV: A Christmas Carol)
The Doctor and Kazran have recently encountered the Draconians. Abigail is mentioned and, after their private adventure, the Doctor sets the TARDIS coordinates to take Kazran home.
On their seventh annual trip, the Doctor, Kazran and Abigail visit Hollywood. The Doctor accidentally marries Marilyn Monroe while Abigail tells Kazran the truth about her illness. Kazran decides to end the annual trips so he doesn't have to see her die. However, the Doctor is able to reform the elderly Kazran by bringing his younger self to see him, and Abigail is able to stabalise the clouds with her singing. With disaster averted, the Doctor collects Amy and Rory from their honeymoon. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Ponds' extended honeymoon[]

Rory recalls the recent events of The Big Bang, and doesn't yet have a close relationship with the Doctor. Amy sends them off on an adventure on their own to help them bond.
While Rory helps the Doctor with maintenance aboard the TARDIS, he gets distracted when Amy tries to ask the Doctor a question, causing the TARDIS to land within itself, leading directly into Time.
The Doctor uses the time differentials caused by the TARDIS landing in itself to tell himself how to free the TARDIS.
The Doctor is on a night out with River Song.
When the Doctor returns from another night out with River, Amy asks him the question she had during Space: she asks how she can remember the two separate timelines that were created when the Doctor rebooted the universe, setting this shortly after The Big Bang. The Doctor mentions "Marilyn", implying this takes place after A Christmas Carol.
Rory recalls the events of Cold Blood.
The Doctor gives his age as 907-years-old.
Amy mentions her wedding from The Big Bang.
The Doctor and Rory mention the events of The Big Bang.
Amy and Rory are married, setting this after The Big Bang.

Solo adventures[]

Once they decide that their honeymoon has concluded, (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) the Doctor deposits Amy and Rory back in Leadworth in February 2011, eight months after their wedding, for them to enjoy their married life. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)
The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Pandorica Opens. He is traveling alone.
  • PROSE: Waving Through Time
The Doctor saves the Sontaran Strax in 1819, setting this before A Good Man Goes to War.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor is traveling alone, and shares an adventure with Dorium Maldovar, setting this before A Good Man Goes to War.
The Doctor is traveling alone and is wearing his tweed jacket, setting this at least before The Bells of Saint John.
The Doctor is imprisoned at the Maximum security facility with his other incarnations.
The Doctor and River are on a ship filled with Art Deco Robots, with River jumping off while the Doctor stays behind to save the robots. (AUDIO: A Brave New World)
The Eleventh Doctor unites with his other incarnations to help a group of people seal the Time Fracture.

Plagued by SERVEYOUinc[]

The Doctor meets Alice Obiefune in 2014 London and, after rescuing a Kharitite together, he invites her to travel with him in the TARDIS.
Alice takes her first trip in the TARDIS, setting this immediately after After Life.
The Doctor takes Alice to see John Jones in 1962, and he follows them into the TARDIS afterwards. After defeating the Talent Scout in 1931 Mississippi, Jones decides to remain with them in their travels.
Ending leads directly into The Sound of Our Voices.
The Doctor, Alice and Jones rescue ARC from SERVEYOUinc, who joins them on their travels.
Ending leads directly into The Infinite Astronaut.
The Doctor decides to visit SERVEYOUinc headquarters, leading directly into The Rise and Fall.
Ending leads directly into The Other Doctor.
The Doctor decides to go looking for the Entity, setting this shortly after The Other Doctor.
Jones goes missing and the Doctor is locked out of the TARDIS, leading directly into The Comfort of the Good.
ARC is reunited with the Entity and leaves the TARDIS, while Jones returns to 1962 to resume his career.

Preventing a bad timeline[]

Set during Four Doctors, just after the Doctor goes off to buy some comics.
Set during Four Doctors.
Set during Four Doctors.
Set immediately after Four Doctors.

On the run[]

The Doctor is put on trial by the Overcaste for creating the Malignant, but he and Alice are rescued by the Squire, an elderly woman claiming to be a companion of the War Doctor. The Then and the Now and Abslom Daak pursue the Doctor for the bounty on his head. The Doctor hides Daak's wife, Taiyin, within the TARDIS, forcing Daak to cooperate with him. Alice hasn't encountered the Daleks yet.
The Doctor, Alice, the Squire and Daak have been trapped within the TARDIS for several days, with Daak still searching for Taiyin. The Doctor decides to solve the mystery of his supposedly crimes and enlists the help of Alice, the Squire and Daak to do so. Alice is ambushed by the Then and the Now outside the TARDIS, leading directly into Outrun.
After evading the Then and the Now once again, the Doctor shows his companions the time lock and takes them to the remains of Veestrax. The Doctor decides to investigate the recurrence of the phrase "Exterminhate", believing that the Master is behind it, leading directly into The Judas Goatee.
Set during Outrun. Daak finds his wife, but decides to remain with the Doctor, pretending he never found Taiyin to save face.
The Doctor decides to track down the Master's TARDIS in order to search its data records for information on his actions during the Time War. He recruits River Song from Stormcage Containment Facility in order to help him retrieve it from Shada, leading directly into The One.
Alice meets River for the first time, but River is already aware of who she is. The Doctor and his friends successfully break into Shada and steal the Master's TARDIS, but discover that he did not create the Malignant. Ending leads directly into Downtime.
The Doctor travels to Clundanius XI to drown his sorrows from the lack of clues in the Master's TARDIS. Daak discovers that "Exterminhate" is the motto of the Volatix Cabal. The Overcast Ark is infected by the Malignant, leading directly into Running to Stay Still.
River is infected by the Malignant and subsequently put into stasis, while the Squire is injured protecting the Doctor from the Then and the Now. Alice uses the Chronal tumour within The Master's TARDIS in order to enter the Last Great Time War, leading directly into First Rule.
The Squire dies in the TARDIS.
Alice returns from the Time War with the Then and the Now, having created it with her use of the Psilent songbox. The Squire is revealed to be a sleeper agent for the Volatix Cabal, leading directly into Gently Pulls The Strings.
It is revealed that Alice's use of the Psilent songbox warped the Cyclors into the Malignant. Ending leads directly into Physician, Heal Thyself.
Daak kills the Squire, while River comes out of stasis and contains the Malignant. The Then and the Now transports Daak into the Time War so he can continue hunting Daleks, while the Doctor and Alice return River to Stormcage.

Further exploits with Alice[]

Alice recalls being in the Time War, setting this after Physician, Heal Thyself.

Protecting the Sapling[]

The Doctor and Alice are summoned to the funeral of John Jones. The Doctor and Alice are captured by the the Scream, leading directly into The Scream.
The Scream steals the memories of the Doctor and Alice and uses them to energise the Sapling so he can possess its form. However, the Doctor stops the Scream before the process is complete. John Jones, from a point in time before his death, arrives to drive the Scream away, while the Sapling joins the Doctor and Alice in the TARDIS to protect him from the Scream.
The Sapling has recently joined the TARDIS crew. The Doctor and Alice take the Sapling to Earth for the first time.
The Sapling remains in the TARDIS while the Doctor and Alice help the Ood.
Shortly after the events of Time of the Ood, the Doctor asks the Sapling to explain the powers he displayed during the events of The Tragical History Tour.
Set six months after The Scream. The Sapling is possessed by the Scream, leading directly into Hungry Thirsty Roots.
The Doctor and Alice regain their stolen memories from the Scream, while the Sapling is freed from his influence. The Sapling grows up and leaves the TARDIS.

After the Sapling[]

Alice recalls "spending six months playing mum with the Sapling", setting this after Hungry Thirsty Roots.
The Doctor is wearing a purple variant of his tweed jacket, and is using a different console control room with a neon design control console and yellow and green glowing roundels on the walls. The Doctor recalls the events of The Underwater War. Alice meets River Song for the second time.

New adventures with the Ponds[]

Answering a mysterious summons, the Doctor is reunited with Amy, Rory and River in April 2011, and takes them to 1969 Washington DC on the summoner's orders. Assigned to work with Canton Delaware by President Richard Nixon in investigating a mysterious caller, the Doctor finds that the caller is a little girl in an astronaut suit, whom Amy, after claiming to be pregnant, shoots to "save [his] life", leading into Day of the Moon. The Doctor claims to be 909-years-old, and has not met Jim the Fish yet.
Set during The Impossible Astronaut.
Interlinked between The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.
After three months of pretending to be prisoner of the government, the Doctor compares notes with Amy, Rory, River and Canton, and learns what "the Silence" are, and that they are behind the astronaut conspiracy, as well as the Aickman Road plot from The Lodger. Amy claims to have been wrong about her pregnancy, but the Doctor still looks into it, with conflicting results. The Doctor shares his first kiss with River.
The Doctor faces Professor Saurian for the first time.
The Doctor is still investigating Amy's possible pregnancy.
Amy and Rory are still having the discussion they had at the end of The Curse of the Black Spot.
Amy and Rory are married, setting this after The Big Bang. Rory encounters Weeping Angels for the first time, setting this before The God Complex.
Amy and Rory are married, setting this after The Big Bang.
Amy and Rory are married, setting this after The Big Bang.
When a solar tsunami forces the TARDIS to St John's Monastery in the 22nd century, the TARDIS crew learn about Gangers, and witness the beginning of a Ganger revolution, leading directly into The Almost People. The TARDIS is still confused as to whether Amy is pregnant, and the Doctor is cloned.
After secretly switching places with his Ganger, the Doctor learns that Amy watched a future version of himself die. After the Doctor's Ganger sacrifices himself to end the Ganger threat, Amy, who is revealed to have been a Ganger since before The Impossible Astronaut, goes into labour, leading into A Good Man Goes to War.

Discovering the origin of River Song[]

Building a small army of Rory, Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax, Dorium Maldovar, the Judoon, the Silurians and Henry Avery's crew, the Doctor rescues Amy and her baby, Melody Pond, from Madame Kovarian. However, Melody had been switched with a Ganger beforehand, and Kovarian escapes with her, as Dorium is decapitated and Strax is killed in battle. River arrives and subtly reveals that she is Melody to the Doctor, who makes a quick exit in the TARDIS, promising to find the Ponds' baby.
Set after The Almost People.
The Doctor meets up with Davros on Red Moon of Xhe for their Christmas truce, and Davros notes that the Doctor appears older than before. (PROSE: Father of the Daleks)
The Doctor is summoned back by Amy and Rory and, after she hijacks the TARDIS to 1938 Berlin, sees Mels, their childhood best friend, regenerate into River Song, who is then hunted down by the Teselecta. Ensuring events lead to Melody's development into River, the Doctor departs with Amy and Rory for more adventures. From the Teselecta, the Doctor learns that the Silence is plotting to assassinate him to prevent the "First Question" being answered, and that he will be killed by River at 5:02pm at Lake Silencio on 22 April 2011.

The search for Agent 99[]

The Doctor learns about a missing man known as Agent 99.
The TARDIS crew are looking for Agent 99.
The Doctor uses the Tryptic Thought of Crystals of Lossk to locate Agent 99's telepathic signature. Finding Agent 99 on Quiox, he asks the Doctor to return him to Earth, leading into Agent 99.
The Doctor discovers that he had been set up on his search for Agent 99 by a secret council who wanted to use Warp Agent 99 to conquer the galaxy. With Amy and Rory taken prisoner, the Doctor is unable to stop the council from using Agent 99's powers to free the Koth-Kulaar from his exile, leading directly into Dimension Warp.
As the Koth-Kulaar destroys every living thing on Earth, the Doctor rescues Amy, Rory and Agent 99, who sacrifices his life energy to send the Koth-Kulaar into oblivion.

Continued adventures with the Ponds[]

The Doctor claims to have not gotten angry since the events of A Good Man Goes to War.
Amy refers to her honeymoon with Rory.
Set concurrently with Amy's Escapade.
The Doctor claims to be "1000-years-older" than the 8-year-old George.
Rory recalls seeing Cybermen marching, possibly referencing the events of A Good Man Goes to War.
Amy and Rory are absent, having "popped home to put out the bins".
Set between The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex.[2]
The Doctor faces the Atomon for the first time.
The Doctor is traveling with Amy and Rory, who are asleep when he collects River from Stormcage, and the Doctor is aware they are River's parents, setting this after Let's Kill Hitler. Ending leads directly into Last Night.
The Doctor mentions the recent events of Air Force Gone.
Amy and Rory comment on meeting pirates again, and the Doctor is disappointed that the captain hasn't heard of him, setting this between The Curse of the Black Spot and The Wedding of River Song.
After an unpleasant experience on a prison ship, the Doctor leaves Amy and Rory behind to ensure their safety.

Farewell tour[]

The Doctor has only just left Amy and Rory behind.
Attempting to catch the attention of the Ponds, the Doctor auditions for a role in a Carry On film in 1968, appears on the Bayeux Tapestry, makes a cameo in a production of Hamlet, (PROSE: Waving Through Time) is imprisoned in the Tower of London, breaks out of a World War II POW camp, and performs in a Laurel and Hardy film. (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)
Sequel to The Night After Hallowe'en and Snowfall.
Though the events of The God Complex happened "ages ago", the Doctor is still adjusting to Amy's absence. Trapped on a hostile spaceship during Christmastime, the Doctor causes an explosion, leading directly into the prologue of The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.
The Doctor escapes the exploding spaceship, and is helped by Madge Arwell in finding the TARDIS. Before he departs, he promises to one day repay Madge's kindness. (TV: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe)
The Doctor delivers a Christmas present for Amy and Rory, who are no longer travelling with him, setting this after The God Complex. After a thought, he decides to acknowledge Amy as "Mrs. Williams".
The Doctor is traveling alone.
The Doctor claims to be 910-years-old.
Follows on directly from The Zentrabot Invasion.
Sequel to A Good Man Goes to War.
The Doctor believes his time is running out, setting this between The God Complex and The Wedding of River Song.
The Doctor is travelling alone, and is illustrated wearing a long coat.
Set after Death of the Doctor. The Doctor gives his fez to Sarah Jane Smith as a gift for Clyde Langer.
The Doctor defends Gryphon's Reach from Davros and the Daleks, and then follows them to Alacracis IV, where they fail to ambush him. The Doctor informs Davros that their Christmas truces are now at an end.
While facing the Daleks, the Doctor phones Anke Von Grisel.
Set roughly two hundred years after The God Complex. Nearing the end of his farewell tour, the Doctor pays Craig Owens a social call, and, after facing the Cybermen together, Craig gives him a Stetson and some envelopes, setting up the events of The Wedding of River Song.
The Doctor claims to be 1103-years-old, and learns of the passing of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. He uses the Teselecta to fake his death, but River is able to stop herself destroying the robot, causing time to collapse. To ensure that time goes back on track, the Doctor marries River, and the timeline resumes its original course. With the universe thinking him dead, the Doctor returns to the shadows.

Return to the shadows[]

The Doctor is supposed to have died at Lake Silencio, setting this after The Wedding of River Song. He is currently hiding from the Silence.
The Doctor mentions Bitey when seeing the Cybermats, and the Daleks still know who the Doctor is, setting this between Closing Time and Asylum of the Daleks.
The Doctor calls River while she partakes in a dangerous race in space, and tells her about the significance Darillium has to them for the first time. (NOTVALID: The Final Night)
The Doctor is travelling alone and recalls the events of The Impossible Astronaut.
The Doctor finds a Dalek ship that survived World War I. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)
The Doctor is travelling alone and claims to be trying to fly under the radar, suggesting a setting between The Wedding of River Song and The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.
The Doctor is currently travelling alone "for a bit" due to having "a lot going on".
The Doctor mostly travels alone at the moment.
After repaying his debt to Madge Arwell, the Doctor is encouraged to return to Amy and Rory for Christmas in 2013. He learns from Amy that River told them he was still alive.
The Doctor and Amy play Twister with a Cyberman at a Christmas party hosted by David Jason.

Renewed adventures with the Ponds[]

The Doctor, Amy and Rory team with the crew of the USS Enterprise-D to defeat the Cybermen and the Borg.

Occasional trips with the Ponds[]

The Doctor leaves a message for Amy and Rory to explain why he will be late for their April meet up. He tells them about seeing Florinall 9 and Mata Hari, and they hear him crash landing into ancient Greece due to a fault in the Helmic regulator.
The Doctor acts as curator of the town museum in Watchcombe. (PROSE: Summer Falls)
The Doctor is implied to be traveling alone, as Amy does not know about his recent exploits.
The Doctor and River are visiting Amy and Rory for a "family holiday".
The Doctor and River act like a married couple.
The Doctor and River act like a married couple. The house they were in during Take a Bow (Tie) is revealed to be Amy and Rory's.
The Doctor gives Amy and Rory an upcoming anniversary present, setting this after The Big Bang. He is also wearing the green coat first seen in Let's Kill Hitler.
Amy and Rory are travelling in the TARDIS with a pair of Ood.
The Doctor has just left from visiting Amy and Rory in June, accidentally leaving behind an Ood he rescued from the Androvax conflict.
By July, the Doctor receives a call from Rory alerting him to the misplaced Ood, and promises to retrieve the Ood after dealing with power drainage within the TARDIS.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
In August, the Doctor tries to visit Amy and Rory, but receives no response. Worrying about their relationship, he calls them to tell them he has returned the Ood home, rode a horse through 18th century Coventry, and "accidentally" invented pasta.
The Doctor knows he's married to River, setting this after The Wedding of River Song.
During a dream, the Doctor receives a dream message beckoning him to Skaro, leading into Asylum of the Daleks.
Answering a call for help, the Doctor is captured by the Daleks, and sent to the Dalek Asylum with Amy and Rory by the Parliament of the Daleks. Assisted by Oswin Oswald, a stranded Junior Entertainment Manager converted into a Dalek, the Doctor destroys the Asylum, fixes Amy and Rory's marital problems and has his existence erased from the Dalek Pathweb.
The Doctor is able to "memory-proof" all information about himself at the Inforarium, setting this between Asylum of the Daleks, where he was still remembered as a legend, and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, where no records of him could be found.
The Doctor attends a Christmas dinner with his other incarnations. He is wearing his tweed jacket.
After saving 1334 BC Egypt from giant locusts, the Doctor and Queen Nefertiti are summoned to 2367 by the Indian Space Agency, who alert the Doctor to a Silurian Ark on a collision course with Earth. With the aid of Nefertiti, John Riddell, Amy, Rory and Brian Williams, the Doctor kills Solomon the trader and saves the Earth. Amy states it has been ten months since she and Rory last saw the Doctor, presumably in Asylum of the Daleks, setting this as late as July 2014, and the Doctor likewise states he has not seen them in "ages". Rory is 31-years-old.
Set during Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, with the Doctor arriving to collect Amy and Rory, but landing in May by mistake, and leaving after he realises he has "popped up in the wrong order".
With Amy and Rory wanting to stay home, the Doctor and Brian take a trip to Siluria. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
The Doctor is traveling alone, but is still in contact with Amy.
The Doctor picks River up for a date at Amy and Rory's house. Amy and Rory know River is their daughter, setting this after A Good Man Goes to War.
The Doctor and River are on an adventure together. River calls him "honey", possibly alluding to their marriage.
Though they are absent, the Doctor is currently traveling with Amy and Rory.
Rory is traveling in the TARDIS. The Doctor and River act like more of a married couple.
The Doctor alludes to his marriage to River.
While trying to take Amy and Rory to a Day of the Dead festival, the Doctor finds the town of Mercy, Nevada under threat from the Gunslinger. After persuading the Gunslinger to seek redemption, Amy asks for her and Rory to be returned home, as their "friends are going to start noticing that [they're] aging faster than them." The Doctor claims to be 1200-years-old, is noted by Amy to have been traveling alone for a while before this adventure, and recalls when Rory left his phone charger in Henry VIII's en-suite.
The Doctor returns Amy and Rory to their home in July, and later comes back to take them for more adventures. (TV: The Power of Three)

Living with the Ponds[]

After mysterious cubes appear around the world in late July, the Doctor is introduced to UNIT's new Head of Scientific Research, Kate Stewart, and decides to stay with Amy and Rory to observe the cubes. After four days with no progress, the impatient Doctor leaves to go on some solo adventures to "restore sanity". Amy tells the Doctor that she and Rory believe they have been traveling with him for ten years. (TV: The Power of Three)
Set during The Power of Three, when the Doctor is performing odd jobs around the Ponds' house.
The Doctor and Strax come to visit Amy and Rory at their house. Amy and Rory have bought a new shed after the last one was destroyed by the Doctor.
The Doctor and Strax are visiting Amy and Rory at their house. The Doctor takes Rory on a trip with him and Strax, but they accidentally destroy Amy's garden shed again upon their return.
The Doctor, Amy and Rory are setting up fireworks for Guy Fawkes' Night in November. Amy complains about her shed always being destroyed, setting this after Time Gentlemen, Please!.
The Doctor drops Rory off at Stormcage Containment Facility to visit River for Christmas.
The Doctor and River are staying with Amy and Rory for Christmas.
The Doctor is living with Amy and Rory. River is present.
The Doctor visits Amy and Rory on their anniversary in June, with Amy mentioning that it has been roughly "nine months" since they last saw him. The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to the Savoy Hotel in 1890 for their anniversary, but finds a Zygon plot to foil in the hotel. In a return trip to get Rory's phone charger from the King's en-suite, Amy accidentally marries Henry VIII. (The Complete History vol. 71)
It is Amy and Rory's anniversary, and Rory wants to go to Majorca. Ending leads directly into Hypothetical Gentleman.
Amy and Rory are on an anniversary trip at the Crystal Palace. Rory asks the Doctor if they're still going to Majorca.
Amy mentions her tendency to accidentally fire handguns when holding them, something that happened during A Town Called Mercy.
The Doctor picks and Amy and Rory up from the airport after they have their anniversary trip to Majorca, having finally dropped them off before the events of the comic. He plans to take them home, and expects to travel alone afterwards.
After seven weeks of adventures, the Doctor returns Amy and Rory to their anniversary party moments after they left. After a chat with Brian, the Doctor decides to stay with Amy and Rory to better monitor the cubes, promising to be more patient. (TV: The Power of Three)
Amy takes the Doctor shopping for milk for the TARDIS.
Rory takes the Doctor to watch a football match.
In July, the cubes start activating. After telling Kate he has figured out she is the Brigadier's daughter, the Doctor talks with Amy about her and Rory wanting to stop traveling with him, and tracks down the cubes' master: the Shakri. After foiling the Shakri's plot, the Doctor makes to leave alone, but Brian persuades Amy and Rory to travel with him. (TV: The Power of Three)

Final adventures with the Ponds[]

During a trip to 2012 New York City, Rory is sent back to 1938 by a Weeping Angel. Following his trail, the Doctor and Amy encounter River and discover that New York has been overtaken by the Weeping Angels. After Amy and Rory create a paradox to defeat the Angels, a straggler sends them back in time beyond the reach of the TARDIS, separating the Doctor from them forever.
Set during The Angels Take Manhattan, when the Doctor and River are distracting the Weeping Angels from Amy and Rory.

Grieving for the Ponds[]

Shortly after losing Amy and Rory, the Doctor attends the Brigadier's funeral, (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) and plans to take River to Darillium, but bumping into a younger version of himself convinces him not do. (HOMEVID: Last Night)
The Doctor salutes the Brigadier with his other incarnations.
The Doctor has a weariness to him, and briefly forgets that he is now traveling alone, setting this shortly after The Angels Take Manhattan.
The Doctor is depicted wearing a purple waistcoat, and has a wearier demeanour to his surroundings. Despite being victorious against the Cybermen, the Doctor feels he is "getting too young for this sort of thing", and leaves without a farewell to anyone.
Though the Doctor is depicted in his clothes from The Bells of Saint John, he is currently trying not to get involved in the affairs of others, and believes he has lost too many companions, suggesting a setting shortly after The Angels Take Manhattan. The Doctor is visiting old friends, such as Jo Grant.

Facing the Creevix[]

Finding out a time machine created by Alice Watson and Cedric Chivers at Oxford is being used an alien race called the Creevix to control time by erasing Time Agent Guy Taylor, the Doctor begins sending messages to his past incarnations. Though the Doctor is depicted on the cover as wearing his clothes from The Rings of Akhaten, he is described as wearing his tweed jacket, setting this at least before The Bells of Saint John.
The Doctor uses the TARDIS to contact the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown to ask them to obtain an omniparadox from the Santa Maria, and store it in the TARDIS so he can use it to escape the timeline created by the Creevix.
The Doctors sends a message to a radio DJ so Susan Foreman can introduce Cedric to Bob Dylan's music, and meet his future wife.
The Doctor contacts the Fourth Doctor and Romana through the Prolocutor to make sure they don't destroy the Babblesphere, and instead send it to the Stellaris Museum of Artificial Intelligence with a copy of the Fourth Doctor inside to lure out the Creevix.
The Doctor contacts the Eighth Doctor using the TARDIS Internal Communication System to get him to clear up interference so he can contact his previous incarnations directly, and the Fourth Doctor copy can lure the Creevix to Oxford.
The Doctor uses his psychic paper to send a message to the Second Doctor to ensure he saves Sophie Topolovic's research on the Quiet Ones, so that the sub-pulsar transmissions that used to lure the Creevix to Oxford can be created.
The Doctor uses an Ovid sphere to contact the Fifth Doctor to ensure that he delivers the Ovid sphere back to the Ovids, so that they share their knowledge with humanity in the far future, thus creating technology needed to use therocite.
The Doctor leaves a telephone message for the Third Doctor to ensure that he saves the therocite and sends it to Professor Reynart to store in his lab for Cedric to find in 2013.
The Doctor uses a distress beacon and a video message to tell the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble to ensure that Guy Taylor's mother, Lyric Erskine, survives.
The Doctor contacts the Seventh Doctor and Ace using a hypercube to make sure that they save Guy Taylor's father, Captain OhOne. He has already contacted his first six incarnations by this point.
The Doctor hijacks a giant television screen in New Vegas to tell the Ninth Doctor to save the life of Police Chief James McNeil, so that he go on the build the Memorial Hotel where Guy Taylor will be conceived. He speaks of Amy in the past-tense, implying a setting after The Angels Take Manhattan.
With the pieces in place, the Doctor saves Guy Taylor and erases the Creevix from history. (AUDIO: The Time Machine)

Adventuring alone[]

The Doctor drops off Santa Claus, who he calls "Jeff", after helping him out with his yearly routine.
The Doctor is travelling alone, and recalls the events of The Wedding of River Song.
The Doctor is traveling alone.
While in an outwardly jovial mood, the Doctor is noted to have "something in [his] voice" that suggests his fighting the Weeping Angels is personal, setting this after The Angels Take Manhattan. The Doctor is wearing a Fez and traveling alone.

Adventures with Decky[]

The Doctor meets Decky Flamboon, and offers to take him home in the TARDIS.
The TARDIS now has the neon control room from The Snowmen.
Decky is returned home, and the Doctor travels on alone.


Despite being depicted on the cover as wearing his clothes from Nightmare in Silver, the Doctor is described as wearing his tweed jacket, and is currently trying to keep a low profile. After being manipulated by the Dalek Time Controller, the Doctor declares, "No more meddling", and presumably enters the retirement seen in The Great Detective. The interior of the TARDIS is described as having an "orange glow".
Having grown tired of the losses he has suffered and caused, (TV: The Snowmen) the Doctor takes solitude in 1892 London, referring to it as him being "retired". (TV: The Great Detective)
The Doctor has retired until he can feel like "the Doctor" again.
Set on 31 October 1892.
Set on 26 November 1892.
The Paternoster Gang try to encourage the Doctor out of his funk, to no avail. The Doctor has changed his clothing to a burgundy frock coat with a waistcoat, and regular tie. Jenny wishes the Doctor a "Merry Christmas", setting this shortly before The Snowmen.
Set during 23-25 December 1892. The Doctor, after being "retired" for "a long time", is encouraged by Clara Oswin Oswald to investigate Walter Simeon's interest in Captain Latimer's house, where he finds the Great Intelligence plotting to invade London as a snowstorm. After Clara and Simeon die in the foiling of the Intelligence's plot, the Doctor is inspired to travel again after realising Clara is somehow connected to Oswin from Asylum of the Daleks.

The search for Clara[]

Traveling alone, the Doctor is chased around the BBC Studios by Miranda Hart while wearing his clothes from The Snowmen.
The Doctor arrives at a Doctor Who-themed Red Nose Day in 2013. He is traveling alone, wearing his clothes from The Snowmen, and recognises Dermot O'Leary from Dermot and the Doctor and Claudia Winkleman from The Doctor Drops In.
Despite being depicted wearing the clothing from The Snowmen on the released cover, the Doctor is described as wearing his tweed jacket.
The Doctor is wearing his tweed jacket.
The Doctor is traveling alone, and wearing his tweed attire.
After detecting she is upset, the Doctor picks up River from Stormncage for a surprise adventure.
The Doctor is wearing his red bowtie, and is using the neon control room from The Snowmen.
On one of their adventures together, River asks the Doctor to take her to Darillium, which he declines.

Finding Clara[]

Taking a break from his search in a playground, the Doctor is advised by a young girl to "find a quiet room and have a good think", leading directly into The Bells of Saint John. He is wearing his tweed attire.
While contemplating Clara and Oswin in 1207 Cumbria, the Doctor is phoned by Clara Oswald in 2013, who helps him defeat the Wi-Fi plot of Rosemary Kizlet and her "client". Eager to unravel the mystery of Clara's existence, the Doctor invites her to join him in the TARDIS, but she asks him to return later so she can think about it. The Doctor claims to be 1000-years-old and permanently switches his tweed jacket for a purple cashmere coat with a darker-accented garb.
After traveling down her timeline to find out who she is, the Doctor takes Clara to Tiaanamat of the Sun-singers of Akhet, where they face the Old God Akhaten with Queen of Years Merry Gejelh. The Doctor has added a grey low-cut waistcoat into his attire, and drops Clara back home after their visit to Tiaanamat. Clara is objectively 26-years-old.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Bells of Saint John, and the TARDIS interior is the neon control room from The Snowmen, with the Doctor implying it is a recent redesign.
The Doctor is travelling alone and wearing purple clothing, suggesting a setting after The Bells of Saint John.

Unwinding the mystery[]

Although the Doctor is wearing his tweed jacket, the story is suggested to be set early in his travels with Clara.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Rings of Akhaten.
Clara has, by this point, official joined the Doctor as his traveling companion, and learns about the TARDIS translation circuit and Hostile Action Displacement System while facing Skaldak the Ice Warrior aboard the Firebird during the Cold War, as well as being told about time being in flux and re-writable. She also sees a dead body for the first time.
The Doctor and Clara meet Amy Johnson. Clara has recently started travelling in the TARDIS and recalls the Doctor telling her that history is in flux, setting this after Cold War. However, she hasn't realised the magnitude of time travel yet, setting this before Hide.
The Doctor takes Clara to Caliburn House to get empathic psychic Emma Grayling's opinion of her, learning that there is nothing unusual about Clara. Clara begins to understand the ramifications of travelling in time, such as visiting someone in the past before their death or seeing her own grave in the future.
In a timeline he is able to avert, but still remember, the Doctor confronts Clara about him running into her twice already, and both encounters ending in her death, and discovers that she is unaware of these events and what may be so unusual about her. From this point onwards, the Doctor is friendlier to and more trusting of Clara, and starts treating her more a a companion than a mystery.
The Doctor is depicted wearing his clothing from The Rings of Akhaten. Clara is portrayed as still getting used to travelling with the Doctor, setting this towards the start of their adventures together.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Bells of Saint John. Clara notes that she's becoming an expert at running.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Bells of Saint John.
The Doctor is now wearing his waistcoat from The Rings of Akhaten.
The Doctor tries to take Clara to 1893 London to see if she will remember her life as "Clara Oswin Oswald", but the TARDIS lands in Yorkshire instead. After foiling Winifred Gillyflower's plot with aid from the Paternoster Gang and Ada Gillyflower, the Doctor returns Clara home. Clara has her first meeting with Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax.
The Doctor mentions Julius Grayle from The Angels Take Manhattan.
Picking up Clara after the events of The Crimson Horror, the Doctor learns that her charges, Angie and Artie Maitland, have discovered his ability to travel in time. To keep them quiet, the Doctor takes them on a day trip to Hedgewick's World of Wonders, where they face the Cybermen, in Clara's first encounter with them. Clara hears about her being the "Impossible Girl" for the first time. After they defeat the Cybermen, the Doctor returns Clara and the Maitland children home.
The Doctor is wearing a purple frock coat.
Returning to collect Clara from 10 April 2013, the Doctor learns that the Great Intelligence has taken the Paternoster Gang to Trenzalore to gain access to his tomb. When the Intelligence enters the Doctor's time stream to destroy it, Clara follows after it, resulting in her being splintered across time and meeting the Doctor during Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen, creating the bootstrap paradox of her being the "Impossible Girl". Entering his own time stream to save her, the Doctor is confronted by a memory of the War Doctor.

Continued travels with Clara[]

The Doctor is wearing his tweed jacket, and was traveling with Vastra when he found the Sontarans rewriting history. He revisits the recent events of Nightmare in Silver and The Name of the Doctor.
Sometime after fighting the Cybermen on Hedgewick's World of Wonders, the Doctor and Clara observe the Tonnchenform. Clara has already faced the Daleks. (PROSE: Normality)
The Doctor and Clara recall the events of The Name of the Doctor.
While using a "body swap" ticket to get him and Clara into the Royal Albert Hall to attend a concert in his honour, the Doctor loses most of his hair, resulting in a buzz-cut.
Clara is not familiar with the Last Great Time War at this point and the Doctor refuses to tell her about it. The Doctor has not yet taken Clara to Shoreditch, setting this before Shroud of Sorrow. The Doctor is depicted wearing his clothes from Nightmare in Silver.
The Doctor refers to the events of Hide.
Clara refers to the events of Nightmare in Silver.

Reminders of the past[]

Clara recognises the First Doctor on sight, setting this after The Name of the Doctor.
Clara is said to have lived "many lives" on "many worlds", setting this after The Name of the Doctor. However, she is still working as a nanny, setting this before she gets her job at Coal Hill School.
After Adam Mitchell kidnaps Clara, the Doctor goes to investigate Adam's whereabouts, and finds him and the Master in an alliance and holding a majority of his companions hostage, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor is joined by his previous incarnations to rescue Clara and the other companions from Adam and the Master. After Adam realises that the Master plans to destroy the universe to spite the Doctor, he stands up for the Doctor, only to be killed stopping the Master, though not before the Doctors admit their acceptance of Adam as a true companion.
The Doctor is wearing his waistcoat from The Rings of Akhaten.
Clara is still nanny to the Maitlands and the Doctor has been hanging around with her at the Maitlands' house, setting this between Nightmare in Silver and The Blood of Azrael. Follow their adventure on Cui Palta, the Doctor returns Clara home.
After the Doctor returns Clara to her shared home with the Maitlands, she finds a letter of acceptance to teaching at Coal Hill School. The Doctor and Clara part ways temporarily so she can properly prepare for her new job. (PROSE: Normality)
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Bells of Saint John.
The Doctor is illustrated as wearing his clothing from The Rings of Akhaten, and claims to be 1200-years-old.
The Doctor recalls the events of Cold War.
The Doctor is wearing his waistcoat from The Day of the Doctor.
The Doctor is wearing his waistcoat from The Day of the Doctor, and briefly takes on Professor Brian Cox as a companion.
After picking Clara up from Coal Hill School in September 2013[3], the Eleventh Doctor is brought back into the Last Great Time War with his tenth incarnation by the Moment to help the War Doctor, which results in Clara convincing them to find an alternative to destroying Gallifrey, and the Doctors joining with their past incarnations to lock Gallifrey in a pocket dimension. With the Time Lords saved, the Eleventh Doctor decides to go looking for Gallifrey. He meets Petronella Osgood for the first time, and gives his age as "1200-and-something", but admits that he is uncertain. By this point, he has told Clara about the Last Great Time War and his role in it. The Doctor asks Clara about her new job at Coal Hill School, suggesting that she has only recently taken the position.
As part of the Human-Zygon treaty, the Doctor oversees Operation Double, and gives the Osgood Box to Osgood and her Zygon double to prepare for a "nightmare scenario". (TV: The Zygon Invasion)
The Doctor introduces a cinema screening of The Day of the Doctor with his tenth incarnation.

Further travels with Clara[]

Set between The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor.[source needed]
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Day of the Doctor.
Clara uses the alias "Miss Oswald of Coal Hill", setting this after she begins working at Coal Hill School.
Though she does not appear, the Doctor is currently travelling with Clara. He recalls a meeting with Jane Austen, setting this after False Coronets. Handles is absent from his TARDIS control console, setting this before he aquired the Cyberman head.
The Doctor is alone and wearing "a purple coat". He is aware of his fate on Trenzalore, and is trying to avoid it, setting this after The Name of the Doctor.

Nearing the end[]

Clara is preparing to celebrate Christmas, taking the Doctor Christmas shopping to get her father a present, setting this shortly before The Time of the Doctor.
The Doctor and Clara are spending Christmas with the Paternoster Gang, setting this at least after The Crimson Horror.
The Doctor loses the TARDIS, setting up the events of The Blood of Azrael.
Clara is in her second term as a teacher at Coal Hill School, possibly the autumn term before Christmas.

Joined by Handles[]

The Doctor obtains the head of a Cyberman from the Maldovarium Market, and does some repairs to give it a benevolent sentience, naming his new companion "Handles". (TV: The Time of the Doctor)
While the incarnation is not identified in the story, evidence suggests that he is the Eleventh Doctor. Strax is in the Paternoster Gang, which the Doctor would not be aware of before The Snowmen. The story is set in 1897, and the Paternoster Gang recognise the Doctor on sight, setting this before they met the Twelfth Doctor for the first time in Deep Breath, which has real word evidence of being set in 1898. Furthermore, the Doctor kisses Strax's head, a habit of the Eleventh Doctor.

The siege of Trenzalore[]

Tracing a signal to a planet that Handles identifies as Gallifrey, the Doctor and Clara, who meets Handles for the first time, are summoned by Tasha Lem to the Papal Mainframe, where they are instructed to investigate the signal on the planet. Going to a town called Christmas, the Doctor finds the signal coming from a crack in time, and realises that Gallifrey is trying to return from the pocket dimension, something that would start another time war. Realising where he is and what is about to happen, the Doctor sends Clara back to her home in the TARDIS, and prepares for the siege of Trenzalore.
The Doctor has been on Trenzalore for "centuries" by this point.
The Doctor loses his left leg whilst fighting a blind Tsunami Snake, and has to replace it with a wooden one he whittled. (PROSE: The Dreaming)
The Doctor acquires a walking stick for his fake leg.
The Doctor is beginning to show signs of ageing.
After the Doctor spends three hundred years of facing Sontarans, Daleks, Weeping Angels and Cybermen, the TARDIS returns to Trenzalore with Clara in tow. As the Doctor updates Clara on his situation, Handles deactivates from old age, and the Doctor discovers that the Daleks have infiltrated the Papal Mainframe, sparking an all-out war on Trenzalore. Once again tricking Clara into returning home, but this time with his TARDIS returning immediately afterwards, the Doctor joins with the surviving Silents to fight in the battles of Trenzalore. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)
The Doctor's mind is now deteriorating from old age. He has been on Trenzalore for seven-hundred-and-fifty years.
The Doctor is photographed in an elderly body, setting this towards the end of The Time of the Doctor.
After six hundred years of fighting, the elderly Doctor prepares to face his death at the hands of the Daleks, with Tasha Lem retrieving Clara to give the Doctor a final goodbye. However, Clara instead convinces the Time Lords to assist the Doctor, and they comply by giving the Doctor a new regeneration cycle, allowing him to use the regeneration energy to destroy the Dalek ships and save Trenzalore. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)
Set during the ending of The Time of the Doctor, after the Doctor has been reset to his youth, but before he completes his regeneration. Having changed back to his cashmere attire, the Doctor takes the time to call Clara in the future to say goodbye, learning that his new incarnation will be elderly with grey hair in the process.
His youth temporally restored as he begins to complete his thirteenth known regeneration, the Doctor, having returned to his TARDIS, regenerates into his next incarnation while hallucinating seeing Amy Pond and giving Clara a final smile. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

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  3. The Day of the Doctor is established as taking place two years before The Zygon Invasion. Clara Oswald and the School of Death establishes that The Zygon Invasion takes place during September 2015.