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This page lists the order of stories in that contain references and appearances of the Doctor Who series that exists within the the Doctor's universe. Stories that are explicitly set in meta-fiction universes should be entered on the respective timeline.


19th century[]

The Fourth Doctor sends two letters more than a century prior to the first publication of Doctor Who Weekly to ensure his letters arrive in time.

20th century[]


Winston Churchill pitches the idea of a series about the Doctor to Sydney Newman.
Verity Lambert begins work on Doctor Who for the BBC, despite some of the males' sexist opinions.
The first broadcast of Doctor Who.
Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks is published. (PROSE: Bafflement and Devotion)


A Doctor Who fan in 2020 gets in touch with U.N.I.T. and Terrance Dicks.
The serial Planet of the Spiders is broadcast, depicting the regeneration of the Third Doctor into the Fourth Doctor.
Paul Magrs gets a Doctor Who jigsaw for Christmas.
The "Jane Fonda" Iris is sent by the Ministry to investigate Geoff Love's reworkings of classic sci-fi themes, and she helps him create his remixed Doctor Who theme.
Paul Magrs gets a Dr Who Paint-by-Numbers kit.


Two brothers, David and Chris, are major fans of Doctor Who
K9 and Company is broadcast around Christmas.
The Sixth Doctor attempts to murder Ron Rat for insulting Doctor Who.


Production on The Dark Dimension is cancelled.
c. 1995 - The Doctor Who Yearbook 1995 is published. (NOTVALID: Doctor Whoah! 384)
Steven Moffat writes an afterword for Decalog 3: Consequences, as dictated to by Professor Candy.
c. 1996 - the book Doctor Who: The Eighties is published. (NOTVALID: Doctor Whoah! 375)
The Doctor Who TV movie is released.
Two Doctor Who fans kidnap Peter Davison.

21st century[]


Christopher Eccleston is cast as the Doctor.
The Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Victoria and David Beckham. David mistakes the Doctor for Christopher Eccleston and asks him to sign his Doctor Who books.
New Earth is being filmed. By this point, the Doctor is being played by David Tennant.
ITV tries to knock Doctor Who out of the ratings.
Smith and Jones has just aired.
Voyage of the Damned is being filmed.
Paul Magrs writes a prose piece about his inspirations, including Doctor Who.
The first episode of the Doctor Who revival has aired.
The Christmas Invasion is being filmed.
Doctor Who annuals are seen.
The Doctor Who Exhibition is advertised in Cardiff.
A Children in Need special is being filmed.
Andy Millman plays an alien on an episode of Doctor Who.
Danny, Withnail and I are all cast as the Doctor.
The Doctor is wearing a wig that belonged to William Hartnell.
Paul Magrs writes scripts for Doctor Who CDs, which features Tom Baker.
John Barrowman acts out a skit with a fan on the TARDIS set.


By the 2010s, Matt Smith is an actor in the series. (TV: The Doctor Drops In, The Doctor Appears)
An episode featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, called Doctor Who Farted, airs.
A live news broadcast outside of the Doctor Who Exhibition is interrupted when many of the alien props on display turn out to be real, and they start attacking.
Matt Smith carries the Olympic Flame before passing it on to the Tenth Doctor.
The Eleventh Doctor visits Dermot O'Leary and Claudia Winkleman while they talk about Doctor Who live on air.
Later that year, The Day of the Doctor is broadcast.
The Eleventh and Tenth Doctors, and Strax, introduce a cinema screening of The Day of the Doctor.
Peter Capaldi is cast as the Twelfth Doctor, and he writes a letter to DWM
Three fans watch Deep Breath.
An advert for the series is seen on the side of a bus.
A trailer for series 9 is shown.
The ninth series is broadcast.
Peter Capaldi writes a letter to be printed in the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine.
Issue 500 of Doctor Who Magazine is released.
A child watches Heaven Sent.
Rumours spread that the next Doctor will be played by a woman.
Who Con 2017 is held.


A fan mistakes an episode of Bradley Walsh and Son in Breaking Dad for a new episode of Doctor Who.
Strax introduces viewers to a new screening of The Day of the Doctor.
Petronella Osgood and her Zygon duplicate watch Doctor Who.
A Doctor Who fan manages to contact U.N.I.T. in the 1970s for advice concerning COVID-19.
The Thirteenth Doctor and everybody at Doctor Who wishes their audience "love and luck for 2021".
Big Finish release the audio drama, The Doomsday Contract.


William Hartnell plays the Doctor in the series, while films starring Peter Cushing are produced.


Cosgrove Hall recreate lost episodes of the Doctor Who cartoon.

26th century[]

Chris Cwej and Clarence watch re-runs of Doctor Who.

Currently unplaced[]