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This page lists the order of stories in the Doctor Who universe timeline from the pre-universe to the after-universe with a focus on events between Event One and the far future. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, and LegoK9's timeline. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Timeline rules:

  • Only list stories. References to dates that the story does not take place in are to be excluded.
  • Stories without any clear indication of an era should be omitted. (e.g. TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)
  • Many stories will contradict each other, so these contradictions should be noted but treated equally. (e.g. TV: The Enemy of the World and other stories set in 2018)
  • Direct quotes indicating the time period the story takes place should be provided. (Quotes sourced from another story should indicate the story it is from.)

Format (list all available):

  • Day Month Year - MEDIUM: Story title
CHARACTER/TEXT/NOTE: Indication of time period




'I can do better than that,' said the Doctor. 'I can tell you exactly what time it is. It’s no time. It’s Nothing O’Clock. It’s a microsecond before the Big Bang. We’re not at the Dawn of Time. We’re before the Dawn.'

BC years[]

Beginning of the universe[]

NYSSA: You don't understand the physics of the situation. We're already caught in the field of Event One. It's pulling us in faster and faster.
DOCTOR: Enormous. Biggest explosion of all time. Event One.
KARI: The Big Bang?
DOCTOR: There's going to be a very big bang. Big Bang Two.

Billions of years BC[]

TEXT: Distant Nefrin, in a galaxy far away, at a time before the Earth was formed... Yet, within only a few million years, the ancient star has collapsed into a black hole...
TEXT: Amenthes. Six billion years ago.
DOCTOR: About six billion years ago. It's a Tuesday, I think.
NOTE: Despite the Tenth Doctor seeing the formation of the Earth c. 4.6 billion BC, the Eleventh Doctor visited a molten Earth billions of years earlier.
DOCTOR (The Runaway Bride): That's it, the last of your kind. The Racnoss come from the Dark Times, billions of years ago. Billions.
NOTE: set during the war between Gallifrey and the Racnoss. These wars wipe out the Racnoss, which is known by the Empress in The Runaway Bride, setting this before then.
DOCTOR: We've gone back four point six billion years. There's no solar system, not yet. Only dust and rocks and gas. That's the Sun, over there. Brand new. Just beginning to burn.
Ian had a sinking feeling. ‘This far back? How far back, exactly?’ ‘Oh, about three billion years I should think. Now then – ’

Hundreds of millions of years BC[]

DOCTOR: Certainly unspoiled, our bit of countryside, not as Peri sees it, but as it was five hundred million years ago.
DOCTOR: Probably Carboniferous... 500,000,000 years old or thereabouts...
SUSAN (NARRATION): The caves where they'd found me, how did I get there? They reckoned the site was some sort of observatory, at least four-hundred-and-fifty million years old.
GRETA: You'll get a decent base when the rover reaches the settlement. The first Lunar colony. "Giant Leap Base" we call it.
TANCREDI: Four hundred million years I think is the figure you're looking for.
Cyberman: Scanning environment. Atmosphere composition irregular. Reduced oxygen. Date: unknown. Cyberscout reporting to Cyber-control.
TENTH DOCTOR: Oh no no, it's fine. We sent him back to the Paelaeozoic era.
TEXT: Earthdate 200 million years B.C.
TEXT: Earthdate. 150 million years B.C.
LAURA: Well we were part of a scientific expedition to collect flora and fauna of the Jurassic period, approximately 150 million years ago.
DOCTOR: Some a hundred and forty million years ago.

Tens of millions of years BC[]

DOCTOR: Here we are: The late Jurassic Era.
NOTE: The presence of a Tyrannosaurus rex suggests otherwise. (The Doctor berated Val and Sonny for the anachronisms in their comics so this may have been intentional on the part of the writer.)
DOCTOR: It may be of some small consequence to know we've travelled backwards in time some sixty five million years.
ADRIC: The singing of the scorpions sustained my natural life in ways I hardly understood. I am over 500 years old.

Millions of Years BC[]

ICE WARRIOR: How long did we sleep?
DOCTOR: I'm not sure, but a good few million years.
NOTE: Flashbacks to the Doctor first arriving at the main setting where he is frozen for a few million years before being woken up in 2012.
LORD IZDAAL: My lords, the disaster facing our planet has passed the point of no return. The atmosphere can no longer protect us from the sun's radiation.
THE DOCTOR: There was an environmental catastrophe many millions of years ago, made Mars a dead world.


SUMMARY: It's back to the deep, deep past and the dawn of humanity for the Doctor and Gabby, as their travels take them to the Pleistocene
NOTE: 100,000 BC was a working title.
He thought for a moment what it would have been like if the only working metal available on Earth had been uranium: poisonous, radioactive, dangerous. He doubted that humanity would ever have progressed beyond the uncomfortable existence led by the Tribe of Gum in 100,000 BC. (PROSE: Venusian Lullaby)
'Palaeolithic,' he murmured. 'Somewhere around 100,000 BC probably. Now, how did I know that? And why am I using the scientific terminology of Earth?'
Absorbed in the task of improvising a stretcher, no one seemed to notice when the old man picked up the stone and edged towards the wounded savage. (Describes the events of An Unearthly Child)
The sun rose of the country that would later be known as Britain on Thursday 25 May 26,185 BC.
A glaring display read, HYSPERO. ABBASID ERA. THIRD DECADE.
NOTE: Femme Fatale establishes this story as 8000 years from 1968, although in which direction is up to interpretation:
Sam looked at me and said in a low voice, 'Iris, it's the third of June, 1968.'
'But it's only about four months since we were all together on Hyspero...'
'Relatively speaking, it's actually about eight thousand years, but it all gets too dizzying if you think about it too much.'
ARCHAEOLOGIST: Unopened for 5,500 years... until now. Pull!
The copper axehead that had no business to be copper in 3,300 BC, cut through the branch after only a few blows.

3rd millennium BC[]

REXX: According to your instruments, we've arrived at the settling of Greater Henge in the year 2986 BCE.
DOCTOR: — We're at Giza, most likely the twenty-sixth century B.C.
DOCTOR: Well, yes, the pyramids are the seventh wonder of this ancient world, I should say the word impressive is rather an understatement.
PROSE Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe: "This earliest recorded appearance of the Daleks on Earth was during the height of the Ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom (approximately 2200 BC), when, in pursuit of the Doctor, they arrived in their time ship in the vicinity of the Great Pyramids at Giza."
'So now we’re landing on Earth,' he shouted, 'two thousand years before the birth of Christ …'
"Gurgurum, captain of the royal guard, was standing by his king, Hammurabi..."
NOTE: The the real-life reign of Hammurabi was 1792-1750 BC.

2nd millennium BC[]

DOCTOR: Yes. Right, Jo, we're about to land back in Cambridge. Just think. It all happened three thousand, five hundred years ago.
NOTE: The story depicts the end of the reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, which ended in 1458 BCE in the real world.
TEXT: Egypt, 1334 BC
DOCTOR: Well according to my books, the siege of Troy is dated at about 1200 BC, while the city of Carthage was founded in about 814 BC. (AUDIO: The Phoenicians)
STRAITON: Yes. I saw the telegram. Astonishing stuff. A three thousand year old burial site untouched. [3000 years before the 20th century]

9th century BC[]

DOCTOR: Well according to my books, the siege of Troy is dated about 1200 BC, while the city of Carthage was founded in about 814 BC.
NOTE: This story depicts the founding of Carthage.

6th century BC[]

ODYSSEUS: ...Somewhere in the fifth or sixth century B.C?
ATHENA: 500 B.C.? Are you sure?
DOCTOR: Well, give or take half a century either way, I'd say.
DOCTOR: We've materialised. Scotland, 6th century BC.

5th century BC[]

SYNOPSIS: 430 BCE. Greece is in turmoil: Athens is at war with the Spartans, the Athenian women possessed by a horrifying cult... and then Bernice Summerfield strolls into town.

4th century BC[]

331 BC - When his ship smashed a hole in time and vanished through it, Rhakotis knew he was going to die.
"It was the year of the 114th Olympiad, Hephaestion told her"
BARBARA: Then that means the year is 323 BC.
BARBARA: It is the 30th day of the Greek Month Decius, or June the 13th.
NOTE: The story takes place over several weeks before June the 13th, and a few days after.
322 BC - 'Ian!' Barbara Wright scrambled to her feet. Pulling the Doctor upright, she ran back along the still-collapsing mine gallery.

3rd century BC[]

TEXT: 221 BC

2nd century BC[]

AURELIA: You should know, you were there when she was born. It was only 9 months ago.
DOCTOR: It's 101 BC
EVELYN: Don't you see, it's October.

1st century BC[]

TEXT: Northern Italy. 49 BCE.
The Doctor says I still have to take my O-levels though. He even took us on a study break to Alexandria, in forty-eight BC.

AD years[]

1st century[]

DOCTOR: Smells like... Deep, old Zhonghua. Ancient China.
CINDY (Vortex Butterflies): ...It causes me to be born in Brooklyn about twenty centuries later...?
The trip across the fields to the stable took an hour, there and back. TheDoctor had landed the TARDIS at quite a distance.
"I liked the baby in the manger," said Daniel, as they trudged back.
GRAY: I want you to suffer. I want your life. This is Cardiff, 27 AD.
"Thirteen pairs of eyes looked up at the direction of the sound, which came from the other side of the room."
NOTE: Implied to be the Last Supper. Date of Jesus' crucifixion from The Spear of Destiny.
NOTE: "Iris" and Panda attend a party thrown by Roman Emperor Caligula. (Real world dates of reign)
WIBBSEY (Starfall): 1932 as it happens, via the 21st century, AD 46, and 1894.
‘If she’s right about the Romans, then that would make this around the middle of the 1st-century AD,’ the Doctor muttered, his eyes suddenly gleaming with excitement.
DOCTOR WHO: If this is Boudica's rebellion, we're in Britain in AD Sixty, or thereabouts.
'And are we when you suspected we'd be? First century Earth?'
"By the time the Doctor's TARDIS had vanished, Boudicca knew the war was lost. Her daughters were gone. Her husband, her tribe, her lands, everything was gone, lost to the godsforsaken Roman armies."
'The Yearometer tells us that the date is, using a calendar that you would be familiar with, 14 March. In the year 64.’
'AD or BC?' asked Ian.
'The former,' replied the Doctor.
'Several days had passed and the Doctor and his companions had spent their time living close to the market-place in the centre of Byzantium in rented accommodation.'
'Barbara raced across the now-deserted market square, barely paying any heed whatsoever to the dozens of blood-soaked bodies lying strewn around the forum. She turned left at the temple walls, remembering how she had stumbled in there, afraid for her life, what seemed like a decade ago, but which had actually been just sixteen days.'
Ian couldn’t disagree there. ‘Well, the Doctor’s got everything sorted out. It seems we can occupy this villa for a few weeks, as sort of unofficial caretakers.’
DOCTOR: Yes. Caesar Nero made it. The rebuilding of Rome. Let me see, where are we now? 64 AD, July. Yes, of course. He sets fire to Rome.
NOTE: Set during The Romans.
NOTE: Hero of Alexandria lived between c. 10-70 AD
'The gods will surely punish them for their temerity, turning flames of righteous anger on these Jewish rebels. And I can promise you this - tomorrow, Masada will fall and the long siege will be over.'
'You'd better leave that behind, Ian,' she said gently. 'It has an appointment with an archaeologist in two thousand years' time.'
NOTE: Real world date.
DOCTOR: It's 79 AD, twenty third of August, which makes volcano day tomorrow.
Takes place during the same events as The Fires of Pompeii.
"The eruption of the volcano Vesuvius on the twenty-fourth of August in the year seventy-nine AD buried the town of Pompeii. Perhaps one day a dig will locate the remains of a Dalek."
TEXT: Six months later
TEXT: The Colosseum, Rome, 97 AD.

2nd century[]

DOCTOR: Just followed the coordinates on the cliff face. Earth. Britain. One oh two am. No, PM. No, AD.
TEXT: Temporary imperial conclave on the road to Parthia, in the Roman Empire under Trajan, 111 AD.
BILL: Aberdeen, Scotland, second century AD.
NOTE: Real world year.
'Worked out the date. It’s AD 120,' [The Doctor] whispered to Rose
"The Doctor thought for a second. 'Rose and I arrived on the Ides of March.... it’s almost the Quinquatrus.... A festival that celebrates Minerva’s birthday on 19 March.'"
"Scholars have always assumed that to be a reference to Halley's Comet, whose only known appearance in the second century was in 141 AD -- according to the old Julian calendar that was on the twenty-second of March, the very next day after the equinox."

3rd century[]

DOCTOR: I figured he's from around here, late third century. Well, give or take a few months...

4th century[]

DOCTOR: ...the first instance of the name Grayle appearing in the records, in a British context, was right here, on the payroll of this very Roman fort in 305 AD, the year of the two Emperors, Constantius and Galerius.
TEXT: Battle of Milvian Bridge, Northern Rome, 312 AD.
CAPTION: Now Ancient Rome.
NOTE: Occurs directly after Conversion.
DOCTOR: We're exactly where we planned to be, Nicaea, the year 325, a few days before the council is set to begin.
NOTE: In our universe, The council of Nicaea began in May 325.
HELEN: Yes. All the way from Asia Minor in the fourth century. I searched for him so long. Decades

5th century[]

IAN: Alexandria, on the Egyptian coast in the early fifth century AD.
DOCTOR: Fifth century Britian - perfect! [DWM 162 version]
SUMMARY: The TARDIS arrives in Gaul in 451AD, on the eve of battle between the forces of Attila the Hun and those of the crumbling Roman Empire.
'And this is Ravenna, so that makes this the year... 493. Early February. No, end of January, actually; keep forgetting the calendar reform...'

6th century[]

SUMMARY: The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 – besieged by the army of the celebrated Byzantine general Belisarius.

7th century[]

SUMMARY: China in the year 620, and a robotic dragon in the sky is terrifying the local villagers.

8th century[]

DOCTOR: Eighth century Britian - perfect! [The Mark of Mandragora version]

9th century[]

SUMMARY: Landing in 800, the Doctor and Donna find Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne kidnapped by an insane computer...
DOCTOR: You know, I've been to Belgium. Yeah. I remember I was deep in the Ardennes, trying to find Charlemagne. He'd been kidnapped by an insane computer.
MISSY: Grimsby, well just outside of, 800 AD-ish, twilight, and those handsome fellows are Vikings.
[The Doctor] sucked in breath through his teeth. 'Possibly about the eighth or ninth century.' ... If I'm right, we're in the correct geographical location, but, temporally, we're just on the cusp of the vikings' voyages across the oceans into the rest of Europe and Russia.
DOCTOR: The ninth century, then. The Sudan, if I'm not much mistaken.
ASHILDR (The Woman Who Lived): I've had eight hundred years of adventure, enough to fill a library if you write it down.
TEXT: The North Atlantic Ocean. The 9th Century CE
MITCH: We reckon 9th or 10th century. Part of our funding came from a group who think it could be Alfred The Great...
'Ah. That's a very impressive looking weapon. Late ninth century isn't it? Yes, I suppose it would be, wouldn't it?'

10th century[]

‘Oh, late tenth century, or thereabouts. In a few more years the Ottomans will overrun the city and turn the cathedral into a mosque. Eventually it’ll end up as a museum. Until the Sarkovians blow up the dome and try to turn it into a power station in the late forty-first century, that is.’
"Planet Ost, Year 970" [AD?]
ABBY: Coordinates are right - 2 miles from the town of Maldon, 9th of August 991 AD. Well, we're a day early.
ZARA: Morning on the tenth of August 991 AD.

11th century[]

“On Earth, Greenland in the year One Thousand and Two,” Susan chirped, looking at the place-time print out.
THE DOCTOR: Of course. It's Ten Oh Six. Sitric Silkbeard and Brian Boru are still at loggerheads over who should rule Ireland.
'Ethelred,' said the Doctor sternly before Tegan could reply, 'died in the year 1016. So we know roughly when we are.'
DOCTOR: Long gone by the 21st century, the abbey was once a thriving centre of religious observance for womanfolk. But something happened there in the year 1039.
SUMMARY: In 11th century Arabia, Shahrazad tells her final story, on the thousand and second night.
DOCTOR: Ah, one of my favourite times and places. London in the year 1055. The court of King Edward, known as the Confessor.
DOCTOR: Now, if Harold is king, and Edward was laid to rest at the beginning of the year, then it must be 1066! Yes. Judging by the appearance of these leaves, late summer. And a balmy night, a balmy night.
"Sweden 1070"
'When?' she'd asked, and he'd told her that this was winter (well, duh), some time in the late 11th century.
"Planet Ost, Year 1088" [AD?]
SUMMARY: "Deus Le Volt!" ... "God Wills it!" The cry of the first Crusade in 1098, despatched [sic] by Pope Urban to free Jerusalem from the Turks.

12th century[]

"Planet Ost, Year 1130" [AD?]
TEXT: Essex 1138
RIVER: I didn't think she had, but something is very wrong in your abbey, and people are dying from something that shouldn't be in 12th century England.
"Planet Ost, Year 1170" [AD?]
TEXT: 1189, earlier
‘We can’t possibly go to King Richard wearing clothes like these. We are on Earth at the time of the Third Crusade, my boy, in Palestine; some time between A.D. 1190 and 1192. We must find wearing apparel suitable to the time and place.’
DOCTOR: No, no. Time of year? What season?
ROBIN: Oh, Dame Autumn has draped her mellow skirts about the forest, Doctor. The time of mists and harvest approaches.
DOCTOR: It's 1190.
DOCTOR: 1199, to be precise. The year that the ant by the lion was slain.

13th century[]

DOCTOR: It's 1207.
DOCTOR: March the fourth, 1215.
CAMERON: It's 1215 and that other man's William Daubeney, commander of Rochester Castle
SARAH (The Sontaran Experiment): Linx. A Sontaran. Can't be. You were destroyed in the thirteenth century. You were blown to smithereens.
MR SMITH (The Day of the Clown): A legendary figure who in 1284 rid the German town of Hamelin of rats by means of a magical tune. When the town refused to pay his fee, he enchanted away all its children.
POLO: How long have you been travelling? It is twelve hundred and eighty nine and this is the Plain of Pamir, known to those who travel to Cathay as The Roof of the World.

14th century[]

NYSSA: A traversable topological anomaly in Lorensian space-time, connecting Rhodes 1320 to wherever we are now
DOCTOR: That's rifle fire, and that's a 24 pounder field howitzer. I left her in 1310, this is impossible.
Given the Doctor has a better knowledge of Earth's history than Nyssa, and the fact the real life Knights Hospitaller took over Rhodes in 1310, as is depicted here, 1310 is the most likely date for this to be set.
DOCTOR 9: Battle of Minatogawa. Kyoto, Japan. 1336.
DOCTOR: The Black Death, 1348. I meant to warn you.
DOCTOR: Well France was a great country and we find it in the fourteenth century.
DOCTOR: Aleppo. 1380. Welcome to Syria!

15th century[]

DOCTOR: Early 15th century Prague. The very height of enlightened science on Earth in this period.
‘The Battle of Agincourt. Never done that before.’ She smiled, but her mind was really on the wet and cold. ‘We’ve done all we can, Ian. Let’s get away into the trees and under cover.’
ASHILDR: The Battle of Agincourt. My first stint as a man. No-one will ever know that a mere woman helped end the Hundred Years' War.
BARBARA: It's an Aztec mask. He must have been a priest.
SUSAN: Well, the Aztecs were Mexicans. We must be on Earth again. I wonder what year it is.
BARBARA: He must have died around 1430, I should think.
NOTE: While the novelisation is set in 1507, the television story must be set earlier. The son of the architect of the temple where the priest is buried is far too young for his father to have designed a temple over seventy-years-ago. In the novelisation, Ixta is the architect's grandson rather than his son.
NOTE: Features Tlotoxl from The Aztecs.
DOCTOR: Dracula's night attack on the Turkish camp, I should have checked the date, June the 17th 1462!
RADU: July the 2nd. Word reaches me that Sultan Mehmed has crossed the Wallachian border at last.
DOCTOR, in a letter: I'll try and find you 2 years from now, right near the end of Richard's reign. It's the 1st of August, 1485 where I am.
RICHARD: He didn't expect you to be alive, Bucko. You see, you should have died in November '83. The Doctor is surprised to find you here 20 months after you should have pegged it.
NOTE: Richard III died on 22 August 1485.
DOCTOR: We've landed on Earth. Glass technology indicates Mediterranean area. Late fifteenth century. Not a very pleasant time.
COLUMBUS: The Journal of Admiral Christopher Columbus, the greatest explorer in the world, 12th of October, 1492.

16th century[]

DOCTOR: 1500s. Earlyish. Very earlyish. A bit Europey... Oh! Guelder. Definitely Guelder.
YAZ: Wait a sec. Guelder in the early 1500s? During the Guelder Wars?
NOTE: Real world years of the Guelders Wars.
THE DOCTOR: Yeah, that's right. If that sad lady's son died in the battle for Granada, our visit must have been somewhere near the turn of the century, and that's near enough for the TARDIS to be able to take us back there. See?
THE BRIGADIER: Are you suggesting that the presence of this comet in, erm ... Fifteen Oh Four and ... Eighteen Eighteen, and of course this year, was somehow mixed up in all this ... hoo-hah with Vilmio?
TEXT: Florence, Italy. 1505
NOTE: The original Mona Lisa was painted in 1503, so this must be one of the copies he painted in 1505 (TV: City of Death)
DOCTOR: The original, I presume? Completed in 1503 and it's now what, 1505, and you're getting the old boy to do you another six, yes, which you then brick up in a cellar in Paris for Scarlioni to find in four hundred and seventy four time.
TEXT: This was in the year 1-Tochtli (1506).
MISSY: We've come to Tuscany in the year 1506 so that I can get hold of a trunk full of plutonium currently in the possession of an intergalactic master criminal known as Guvnax.
TEXT: The Doctor and Ian had just finished replacing the front panel when Susan burst into the TARDIS and told them excitedly where they were. The Doctor pressed the digital time-orientation button and the number 1507 lit up.
DOCTOR: Well done old girl. Now, let's see. Rome, 1511.
‘I believe so, yes. By my calculations, it’s probably just after the turn of the sixteenth century. A time of upheaval with the start of the Reformation and then the Counter-Reformation. Nasty business, that.’
‘Where have you been, man? The pope has decided to excommunicate Martin Luther! Not only that, the papal jurist is reputed to be one of the sharpest minds in the empire.’
NOTE: real world date of the Diet of Worms.
TEXT: It is 1522 A.D., according to the calendar of the western-ocean-devils, but few Europeans are seen on the shores of the East China Sea...
TEXT: London, 1535
HENRY: ‘On the fourth of May in the year 1536, the King of England conquered Time itself.’
CROMWELL: Take him down. We resume our questioning tomorrow. We have many tools at our disposal. You will confess, or you will die. Eventually.
CLOCKSMITH: It’s a matter of historical record. I picked up this parchment next week from Cromwell’s study. (reads) This night, the eighteenth day of May, year of our Lord 1538, the unknown prisoner, a suspected Papal spy, was executed when discovered attempting escape
CROMWELL: I… had a visitor in the early hours.
NOTE: Katherine Howard is dead and Catherine Parr is set to marry Henry VIII soon.
STRAX: Field Report D006/B. I find myself compelled to inform you of a recent disruption in the time continuum on Planet Earth, affecting the Earth years 1893 and 1544.
"The Doctor had made it clear that he wouldn’t think of leaving until he had dealt with the Vrij. And he was no closer to achieving that goal than when the ship had first materialized two months ago."
"Barbara had heard enough. She collected her basket and hurried back to the house. She’d lost track of the dates since they had arrived in London, but if the king had died yesterday then it must be 7 July today. It was only a matter of days before the Duke of Northumberland would put Jane on the throne." [Same day as the above quote]
"Amongst all the kings and queens of England, no rule was as brief or as tragic as that of Jane Grey, who was crowned in 1553 and whose reign lasted only nine days." [Lost in Time reveals that it ended on 19 July]
Rani: On this the nineteenth day of July, 1553, Lady Mary makes just claim to the Crown of England. And she calls upon all of her subjects to reject any unlawful claimants.
JANE: We each have a path that we must tread, and this is mine. All I hope is that I will be remembered even though I was Queen just nine days.
"The hours passed slowly, until at last the time of her execution finally arrived. Jane allowed herself to be led down from the Tower that had been her home for the last fifteen months and out into the courtyard where the scaffold stood, the wood dark against the brightness of the sky."
NOTE: In the real world Jane's execution took place in February.
DOCTOR: You, Doctor Smythe, have to learn the responsibility of time travel. Mary shouldn't die until November 1558. It is now January 1555. If she's killed now, history will be changed, and you will cease to exist, so we have to save her life.
JOHN: Then there was the Amazon, 1560.
DOCTOR: England, 1562.
VIOLA: And on September the nineteenth 1572, at about this time and about half a mile this way, there's the entrance to another mirror.
ANNE: Date, Monsieur? August the twenty-third as
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, I know that. The year, the year, hmm?
ANNE: Fifteen seventy two, Monsieur. But surely you know that?
ROBERT (Tooth and Claw): The story goes back three hundred years. Every full moon, the howling rings through the valley.
THOMAS: It's the morning of the third of November. The year of our Lord fifteen-hundred and seventy-two.
DOCTOR: Ah, you got to love Venice. So many people did. Byron, Napoleon, Casanova. Ooo, that reminds me. 1580. That's all right. Casanova doesn't get born for a hundred and forty-five years. Don't want to run into him. I owe him a chicken.
‘Wait a minute,’ said Ace. ‘What did Uriel say? That Dee and Kelly just disappeared one day in 1586? What if—’
IAN: Oh yes, scorching. Even for April.
BARBARA: This is 1587, the year that Francis Drake destroys the Spanish fleet in Cadiz harbour.
MAGISTRATE: Stubbe Pieter, on this twenty eighth day of October in the year of Our Lord God 1589, I do condemn you to public execution for sorcery and the lewd villainies and diverse murders which you have committed in shape of a great wolf.
DOCTOR: Mmm. 1590 local time, or thereabouts. The Elizabethan Age. Now why track the Tardis here?
We’re in Prague in the sixteenth century — this must be the Golem of Prague!
That caused the rabbi to burst out laughing. Even as she did, she noted another dry patch, and she and the Doctor moved to moisturise it. ‘Doctor, you are obviously teasing me. The Maharal lived in the late sixteenth century, 550 years ago.’
NOTE: Leads directly into Voyage to the New World.
JOHN: The journal of John White, the seventeenth day of August, in the year of our lord 1590.
JOHN: The 18th of August, 1590.
DOCTOR: The journal of John White, the 19th day of August, 1590.
‘Good. When Uriel stole the TARDIS, it carried on back to the date I had programmed, which was the date he told me he was rescued — 1591.
DOCTOR: So, where you are it's the year 1592
DOCTOR: There they go... Back to 1592.
NOTE: The play Richard III was first performed in 1597, and the story here depicts one of its earliest performances.
DOCTOR: I think so. 'Round about 1599.

17th century[]

TEXT: South America in the early 17th century was the gold mine of Spain. But ships found stranger things than gold.
Real world date of Essex's Rebellion, depicted in this story. Date apparently also given in GAME: The Gunpowder Plot.
SYNOPSIS: When the TARDIS lands in Shoreditch, 1601, the Doctor suggests going to see a play at the Globe Theatre and his friends readily agree.
TEXT: Bohemia 1601
RITA: Confirm arrival, first of November 1605.
RITA: 23:59 and... midnight. November fifth. This is Rita Cooper. It is the fifth of November 1605, the gunpowder plot has been foiled. Plotters arrested, request return to the agency.
"Remember, remember, the fifth of November. ‘I don’t believe it,’ she whispered. ‘1605...’"
"The Chamberlain looked bemused. ‘As today is November the third, it follows surely that Tuesday shall be November the fifth.’"
DOCTOR: "Remember, remember, the Fifth of November..."
DOCTOR: It's a witch trial. Must be early 17th century.
BECKA: As King James has written in his new Bible, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." [Published in 1611.]
DOCTOR: Yes. And place. Paris, 1626 to be exact. A good few centuries after your time.
TEGAN: So where are we now?
DOCTOR: With any luck, Amsterdam, 1638.
DOCTOR: Well, in strictly linear terms, as the chronometer flies, I've known since November the twenty-third, 1638.
DOCTOR (The Red Lady): Of how he could know I’d be here. Of how he could expect me to come to him in 1639.
ELEVEN: You are to be exposed to the Sun, whereupon you will die, slowly, and, I hope, painfully. Your death will be absolute. There will be no regeneration. And as you die, the energy you release will power this facility. The subsequent collapse of the Sun will in turn create a gravitational field powerful enough to swallow whole your beloved solar system. The year, 1639, the beginning of the Age of Reason.
TEXT: Parish records show that in the small village of Thetford, in 1646, the horned one appeared to a Mistress Thorogood, as witnessed by two passing parishioners.
NOTE: Matthew Hopkins real world witch-hunting career: 1644-1647. Rumored to have been drowned as a witch in 1647, which happens in the story.
SYNOPSIS: Note to Sir Arthur Aston, governor of the town of Drogheda, 10 September 1649.
ACE: You said they'd take weeks to get here.
DOCTOR: Well they should have done, we must have lost some time along the way.
‘Yes. Here we are. Now our friend said they’d been fighting for seven years. That means the Civil Wars must be over and they’re about to put the King on trial. It must be some time in... 1648. December I should say.’
'The morning of January the thirtieth 1649 was a cold one and Charles Stuart insisted upon wearing an extra shirt so that his enemies would not mistake his shivering for fear.'
RIVER: We needed to take a small detour first. This is the south of France, 17th Century. Over there, Rennes-le-Chateaux. The Templars just finished building their new castle on the ruin of the old one. Shall we?
DOCTOR: Oh, no, this isn't a visit, I've got a job to do. I'm here looking for an alien object which has no business being here on Earth in 1651.
"...in 1651, a dead angel is found in a tree in Lincolnshire and a nymph rises from the waters of Kent..."
DOCTOR: Here we are… Hmm. It seems there used to be a village on this site, back in the seventeenth century. Tranchard’s Fell.
DOCTOR: Rid Tranchard’s Fell of its resident witch and your reputation grows, your name’s lauded all across the Protectorate. Who knows, you might even catch the eye of Cromwell.
(The Roundheads): Oliver Cromwell, the man who was soon to become Lord Protector of the Kingdom, stared into the bright winter morning as though gazing through time itself. [In 1649]
RICHARD CROMWELL (The Roundheads): "‘Oliver Cromwell,’ he murmured, ‘1599 to 1658.’ ... According to the strange book, his father would die in ten years' time!"
RICHARD CROMWELL (The Roundheads):'“Tumbledown Dick”! That I shall rule for only a few scant months after my father’s death and I shall never be half the man he is!'
DOCTOR: Quite sure. I wish I knew what it was, though, and what it’s doing on twenty-first century Earth. Some sort of mutant?
DOCTOR: We’ve met before. Or rather we will meet. 350 years from now, you’re both still here. Why? What are you waiting for? [The 21st century is 350 years away, so must be 1650 at the earliest]
DOCTOR: Yes, I'm afraid you're going to lose your bet, young man. That gentleman comes from the seventeenth century.
KING CHARLES II: Where's the Doctor?
DOCTOR: And I’m now reminded where we are: Suffolk, 1665!
DOCTOR: His final data entry was time-stamped 1665.
The Great Fire of London.
DOCTOR: ...and it started here, 1666, Antwerp, with you.
VILLAGER: It's the year of our Lord sixteen hundred and sixty-nine.
"...in 1671, Aphra Behn -- she-spy and poetesse -- infiltrates a gathering of alchemists..."
"A little over 10 years ago, with London wracked by plague and a great fire, Aphra had been greatful for any reason to leave the city."
TEXT: Tupi Village, Brazil, 1682
CIA AGENT: I need you to tell me what happened on one particular adventure. When you visited the planet Earth in the year 1688.
11 January 1692. 'Here we go again', said Ian Chesterton drily, as he stared up at the scanner screen.
16th of January 1692. The reverend Samuel Parris was alone, afraid and lost.
29 June 1692. Something was wrong. Susan hadn't noticed it at first, so caught up she had been in her decision to disobey her grandfather and its likely consequences.
19 July 1692. On the last day of her life, Rebecca Nurse felt better than she had in months.
14 January 1693. A strong winter sun cast shafts of light through the parsonage windows. A year had passed, but the room was unchanged.
TEXT: Paris, France, 1695
AVERY: April the first, 1699.
DOCTOR: Yes. Okay, problem word. Seventeenth century. My ship automatically, er, noticed-ish that your ship was having some bother.

18th century[]

NEWTON: That will be the 22nd century then, until the invasion. 450 years, that's how long I will be remembered.
Jailer: It's July my sweet. It's so hot I can hardly sleep.
NOTE: Isaac Newton predicts the Dalek invasion on 2157 to be 450 years in his future. He is "director of the mint", indicating a setting post 1696. He also wonders why William III is not on an Irish coin, setting this before William's death in 1702.
HOLYWELL: I do not pretend to understand all you're saying, Doctor, but you alleged that this person does not belong here in the London of 1702.
DOCTOR: I have been observing for weeks. My TARDIS was unable to land anywhere but the twenty-sixth of November, 1703.
CAPTAIN SWAN: ...true loyalties... to Queen Anne herself.
EVELYN: Queen Anne, lasts of the Stuarts, reigned 1702 to 1714.
DOCTOR: North Caroline. 1711. Give or take a few months, but feels like early summer.
DOCTOR: Here we are Peri, 1720, 18th century London.
REINETTE: Of course I can. Seventeen hundred and twenty-seven.
SYNOPSIS: England, 1738.
DOCTOR: And the horse thief, John Palmer, is identified as being none other than the murderer, Dick Turpin. He's tried in March 1739
DOCTOR: The following month, he's hanged a the gallows at Knavesmire
8 September 1742. The history book lay open on the beach. An anachronism.
NOTE: The Battle of Culloden
STOYN (The Dying Light): James Robert McCrimmon. Left Scotland, 1746.
TIME LORD 2: They will be returned to a time just before they went away with you. They will remember their first adventure with you, but nothing more.
ROSE: Madame de Pompadour. Please, don't scream or anything. We haven't got a lot of time. I've come to warn you that they'll be here in five years... Some time after your thirty seventh birthday.
SYNOPSIS: The TARDIS lands in Leicester Square in the summer of 1762.
MARY CULVER: [An invasion] Of 1762. Via Britain.
COMPASSION: I'll explain once you're back here with us. In 1763.
PUBLISHER'S SUMMARY: Naples, 1763. The Great Ape of Posto di Foraggio is on show, an exhibition to amuse jaded foreign tourists
LOUIS: Leaving Versailles for the last time. Only forty-three when she died. Too young. Too young. Illness took her in the end. She always did work too hard. What does she say?
ANTONIO (The Circus of Doom): There, in 1768, on the lagoon outside Venice.
DOCTOR: This is the year 1770, the man who was speaking to us was Captain James Cook, and this ship is the Endeavor.
TEXT: 1774. The Heart of Civilisation.
MEL: What date is it?
MCGREGOR: 12th of December
MEL: No I mean what year is it?
MCGREGOR: 1781 as well you know
JOHN: ...do you mean to say that now it's June, 1782?
MCGREGOR: Why yes, what a strange question to ask.
NOTE: Said countless times in text.
JACK: Just a garden-variety Time Sprite, your majesty. Doesn't belong on Earth and definitely doesn't belong in the year 1785.
DOCTOR: I must have miscalculated our arrival by about forty years. [To Jamie’s hometime]
CIA AGENT: I need you to tell me what happened on one particular adventure. When you visited the planet Earth in the year 1688.
JAMIE: But that was.. a hundred years ago.
CIA AGENT: Indeed. But as far as you are concerned it was only forty years ago.
ROBESPIERRE: But can I trust them? If this motion gets underway, they will turn against me to save their own necks. Mark my words, LeMaitre. If this plot is successful, tomorrow, the 27th of July 1794, will be a date for history.
TEXT: Philadelphia, July 1st, 1789

19th century[]

20th century[]

21st century[]

22nd century[]

23rd century[]

CAPTION: The year is 2,208 and the Electrodes pop group are hurrying to the Glass Bowl Theatre where they are due to give a concert to thousands of their fans in an hour’s time...
SUSAN: Must be...50 years [since the overthrow of the Daleks]. More.
SUSAN: ...and the main room had previously been a classroom where, almost two hundred and fifty years ago, I'd been taught English. [almost 250 years since 1963]
SUSAN: And I was sitting by that same window at 3:38 in the morning in late October, making myself some tea, when the emergency call came in.
CHARLEY: You said this is, what is it, the 23rd century.
C'RIZZ: Did you ever get back?
KIM: Eventually. 227 years after I left.
NOTE: Kim Kronotska mentions having had an iPod, indicating that she is from the early 21st century, and therefore the story is set in approximately the 2230s.
DOCTOR: Present for Clara Oswald! All the way from 227 years into the future and 13 light-years across the --
PERI: I'm from another time, another century. Nearly three centuries before you were born, I lived in another world. I had an idea you wouldn't believe me.
TAMSIN DREW: Twenty-Third Century and nothing's changed.
NARRATOR: A waitressing job in a sleazy, 23rd century casino on New Vegas.
TEXT: Remand Station Mackay-One. 23rd Century
TEXT: The Doctor had taken Tegan and Turlough to Melphis because his records on the bustling 23rd century staging post were strangely ambiguous, and in some cases, non-existent.
ROMANA: It's the first of the leisure planets. In relative Earth date 2250, there's a hideous war against some reptile people called the Foamasi
BROCK: Argolis is justly proud of tachyonics, but that science, you will admit, remains, after forty years, little more than a curiosity.
DOCTOR: Er, no, it's the twenty third century.
VANSELL (Neverland): Venice, Earth, 2294.

24th century[]

SIL: After your meddling caused the failure of my Varos project, I was ordered to drum up new business here.
Year based on AUDIO: Daleks Among Us.
TEXT: Mumbai, India. 2314 [Part 1]
TEXT: Fortress Scindia, Madhya, 2315 [Part 2-3]
KARA: What's today's date?
MONITOR: January 7th. 2321, Kara.
DOCTOR: Why not? I like space. Earth’s solar system, 2329.
NYSSA: They all checked in here in 1993, according to the register – but the date on the calendar shows 2330!
Year based on AUDIO: Daleks Among Us.
CRANTON: This the 2351 Galaxy Fair. It’s not like anyone can roll up and grab a pitch. Cost me a pretty penny to be here.
Indian Space Agency 2367 A.D.
'What day did you leave your home, Vanessa?' the Doctor asked.
'It was 17 April 2375," she said.
VALEYARD: If we may see from the Doctor's arrival on the planet Thoros Beta. Twenty fourth century, last quarter, fourth year, seventh month, third day.

25th century[]

CHANDRIS: Are you bonkers? Think what you're proposing. Those things over there have never lived outside the middle ages. Can you imagine the impact on them when they land in the twenty fifth century?
BABE: We've only been settled here for fifty years-- since 2380, old Earth time.
Jane tears off the calendar page for Mon 2 March 2472.
PARRY: Cybermen? A live Cyberman? My dear Viner, they've been dead for the last five hundred years.
NOTE: Return to Telos is set during Tomb.
'25th century? He said vaguely. Hard to tell, it's a rickety old crate.'
TEXT: Set two generations after Mindwarp, which was set in 2379 AD.
HELEN: It’s her, isn’t it? Just like on Syra, the Sonomancer is bringing the end of the world.
OLLISTRA (The Side of the Angels): Patience, Doctor. The apocalypse is five centuries away, relatively speaking. [five centuries after the 20th century]
NYSSA: Doctor, who is Darzil Carlisle?
DOCTOR: Only one of the most eminent advocates for peace in human history. Born outside Olympus Mons, on Mars, in 2414.
NOTE: Darzil Carlisle appears as an older man.
VICKI: 2493, of course. My mother had just died and Daddy wanted to get away so he took a job on the planet Astra.
DOCTOR: This sort of hardware was quite common during the Orion War period.
Doctor: Oh yes, well pardon my tenses, is.
IKE (Sword of Orion): Oh yeah, but the androids gave them an ultimatum. Stay and accept androids as equals or leave. Most left, some stayed. Course, this was against the Galactic Charter and that's how the war started. About eight years ago now. Nobody's winning. It's a nasty business. [Sword of Orion is set in 2503]

26th century[]

IKE: Course, this was against the Galactic Charter and that's how the war started. About ... eight years ago now. Nobody's winning. It's a nasty business.
VANSELL (Neverland): And then traced to Deep Space Haulage craft Vanguard, 2503.
ADRIC: The year is 2526 in the timescale you call Anno Domini.
HARDY: Preparing to enter hyperspace at twenty-two oh nine seventy-two, two thousand, five hundred and forty EST.
DOCTOR: Well, it's just a spaceship, Jo. You know, I reckon we must be somewhere in the twenty-sixth century. Well, interstellar travel's pretty routine by now.
Picks up right after Frontier in Space.
DOCTOR: Apparently the year's 2589.

27th century[]

SYNOPSIS: January 2606. TribCity is at war with itself.
BENNY: What year?
JACK: The nights are getting longer, the weather's getting colder, and in exactly 29 days it will be the shortest day of Legion's year: Advent day!
LUCAS: It was the night before Advent, when all through the docks, not a creature was stirring, not even a fox.
BERNICE: The 9th of April 2618, just over a year ago, and nothing at all has been recorded since that day.
IRVING: You see, today is Advent day on Legion, and I am observing this strange family I have accumulated around me since arriving in this strange universe.
BENNY: I take a fortnight off to go to my son's wedding and I end up dealing with universal extinction before the cake's gone stale.
NOTE: Benny has stopped travelling with the Doctor to visit her son, implying she's back in her own time.
NOTE: Benny is lecturing in what is presumably her own time.
DOCTOR: A split second in the vortex has put us out of range by, ooh, a couple hundred centuries or so.
SYNOPSIS: On Telos, in the past, the Second Doctor and Jamie are exploring the 'tomb of the Cybermen'
JO: What do you mean "The Match?"
YATES: Trent Bridge, 1899
DOCTOR (later): The match finished 780 years ago, Mike.

28th century[]

CAPTION: The city-state of Tor-Ka-Nom, 2780AD...
JAMIE: Two seven two four.
DOCTOR: That's the year Jamie.
TEXT: Earthdate 2750.
MAITLAND: Yes, you see, the whole lower half of England is called Central City now. There hasn't been a London for four hundred years. We come from the twenty eighth century.
ZOE: ...Lord Ferdinand Sterling, he's a scientist from the 28th century.

29th century[]

DOCTOR: This is Glasst city, a human settlement on the planet Nocturne. The era you come from is about 790 years and three parsecs in that direction.
NOTE: The Doctor is speaking to Ace and Hex, however he is likely referring to Hex's home time of 2021, rather than Ace's home time of 1987, since Hex is a much more recent traveller in time.
'Of course,' said Liesa. '2815 is when the Cerberus...'
'... got jammed in the hyperspace tunnel,' finished Harken.
DOCTOR: Well it's still going on in 2815.
TEXT: Earthdate 2850.
DOCTOR: Not one known to auto-medics in the 28th century it seems.
DOCTOR: A hundred years in formless agony – enough to drive anyone insane. The sterility wall can’t have helped, charging the local atmosphere with disruptive particles.
COMPUTER: The colony was settled in the year 2835, 50 standard years ago.
DOCTOR: You thought you were coming to the 21st century, but this is the 29th. You flung out your net, but there was no one to harvest. Earth, this Earth, has already burned, eaten by solar flares.
NOTE: the solar flares that have devastated Earth in the 29th century line up with those mentioned by the Eleventh Doctor in The Beast Below.

30th century[]

'A date stamp in the upper corner told him that it was 16 November 2908 and that they’d arrived just after noon.'
DOCTOR: According to the Tardis's instrument readings, we are now in the thirtieth century empire.
CAPTION: In the thirtieth century A.D. a savage space war rages between robots on the planet Verno and the rocket patrols of Earth...
DOCTOR: "To Earth. To celebrate the 1000 year anniversary of their space age in 2957. I thought we could do with a holiday."
DOCTOR: What about number 50300?
COMPUTER: Tuesday the 5th of June, 2955.
DOCTOR: Of all the prisoners of war of the Hith offensive, only 2 were important enough to still be classified 4 years later.
COMPUTER: It was eventually discovered that robotics genius Taren Capell had smuggled himself aboard the Sandminer, assuming the identity of a crew member. [setting this shortly after The Robots of Death]
LIV (Eyes of the Master): Oh. it's just that my life doesn't feel like my own. Orpheus , the IDEs mission control in a thousand years time. [1000 years after the 1970s]
DOCTOR: I had different clothes too, straw hat, umbrella. We were on a spaceship, full of robots.
LIV: Oh that Doctor? That wasn't you. [Setting this after Robophobia]
DAL (Time's Horizon): Give me a minute, Kruger, I've just woken up from nine centuries of sleep.
DOCTOR (Time's Horizon): You missed out on a whole lot of history. The Eminence waged war against humanity, with armies of slaves led by Infinite Warriors. [setting this before Destroy the Infinite]
NOTE: Opening scene
NOTE: Opening and closing scenes
DOCTOR: The inhabitants are much like your own people back on Kaldor. Same century, in fact.
TULA: Is this it, then? We spend another ten years not talking? [Tula is Liv's sister, who first appeared in Robophobia]
DOCTOR: The incident on Commander Uvanov’s Sandminer, the Lorelei. Do any of these names mean anything to you? [Referencing the events of Robophobia and The Robots of Death]
HELEN: She’d understand. Go outside, Liv, then come back to this precise spot in one year’s time.
FINLAY: Information: when did I go into stasis?
HELIX: 4:28 AM, April 12th, 2965.
FINLAY: How long was I in stasis for?
HELIX: 20 years and 45 days.
DOCTOR: A scheduled flight in the Earth year two thousand nine hundred and eighty six.
Sir Bron’s puzzlement was clearly deepening. ‘Why, none use the old counting anymore.’ ‘But if they did,’ persisted the Doctor, ‘would it not be the end of the thirtieth century now?’ ‘I suppose so. But why trouble about it?’
‘Today is the fifteenth of June.’
‘Then it is the fourteenth year of the reign of Magnus the Third, eight hundred and forty six AL.’
‘It means “After Landfall”, naturally.’
It seems to be a journal of the first landing on this planet and its early settlement. Perhaps written by the leader of the colony. I can make out a date 28 September 2145.’ ‘That is the year of landfall by the old calendar,’ exclaimed Bron.
NOTE: If their landfall in 2145 was 846 years ago, it must be 2991.
NOTE: Set during the Eminence War.
NOTE: Set during the Eminence War.
DOCTOR: So the forces of this Eminence have been occupying human colony planets for some time now?
TILLEGAT: For something like fifty standard years, they landed on Delafoss about five years ago.
BARLOW: Where have you been the last fifty years? Earth is at war.
HELGERT: I have copies of every major agronomist for the last 200 years... I've taken on everything I could, from the work of Delinger, Tremer, Lasky. [Lasky appeared in Terror of the Vervoids]
CASEY: Earth is open for business. Grand Administrator Walter Vincent declared in a statement given from his Brunei beach residence. Border controls have been lifted. With the half-century war against the Eminence well and truly over, many are waking to see the sunrise of planet Earth for the very first time.

31st century[]

DOCTOR: So this is planet Castus Sigma, in the year 3025.
DOCTOR: Hmmm... But this is the early 31st century, right?
RIVER: We're in the 31st century, darling. Amazing what you can pick up online these days.
NOTE: Authorial intent.
DOCTOR: The Central Bureau building, Christmas Eve, the year 3060, just after eleven p.m.
DOCTOR: We’ve arrived slap-bang er, on target. The Earth colony on the planet Puxatornee in the year 3090, December the 24th.
DOCTOR: Yes. We will shortly be returning to Puxatornee on Christmas Day in the year 3090.

32nd century[]

DOCTOR: Humanity didn't develop a form of pure digital information that the brain could absorb until.. well this must be the 32nd century.

33rd century[]

' The Heligan Structure is a tree; one enormous, genetically engineered tree, the size of a small moon. Earth people in the twenty-fourth century use these things to help terraform alien worlds.' [said the Doctor]
"'The great tree has been the home of our people for nine hundred years,' said Ven."
THE MONK: We've travelled one thousand years into the future, some ninety light years from Earth. The planet Halcyon. [1000 years after the 23rd century]
COMPUTER: Name, Amelia Jessica Pond. Age, thirteen hundred and six. [However, the screens read 1308.]

34th century[]

‘On Earth, in the twenty-eighth century. I was reporting on the growth in smuggling to and from Earth. One of the smugglers took exception to that, and tried to have me spaced. Koschei saved me.’
He nodded. ‘Ah, but you forget, this is a ship built six centuries after your time. Besides, Federation ships won’t necessarily be built by Earth. The architecture here looks more Terileptil to me; they probably designed and built it for humans.’
DOCTOR: The year is Thirty-three eighty.

35th century[]

DOCTOR: If you must know, we are currently en route to the planet Targos Delta, fourth planet in the Targos system. Financial and industrial hub of the Earth Alliance in the thirty fifth century.
NYSSA: Older? Well, it has been a while since the last time I saw you.
DOCTOR: How long?
NYSSA: About fifty years. (AUDIO: Cobwebs)
NOTE: Nyssa doesn't have any family.
DOCTOR: Same location, forty years, two months and two days earlier.
NYSSA: Nothing, Lasarti. I was worried about Neeka.
LASARTI: She’s fine, dreaming whatever babies dream about.
ADRIC: She’s my mother. My mother who’s been missing, presumed dead, since I was fifteen years old! (AUDIO: Prisoners of Fate)
NOTE: Nyssa went missing in 3530, so Adric Traken was born in c. 3515. Since Neeka is a baby and older than Adric, this story can't be set any later than 3515.
ADRIC: She was thirty-five when it happened. My older sister and she’s younger than me now. (AUDIO: Prisoners of Fate)
NOTE: Since Nyssa went missing in 3530, Neeka must have been born in 3495 at the earliest, since Nyssa was previously unaware of Neeka's infection.

36th century[]

HAWKS: Thirty years [since 3490]. We found you lost in interstellar space. Brought you back with us.
TEGAN: But he doesn’t know that! The point is, after Nyssa went missing in thirty-five thirty, she never returned to her own time. (AUDIO: Prisoners of Fate)
SIBOR TARDIS: The year is thirty-five thirty-one. Quintilis the first. The day that you never came home. But now you can. I hereby release you from a state of temporal grace.
SIBOR: The year is thirty-five fifty-six.
The survivors never developed space travel, were never able to challenge and defeat the Knights of Velyshaa in the campaign of 3562.

37th century[]

DOCTOR: See, this is the grand opening of the Oriel, a transdimensional gallery in the 37th century.
TORVALD: 3rd Moon of Kikrit, fourth quarter, 3653 Sensorian era, correct?
NOTE: All other dates in the Sensorian Era era match the Humanian Era.

38th century[]

After AUDIO: Davros.
DOCTOR: Thirty eighth century. (Tastes his finger again.) Tuesday.
DOCTOR: Or when it will be finished, which narrows the transmission down to 3764.

39th century[]

DAL: Give me a minute, Kruger, I've just woken up from nine centuries of sleep. [9 centuries after c. 29XX]
Era based on PROSE: Legacy.

40th century[]

TEXT: 3912
DOCTOR: Look, it's fifty years now since Peladon joined the Galactic Federation, and what have the miners got to show for it? Harder work for the same rewards.
DOCTOR: I told you it was the fortieth century. The last great oil corporations are sucking the solar system dry to feed demand. Petrol prices have gone through the roof, of course, and the colonies that can't afford to pay are dying.
DOCTOR: How did you get something like this, all the way out here in the 40th century, Ms...?
"And welcome to The Slist Show Christmas Special! ... including a live performance from none other than Hattie Munroe and the Space Pirates!"
TEXT: The Twist. Human colony world in the far future.
Placebo Effect: The word 'TARDIS' appeared in all the entries, as did a note that he was almost always accompanied by young humanoid females. The most recent record was from 3984, when the Doctor was a guest of no less a personage than the Federation Chair himself.
NOTE: Set shortly before The Daleks' Master Plan with Sara Kingdom working as an SSS agent.

41st century[]

MAVIC CHEN: Yes. It is my earnest hope that the solar system may continue along this path of peace, this path that was laid by the signing of the non-aggression pact of 3975. Now, in this year of 4000, we can feel justly proud of that pact.
ANN: So we should leave, then. Get back to the 41st century and deal with the Syndicate? (AUDIO: Fever Island)
ANYA: He's a sentient android with protected rights. Argh, you need to drag yourself into the 41st century.
PELLEAS: Alas, no. The last [Aggedor] died nearly a century ago, saving the life of one of my ancestors, Queen Thalira.
NOTE: Referring to the events of The Monster of Peladon
The Battle of Zaruthstra, 4037 A.D.

42nd century[]

The Ood are enslaved and being sold, setting this before Planet of the Ood.
DOCTOR: Ah, got it. The Ood Sphere, I've been to this solar system before. Years ago. Ages. Close to the planet Sense Sphere. Let's widen out. The year 4126. That is the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
Sorry. I thought that, given the part of space we're in and given that this is the 42nd century, there really wouldn't be any Brians left.
NOTE: First Bev Tarrant story.
NOTE: Second Bev Tarrant story.

43rd century[]

JEFFERSON: Captain. Report Officer Scootori Manista PKD, deceased. Forty three K two point one.
NOTE: Despite the Ood being freed a century prior, AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive retroactively establishes the dating system as [century]K[decade].[year]
DOCTOR: Magnificent. Oh, come on, that is splendid. You've achieved all this in how long?
OOD SIGMA: One hundred years.
OOD SIGMA: The Ood have sung a lament for our brethren who died at the Devil's Eye for over 100 years.
PTOLEM: But the Doctor hasn't been captured, has he. You may have dragged him across aeons and parsecs, but by your own admission he's probably just wandering around somewhere on this planet. And in case you've forgotten, the planet Earth in 4253 AD is not a very safe place to be.

44th century[]

NOTE: Christmas eves with Eleventh Doctor, young Kazran, and Abigail.
DOCTOR: Daddy's been dead for twenty years, but you still can't get comfortable where he can see you. There's a Christmas tree in the painting, but none in this house, on Christmas Eve.

45th century[]

DOCTOR: By the forty-fifth century, solar flare activity was so extreme that over 95% of the Earth's surface had become uninhabitable.

46th century[]

DAVROS (Resurrection of the Daleks): Ninety years I was frozen in that. Ninety years of mind-numbing boredom.
'It's seven inches down, I found it next to a piece of ceramic we know is from the early twenty-seventh century.... Meaning it's nearly two thousand years old.' He paused, 'And this could be an earring worn by Bernice Surprise Summerfield herself.'
DOCTOR: Nearly 2000 years later. [After the events of Kingdom of Silver]
NOTE: According to the novelisation

49th century[]

DOCTOR: I know it's the 49th century and everyone's off exploring the great unknown, but you don't look like the adventurous type...

50th century[]

CLENT: And then the glaciers will move again. Five thousand years of history crushed beneath a moving mountain of ice.
DOCTOR (The Talons of Weng-Chiang): It was made in Peking for the Commissioner of the Icelandic Alliance. It was in the Ice Age, about the year five thousand.
NOTE: A Radio Times article published at the time of initial broadcast placed it in the year 3000. This was the date used in DWM 76, The Doctor Who Programme Guide, The Universal Databank, The Doctor Who File and A History of the Universe, and it was referred to in the novels Legacy and The Dark Path. However, The Making of Doctor Who says that it was set three thousand years after the previous story (so circa 4935).
DOCTOR: Solar system, between Jupiter and Saturn. About five thousand AD. Five thousand AD?

51st century[]

DOCTOR: Fifty first century. Diagmar Cluster, you're a long way from home, Mickey. Two and a half galaxies.
TEXT: MDP ARCHIVE. 19:15:06-05-5037 (WC: Pompadour)
Jack's flashback to when he lost his brother Gray as a kid.
TEXT: Time Agency ***** Galaxy. Location Redacted. 5067
NOTE: Flashback to Jack Harkness and John Hart at the Time Agency.
DOCTOR: Fifty first century. By now you've got holovids, direct to brain downloads, fiction mist, but you need the smell. The smell of books, Donna. Deep breath.
DOCTOR: He's their Bishop, they're his Clerics. It's the fifty first Century. The Church has moved on.

52nd century[]

The Luna University, 5123
KOVARIAN: So, they made you a Doctor today, did they? Doctor River Song. How clever you are.
DOCTOR: How's Stormcage?
RIVER: I'm on the first night of twelve thousand consecutive life sentences, kind of early to say.
TEXT: Stormcage Containment Facility 5145; The Royal Collection 5145; The Maldovarium 5145
NOTE: Set shortly before A Good Man Goes to War.
NOTE: Dorium Maldovar is beheaded by the headless monks, setting this after The Pandorica Opens where he still has his body.
LAKE: Yesterday was the day when Demon's Run fell. That was when it all started.
VASTRA: The battle was two days ago. You've made a full recovery.
RIVER: You were at Demon's Run.
NOTE: The Doctor takes River back to Stormcage. She was wearing a vortex manipulator, setting this after The Pandorica Opens.
ANNOUNCMENT: Alert, alert! Doctor Song has returned to the Stormcage. I repeat, Doctor Song has returned to the Stormcage.
RIVER: I can assure you he was dead, and we placed his body on a funeral pyre, and burnt it until only ashes remained. [recounting the events of The Impossible Astronaut setting this after Day of the Moon.]
NOTE: River Song is imprisoned at Stormcage.
RIVER: Oh, turn it off. I'm breaking in, not out. This is River Song, back in her cell. Oh, and I'll take breakfast at the usual time. Thank you.
NOTE: River Song is a professor.
DOCTOR: Dorium's dead. The Monks beheaded him at Demon's Run.

53rd century[]

The Hesguard Institute. 53rd Century.
NOTE: The Doctor was arrested at the end of Slaver's Song in the 23rd century and is inexplicibly in the 53rd century.

54th century[]

DOCTOR (The Bidding War): The Sphere's connects you to Memgram, the 54th century's top social network.
DOCTOR: I tracked the transmat signal here to the planetoid 94025, better known as Nomicae, the 54th century equivalent of Silicon Valley.... What year is it? 5324? 5325?
TEXT: Mendorax Dellora (human colony) Christmas Day 5343
DROXIL: Okay, we're putting our guns on the ground. Okay? Happy now? We're stepping away from our guns. Now can we interrogate you? We're from Androzani Major. The year is 5345, and we mean you no harm. Where are you from?

55th century[]

DOCTOR: Tim Shaw. How long's it been?
TZIM-SHA: Three thousand, four hundred and seven years. [From 2018.]

57th century[]

ACE: And I have to grapple Chelonians in a frontier war in the 57th century? Drokkin' Hell!

59th century[]

60th century[]

"At midday on 5th June 5968, a spaceship popped out of hyperspace nearby and curved down through the clouds."

61st century[]

CALENDAR: 60120724
DONNA: It's the date. Assuming the first two numbers are some big old space date, then you've got year, month, day. It's the other way round, like it is in America.
NOTE: Right after The Doctor's Daughter
JENNY: When my ship slams into orbit, Terebek has just vanished... For the next six months I make Kulontor my home.
NOTE: Before The Ark in Space. Year based on AUDIO: Wirrn Isle.

62nd century[]

DOCTOR: Now, let's see if I can get this remote surgical unit working. Warranty expired 5097? Hope it doesn't break, that was over a thousand years ago.

63rd century[]

"Call it intuition, call it a Time Lord gift, but the Doctor realized that he was isolated from Lassiter’s sensors, and therefore stranded on the world of the Hroth at the turn of the sixty-third century.... But, looking back, he decided that the five years he had spent building up the Tempus Fugit had quite possibly been the most enjoyable of his long life."
GILLESPIE: Because all life on Earth was destroyed centuries ago.
DOCTOR: Of course, yes! Colony ships! This must be the time of the solar flares. I new there must have been more than Nerva.
NOTE: This story is centuries after the solar flares which occurred in 6087.

67th century[]

DURKAS: 67th
DOCTOR: Oh, nice century. Bit tricky in the middle, turns out alright in the end.

68th century[]

TEXT: Aramuko, Xenopsychology Library of the Zokadyll, Seventh Dominion of the Lesser Mulchop (Circa 6771, Upper Humanian Era)

73rd century[]

DOCTOR: It's the year 7214...

79th century[]

"Sublimely uninterested in the factional divisions of eighth-millennium Christianity, the Gongens have certainly never been party to the war between the Cyrenes and their adversaries. One of their larger domes displays a banner reading 'WELCOME TO PANDACON 7883'."

82nd century[]

NOTE: Sharon Davies stays behind on Unicepter IV. She will be seen reporting on Josiah W. Dogbolter's arrest in COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown.
NOTE: Freefall Warriors origin story featuring Intra-Venus, Inc and Shaman Khan.
NOTE: Ivan Asimoff’s first story.
NOTE: Freefall Warriors and Shaman Khan story.
NOTE: Josiah W. Dogbolter’s first story.
NOTE: Frobisher's first story. Josiah W. Dogbolter is offering a quarter of a million mazumas as a bounty for the Sixth Doctor. Frobisher befriends the Doctor and they steal the money together.
NOTE: The Doctor leaves the stolen mazumas for Ivan Asimoff.
NOTE: Abel Gantz worked with Josiah W. Dogbolter's Intra-Venus corporation. Young Kaon the Draconian in the final two parts.
NOTE: Josiah W. Dogbolter and Frobisher story.
COUSIN ROB: How's about tellin' him it's 8162, he's on Earth, then gettin' outta here!
NOTE: This follows the Seventh Doctor sending Death's Head to this year in COMIC: The Crossroads of Time.
TEXT: As Tuck observes Death's Head's past life, the scene changes to an underground laboratory - on Earth in 8162 AD.
DEATH'S HEAD: Ten years ago – in 8152 – they discovered too late that they'd built the prison on a major fault line.
TEXT: The Los Angeles Resettlement: 8162
TEXT: The outskirts of the Los Angeles Resettlement, 8162
NOTE: The Seventh Doctor meets Keepsake, a salvage expert.
TEXT: High above the Los Angeles Resettlement, 8162.
NOTE: Keepsake and Bhalia following COMIC: Keepsake.
TEXT: The Arizona desert, 8162.
DEATH'S HEAD: We find that even here, on Earth in 8162... ...cowboy builders stil ply their trade!
TEXT: The planet Yel-Jek, Earth-date: 8162...
NOTE: Josiah W. Dogbolter and Seventh Doctor story.
NOTE: Josiah W. Dogbolter hires Death’s Head to hunt down the Seventh Doctor. The Doctor ultimately leaves Death's Head on the Baxter Building.
DEATH'S HEAD (Clobberin' Time!): Not enough that I'm stranded in an unknown time, with little or no chance finding a route back to 8162.
TEXT: Los Angeles, 8162...
TEXT: Many years later... [From 2016.]
NOTE: Sharon Allen (née Davies) reports on Josiah W. Dogbolter's arrest.
NOTE: Berakka Dogbolter meets the Doctor after they ruined her father's life.
NOTE: Older Kaon the Draconian after being stranded on Actinon.

Far future[]

100th century[]

"A glaring display read, HYSPERO. ABBASID ERA. THIRD DECADE."
NOTE: Femme Fatale establishes this story as 8000 years from 1968, although in which direction is up to interpretation:
Sam looked at me and said in a low voice, 'Iris, it's the third of June, 1968.'
'But it's only about four months since we were all together on Hyspero...'
'Relatively speaking, it's actually about eight thousand years, but it all gets too dizzying if you think about it too much.'

101st century[]

‘A human colony in the one-hundred-and-first century, Hunianian Era. Somewhere called the New Earth Republic.’

102nd century[]

EPILOGUE 1: "The New Earth Republic’s obsession with television had been a short-lived fad – within a hundred years of the Auton incursion, the New Earth Republic was a very different place."

108th century[]

NOTE: The author has said that he assumed a date of 10674. [citation needed] Conflicting dates given in the text:
PAGE 27: The Doctor wiped his mouth with a serviette. ‘About six or seven centuries into the tenth millennium. [9,6XX or 9,7XX?]
PAGE 27: The Doctor gave Turlough a wry smile. ‘Ostensibly quite the opposite. The Intent is a religious order that has been in existence for nearly five thousand years. They believe that their messiah died on the Sontaran Throneworld in the sixty-third century to save the Federation from annihilation.’ [11,2XX?]
PAGE 40: "He was a little surprised that they were still part of galactic society in the 108th century; considering how thoroughly unpleasant they had been in the twenty-seven hundreds..." [10,7XX]
PAGE 42: ‘The last authorized research project into genetic experimentation began on Tersurus in the year 6198. It was fully funded by the Federation Scientific Executive.’ ... The Doctor frowned. ‘Very convenient. But that was five thousand years ago. Surely there’s been sufficient time to rediscover the science?’ [11,1XX?]
PAGE 69: ‘But I’m not interested in Tornqvist’s formative years. My instructions are quite precise: 10,663 to the present day.’ [Sometime after 10,663?]

121st century[]

DOCTOR: Ten thousand years in the future. Step outside, it's the year 12005, the new Roman Empire.

161st century[]

ROGER (Wirrn Isle): It’s sixteen-one-twenty-seven. Barely forty years since we returned to Earth and already we’ve lost so much.
NOTE: Picks up from The Ark in Space.

162nd century[]

ROGER: It’s sixteen-one-twenty-seven. Barely forty years since we returned to Earth and already we’ve lost so much.

171st century[]

TEXT: 12,000 years later [from the 51st century]

208th century[]

220st century[]

'But you're so different from us, Ace - taller, smoother ... '
'That's because I was born a long time ago, you see ... Oh, probably about twenty thousand years ago,'

244th century[]

"Planet Eshraya, Year 24,312" [AD?]
"Planet Eshraya, Year 24,321" [AD?]

367th century[]

372nd century[]

SIGN: Egard Lumb died here 7y2 in the year 37,166.

392nd century[]

‘Two thousand years ago, Professor Sorenson, upon his return from the Planet of Evil, gave his name to this Academy. It was the dawn of the New Age.’

423rd century[]

453rd century[]

502nd century to the final death of Earth[]

'That would be nice.' His voice became distant, distracted again as he returned his attention to his main instruments and screens. 'But 51007's the date. Now I have to refine that and pick a place. Ah! I know...'
DOCTOR: So, it's two hundred thousand, and it's a spaceship. No, wait a minute, space station, and er, go and try that gate over there. Off you go.
DOCTOR: A hundred years exactly. It's the year two-zero-zero-one-zero-zero.
NOTE: Authorial intent sets this story as taking place "a quarter of a million years in the future".[1]
'Atomic clock.' The Doctor continued. 'Battery's run down a bit since 1972, but this should sort it. Right... Yes. The year is 250,339. To be precise, it's 14 March 250,339. And it's six minutes past one in the afternoon.'
"And that, because they were almost exactly 290,000 light years from Earth, and because it was almost exactly the year 292,009, if they had a really powerful telescope they could look through it and see Earth in the year 2009."
Alsa turned, drank it all in. ‘This is the future.’
‘Yup,’ the Doctor said. He was also looking around. Everyone clearly knew who he was. Many of them had been there twenty years before. The others must have heard stories about him.
"My Weekend by Chantal Osterberg (aged 7) 2 October AD 438,533"
DOCTOR: Well, having been clever enough to tow the future Batavia by Tardis to another space time location, I scanned this latitude and longitude for the characteristic signature of an EM pulse, and what do you know? I found one, in the year 500,002.
DOCTOR: The only people that come to Earth in the year 500,002 end up there by accident.
‘For your information, we have come out of the time stream some 847,000 years in your future [Ace]. Mankind has broken free of the shackles of gravity and set sail to the distant stars. Alien species have evolved and died out. The planet is deserted.’
DOCTOR: I think it's a million and a half years since Culloden, give or take.
DOCTOR: Oh, a long time after your period. Er, two million years or more.
NOTE: Sabalom Glitz recalls the Doctor from The Mysterious Planet.
MISSY: A few million years ago this dusty wilderness used to be the Thames Estuary.
MISSY: There's no one left alive on this stupid planet of yours, just a few left over animals.
DALEK: Rogue TARDIS located, the planet Jedris, 53rd segment of time.
DOCTOR: Segment? To use your phrase, sir, what segment are we in now?
COMMANDER: The fifty-seventh.
DOCTOR: Good gracious! We must have jumped at least ten million years.
TURLOUGH: Fleeing from the imminence of a catastrophic collision with the sun, a group of refugees from the doomed planet Earth.
DOCTOR: We can't interfere. Colony's too new, one generation at most.
NOTE: Earth's destruction mentioned here lines up with The Ark. The novelisation establishes Frontios is located at the frontier in time, which is dated circa 10,000,000 by The Book of the War.
DOCTOR: Well I'm not sure, dear boy. However, the statue's finished. That means seven hundred years must have passed since we last stood here.
DOCTOR: Other end of the universe. Twenty-three million years in the future. Oh, yes, it's a time machine too.
ANNOUNCER: In eight hours, it'll be midnight, and we enter the year five billion.
NOTE: Cassandra's Party.
CLARA: No, it's not that. Have we just watched the entire life cycle of Earth, birth to death?
DOCTOR: This is the year five point five slash apple slash twenty-six. Five billion years in your future, and this is the day. This is the day the Sun expands. Welcome to the end of the world.
DOCTOR (New Earth): So, the year five billion, the sun expands, the Earth gets roasted.

After the destruction of Earth[]

NOTE: New Earth and the Sisters of Plenitude exist.
"The Doctor shrugged. '...I think the Earth and the solar system are gone. The end of their natural lifespan. Humans had to find somewhere else.'"
DOCTOR: Professor Helen Clay, University Of New Earth, year five billion and twelve.
DOCTOR: It's the year five billion and twenty-three. We're in the galaxy M87, and this? This is New Earth.
DOCTOR: Nah. Where's the fun for me? I don't want to go home. Instead, this is much better. Year five billion and fifty-three, planet New Earth. Second hope of mankind.
NOTE: Thomas Kincade Brannigan and Valerie Brannigan from Gridlock are at the Übermarket.
DOCTOR: OK. The DVD was made at 12.23, May 31st, 5 million [sic] and 57.
NOTE: Incorrect year by the writer.
FRITCHOFF: What time is it?
DOCTOR: About 10 billion AD.
WINKLE: How, how long have I been asleep?
DUCK: Approximately sixty billion years.
NOTE: Mesh Cos' flashbacks. Year is given as Mesh's death date in Who's Who in the City of the Saved.
MASTER: There is a time to fight and a time to run. To run, as fast and as far as you can go. To the very edge of the universe, the very edge of time. A place where perhaps I, or rather the invisible person I would become, might be safe.
DOCTOR: What? The year one hundred trillion? That's impossible.
GENERAL: Gallifrey is currently positioned at the extreme end of the time continuum, for its own protection. We're at the end of the universe, give or take a star system.
NATALIA: This is entropy, child, the death of the universe.
DOCTOR: The end of the road. This is it, the end of everything. The last planet.
AMY: The world where we met, where the Grace stopped the rain? That's the furthest into the future any of the segments are hidden, and sixty-six minutes from the end of time.
DOCTOR: The universe is over! It doesn't have a say any more! We're standing on the last ember, the last fragment of everything that ever was. As of this moment, I'm answerable to no-one!


`Saraquazel is displaced from his own universe, just as Anne's precious Intelligence is. The difference between them is simple, however. While the Intelligence is a revenant from the previous universe, Saraquazel's pedigree is far more impressive. He comes from the universe that will be born from the ashes of this one.'
Gathering his energies, he launched himself through the rainbow atmosphere of his home world into the pink void of his native universe, sweeping past the green mists of orbiting plankton and narrowly avoiding a herd of mindless grazers, their eyeclusters turning in his direction through instinct.
MAX: We're inside the m-mind of the Lokhus, Doctor. This is where he comes from -- The universe after ours...