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This page lists appearances of Davros in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Limiting factors Edit

What happened to Davros after TV: Revelation of the Daleks and before TV: Remembrance of the Daleks, as well as what happened after Remembrance of the Daleks is complicated but not impossible to reconcile.

Davros' personality is subdued by that of an Emperor Dalek in AUDIO: Terror Firma but must be reversed due to his intact personality in post-Time War stories.

Timeline Edit

Early life Edit

As a child, Davros' life is saved by the Twelfth Doctor.
In an alternate timeline, the Master ensures Davros dies before he is severely injured.
Davros is supposedly killed by a Dalek but actually enters suspended animation.
Occurs during the events of Genesis of the Daleks.

After Skaro Edit

"Thousands of years" after the Daleks were created. Davros is awakened and later put in suspended animation.
90 years after the events of Destiny of the Daleks, Davros is taken out of suspended animation to cure the Movellan virus.
Davros oversees the bombardment of the Earth colony of Phobos in the 23rd century. He has a "wizened hand", placing this before Revelation of the Daleks. Anomalously, Davros is depicted as he appeared in Genesis of the Daleks rather than Resurrection of the Daleks.
Takes place after the 38th century. Davros is apparently killed in a spaceship explosion, though the Sixth Doctor knows that he has survived.
The Sixth Doctor recalls Davros' apparent demise. Davros' hand is destroyed. He is captured and is taken back to Skaro for trial by the Daleks.
The ship containing Davros crash lands on Lethe. Davros is likely retrieved after this.
Davros has been put on trial by the Daleks. His body is chainsawed by Abslom Daak but survives to become Emperor of the Daleks.
Davros is leading the Daleks and his skirt matches that of a Dalek. The Daleks have their memories erased at the end of the story.
Davros is being put on trial due to the Daleks having their memories wiped. He becomes Emperor once more.
Davros escapes in a Dalek escape pod.

After the Hand of Omega Edit

Davros' escape capsule is recovered by the Quetzel, his personality is intact. He is put on trial by the Dalek Prime and executed via matter disintegration. One of his supporters was however operating the machine used for execution so Davros could have survived.
Davros has been separated from his Daleks following the destruction of Skaro. He escapes in a Dalek time machine.
Davros' is brought aboard a Nekkistani time ship. He is also far more insane than normal, most likely a consequence of the predicament he finds himself in at the end of Daleks Among Us. His personality subdued by that of a Dalek Emperor.

The Last Great Time War Edit

Davros is seemingly killed in the first year of the Last Great Time War.
Davros is resurrected during the Time War by the Dalek Time Strategist by merging echoes of Davros from every universe with the body of a Davros from one universe to create the ultimate Davros.
Davros returns to N-Space and attempts to take control of the Dalek Empire. When this fails he is taken prisoner by the Dalek Emperor.

After the Time War Edit

Davros is retrieved by Dalek Caan, who breaks the time-lock at the cost of his sanity. Using his own DNA, Davros creates a New Dalek Empire led by a Supreme Dalek. Events resume a more linear order after the Last Great Time War.
Residing aboard the Crucible, Davros confronts the Tenth Doctor. He is seemingly killed when the Crucible is destroyed along with the New Dalek Empire.
Davros is living among the Daleks, led by a Supreme Dalek, on a reconstructed Skaro. Summoning the Twelfth Doctor, he recalls their confrontations up to The Stolen Earth and learns that the Doctor saved Gallifrey and the Time Lords at the end of the Time War. He is last seen as the Daleks face a rebellion from their decaying numbers from the sewers.

Other Edit

Davros, operating alongside a Dalek Emperor, leads an invasion of Earth in the year 2254, which is thwarted by the Seventh Doctor and Ace. According to PROSE: Head Games, the events of Dalek Attack are a simulation the Doctor created by fictional energies.

Currently Unplaced Edit

In the 82nd century, Davros leads the Dalek Empire, which is "demolished" during the Skeletoid invasion of Mutter's Spiral. Davros is depicted as he appears in Resurrection/Revelation.
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