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This page lists the order of stories in the Doctor Who universe timeline from the pre-universe to the after-universe as given in the third edition of AHistory.

Key[edit source]

c - Circa
& - story dated relative to another story
= - set in an alternate timeline
@ - Eighth Doctor story during his century-long exile on Earth
w - set in the War in Heaven timeline
 ? - conjecture/year uncertain

Timeline[edit source]

Pre-History[edit source]

The Dawn of Time[edit source]

The Dark Time, the Time of Chaos[edit source]

The Ancient Past[edit source]

Life on Earth[edit source]

The Age of the Dinosaurs[edit source]

The Age of the Reptile People[edit source]

The Birth of the Cybermen[edit source]

The Origins of Man[edit source]

History[edit source]

Present Day[edit source]

Future History[edit source]

Gallifrey timeline[edit source]

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