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This page lists appearances of the Eighth Doctor in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as The Whoniverse, Doctor Who Reviews, Doc Oho's Book Reviews, The History of Doctor Who, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks databanks, Whopix, two Big Finish forums and the Divergent Universe forum. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Limiting factors[]

Any story with the Doctor's silver sonic screwdriver must take place either between Doctor Who and The Silver Turk, where it is destroyed. Between Sword of Orion and Natural Regression, the Doctor uses a wooden sonic. He switches back to his silver sonic screwdriver at some point during the Last Great Time War.


Split continuities[]

Following the release of Doctor Who, both Doctor Who Magazine and BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures took to continuing the Eighth Doctor's adventures in 1997; they were joined by Big Finish Productions in 2001. For the most part, each of these storylines should not be interrupted or intertwined: in other words, there are few gaps in each series' storyline where the Doctor could feasibly take a break from one set of companions and to travel with a different set of companions from another series. Both the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures books and Doctor Who Magazine comics advertised themselves as continuing directly from the TV Movie, but only the novels actually portrayed an newly-regenerated Eighth Doctor, with Doctor Who Magazine instead depicting an Eighth Doctor that was comfortable with his body and personality. For this reason, the most commonly accepted framework is that, after the telemovie, BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures happened, followed by Doctor Who Magazine, and then continued with Big Finish Productions, who show the development of the Doctor that leads to The Night of the Doctor.

There are very few exceptions to this general rule:


During the War in Heaven, multiple duplicate Gallifreys were created, each believing themselves to be the original. One of these, Romana III's Gallifrey, was destroyed in The Ancestor Cell; anything involving Romana III must therefore take place before The Ancestor Cell or the reversal of Romana II's regeneration in Enemy Lines.

Alternatively, anything involving Gallifrey could take place either on a different duplicate Gallifrey or sometime after a hypothetical recreation of Romana III's Gallifrey following The Gallifrey Chronicles. However, such a restoration is never mentioned in the comics or audios.


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New adventures[]

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation, but suffers complete amnesia. Seeking aid from Dr. Grace Holloway, the Doctor is able to recover his memory during a final fight with the Master, who is absorbed into the TARDIS through the Eye of Harmony. After parting ways with Grace, the Doctor settles down to read The Time Machine.
Set during Doctor Who, with the Doctor trying on new outfits in front of Grace.
Continues directly on from Doctor Who, with the Doctor completing his reading of The Time Machine. After a second bout of amnesia, the Doctor rescues a 16-year-old girl named Sam Jones from being attacked by drug dealers, and welcomes her company in his travels.
Sam takes her first trip in the TARDIS, setting this immediately after The Eight Doctors.
The Doctor is still adjusting to his new personality.
Sam visits Earth while travelling alone with the Doctor, setting this between The Eight Doctors and Longest Day. Sam learns the consequences of time travel, suggesting a setting early on in her travels with the Doctor.
The Doctor sees the results of his tampering with the TARDIS model train set. (PROSE: Model Train Set)
The Doctor wakes up in a hospital and mentions Puccini, before claiming that he has already "been there, [and] done that", suggesting that this is set shortly after his regeneration in Doctor Who.
The Doctor spends five months in Spain repenting for the actions of his previous incarnation.
The Doctor and Sam kill a vampire in 1976 San Francisco with the help of Carolyn McConnell, and leave a hypercube with her, should any vampires return. (PROSE: Vampire Science)
Set immediately after Thinking Warrior. The Doctor is described as looking young and remembers his past, setting this before The Ancestor Cell.
Not long after they first start travelling together, (PROSE: Placebo Effect) and after already taking several "side trips" between adventures with her, (PROSE: Seeing I) the Doctor leaves Sam at a Greenpeace rally, intending to pick her up after a few hours. (PROSE: Vampire Science)
The Doctor subconsciously goes to protect Grace from Adam Mitchell, but fails, leading directly into Endgame. The fact that he singles out Grace suggests that the Doctor has yet to build up a large resume of companions.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue Grace from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
The Doctor meets Fey Truscott-Sade while encountering psychic weasels in Russell Square, and gives her a Stattenheim Summoner that can contact his TARDIS as a favour. (COMIC: Tooth and Claw)
The Doctor mentions that he is new to his body.
The Doctor mentions that he is still new to his body. The Doctor decides to tell Mihal stories about great leaders, beginning with One Fateful Knight, which happened "very recently".
The Eighth Doctor unites with his other incarnations to help a group of people seal the Time Fracture.

Travels with Stacy and Ssard[]

The Doctor states he has "only just begun getting used to" his head, referring to his recent regeneration. He rescues Stacy Townsend when her ship is attacked by the Cybermen, and she decides to join him on his travels.
The Doctor and Stacey befriend an Ice Warrior named Ssard while investigating the treachery of High Lord Artix and Luass. Ending leads directly into Ascendance.
After helping them on Mars, Ssard accepts an offer from the Doctor to travel with him and Stacey.
Ending leads directly into Coda.
After traveling with the Doctor for "a few months", Stacy and Ssard leave the TARDIS and decide to live in Ssard's time period. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Fight against the Threshold[]

The TARDIS is shown to have its Victorian parlour interior design. On a return visit to Stockbridge, the Doctor is reunited with Maxwell Edison and meets Izzy, a seventeen-year-old science fiction fan and amateur paranormal investigator. After they help him defeat the Celestial Toymaker, the Doctor offers them companionship; Max declines, but Izzy gleefully accepts.
On Izzy's first trip into the future, the Doctor follows an SOS to the Keep, where he is forced by Marquez to bond with Crivello's Cauldron so it can be sent off to form a new star system.
The TARDIS is still recovering from the events of A Life of Matter and Death. Lured to Crivello's Cauldron at Icarus Falling, the Doctor and Izzy discover that Marquez was working for the Daleks, and become embroiled in the Threshold's plot to destroy the Daleks to acquire the secrets of a box with the Seal of Rassilon on it. During his endeavour, the Doctor's link to the Cauldron is severed.
The events of Fire and Brimstone are mentioned, implying a setting shortly after it.
The Doctor and Izzy are summoned by Fey Truscott-Sade to an island in the Indian Ocean during 1939, where the Doctor injects himself with poison to defeat a Cucurbite, forcing Fey and Izzy to take him to Gallifrey, leading into The Final Chapter.
Whilst his body heals on Gallifrey, the Doctor ventures into the Matrix, where he learns from Rassilon why he hired the Threshold. The Doctor also catches up with Shayde, leading into Wormwood.
Having switched places with Shayde, the Doctor goes undercover in the Threshold, witnessing their destruction by the Pariah. Shayde is injured in the battle, but is saved from death when Fey bonds with him, becoming a singular entity, and returns to Gallifrey. The Doctor alludes to his recent regeneration, noting that his body is "just getting warmed up."

Controller of the Glory[]

The Doctor bumps into Grace, and discovers the fallout of his influence on her.
In 17th century Japan, the Doctor makes an immortal out of Samurai Katsura Sato.
The Doctor is beginning to notice the TARDIS's recent difficulties finding its destination. He and Izzy are joined by Kroton, a Cyberman with his emotions intact.
The Doctor and the Master meet for the first time since Doctor Who. According to the Master, the events of The Fallen, The Road to Hell and The Company of Thieves take place in the "past few months". Landing on Paradost, the Doctor, Izzy and Kroton find Sato Katsura leading the Church of the Glorious Dead, and in the services of the Master in his bid to win the contest with the Doctor for the Glory, however, it eventually transpires that the contest is really between Sato and Kroton, with Kroton emerging the winner. With the power of the Glory, Kroton kills Sato, and undoes the Master's recent atrocities, before placing him in an imprisonment, presumably the Eye of Harmony, while Esterath removes the Master's ability to influence the TARDIS, setting this before The Gallifrey Chronicles.

Continued adventures with Izzy[]

Izzy recalls her travels with Fey, setting this after Wormwood.
Izzy recalls the events of Wormwood.
Izzy recalls meeting Vampire-monkeys, setting this after Tooth and Claw.

The Oblivion plot[]

On the Ophidius, the Doctor's green frock coat is destroyed, and Izzy has her body switched with Destrii, who is apparently disintegrated before they can switch back.
While Izzy deals with the fallout of the events of Ophidius, the Doctor replaces his destroyed frock coat with a blue jacket.
Izzy is still in Destrii's body.
After the Doctor sees the massacre of the Humanised Daleks, Izzy is kidnapped by Destrii's pursuers, leading into Uroboros.
The Doctor sends a sub-etheric alert to Fey & Shayde, summoning them to help him search for Izzy. (COMIC: Me and My Shadow)
Returning to the starship Ophidius with Fey, the Doctor finds Destrii alive and forces her to accompany him in his search for Izzy, leading into Oblivion.
Having been returned to her rightful body, Izzy makes peace with her identity and returns home to her adopted parents. Destrii kills her mother, and then departs Oblivion with her uncle, Jodafra, in a chronon capsule.

Time off[]

Following the events of Oblivion, and on the advice of a kind barman, the Doctor decides to take a holiday to Egypt, having previously made plans to visit with Izzy.
The Doctor is trying to get to Egypt, and has resumed wearing his blue coat again.
Despite boating down the River Nile, the Doctor is still feeling down due to Izzy's departure.
Having missed Les Huguenots in 1840, the Doctor is beginning to yearn for company. He recounts his recent travels to Penny Chapman, including a trip to Egypt, setting this shortly after The Power of Thoueris.

Revisiting old friends[]

The Doctor meets up with Bernice Summerfield and the Brigadier for the first time since his most recent regeneration. He gives Wolsey to Bernice so that she can watch over him, and also gives her the Seventh Doctor's umbrella.
The Doctor meets up with Joseph Liebermann in Salt Lake City.
The Doctor, in his green frockcoat, runs past a version of Clara Oswald.
The Doctor visits John and Gillian in his dreams.
Set before Repercussions....
While authorial intent would place this after The Gallifrey Chronicles[1], the Doctor believes that Time Lords would never enslave their TARDISes, setting this before The Shadows of Avalon. The Doctor and Benny recall the events of The Dying Days.

Adventures with Destrii[]

The Doctor encounters Jodafra and Destrii while fighting the Windigo in 1875 North America. Destrii sides with the Doctor against her uncle, who beats her to near-death, leading into Sins of the Fathers.
Having helped him repel a Zeronite attack on Hippocrates Base, the Doctor decides to give Destrii the chance to travel with him in the TARDIS.
While fighting a Cyber-Fleet from the far future with MI6, the Doctor's blue jacket and sonic screwdriver are destroyed. To defeat the fleet, the Doctor joins with the Time Vortex, but abandons its power to save Destrii.
Destrii would eventually stop travelling with the Doctor, though under unknown circumstances. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

Travelling alone[]

The Doctor is travelling alone. He is horrified by a threat that has the power to destroy the Time Lords, suggesting that this takes place before The Ancestor Cell. He is wearing his Edwardian morning jacket, waistcoat and cravat. His silhouette on the cover has long hair.
The Doctor is more upbeat than he was depicted in his later years and displays discomfort towards morbid things.

The War with the Enemy[]

After "nearly a year" of traveling alone, the Doctor collects Sam from the Greenpeace rally, with only a few hours having passed for her. (PROSE: Vampire Science)
The Doctor and Sam answer a call from Carolyn McConnell in 1997 San Francisco. It has been three years since the Doctor regenerated in Doctor Who, though only three months have passed for Sam since The Eight Doctors. Sam is 17-years-old and the Doctor claims to be 1012-years-old, although admits he might be incorrect.
The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed.
Sam is still 17-years-old, and kills for the first time when she is forced to kill a Tractite in self-defence. She hasn't returned home since she left in The Eight Doctors.
Six months have passed since The Eighth Doctors for Sam, and she has her first encounter with the Daleks. The Doctor has rebuilt his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor alludes to the fate of the Humanised Dalek from The Evil of the Daleks, setting this after Children of the Revolution.
According to Sam, the events of War of the Daleks were "a couple of weeks ago". She has known the Doctor for "seven months, three weeks and six days" by her own estimation. The Doctor meets Faction Paradox and the Celestis at an auction for a mysterious Relic, which he learns is his own corpse, while uncovering a future war between the Time Lords and a nameless Enemy.
The Doctor no longer has his umbrella, setting this after The Dying Days. Sam has not told the Doctor about her killing the Tractite in Genocide.
Set "several weeks" after Kursaal.
Sam's "Jones-Richter Scale of trouble" from Genocide is used. She is still a school girl, setting this before her four year separation from the Doctor which began in Longest Day.
According to Sam, the events of Option Lock occurred "a while ago". When the Doctor appears to die saving the Moonbase, Sam gets taken away by Anstaar, separating her from the Doctor when he recovers.
Set immediately after Longest Day, with the Doctor searching for Sam. He has acquired a new umbrella by this point, and adopts a cat. He sees Susan in 2199, but decides not to approach her.
The Doctor returns George Litefoot's fowling piece and is evasive about Sam's whereabouts. (PROSE: The Bodysnatchers)
The Doctor catches a glimpse of Sam from a distance, leading into Seeing I.
The Doctor and Sam are reunited on Ha'olam, with four years having past for Sam, while the Doctor spends "three-and-a-bit years" being locked away as a prisoner of the Oliver Bainbridge Functional Stabilisation Centre. The Doctor mentions that he returned to some of the previous places they landed during his search for Sam.
Three months have passed since Seeing I. The Doctor is reunited with Stacy and Ssard, setting this after Coda. The Doctor recalls the events of The Dying Days.
The Doctor and Sam unwillingly spend six weeks on Entusso, becoming public figures while foiling many subsequent alien invasions. (AUDIO: Fitz's Story)
The Doctor and Sam are joined by Fitz Kreiner, due to the Doctor taking pity on the fugitive due to the death of his mother. Sam has been traveling with the Doctor for "years" by this point. Sam visits Earth for the first time in years, and "about six months" have passed since Seeing I.
The events of The Scarlet Empress were four months ago. Sam visits Earth and, although absent, Fitz is mentioned, setting this after The Taint.
Fitz has been travelling with the Doctor and Sam for weeks and leaves the TARDIS for two years, but only a week passes for the Doctor and Sam.
The events of Revolution Man are still fresh in Fitz's mind. Sam is 22-years-old. Ending sets up the events of Unnatural History, and begins a small arc of the TARDIS being unwilling to leave Earth until The Hour of the Geek.
Set a couple of weeks after Dominion. A dark-haired Sam encounters a dimensional scar that alters her timeline, reworking it, giving her blonde hair, and creating the established timeline she experienced with the Doctor. The Doctor loses his shadow, and his Volkswagen Beetle is destroyed.
Sam decides to leave the TARDIS, and asks the Doctor to drop her somewhere near 1997, leading into Interference: Shock Tactic. The Doctor claims to be 1018-years-old.
Unnatural History occurred "a couple of months ago" for Sam. Fitz becomes stranded on 2593 Ordifica after being trapped in the Cold for six hundred years, and joins Faction Paradox.
Sam chooses to leave the Doctor while on 1996 Earth, and the Doctor decides to travel alone for a time after a traumatic battle with Faction Paradox, while the re-remembered Fitz agrees to join the Doctor and Compassion, a fellow remembered who was a member of the Remote.
The Doctor's eyes change colour, showing that his biodata has been altered by Faction Paradox as shown in Alien Bodies and Unnatural History.
The Doctor visits Foreman's World to recount the events on Earth in Interference: Shock Tactic to I.M. Foreman. A few months have passed since Sam left him. (PROSE: Interference: Shock Tactic) During his second day on Foreman's World, the Doctor finishes his story by recounting the events on Earth in Interference: The Hour of the Geek. (PROSE: Interference: The Hour of the Geek) During this excursion, Fitz and Compassion are waiting for the Doctor in the TARDIS. (PROSE: Toy Story)
The Doctor, Fitz and Compassion are having an adventure on the spaceship Nepotist, when Iris Wildthyme summons them. To protect Compassion from harmful signals she might encounter during their travels, the Doctor interfaces her receiver with the TARDIS systems.
Compassion begins to transform into a TARDIS.
Fitz still has a suntan from the events of Frontier Worlds.
While the Doctor takes Compassion to Earth, Fitz remains on Skale with Fillipa Cian. After living on Skale for some time, the Doctor returns for Fitz. On their way to pick up Compassion, they visit "strange dimensions", "worlds at an angle to reality", and "dreamlike places." (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon)
The Doctor and Fitz appear alone in this story, setting this immediately before The Shadows of Avalon, where Compassion was learning to be human on Earth while the Doctor and Fitz were temporarily travelling alone.
Romana III is War Queen of Gallifrey. The Doctor loses his TARDIS after it collides between the dimensional barriers, but Compassion evolves into a Type 102 TARDIS and allows the Doctor and Fitz to travel within her. With the Time Lords wishing to use Compassion to breed more sentient TARDISes, the trio go on the run from them.
To better avoid the Time Lords, the Doctor installs a Randomiser into Compassion without her permission.
Compassion recalls the recent events of The Shadows of Avalon and The Fall of Yquatine.
The Doctor mentions the new coat he "only just got" during the events of The Banquo Legacy. The Doctor's TARDIS restores itself above Gallifrey in the shape of a Flower of Remembrance. In order to thwart Grandfather Paradox's plan, the Doctor causes the destruction of Romana III's Gallifrey. As the TARDIS collapses down into a small cube, the Doctor again loses his memories and is left with the regenerating TARDIS cube in 1900 England by Compassion and Fitz.

Walking the Earth[]

In 1894, the Doctor finds a note telling him to meet Fitz at St. Louis on February 8, 2001.
Set in the early 20th century.
The Doctors spends some time in Prague during 1903. (PROSE: The City of the Dead)
Set in 1918.
In 1935, the Doctor serves as a sailor aboard the Sarah Gail. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)
Set in 1936.
In 1938, the Doctor buys Fitz's journal in a bookshop on the Euston Road. (PROSE: Time Zero)
Set midway through WW2.[2]
Occurs from 1943 to 1945. The Doctor is beginning to realize that he is not a human.
Set in 1951.
Set during the 1950s.
In 1962, the Doctor spends some time in an ancient Khmer temple. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)
An amnesiac "Paul Bowman" spends time with a young widow, Claudia Marwood, in rural England. Despite being set in 1990s, PROSE: Father Time would later date this story in 1976.
In 1977, the Doctor witnesses Eva Dalloway being caught for shoplifting. (PROSE: Damaged Goods)
During the 1980s, the Doctor raises his adopted daughter, Miranda Dawkins. The TARDIS outer shell has fully regenerated, and the Doctor keeps it in his gardens at Greyfrith and South England. The Doctor has crow's feet and some flecks of grey in his hair, but his age is indeterminable.

Back in the TARDIS[]

In 2001, the TARDIS grows back to its full power, and the control room rearranges itself to resemble a mixture of the white room and the Victorian parlour design with an octagonal control console. The Doctor is reunited with Fitz during a Kulan invasion, leaving with him in the TARDIS for new adventures, along with Anji Kapoor after her boyfriend, Dave Young, is killed by the Kulan. The Doctor's memories are still "a little hazy".
Set immediately after Escape Velocity. Fitz learns his memory problems from Escape Velocity are due to his memories disappearing.
While Fitz and Anji are asleep in the TARDIS, the Doctor takes a cat to a new life in Wales. (PROSE: The City of the Dead)
Set "a couple of weeks" after EarthWorld, but Fitz refers to New Jupiter as the TARDIS's "last port of call". The Doctor still has no memories beyond The Burning. Ending leads directly into Vanishing Point.
Anji has known the Doctor and Fitz for a couple of weeks.
The TARDIS is still re-growing, and console is now octagonal. Anji refers to the recent events of The Year of Intelligent Tigers.

Combating the Council of Eight[]

During his wedding to Scarlette, the bearded Doctor's second heart is removed by Sabbath, allegedly to cure the Doctor of an illness caused by the heart's attempt to connect him to Gallifrey.
The Doctor still cannot remember events that pre-date The Burning.
The Doctor shaves off the beard he grew during The Adventuress of Henrietta Street. Anji finds closure for the death of Dave after cloning him so that a version of him can live a full life.
Set two days after the events of Hope.
The Doctor claims to only have one heart and that his companions are waiting for him in the TARDIS, setting this between The Adventuress of Henrietta Street and Camera Obscura. He recalls the events of his last regeneration, implying his memories are starting to return.
Fitz's memory of events prior to The Burning are disappearing more severely, with Fitz being unable to name of the Time Lords, and being unsure of their fate. The TARDIS control console is now pentagonal.
The Doctor learns to dance. Fitz now has noticeable gaps in his memory.
The Doctor only has one heart, setting this between The Adventuress of Henrietta Street and Camera Obscura.
The Doctor starts re-growing a new second heart, and is starting to recall some of his past. Anji begins thinking about returning home.
The Doctor is traveling with Fitz and Anji, and remembers his travels with Sam.
With his new second heart still growing, the Doctor drops off Fitz and Anji to travel alone for a time, and then returns with his second heart completely regrown. Trix MacMillan, a con artist hired by Sabbath, asks to join the TARDIS crew, but is denied by the Doctor. Ending leads directly into The Infinity Race.
Ending leads directly into The Domino Effect.
Ending leads directly into Reckless Engineering.
Ending leads directly into The Last Resort.
Ending leads directly into Timeless.
The Doctor discovers that Trix MacMillan has been hiding in the TARDIS since the events of Time Zero, and invites her to stay aboard as his companion. Anji leaves the TARDIS to take care of a surviving Time Lady named Chloe. Ending leads directly into Emotional Chemistry.
Reuniting with Miranda due to the threat of the Council of Eight, the Doctor watches his adopted daughter kill herself to avoid being used as Octan's hostage against him.

Final adventures with Fitz and Trix[]

Through unknown means, Fitz regains his lost memories.
Looking through the Tomorrow Window into his future, the Doctor sees the events of Seasons of Fear.
Set five months after The Tomorrow Windows. The Doctor spends several months in 1904 tracking the survivors of the Sholem-Luz attack, and then spends a century in a self-induced coma in a stone tomb in the crypt beneath Mausolus House.
The Master is still trapped in the Eye of Harmony.
According to Fitz, the events of Halflife were "months ago" and the events of EarthWorld were a "couple of years" ago. The Doctor regains all his memories from before The Burning, and, after defeating the Vore, Fitz and Trix plan to leave the TARDIS to start a family together. The TARDIS interior has been changed again, but is then destroyed containing the explosion of a cold fusion generator.
The Doctor is illustrated with his appearance from The Night of the Doctor, and recalls his past and the Laws of Time, setting this after The Gallifrey Chronicles. He is haunted by the possibility of a future "war of time", and what it may turn him into.

Restoration of Gallifrey[]

The Doctor is noted to not have much "in the way of corporeal structure", and has amnesia, but has faint memories of Fitz.
Set during Now or Thereabouts. The Doctor receives a telegram from Fitz telling him he stopped the War in Heaven, setting this after The Ancestor Cell, and was taken in by the Faction Paradox to heal his unstable biodata. However, Faction Paradox bore of him, and the Eighth Doctor fades away after the Ninth Doctor steals his TARDIS.
The Gallifrey Chronicles suggests that the Eighth Doctor becomes the Emperor and that there is a connection between the events of the Emperor's life and The Infinity Doctors. The Emperor seems to rule before the complete return of Gallifrey, but he also has many Time Lords at his side. However, one scene in Father Time indicates that the Emperor regenerated at least once and had a body different to the Eighth Doctor's at the time of his supposed death.
Of this story's equally many possible positions in continuity, one is that it depicts the Eighth Doctor's life on the restored Gallifrey after the EDAs, with him settling down for a while but eventually deciding to leave. The Gallifrey Chronicles and Paydirt support this, with many aspects of the former novel leading into The Infinity Doctors. By this time, the Doctor has travelled with Izzy and has also seen Bernice Summerfield pregnant.

Solo adventures[]

Authorial intent places this between The Dying Days and Storm Warning.[source needed]
The Doctor recalls meeting Iris during The Scarlet Empress.
The Doctor salutes the Brigadier with his other incarnations.
The Doctor attends the coronation of Elizabeth II alone.

Temporary companions[]

The Doctor is familiar with Peter Summerfield, placing this after Benny's Story.
After meeting them in the Folkestone Library, the Doctor starts travelling with Gemma and Samson Griffin when they follow him into the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)
Having left Gemma and Samson in Vienna, the Doctor answers his future self's distress signal, and meets an 18-year-old Mary Shelley, who leaves to travel with him.
The Doctor and Mary travel to Vienna to pick up Gemma and Samson, but arrive in the wrong year. After Mary breaks his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor mentions he has a room full of replacements, explaining how he replaced the one destroyed in The Flood.
Mary has been travelling with the Doctor for several weeks. Mary requests to be returned home, and she and the Doctor part on good terms.
The Doctor refers to his time traveling with Mary Shelley, specifically when he, Mary, Chronotis and Lord Byron spent a weekend together at Lake Geneva.
The Doctor, Romana and K9 have just returned to Gallifrey from the events of The Return to Shada.
The Doctor successfully returns to Vienna to collect Gemma and Samson. (AUDIO: Mary's Story)
Samson and Gemma have been travelling with the Doctor for a few months by now.
Gemma recalls the events of The Long Midwinter.
Investigating a Nekkistani time vessel, Gemma is ensnared by Davros and, taking Samson, forces the Doctor to take Davros to Earth and then alters his memories to forget her and Samson before sending him away. The Doctor wakes up in the TARDIS console room and begins looking for the TARDIS Instruction Manual. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

A broken web of time[]

Landing on the doomed airship R101 after being unable to find the TARDIS Instruction Manual, the Doctor violates the Laws of Time by saving the life of stowaway Charley Pollard, and takes her aboard the TARDIS as his new companion. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
The Doctor recalls the recent events of Storm Warning, and acknowledges that saving Charley has altered the timeline.
The Doctor is using a brand new model of sonic screwdriver, setting this after The Flood.
Set immediately after Sword of Orion. Charley goes to the TARDIS library to research future history, and has only been travelling with the Doctor for a few days.
Charley isn't familiar with the TARDIS translation circuits, setting this before The Light at the End.
Charley recalls the events of Sword of Orion. She has only been travelling with the Doctor for a few weeks, but has already realised that she has fallen in love with him.
The Doctor and Charley have just left Venice, setting this immediately after The Stones of Venice. "Sam" is listed as one of the Doctor's former companions by Gideon Crane, either referencing Sam Jones or Samson Griffin. Charley sees a television for the first time.
Charley is still uncomfortable with wearing clothing that shows more flesh than she's used to, setting this during her early travels with the Doctor. Charley watches television, setting this after Minuet in Hell.
The Doctor eats Christmas dinner with a family while Charley visits a disco.
Charley visits Prague for the first time, setting this before Lady of the Snows.
Set between Minuet in Hell and Invaders from Mars.[3] Charley is still actively wearing the steward uniform from Storm Warning. The Doctor spends some time travelling in the TARDIS with a Gorilla called Guy after getting side-tracked on a rescue mission for Charley. After dropping Guy off back in the Congo, the Doctor and Charley decide to visit the Moulin Rouge.
Following their visit to the Moulin Rouge, the Doctor and Charley travel to the planet Pteron for a walk in the woods. Charley recalls the events of Sword of Orion. The Doctor decides to take Charley to see the Seven Suns of Iskabana next.
According to Charley, it "hasn't been that long" since Sword of Orion.
The Doctor learns that Orson Welles is ignorant of William Shakespeare's identity, that there are forty-nine states in the USA, and that the Central Intelligence Agency are active in 1947. The Doctor decides to take Charley to Singapore.
Charley still wants to get to Singapore, but the Doctor decides to let the TARDIS take them to where it wants to go, citing that he has been too methodical recently and that they will get to Singapore eventually.
According to one source, authorial intent places this story between The Chimes of Midnight and Seasons of Fear.[4]
Authorial intent places this "sometime during the second series of Charlotte Pollard Eighth Doctor adventures".[5] Charley learns about regeneration for the first time and the Doctor runs repairs on the TARDIS in an attempt to navigate more accurately.
The Doctor and Charley arrive in Singapore, and discover that Benjamin Franklin is President.
The author suggested setting this close to Living Legend due to similar release dates, but also said it can go anywhere.[6] Charley finds her enthusiasm for TARDIS travel waning and considers leaving the Doctor for the first time, setting this after Letting Go.
The Doctor and Charley go back in time to kill a dictator as a baby. However, the Doctor gets caught in the act before he can strike the fatal blow, and has to be rescued by his fourth incarnation, though he succeeds in showing the mother how to properly care for the baby. Charley encounters various incarnations of the Doctor, setting this after The Light at the End.
The events of Storm Warning were "a long time ago".
Charley recalls the events of Seasons of Fear. The Doctor is becoming unable to deny the truth about the effect that Charley's paradoxical survival is having on the Universe.
Charley recalls the events of Seasons of Fear. She spends several months amnesiac and separated from the Doctor in Prague until he eventually finds her.
Set over the course of nine days. Calabria has met Charley on several occasions, suggesting that Charley has been traveling with the Doctor for a while.
Charley has been travelling with the Doctor for some considerable time.[quote 1]
Charley recalls meeting the Brigadier in Minuet in Hell.
This adventure is framed as a movie script adaptation of true events, written by Ari Leventhal, explaining the inconsistency of Charley claiming to have traveled with the Doctor for "years".
Charley is familiar with the concept of regeneration, and witnesses a recorded message from the Eleventh Doctor, setting this after The Light at the End. She is also aware that her survival on the R101 has affected the Web of Time, setting this after Seasons of Fear.
The Doctor is currently travelling with Charley. (DWM 475) He helps in the saving of Gallifrey on the last day of the Last Great Time War, and, in the novelisation, has a tea party with his other incarnations in the Under Gallery as a celebration.
Charley is used to seeing things that she can't explain with the Doctor, setting this later in their travels.
Charley encounters several other incarnations of the Doctor, and appears to be familiar with regeneration, setting this after The Light at the End.
The Doctor sees a flotilla of Type 70 TARDISes in the Time Vortex.
The Toymaker refers to people from Invaders from Mars, The Chimes of Midnight, Seasons of Fear, and Embrace the Darkness.
The Doctor uncovers why Welles didn't know of Shakespeare in Invaders from Mars.
The Doctor and Charley are returning William Shakespeare home, setting this immediately after The Time of the Daleks.
Set after The Time of the Daleks, with the Doctor having just returned William Shakespeare home.
It is Charley's nineteenth birthday and she and the Doctor have been travelling together for six months. The Doctor uncovers the cause of the time disruptions from Invaders from Mars, Seasons of Fear and The Time of the Daleks, and discovers why there were Type 70 TARDISes in the Time Vortex during Embrace the Darkness; Charley has become a portal into a world of anti-time, causing cracks in the Web of Time. Ending leads directly into Zagreus.
Fighting off an infection of anti-time, the Doctor is exiled to the Divergent Universe by Romana, with Charley following him. Rassilon leaves the Matrix, setting this after The Final Chapter.

Exiled in the Divergent Universe[]

Set immediately after Zagreus, with the Doctor and Charley adjusting to their new environment in the Divergent Universe. They also get separated from the TARDIS.
The Doctor and Charley are joined by a grieving Eutermesan named C'rizz. The Doctor, Charley and C'rizz encounter the Kro'ka, who sends them to Light City, leading directly into The Natural History of Fear.
Follows on directly from The Natural History of Fear.
The Doctor finally recovers his TARDIS and is able to escape Bortresoye, resolving to explore the Divergent Universe with Charley and C'rizz.
A few months have passed since The Creed of the Kromon. C'rizz is used to travelling in the TARDIS with the Doctor and Charley, setting this sometime after Caerdroia. The Doctor recalls the events of Tooth and Claw. The anti-time is completely purged from the Doctor by Rassilon. The Doctor, Charley and C'rizz escape the Divergent Universe to N-Space, and run into Davros, leading directly into Terror Firma.

Return to the main universe[]

During an encounter with Davros, the Doctor saves Samson from Davros's control, but is unable to save Gemma, who is killed.
C'rizz is unfamiliar with Earth and wants to learn more about it, likely setting this before Other Lives. The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac is considered a recent happening for the Doctor.
The Doctor, Charley and C'rizz visit Earth together, setting this after Terror Firma.
On the American frontier, the Doctor plays poker with his future self. (AUDIO: The 100 Days of the Doctor)
C'rizz sacrifices his life saving the Doctor from the Absolver, leaving Charley with a desire to leave the Doctor's company, leading directly into The Girl Who Never Was.
According to the Doctor, three-to-four subjective years have passed since he met Charley in Storm Warning. During a fight with the Cybermen, the Doctor is separated from Charley when the TARDIS' HADS is activated in a collapsing Cyber-ship. Due to the Cybermen's attempt to convert him, the Doctor's memories are too scrambled for him to remember Charley's fate.

Alone again[]

Charley has recently left the Doctor after C'rizz's death, and he is still depressed about it.
The Doctor recalls the events of The Stones of Venice, and he and the "Jane Fonda" Iris discuss their constantly flowing chronologies.
The Doctor is world weary, due to the recent loss of a companion in the Hundred Days war.
The Doctor's hair is going "a bit grey".
The Doctor has flecks of grey in his hair and his body is "wearing thin" and has "little fight left in it". He recalls scattering Isaac's ashes in Second Contact.
The Doctor wonders if his lack of memory means he will soon regenerate. Upon meeting his first incarnation at the end of the universe, the Doctor's spirits are rejuvenated, and he feels up for some new adventures.
Set "a long time" after From Little Acorns.
The Doctor mentions Bazima from Nettles, revealing that she was a past companion of his and that he met up with her again recently. The events of Lonely are fresh on his mind.

Entrusted with Lucie Miller[]

After some time traveling alone, the Doctor is entrusted to keep Lucie Miller safe in a "witness protection scheme". He tries to get rid of her, but finds that the TARDIS will keep returning to her every time he leaves without Lucie. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
After attempting to return Lucie to 21st century Blackpool, the Doctor asks her to become his official companion, which she accepts.
Lucie gets kidnapped by the Headhunter, leading directly into Human Resources.
The Doctor has reconciled with the Time Lords following the events of Zagreus. He learns that Lucie was mistakenly given to him by the Time Lords, but the two continue to travel together anyway, having become firm friends.

Influenced by the Fendahl[]

Set between Human Resources and Dead London.[7] Some months have passed since Blood of the Daleks. The Doctor is affected by an unknown power and spends the story in a trance-like state.
The Doctor takes Lucie to celebrate her birthday on Castus Sigma.
Ending leads directly into Island of the Fendahl.
Set three weeks after The Dalek Trap. The Doctor discovers he has been under the influence of the Fendahl.

Continued adventures with Lucie[]

On the American frontier, the Doctor plays poker with his past self. (AUDIO: The 100 Days of the Doctor)

Lying to Lucie[]

The Doctor mentions the events of The Bodysnatchers. While fighting the Zygons, the Doctor witnesses the murder of Lucie's Auntie Pat, and, to spare Lucie's feelings, agrees to keep it secret while the Zygon Haygoth poses as Pat.
Ending leads directly into The Vengeance of Morbius.
After a battle with Morbius, the Doctor is believed dead, and Lucie is returned home by the Time Lords.
The Doctor spends six hundred years looking for Lucie on Orbis. After this story, a stellar manipulator follows the Doctor's TARDIS until The Eight Truths. Any story where the Doctor and Lucie stay in one location for longer than a few days cannot take place after this point.
The Doctor is still recovering from the events of Orbis.
The Doctor and Lucie spend two weeks in 1974. The Doctor recalls visiting Paris during the Second World War, setting this after The Scapegoat.
Ending leads directly into Worldwide Web.
Exhausted from their fight against the Eight Legs, Lucie and the Doctor decide to spend Christmas in Blackpool, leading into Death in Blackpool.
Whilst visiting Blackpool for Christmas, Lucie discovers that the Doctor had hidden the death of her Auntie Pat from her, and decides to leave his company due to the losing trust in him.

Moving on[]

This is the Doctor's last visit to Edward Grainger, setting this after Dear John. The Master escapes from the TARDIS and the Doctor has his memories intact, setting this after The Gallifrey Chronicles as well.
Set during the events of Forgotten.
The Doctor sees Isabella place Malson's consciousness into the infant Jeff. (AUDIO: Running Out of Time)
Set before Situation Vacant. The Doctor meets up with Susan, and is introduced to his great-grandson, Alex Campbell.
The Doctor returns to help Jeff on his 18th birthday. (AUDIO: Running Out of Time)

Brief travels with Tamsin Drew[]

The Doctor discovers an advertisement offering individuals the chance to travel with him. Without finding out the organiser, he selects Tamsin Drew as his new companion.
The Doctor references his meeting with Edgar Allan Poe during his second exile on Earth between The Burning and Father Time. On a mission for the Time Lords, the Doctor deduces that another Renegade Time Lord is manipulating him.
The Doctor discovers that the Monk was responsible for the events of Situation Vacant & Nevermore.
Ending leads directly into The Resurrection of Mars
While Tamsin departs with the Monk, the Doctor is joined by Lucie again, and decides to treat her to the perfect Christmas.
After hosting a Christmas dinner with Susan and Alex Campbell, Lucie decides to stay on Earth as Alex's companion.

Companionless travels[]

The Doctor is using psychic paper.
Authorial intent places this between Relative Dimensions and Dark Eyes. [1]
The Doctor is imprisoned at the Maximum hospitality zone with his other incarnations.
The Doctor has Christmas dinner with his other incarnations.

Losing everything[]

After escaping from a six year imprisonment, the Doctor receives a summons from Lucie, leading directly into Lucie Miller.
Answering Lucie's distress call, the Doctor is thrust into another Dalek invasion of Earth. Ending leads directly into To the Death.
Watching Alex, Tamsin and Lucie get killed fighting the Daleks, the Doctor enters a deep depression.

Looking for hope[]

Still broken with grief, the Doctor accepts a mission to World War I, where he walks into a mustard gas attack, but is healed by Nurse Molly O'Sullivan, who is being hunted by the Daleks. Ending leads directly into Fugitives.
On the run from the Daleks with Molly, the Doctor's frockcoat and trousers are ruined in 1940 Dunkirk, and switched for a blue leather jacket and jeans. The Doctor also gets his wavy hair cut short. Ending leads directly into Tangled Web.
The Doctor and Molly discover that a former Time Lord called Kotris is masterminding the plot to destroy the Time Lords, and that Molly is a critical component in his plan. Ending leads directly into X and the Daleks.
After his plan is foiled, Kotris is erased from time when the Dalek Time Controller kills his younger self; Straxus. The threat over, the Doctor returns Molly home and travels on alone, a little more hopeful.

Fighting the Eminence[]

The Doctor is depicted with his appearance from the Dark Eyes arc. He is travelling alone upon his arrival on Peladon, implying a setting between X and the Daleks and The White Room.
The Doctor is reunited with Molly while investigating the Viyrans.
The Doctor and Molly encounter Liv Chenka and the Eminence at the edge of the universe.
The Doctor, Molly and Liv encounter the Master during their fight with the Eminence. To best the Master, the Doctor teaches the Eminence how to pilot a TARDIS, and it leaves with the Master in his TARDIS. Meanwhile, the Doctor leaves Liv and Molly on Earth while he goes to Nixyce VII in order to sync up his timeline with Liv, leading directly into The Traitor.
The Doctor allies himself with the Dalek Time Controller to defeat the Eminence.
The Doctor is freed from Dalek imprisonment, and flees in his TARDIS. (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master)
Liv and Molly are staying at Baker Street in the 1970s while the Doctor is away investigating the Eminence. The Doctor visits Liv in a dream.
Since Eyes of the Master the Doctor has been skirting around the edges of humanity's war with the Eminence. After being arrested by the Time Lords, he learns from Narvin that the Master has kidnapped Molly from Baker Street and is using her to exploit the Eminence for his own ends.
Narvin sends Liv to aid the Doctor in his search for the Master.
The Doctor manages to significantly damage the Eminence and stop the Master, but is told by Narvin to stop travelling with Molly because them being together is threatening the universe. Liv joins him as a full-time companion.
Following on from Rule of the Eminence, the Doctor and Liv spend two weeks in 1921 London trying to find Molly. After failing to find her, the Doctor and Liv find out that the TARDIS has been stolen, leading directly into The Monster of Montmartre.
The Doctor and Liv retrieve the TARDIS from the Dalek Time Controller, but the damage to its systems causes the TARDIS to begin crashing, leading directly into Master of the Daleks.
Recovering from the crash in Moscow, the Doctor steals the Master's TARDIS to rescue Liv and Molly from the Eye of Orion, leading directly into Eye of Darkness.
At a Dalek facility on the Eye of Orion, the Doctor plays a part in the Eminence's creation, and witnesses Molly sacrifice her life to end the threat of the Eminence.

Facing the Doom Coalition[]

The Doctor and Liv battle the Eleven, but are unable to prevent his escape. The Doctor's hair has grown slightly longer, and Liv has been traveling with him for "years". The Time Lords detect an anomaly caused by the Eleven in 1960s London and sends the Doctor and Liv to investigate, leading directly into The Red Lady.
Hunting the Eleven to 1963, the Doctor and Liv get side-tracked fighting the Red Lady with the aid of language scholar Helen Sinclair, who joins them in the TARDIS after they inadvertently get her fired from her job.
Helen takes her first trip in the TARDIS, setting this immediately after The Red Lady. Ending leads into The Satanic Mill.
The Eleven targets the Doctor for assassination, but is defeated by an unknown power and forced to flee. The Doctor decides that they need a holiday, leading into Beachhead.
Going to Stegmoor to recuperate from the events of The Satanic Mill, the Doctor learns from the Voord that the timeline is being interfered with, and sets out to learn why, leading directly into Scenes From Her Life.
Seeking the cause of the Voord homeworld's ruination, the Doctor is tricked by Time Lady Caleera into helping her escape from the Time Vortex, leading directly into The Gift.
Crash-landing in San Francisco, the Doctor has his hair cut again, though not as short as it was in Fugitives.
Following mysterious coordinates to the planet Syra, the Doctor thwarts Caleera's plan to destroy Syra, but fails to stop her escaping with the Eleven, leading directly into Absent Friends.
Failing to reach Gallifrey and alert Padrac of the Eleven, the Doctor finds a piece of the Doomsday Chronometer in Calcot, leading into The Eighth Piece.
The Doctor, Liv and Helen are searching for pieces of the Doomsday Chronometer in separate locations. The Doctor finds the Clocksmith in the court of Henry VIII, but gets caught by Thomas Cromwell and sentenced to execution by the Clocksmith's suggestion, leading directly into The Doomsday Chronometer.
The Doctor is saved from execution by Risolva. The Doomsday Chronometer is fully assembled by the Doctor, Liv, Helen and River Song, who the Doctor goes with to find Doomsday in the deceased Clocksmith's TARDIS.
Follows directly on from The Doomsday Chronometer. The Doctor discovers that Padrac is the leader of the Doom Coalition that the Eleven is in league with, and he, Liv, and Helen get trapped in a space capsule heading to the end of the Universe in a disintegrating Time Vortex. Liv explains regeneration to Helen.
The Doctor, Liv and Helen escape the vortex by destroying the capsule and riding the shockwave back into normal time, leading directly into Songs of Love.
Separated from Liv and Helen, the Doctor is rescued by River and sent to find Cardinal Ollistra, leading directly into The Side of the Angels.
Destroying an alliance made between Ollistra, the Monk and the Weeping Angels, the Doctor uses a burst of temporal energy caused by the Eleven to return the TARDIS to Gallifrey, leading directly into Stop the Clock.
When the Eleven takes her hostage in a Battle TARDIS to foil the Doctor's plan to defeat Padrac, Helen rams the Battle TARDIS into the Resonance Engine, foiling Padrac's scheme and turning Caleera into the Red Lady. Convinced of her survival, the Doctor and Liv go searching for Helen.

Searching for Helen[]

The Doctor and Liv are summoned by Winston Churchill as they begin their search for Helen, setting this immediately after Stop the Clock. The TARDIS is calculating the route most likely taken by the Eleven's Battle TARDIS.
The TARDIS is dragged off the course taken by the Eleven's Battle TARDIS by a disturbance in the vortex.
The Doctor and Liv find Helen with the Eleven at Rykerzon. Ending leads directly into Sweet Salvation.
Defeating the Eleven and the Kandyman's plan take over Colony 23, the Doctor and Liv welcome Helen back on to the TARDIS, though with the Doctor suspicious of how her time with the Eleven has affected her. The Doctor decides that the TARDIS crew are in need of a holiday and promises to take them "somewhere special", leading into Escape from Kaldor.

Looking for a holiday[]

The Doctor brings Liv and Helen to Kaldor, where Liv opts to stay for a year to reconcile with her sister. After he and Helen jump forward a year in the TARDIS to collect Liv, the Doctor decides that the TARDIS crew should celebrate Christmas on Earth, leading into Better Watch Out.
Ending leads directly into Fairytale of Salzburg.

Hunted by the Ravenous[]

Ending leads directly into Deeptime Frontier. The TARDIS is stolen by the Eleven.
Ending leads directly into Companion Piece. The Eleven joins the TARDIS crew.
The Eleven gives the Doctor directions on where to find Liv and Helen.
Set immediately after Companion Piece, with Liv and Helen still reacting to the Eleven's presence in the TARDIS.
Liv has met three legends in one week, setting this shortly after L.E.G.E.N.D.
Set immediately after The Odds Against, with the Doctor taking the Eleven to the Still Foundation in order to help him recover from losing his other selves. The Eleven requests a destination to visit, leading directly into Planet of Dust.
The Doctor unlocks the TARDIS controls for the Eleven so that he can take them to Parrak. Ending leads directly into Day of the Master.
The Doctor, Liv and Helen escape Kolstan in the TARDIS, though it is damaged and the Doctor attempts to land it somewhere pleasant, but claims that they will be stuck wherever they land.

Time stranded[]

The Doctor, Liv and Helen have been stranded in 2020 London since The Day of the Master, which was six weeks ago. They are currently living at Baker Street, where they meet Tania Bell.
The Doctor, Liv and Helen meet Sergeant Andy Davidson for the first time.
The TARDIS is partially restored, leading the Doctor to plan a test flight.
Set immediately after Divine Intervention. The TARDIS can now travel in time, but not in space, leaving it anchored to Camden whenever it goes.
The Doctor takes his first trip in the TARDIS since Dead Time.
The Doctor decides to return to Baker Street.
Set directly after Twisted Folklore. Following their trip to Rarkellia, the Doctor decides to take a trip to 2035.
Set directly after What Just Happened.
The Doctor manages to resolve the alternate timelines and restore the true timeline. However the Baker Street residents find themselves in the middle of a pandemic and have to wait a year while the new timeline crystallises, leading into Best Year Ever.
At the end of their year at Baker Street, the Doctor, Liv and Helen decide to leave in the TARDIS again and say goodbye to Tania, Andy and the rest of the Baker Street residents.
After travelling with the Doctor and Helen for "ages", Liv departs the TARDIS and returns to 2021 moments after she left to stay with Tania. (AUDIO: Best Year Ever)

Adventures with Josie[]

The Doctor is travelling alone after "an intense period in his life." He is wearing his clothes from The Night of the Doctor, though they are much cleaner here, and his hair is depicted as extremely long, setting this before he got his hair cut in Natural Regression. After finding her squatting in his old house, the Doctor invites Josie Day to travel with him when he finds a list of places to visit.
The Doctor feels weary of war, and shows contempt for soldiers. The TARDIS is shown to still have its Victorian parlour interior design.
The Doctor learns from Josie that she is a sentient painting, bought at an auction by one of his future incarnations and brought to his old house to meet the Eighth Doctor with the list of destinations. Having accepted Josie as a friend, the Doctor allows Josie to live in his old house, and offers to let her travel with him to Epsilon Eridani.
In an alternate timeline created by Rassilon and the Cybermen, the Doctor and Josie are cornered by Cybermen and Cybermats.
Josie is still wearing her clothes from A Matter of Life and Death & Prologue: The Eighth Doctor. The Doctor is using his silver sonic screwdriver.
Josie has been to Epsilon Eridani, setting this after A Matter of Life and Death. The Doctor is using his wooden sonic screwdriver, and wearing Brian's shoes. However, the Twelfth Doctor, speaking in the newly-regnerated Thirteenth Doctor's mind, claims the Time War was "to come" sometime after these events.

Return to solitude[]

Set before the Last Great Time War. The Doctor is travelling alone, and wearing a fusion of his clothes from Doctor Who and The Night of the Doctor. The TARDIS is using the Victorian parlour console room.

The Kotturuh crisis[]

Set shortly before the Last Great Time War and immediately before the Eighth Doctor's involvement with the Kotturuh crisis, according to the Tenth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor is currently trying to visit the seven-hundred Wonders of the Universe.
While trying to visit one of the seven-hundred wonders of the universe, the Doctor meets Brian the Ood in Moslin on the planet Atharna. After offering to take Brian off-world, the TARDIS unexpectedly starts to dematerialise and Brian falls into the Time Vortex. The Doctor then arrives on a planet where he is greeted by a Dalek.
Set during He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, before the Doctor, Felicity and Brian make it through the deserts of Atharna to reach Moslin Town.
Set during the Doctor's phone call in He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not. He calls Anke Von Grisel regarding her collection of artifacts from the Dark Times, telling her he has discovered fractures in time.
Following directly on from He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, the Doctor is recruited by the Dalek Time Squad to help investigate a series of anomalies caused by the Time Fracture. He decides to travel back to the Dark Times with the Time Squad in order to discover the source of the anomalies, leading directly into The Knight, The Fool and The Dead: Chapter Sixteen.
The Eighth Doctor arrives with the Dalek Time Squad to warn the Tenth Doctor about his alterations to the timeline in the Dark Times. He then teams up with the Ninth Doctor to stop their tenth incarnation.
Immediately after The Knight, The Fool and The Dead, the three Doctors engage in the Battle of Mordeela.
Set during All Flesh is Grass, after the Battle of Mordeela.[8] The Doctor is working with the Dalek Time Squad.
During their attack on the Free Undead Coffin ship, the Eighth Doctor escapes the Daleks with the Ninth Doctor.
The Eighth and Ninth Doctors are searching for the "Time Lord Victorious" together.
Several weeks after the Battle of Mordeela, the Eighth Doctor and his ninth incarnation track down the Tenth Doctor. Immediately after he renounces the "Time Lord Victorious" title, the three Doctor lead the Defence of Gallifrey against the Dalek Time Squad when they try to stop the Time Lord's evolution. To get the Daleks to completely retreat, the Eighth Doctor sets of explosions in their ship while he is still on it.
Following directly on from All Flesh is Grass, the Doctor escapes from the disintegrating ship of the Dalek Time Squad with Tiska, whom he invites to travel with him in the TARDIS until they can find her a new home.

The Last Great Time War[]

Early skirmishes[]

The Doctor is caught up in a minor skirmish and he believes that these skirmishes are heralding a greater storm to come, suggesting that this is set shortly before the Time War. The Doctor feels as though he has "made too many decisions lately", and knows he has "many more to come". He briefly considers having a race removed from history, before accepting that he is not that kind of a man, and also not a warrior.
As early as the first two months from the start of the Last Great Time War, (AUDIO: Desperate Measures) the Doctor was noted as being unwilling to assist the Time Lords in the war. (AUDIO: Soldier Obscura)
The Doctor is implied to be sporting the same Victorian clothes and hairstyle of his younger counterpart. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior and was damaged in a "storm in heaven", which is implied to be the Time War.

Avoiding the Time War[]

The Time War has been going on for roughly a few months, and the Doctor is "helping where he can", but still adamant that he doesn't want to get involved. However, he is becoming tired of his failure to save people. The Doctor receives a hypercube from Susan, which imbues him with a new sense of hope and belief that Gallifrey can survive the war.
The Doctor is using his wooden handled sonic screwdriver, and the TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design. He is illustrated as wearing leather gaiters and has long hair, with the implication being that he is wearing the clothes from The Night of the Doctor.
The Doctor has recently had his hair cut short again, is still using his wooden handled sonic screwdriver, and the TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Night of the Doctor.
The Doctor is not taking part in the Last Great Time War, but is cleaning up the damage left in its wake. He is using his silver sonic screwdriver and the TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior.
The Doctor is trying to minimise the damage caused by the Time War. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior.
The Doctor's TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design and does not have a Zero Room "at the moment", and the Doctor has to eject his pet Fledershrews from the TARDIS, though he intends to pick them up later. The boxset cover depicts the Doctor using his silver sonic screwdriver.
The Doctor spends several months travelling with Nyssa on board The Traken during the Time War. He is illustrated with long-wavy hair, battle scars and is wearing his clothes from The Night of the Doctor. The Doctor claims that he is beginning to see evil on both sides of the conflict, setting this before The Lords of Terror.
Having had a "difficult [time] recently", the Doctor is avoiding the Time War, having stood on the side-lines and helped where he could in the past, though he is unsure of whether he is doing the right thing in not getting involved. To cope with his uncertainty, he has built a robot named Ria to act as his companion, but she is destroyed during a meeting with River Song and Bernice Summerfield. According to River's comments, the TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
Ending leads directly into Darkness and Light.
The Doctor has been trying to keep away from the Time War, but it keeps catching up with him.[quote 2] He is travelling alone, and his memories of The Missing Link and Darkness and Light are erased.

Travels with Bliss[]

The Doctor enters the Last Great Time War during an adventure on the Theseus with his companion Sheena. Shifts in reality caused by the Time War erase Sheena from history and retroactively change the Doctor's timeline so that he was already aware of the Time War. With the ship under attack from the Daleks and the TARDIS missing, the Doctor leads a band of survivors, such as Bliss, and Quarren and Rupa Maguire, into a Dalek ship to escape, leading directly into Echoes of War.
The Dalek ship crash lands on to a jungle planet, where the Doctor finds his TARDIS, but the damage done to it has left it non-operational. The Doctor and the survivors are rescued by Cardinal Ollistra and the Time Lords, and taken to a Time Lord training camp, leading directly into The Conscript.
The Doctor's TARDIS is still repairing itself, and is currently unable to travel in time, and the Doctor receives a new sonic screwdriver from Ollistra. The Doctor has gained a reputation for his neutrality in the Time War. The Doctor learns about Time Lord Conscription for the first time, setting this before All Hands on Deck. Failing to convince the Time Lords to stop the Time War diplomatically, the Doctor is caught in an attack on the training camp by the Daleks, leading directly into One Life.
Failing to escape the Daleks, the Doctor discovers that the Daleks and the Time Lords have been tracking Quarren Maguire from the Theseus. Before he erases himself from their memories, Quarren leaves Bliss aboard the fully repaired TARDIS with the Doctor. The cover depicts roundels similar to those found in the War Doctor's TARDIS interior and the Victorian parlour sound effects are replaced, suggesting that the TARDIS interior has been reconstructed into the control room used by the War Doctor after being damaged in The Starship of Theseus.
The Doctor takes Bliss back to her family on her home planet, Derilobia, where he finds that Carvil, a Time Lord soldier, altered the planet's history to have it manufacturing weapons for the Time Lords. After they acquire the coordinates, the Daleks destroy Derilobia, although the Doctor promises to find a way to restore Derilobia for Bliss, after they are rescued by Major Tamasan.
The Doctor and Bliss encounter the Twelve while on holiday, and learn that she is now working with the Time Lords, and wants the Doctor's aid to investigate the mystery of an Ogron possessing his DNA and some of his brain patterns. The Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve are captured by the Daleks, leading into In the Garden of Death.
The Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve are taken to a Dalek prison facility with their memories suppressed.
The Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve return to Gallifrey to collect the Doctor's TARDIS, setting this immediately after In the Garden of Death.
Set immediately after Jonah. The Doctor regains his memories of Sheena, and he and Bliss decide to start helping those affected by the Time War. Ending leads directly into The Famished Lands.
The cover depicts the Doctor using his silver sonic screwdriver. Ending leads directly into Fugitive in Time.
Set "ages" after Fugitive in Time. The Valeyard is able to bring an end to the Time War, but the Dalek Time Strategist escapes into another timeline and the Doctor and Bliss follow it.
Set immediately after The War Valeyard. The Doctor and Bliss return to their own universe, leading directly into Dreadshade.
Ending leads directly into Restoration of the Daleks.
The Doctor still intends to avoid the Time War, but Bliss pushes him to become more involved and help those affected. The Doctor recovers a stasis chamber from the Dalek Time Strategist which apparently contains his great-grandson, Alex Campbell.

Trapped in the Master's body[]

The Doctor tracks the War Master to Kurnos 5, where he forcibly switches bodies with the Doctor as part of his current plan. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior, and the Doctor appears to already recognise the "War" Master, setting this after The Missing Link.
Set immediately after The Castle of Kurnos 5, with the Doctor adjusting to being in the Master's body.
The "Master" is sent on a mission by Narvin to track down the "Doctor". Ending leads directly into The Scaramancer.
Still in the Master's body, the Doctor reveals his true identity to his newfound companions and begins recounting of the events of The Castle of Kurnos 5.
The Doctor recounts the events on Kurnos 5 that led to him switching bodies with the Master. (AUDIO: The Castle of Kurnos 5)
The Doctor has his mind switched back into his own body. He claims that the Time War has him "scraping the barrel for companions", suggesting a setting late in the war, and also mentions that he sometimes thinks he "should stop running and start fighting".

Final exploits[]

The Doctor has his experiences fighting the Daleks downloaded into the Matrix for the war effort. The Time Lords are still attempting to locate Susan, setting this before All Hands on Deck.
The Doctor fails to prevent Susan from joining the Time War. Susan notes the Doctor's battered appearance. He recalls receiving a Hypercube requesting him to fight in the Time War and refusing, setting this after The Conscript. He has been avoiding the Time Lords attempts to recruit him ever since. He is travelling alone, and is helping those caught in the crossfire of the Time War.
The Doctor is wearing his clothes from The Night of the Doctor, and has a "look of infinite sorrow in his eyes". He is traveling alone, and using his silver sonic screwdriver.
Set during Legacy.
The Doctor recalls his previous encounter with Susan in All Hands on Deck. The TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
While a roleplaying campaign designed to feature any incarnation of the Doctor, only the Eighth Doctor's stats are provided alongside it. The Doctor is injured by a temporal weapon after having escaped death via the Daleks "a thousand times" since the beginning of the Time War.[quote 3]
The Doctor is actively trying to help deal with a temporal weapon in the conflict, setting this after Restoration of the Daleks.
Failing to save a woman from a crashing spaceship, the Doctor is killed in said crash, but is temporarily revived by the Sisterhood of Karn. Encouraged to choose how his regeneration will influence his behaviour, the Doctor decides to become a warrior to end the Time War. Drinking an Elixir of Life, the Doctor regenerates into the War Doctor. According to the novelisation, the TARDIS has its Victorian parlour interior design.
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Ending the Time War[]

According to one account, the Eighth Doctor lived through the entire Time War until he ended it himself, having never regenerated on Karn. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Time War)
The Doctor is working with the Time Lords to put an end to a "storm in Heaven". He has long hair that covers his ears and a black frock coat. He is using a silver sonic screwdriver with a blue emitter.
The Doctor is described as having a frock coat and "shoulder length hair". He knows that he is going to "change" again, but claims that he must do something first, something that involves ending a war and the Daleks.
Wearing an old, worn-out Victorian attire, the Doctor attempts to find a way to end the Time War with the Key of Rassilon. The Doctor is indicated to have ended the war shortly after inquiring the Key.
The Eighth Doctor finds himself forced to use the Moment to destroy Gallifrey. Empowered by the Restoration, the Doctor is able to "unfix" himself from the Moment's powers and regenerate into the Ninth Doctor.

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The Doctor visits Vorton.


  1. Charley thought, but after all this time she knew all too well that the Doctor was an unconventional type of fellow.
  2. DOCTOR: "I've tried to get away from it, from the war, every chance I could. There are still pockets of time and space that haven't been affected. Places you can find peace. But every time, every place, it catches up with me. I'm so tired."
  3. When the Daleks went to war against the Time Lords of Gallifrey for mastery of time, the Doctor was their most important target. On him they lavished their most advanced weapons, their most perfect hate. And when the Doctor dodged and tricked and cheated his way out of certain death a thousand times, they hated him all the more.