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This page lists appearances of the Daleks - and their creator, Davros - in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

Limiting factors[]

Daleks with cone-shaped ears, luminosity dischargers, are usually seen during or after the Last Great Time War, while Daleks with bulb-shaped ears are usually seen before.

Non-slatted Daleks are usually seen before TV: The Chase although the Daleks in TV: Genesis of the Daleks and TV: The Power of the Daleks are slatted and both take place before The Chase. These are the only exceptions to this rule as they cannot be set later in the timeline.

Any story where the Daleks have not developed space travel must take place before COMIC: Power Play.

Any story where the Daleks do not know that the Doctor is a Time Lord must take place before TV: Resurrection of the Daleks; this therefore includes TV: The Chase, TV: The Daleks' Master Plan and TV The Evil of the Daleks.

Any story where Skaro exists must take place before TV:Remembrance of the Daleks where it is destroyed, which is referenced in TV: Twice Upon a Time, AUDIO: Terror Firma and AUDIO: Daleks Among Us. Skaro is devastated, following the events of the Time War (TV: Daleks in Manhattan) and is restored by TV: The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar. "The Destroyer of Skaro" is a name for the Doctor recorded by the Testimony in the far future. (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

Any story featuring Davros with an intact wheelchair has to happen before COMIC: Emperor of the Daleks! in which Abslom Daak chain swords his torso. Any story where Davros has an intact personality must take place prior to Terror Firma.

Dalek time travel is inconsistent. They have time machines in TV: The Chase, TV: The Daleks' Master Plan and AUDIO: Daleks Among Us. Dalek time travel is "crude and nasty" in TV: Remembrance of the Daleks and their time travel technology can rival the Time Lords by the Gallifrey audio series, leading to the Last Great Time War.

However, Davros' personality is replaced by an Emperor Dalek in Terror Firma, but various accounts date Remembrance of the Daleks, which Terror Firma is a sequel to, before the Time War, meaning Davros was restored to his original personality before or during the Time War (which has never been stated in any story). Dalek time travel technology is clearly advanced in TV: The Magician's Apprentice, with Colony Sarff being sent to multiple points in time (including the end of the universe where the Sisterhood of Karn are). It is never stated that the Daleks or Davros have looked into their personal future.

What happened to Davros after TV: Revelation of the Daleks and before TV: Remembrance of the Daleks, as well as what happened after Remembrance of the Daleks is complicated but not impossible to reconcile. The conflicting accounts of Davros' ascension to Emperor of the Daleks and dismemberment in Emperor of the Daleks, the sequence of events depicted in The Juggernauts, The Davros Mission, and the framing narrative of I, Davros cannot be reconciled and will therefore be treated as three separate timelines resulting from the Time War.



By one account, there are various myths surrounding the creation of the Daleks, including that they were created by Yarvelling or on Mars. (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)

Created by Yarvelling[]

The Daleks evolve from humanoids, as described in The Daleks.

Evolving from humans[]

The Daleks are created from humans.

Created by Davros[]

The Twelfth Doctor saves Davros as a child.
Shan wrote a paper suggesting the Kaled race would need to be re-engineered to survive a post-war Skaro, which she called "the Dalek Solution", giving Davros the idea for Daleks. (AUDIO: Davros)
Prior to Genesis of the Daleks, Davros creates his advanced life-support chair and unveils Dalek One.
Davros has created the Daleks.
A historical account of the Daleks, depicted in flying bronze casings, waging an attack on the Thal Dome.
Immediately after Genesis of the Daleks, a short conflict is waged between the Daleks and the Thals, with the Daleks dropping a neutron bomb on the Thals. The Daleks become confined to their newly constructed city. (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)

Trapped on Skaro[]

500 years after the Thousand Year War, (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe) the Thals begin to emerge from their plateau in search of food. (TV: The Daleks)
A group of Thals have travelled from their plateau to the Thal Dome, only to find it infested with Daleks, who exterminate them all.
The war with the Daleks, referred to as a neutronic war, occurred 500 years ago. The Thals left their plateau 4 years ago. With the help of the First Doctor and friends, the Thals destroy all the Daleks in the Dalek City.
Fifty cycles have passed since the events of The Daleks. During this time, the sole surviving Dalek from the Dalek City, the Dalek Supreme, has been building up an army of Daleks. These Daleks are all destroyed by the First Doctor and his companions in association with the Thals. The Thals theorise that there might have been other surviving Dalek colonies on Skaro.
The First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright inadvertently help destroy a pest of the Daleks on Skaro. The Daleks allow them to leave peacefully, but warn them to never return.
Susan Foreman inadvertently lands on Skaro, centuries before the Daleks embarked on universal conquest
In the default time period of Random Ghosts and The Lights of Skaro, the Daleks haven't yet developed space travel.

Venturing out into the universe[]

The Dalek City is constructed. The Daleks gain space travel.
The Emperor orders the conquest of space, leading into The Amaryll Challenge.
The first Dalek invasion force lands on Amaryll, the closest planet to Skaro. The Emperor then orders the invasion of Solturis, leading into The Penta Ray Factor.
The Emperor is called back to Skaro, leading into Plague of Death.
An alien spacecraft lands on Skaro, leading into The Menace of the Monstrons.
The Daleks repel an alien attack, partly destroying the Dalek City.
A few months after The Menace of the Monstrons, the Dalek City is rebuilt. Following an attack on their space forces by the Mechonoids, the Emperor orders a search for inventions in space in preparation for war.
The Daleks conquer the planet Phryne whilst searching for new technology.
The Daleks capture Skardal and sent it to Mechanus, leading into Impasse.
The Terrorkons are disturbed, leading onto The Terrorkon Harvest.
The Emperor orders the exploration of Skaro, leading onto Legacy of Yesteryear.
Centuries after Genesis of Evil.
The Daleks use transolar discs. They invade in 1903, so probably early in Dalek history as opposed to time travellers.
The Second Doctor and John and Gillian destroy a group of primitive, non-slatted Daleks who are constructing metal tracks on which to travel on an unidentified planet. These Daleks do not explicitly recognise the trio.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren elude a group of colourful, non-slatted Daleks on an unidentified planet. These Daleks do not explicitly recognise the trio.
The Daleks recognise the Second Doctor. According to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, the factory ship is one of many sent out in the early days of the empire. According to PROSE: War of the Daleks, it takes place after Remembrance of the Daleks.
Set in 2135. The Doctor says that the Daleks have garrisons on nearly every planet in the universe at this time (away from Earth's galaxy?). The Second Doctor is the Supreme Dalek's arch enemy.
The Emperor declares that human beings are to be destroyed.
The Emperor declares "all-out war" on all humans everywhere.
The Daleks elect to search for Earth.

The Dalek Occupation of the Solar System[]

The Daleks' invasion is initially repelled, but they vow to return.
The First Doctor and Ian Chesterton fight space-faring Daleks who refered to them both as "Earthmen".
The First Doctor, Ian and Barbara Wright eluded a group of Daleks equipped with an Earthmen Detector.
The Daleks do not yet have time travel. They are ruled by the Golden Emperor. They have conflict with humanity, which is not confined to Earth. Therefore this has been placed during the First Dalek War, before the invasion of Earth.
The Daleks plan the invasion of Earth as a means for Project Degravitate.
The Daleks are attacking Earth colonies.
The invasion has begun; the Daleks also attack Mars.
In an historical account of the Dalek invasion of Mars, the invaders are depicted in flying bronze casings.
A historical account of the invasion of Earth depicts the Daleks in flying bronze casings and dates the invasion to 2164.
Set on 8 April 2164. The Daleks arrive on Earth and invade Paris. They don’t have time travel but a fleet becomes trapped in the time vortex and temporarily gains means of time travel.
Set near the beginning of the war. The Daleks arrive in Portsmouth and capture Victor Chaplin, converting him into a Roboman. (AUDIO: After the Daleks)
Set during the occupation, though not for the alternate future Daleks.
Set in 2163 during the occupation, but as the Sixth Doctor repeatedly insists that the invasion will end in a year, it really has to be set in 2166.
The Daleks' Master Plan, GodEngine, Lucifer Rising and The Mutant Phase date the Dalek invasion to 2157. The TV story itself is set 10 years later. The Doctor believes that The Daleks was "a million years" in the future, and that Invasion is "about the middle history of the Daleks." However, in the novelisation, this is changed, and the Doctor theorises that their defeat in Daleks may not have been complete, that the Daleks have "tremendous powers of survival," or that there may have been other colonies on other parts of Skaro. He also notes "they’ve evolved too," implying Daleks comes before Invasion.
Set during The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The End of Tomorrow (4).
Set directly after The Dalek Invasion of Earth. One Dalek survives the war, however it is killed by Marcus Bray as a political stunt.
The Daleks are familiar with the Monk, but the Daleks are natives to this era except the Dalek Time Controller, who will have gave them the knowledge of the Monk. The Daleks invade Earth again in the 22nd century.
Possible anomaly, as it clashes with Lucie Miller and To the Death.
After The Daleks and 50 years after a Dalek War that humanity won.

The Dalek Wars[]

Humanity has settled in the New Earth System for fifty years since 2380.
A Dalek war breaks out in 2459. (PROSE: The Colony of Lies)
A Dalek Emperor oversees the planning for Operation Divide and Conquer.
Operation Divide and Conquer is thwarted by the Third Doctor. The Daleks attack.
Follows Frontier in Space. The Dalek Supreme, a member of the Supreme Council, travels in a Councillor-class ship. Set generations after The Daleks.
drawing upon the Master's knowledge of temporal mechanics, the Gold Dalek begins research into the development of time travel. (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
The Daleks have invaded Earth before, so after the The Dalek Invasion of Earth. They have "discovered the secret of time travel." They have had another go at the invasion. They know the Doctor but do not recognize his third incarnation. Set after Planet of the Daleks, according to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe.
Daleks and humans are at war with one another.
Set during the Dalek Wars.
Set during the Dalek Wars. The Emperor Dalek recognises the first seven incarnations of the Doctor but is unfamiliar with the name "Davros".
Set during the Second Dalek War and features grey Daleks led by a bronze-type red-and-gold Supreme Dalek.
Set during the Earth Empire's war with the Daleks and features the bronze Daleks, so they are not confined to Time War related stories.
Towards the end of the war.
The Daleks use Ogron slaves and are at war with humanity which is "taking its toll", implicitly placing this during the Second Dalek War.
This occurs a generation after a Dalek War; according to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe it is soon after the 2nd Dalek War. The Daleks are less advanced than the ones in Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks. They know who the Third Doctor is and know about the Tardis.
According to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, the Daleks launch the war seen in this story immediately after the events of Death to the Daleks.

Aftermath of the Wars[]

A group of Daleks observe The First Doctor leaving Xeros, and begin to follow them through the vortex, leading into The Chase.
The Daleks are based on Skaro again and are now slatted. They have a dimensionally transcendental timeship but explicitly want revenge for The Dalek Invasion of Earth, implying it is not too long after that story. In the Mission to the Unkown novelisation, the Doctor explains that "the Daleks have been studying time for almost a century," implying the Daleks from The Chase are native to the 40th century. Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe sets it after the Dalek Wars.
A historical account of the Daleks' battle with the Mechanoids depicts them in flying bronze casings.
Follows The Chase.
The Second Doctor is attacked by Daleks within his TARDIS control room.
Set in 2025, these Daleks have travelled back in time to destroy humanity before the Dalek Wars. They refer to the "Dalek Empire" and have high-functioning Robomen.
During the Third Doctor's time on 20th century Earth, the Daleks, based on the Moon, loan their weaponry for a human accomplice to rob the Bank of England but are thwarted by the Doctor. These Daleks are slatted and recognise the Third Doctor.
During the latter period of the Third Doctor's time with UNIT on 20th century Earth, the Daleks pursue Sarah Jane Smith but are routed by the army.
The Daleks are non-slatted and can detect the Doctor's journey to Trodos, hinting at an understanding of time travel.
Ian and Barbara thwart the Daleks' attempt to paralyse the First Doctor.
The Doctor and Ian rescue a human scientist from the Daleks.
Set centuries before the ADF was founded, A Supreme Dalek oversees the placement of a Dalek army on a planet for activation when back-up is required or after a certain amount of time.
Set in the 45th century, but these Daleks have been in cryogenic suspension for 17 centuries.
The Dalek Emperor matches the description of the one from Evil and is referred to as "an Emperor", suggesting that there is more than one. All three editions of aHistory date this story to circa 3340, as Thal Search and Destroy missions have been underway for eight centuries, and Planet of the Daleks is set in 2540.

Fighting the ADF[]

The Daleks exterminate Mark Seven's adoptive mother in front of him. Probably set before Mark joined the ADF or SSS.
The Anti-Dalek Force (ADF) is founded during a war between humanity and the Daleks. According to Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, the ADF, including Joel Shaw, operated after the Mechonoid Wars and Dalek Killers, and prior to the 40th century. Mark Seven, an android who would remain active through to at least the 41st century, is a founding member of the ADF.
Seven, Shaw and Shavron are ambushed by Daleks on Omegon.
Features Seven, Shaw, and Shavron.
Joel Shaw discovers that Daleks have been placing themselves in human bodies for some time, using them to infiltrate human affairs.
Features Shaw, Seven and Shavron.
One year after Terror Task Force.
Joel Shaw and other ADF personnel receive a recording informing them that a huge Dalek army has been accidentally activated. It is not known how long ago the recording was sent, but the worry expressed by ADF indicates that such an army increases the Dalek threat that they had already faced.
ADF Agent Ral Shannon has been marooned on Knosson for 3 years, making the force at least that old.
Del Kramer tells Shaw of his encounter with the Daleks and his belief that they had taken a formula which enhanced growth, anticipating that, with it, the Daleks could defeat humanity within weeks.
Shaw and Shavron defeat a Dalek ship undergoing a covert mission on Mars.
Seven and Shaw answer a distress call from Scottus.
Seven and Shaw find Daleks hiding on an artificial island on Earth.

The Great War[]

The last remaining member of the Supreme Council declares himself the Dalek Supreme and begins to set in motion his master plan. (PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
Features Sara Kingdom. According to this account, the SSS is founded with Sara and Agent Seven (aka Mark Seven) as founding members.
Features Sara Kingdom and Mark Seven.
Features Sara Kingdom.
Features Sara Kingdom.
Sara dies. The Daleks have time machines. The Daleks are unaware of the Time Lords.
Set in the 41st century, Daleks return to Exxilon some time after the events of Death to the Daleks. They are trying to steal the humans' Parrinium, with both the Daleks and humans suffering from a space plague.
Genetic variant 210 and Steven Taylor become trapped on the planet Shade and work together to survive. Upon its arrival back on Skaro, 210 is given an enhanced casing and declares himself the emperor. Following his ordeal, he vows to seek the human factor, setting this shortly before Evil of the Daleks.
A small group of grey and blue Daleks, led by a Dalek with a black dome, attempt to conquer Earth in 37 AD. They are ultimately led by the emperor, who resides on Skaro. They fail in their mission, noting that there are other nexus points in human history, suggesting they are time travellers.
The Daleks are developing time travel. Skaro exists. The Daleks are unaware of the Time Lords. According to the novelisation, this is set over 1000 years after The Daleks' Master Plan, with the Daleks having suffered a slow defeat in the Great War against the humans, Thals, and Draconians. Dalek computers predict defeat within the next 80 years, however this comes sooner with the Doctor's Humanised Daleks starting a civil war against the emperor.
A historical account of the civil war depicts the Daleks in flying bronze casings.
At the conclusion of the Civil War, the Dalek Emperor has a brief encounter with a time-jumping Bernice Summerfield. (AUDIO: The Lights of Skaro)

Withdrawing from Mutter's spiral[]

The Daleks return to the timeline after their destruction in Evil of the Daleks. They return due to damage caused to the web of time by their end.
Set an unspecified amount of time after Evil. The Doctor discovers the Daleks did not meet their final end and the Emperor rules the Daleks again.
After The Daleks' Master Plan.
The Daleks infected with the human factor hide on the planet Kyrol.
Humanity at this point has encountered the Daleks before, but these humans are unfamiliar with them. The Daleks know of the Time Lords.
The Second Doctor prevents slatless Daleks from destroying Earth.
In the 20th century, the Daleks attempt to escalate Earth's Cold War.
Working with a traitorous Time Lord, the Daleks field a fleet of replica TARDISes in a bid to conquer the galaxy, but are thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and the Time Lords.
The Time Lords send the Fourth Doctor to prevent the Daleks from destroying Earth.
The Daleks have a crystal-based command network.
The Daleks do not recognise the Seventh Doctor. Imperial Daleks are depicted on the cover, but this may be a production error. The Emperor is not Davros and appears to be the one from Evil of the Daleks. The Daleks are attempting to reestablish their empire by way of economic domination in order to avoid wasting resources through waging war. The Daleks are beginning to have trouble with with their computers behaving too logically, and therefore becomiong too predictable. This issue would eventually begin to plague their own internal computers (and therefore their minds) during the forthcoming Movellan War.

The Movellan War[]

Set in the past according to the Doctor. Steven Moffat confirmed that the Movellans are more human than the ones in Destiny of the Daleks, placing it before that story. Bronze Daleks are fighting the war.
The War has been waging for centuries and both sides have access to time travel. The Daleks are bronze.
These Daleks crashed on their way back to Skaro from the invasion of Kantra, which was mentioned in Destiny.
"Thousands of years" after the Daleks were created, Davros is awakened and later put in suspended animation. Neverland mentions the year 4949 in relation to the Dalek-Movellan War as recorded in the Matrix on Gallifrey.
Set during the War.
A Dalek in a time bubbles attacks the Tenth Doctor, Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven in the 41st century. As revealed in The Triumph of Davros, this Dalek was sent back in time to attempt to kill Mark Seven.
The Tenth Doctor and Anya arrive in the midst of a space battle between Dalek and Movellan foorces.
Immediately after The Lost
Follows directly on from The First Son. Davros is in Earth custody and is removed from cryo-suspension, setting this between Destiny of the Daleks and Resurrection of the Daleks.
Follows directly on from The Dalek Defence. According to the Supreme, the most successful Dalek time travel experiment to this point was the one seen in The Chase. The First Movellan decides to exploit the Daleks' biological weakness with a virus.

The rise of Davros[]

90 years after the events of Destiny, Davros is taken out of suspended animation to cure the Movellan virus. The Daleks know of the Time Lords, setting this after The Daleks' Master Plan and Evil of the Daleks. Set in 4590 according to the novelisation
Davros oversees the bombardment of the Earth colony of Phobos in the 23rd century. He has a "wizened hand", placing this before Revelation of the Daleks. Anomalously, Davros is depicted as he appeared in Genesis of the Daleks rather than Resurrection of the Daleks.
The Sixth Doctor recalls Davros' apparent demise. Davros' hand is destroyed. He is captured and is taken back to Skaro for trial by the Daleks.
Takes place in the immediate aftermath of Revelation of the Daleks Davros is being put on trial due to the Daleks having their memories wiped. He becomes Emperor once more.
Davros has been put on trial by the Daleks. His body is chainsawed by Abslom Daak but survives to become Emperor of the Daleks.
The ship containing Davros crash lands on Lethe. Davros is likely retrieved after this.
The story's framing narrative has the Daleks putting Davros on "trial" to test his suitability to be the Dalek's emperor.
Davros is Emperor of the Daleks and his skirt matches that of a Dalek.
Susan and the Eighth Doctor encounter renegade Daleks in August 1963.
An Imperial Dalek is in 1963, just before Remembrance.
The Doctor rhetorically states that the Supreme Dalek is a "thousand years" from Skaro. The Doctor is remembered as the "Destroyer of Skaro" in Twice Upon a Time by Testimony.
During Remembrance of the Daleks, an Imperial Dalek ends up in 2016 and learns that the Daleks will be defeated in 1963. Returning to 1963, the Dalek attempts to change the course of history but is stopped by an older Ace.
Two Daleks, appearing as Remembrance-style Renegade Black Daleks, discuss Red Dwarf. Dalek civil tensions are evidently high, as the two turn on each other.

The new Dalek Emperor[]

Following Remembrance of the Daleks and the end of the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War, there are three conflicting accounts regarding who became the Dalek Emperor. Was it the Dalek Prime, Davros, or a member of the Supreme Council?

Rule of the Dalek Prime[]

Follows Remembrance. Skaro survives according to the Dalek Prime but his plan appears unlikely and there are alternate possibilities to Skaro's fate. The factory ship is the same one from TV: The Power of the Daleks.
The Dalek factory ship crash lands on Vulcan.
The Doctor throws the capsule back through the vortex to Vulcan c. 1820 in War of the Daleks. The Daleks recognize the Second Doctor. Their capsule is bigger on inside, hinting that time travel maybe involved. The humans are unfamiliar with Daleks. The trailer states that this story takes place in 2020. The Daleks are powered by static, probably due to limited resource after being trapped on Vulcan for 200 years. According to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe this story is before The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

Davros as Emperor[]

Davros believes Skaro has been destroyed. Davros survives, and his personality is intact The Daleks have time machines and have spread across the universe.
Davros's escape pod enters the time vortex after the explosion of his mothership but his memory is unstable so his memories are probably scrambled, allowing him to forget the previous two stories. He believes Skaro has been destroyed and his personality is subsumed by that of the Dalek Emperor. He is more unstable than in War of the Daleks or Daleks Among Us.

A new Gold Emperor[]

Following the defeat of Davros in the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War, one member of the Dalek Supreme Council exterminates the others and dons a gold casing, proclaiming himself as the Dalek Emperor. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire)

Building the Dalek Empire[]

The Daleks recognise Charley Pollard from Terror Firma.
Set in the 53rd century.
Lee Sullivan's artwork depicts the Golden Emperor. A Special Weapons Dalek appears. Skaro exists. It is 3000 years after the 26th century according to AUDIO: The Judas Gift, which is Bev Tarrant's native time.
The Seventh Doctor and Ace assist a resistance movement against the Daleks on Malite.
The Daleks recognise the Seventh Doctor and Ace, who foil their plot to send Human/Dalek hybrids to Earth.
The Daleks have dimensionally transcendental timeships and a crystal-based command network. They invade Gallifrey, presumably ending their peace.
The Time Lords are keeping Dalek prisoners in Shada.
The Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Emperor - depicted on an unused cover as the Golden Emperor.
The Daleks now have their own equivalent of the Eye of Harmony.
In an alternate timeline, the Emperor is erased along with the entire Dalek race by Imperiatrix Romana II. (AUDIO: Neverland)
PROSE: Kalendorf
Attack takes place during this story
PROSE: Natalie's Diary
Takes place during the Daleks' initial invasion.
The Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush visit the Dalek-devastated world of Guria.
Ending coincides with the end of "Death to the Daleks!.
Runs concurrently throughout from Invasion of the Daleks to "Death to the Daleks!".
Takes place during Alby Brook's search for Susan Mendes.
The Dalek Emperor is killed.
The Dalek Empire is apparently all but destroyed but Dalek Empire III reveals that they survived.

Dalek Supreme[]

The Daleks are rebuilding. [elaborate?]
Two thousand years after the War in Dalek Empire I and II. The Daleks are ruled by a Dalek Supreme.

The Kotturuh crisis[]

The Daleks have detected ripples in time. The Dalek Emperor receives a message from the Dark Times, from the future version of a Dalek Drone who is currently in operation on Skaro as part of a Dalek Time Squad. He makes plans to invade the Archive of Islos to find out more about the Doctor's involvement in these ripples.
The Emperor leads the invasion of the Archive of Islos, with the Dalek Executioner and Dalek Prime Strategist by his side. In retaliation, the Archivians release a mysterious entity.
Following directly on from The Archive of Islos, the entity prompts the Daleks to evacuate Skaro. The Emperor sends the Prime Strategist to awaken a hidden army of Daleks, but is beaten there by the entity who attempts to manipulate the Strategist into turning against his emperor. The Emperor and Strategist flee once again.
Following on from The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy, the Daleks arrive on Mechanus where they attempt to make an alliance with the Mechonoids. While the Dalek Emperor and Dalek Strategist are conferring with their counterparts in the Mechonoid City, the Dalek Drones become impatient and attack the Mechanoids. All but the Emperor and Strategist are seemingly wiped out.
Following on directly from Planet of the Mechanoids, the Strategist and Mechanoid 2150 work together to defeat the Entity. The Emperor and Strategist are instructed to leave Mechanus by the Mechanoid Queen.
Following on directly from The Deadly Ally, the Emperor and Strategist retreat back to Skaro and activate an army of Daleks beneath its surface. The Mechonoids follow them to Skaro, but are tricked by the Strategist, who banishes them to the Entity's dimension.
Grey Daleks led by the gold-cased Dalek Emperor ally with the Tenth Doctor against the Hond. While most Daleks are slatted, one Dalek, the Prime Strategist, is unslatted and claims to be older than even the Emperor.
The Dalek Time Squad is dispatched to locate an earlier incarnation of the Doctor in order to use his TARDIS to reach the Dark Times. (PROSE: The Restoration Empire)
The Eighth Doctor is drawn to a planet where he is greeted by a Dalek. Ending leads directly into The Enemy of My Enemy.
The Daleks enter into an uneasy alliance with the Eighth Doctor. After the Eighth Doctor makes a deal with President Sarathin of Wrax to dismantle the Devolver, the Daleks go against the the deal and use the Devolver to commit genoide on the Wraxians. The Daleks and the Doctor then agree to link their time ships to travel into the Dark Times, leading to the events of The Knight, The Fool and The Dead.
The Daleks and the Eighth Doctor confront the Tenth Doctor in the Dark Times.
The Battle of Mordeela immediately after The Knight, The Fool and The Dead
The Dalek Time Squad is present in the Dark Times and are harvesting genetic material from Dark Times species.
The Daleks are in an alliance with the Eighth Doctor.
Sometime after the Battle, the Doctor leaves the Daleks during their attack on the Ninth Doctor’s Coffin Ship. The Daleks attempt to enact the Emperor’s orders by attacking pre-Time Lord Gallifrey but are defeated and their ship is forced into the Time Vortex by the Eighth Doctor.
PROSE: Mission to the Known
During chapter 8 of All Flesh is Grass. The Eighth Doctor has left the Daleks, leaving his TARDIS behind on the Dalek Time Ship. The Commander and Executioner observe a recorded message from their Emperor, who instructs them to avert the creation of the Time Lords. This scene is a rewritten and slightly expanded upon version of a scene in the novel.
Immediately after All Flesh is Grass. The Dalek Time Squad is destroyed in the Time Vortex.
After the destruction of the Time Squad. The Strategist escapes the Time Vortex via emergency temporal shift.
The last surviving member of the Dalek Time Squad attempts to broadcast a warning about the Doctor from a mining planet. The Dalek is forcibly ejected into space via the facility's trash ejector shoot. Prequel to A Dalek Awakens.
The last surviving member of the Dalek Time Squad is damaged and floating in space, trying to warn the universe about the Doctor.
Prequel to A Dalek Awakens. The last surviving member of the Dalek Time Squad is eventually found by humans aboard the Starship Future in 2985, having become frozen in the Oort cloud. After an encounter with the Fourth Doctor, the Dalek is severely damaged but not destroyed. It kills the last remaining revived member of the starship's crew.
After the events of Genetics of the Daleks, the last Dalek roams the derelict Starship Future.
Still aboard the Starship Future, the last surviving Dalek is damaged and attempting to repair itself.

Cold War with the Time Lords[]

The Eighth Doctor sees a gunmetal grey Dalek in a vision of his future.
Looking into his future through the Tomorrow Window, the Eighth Doctor sees a ruined city, with many buildings on fire, a Dalek saucer hovering overhead, with gunmetal grey Daleks below scanning the ruins.
The Dalek Time Controller and Time Lords are using temporal technology against each other. No higher-ranking Daleks appear.
The Time Controller's faction conquers Earth in the 20th century.
The Daleks are ruled by a Supreme Dalek. It orders the creation of a new Time Strategist.
The Daleks are acting against Gallifrey. They are invading other timelines. They are depicted with cone-shaped ears. They refer to their alliance with Irving Braxiatel in Death and the Daleks. They remember Romana II from The Apocalypse Element and say she has shown the Daleks mercy before (The Time of the Daleks).
After exterminating the Mechonoids in the Battle of Magella, the Cult of Skaro is formed by the Dalek Emperor. The Time War has been predicted.
The Dalek Empire, at its height prior to the Time War, conquers the planet Galacton. The Daleks are depicted as bronze.
The Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts find an "ancient" bronze Dalek harvest ship collecting children for their battle computers. The Doctor reasons that it was taken "out of mothballs" for the Time War.
From the perspective of humanity, the Daleks suddenly disappear "thousands of years" prior to the year 200,100. As recalled by Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent from the 51st century, the Daleks vanished from time and space at a point when they were the "greatest threat in the universe." (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

The Last Great Time War[]

Shortly after the declaration of the Time War, the Daleks recruit Davros.
Early in the War.
Early in the War (from the Daleks’ POV at least), Davros is lost to the Nightmare Child.
The Master rewrites history to replace Davros as the Daleks’ creator.
The Dalek Time Strategist recruits a parallel universe version of the Master to stop his N-Space counterpart’s rewriting of time.
Having restored the normal timeline, the Strategist orders the Master’s capture, leading directly into Beneath the Viscoid.
The Daleks are still pursuing the Master.
Early in the War.
The Master is shown the Dalek Emperor seizing the Cruciform.
The Daleks are erased from existence by the Valeyard, except the Time Strategist.
The Time Strategist uses an alternate Davros to restore the Daleks via dimensional engineering. After becoming disillusioned with the simulacra Davros’ leadership, the Strategist arranges the Dalek Emperor’s resurrection. He has the simulacra put in stasis.
Cass Fermazzi's gunship fights off a Dalek fleet from the feeding hives of the Vantross only to be caught in the crossfire when the Time Lords arrive, precipitating the Eighth Doctor's regeneration into the War Doctor. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)
The Daleks corner Romana on Unity.
The Daleks pursue Romana’s associates after Unity and Braxiatel rescues Romana from them. The Time Strategist presents the Emperor with a new plan.
The Daleks enact the Time Strategist’s plan but are defeated. Romana claims the Doctor wouldn’t have such a problem with weapons anymore, implying this is after his regeneration into the War Doctor.
The War Doctor is young with stubble on his face.
The Time Lords unleash the Great Vampires against the Dalek Fleet.
Skaro's history has been time locked to prevent further interference in their timeline.
The Doctor is unsure about whether he is even a warrior anymore.
400 years after regenerating, the War Doctor vows to end the war.
A fragmented Dalek transmission captured during the Time War speaks of an attack formation, the extermination of the Time Lords and an impending Dalek victory.
The Gallifreyan city of Arcadia falls to the Daleks.
Set shortly after Arcadia has fallen. The War Doctor survives the Last Great Time War, and with the help of his other twelve incarnations, destroys the fleet of Daleks concentrating fire on Gallifrey on the final day of the Time War.

Surviving the Time War[]

There are five known groups of Daleks which survive the Time War independently. four of the five are effective dead-ends of the timeline.


A lone Dalek survives the War, but kills itself.
A lone Dalek sent out before the end of the War falls to Earth; it is destroyed before it travel forward to rebuild the Dalek race in the year 500,000,000, a time when no-one knows of the Daleks.
A group of bronze Daleks are confronted by the Tenth Doctor in the 22nd century; they self-destruct after being rendered intangible.
The Dalek Emperor survives the Time War and ends up in the Sol system circa the year 199,900. He eventually leads a fleet in an invasion of Earth in 200,100, but they are wiped out by the Bad Wolf.

The Cult of Skaro[]

The Cult of Skaro and many prisoners within the Genesis Ark, who escaped into the Void. At the end of Doomsday, the Cult emergency temporal shift, leading into further stories. Tardisode 13 is set during the Battle of Canary Wharf.
Historical accounts of the Battle of Canary Wharf.
The Tenth Doctor catches up with a lone bronze Dalek on Earth. He alludes to the events of Doomsday.
Skaro is referenced as being destroyed in The Time War. The Cult has recently escaped Canary Wharf. At the end of Evolution of the Daleks, Dalek Caan again temporal shifts.
Caan breaks through the Time lock of the Last Great Time War and sees all of reality, setting this soon after Evolution of the Daleks.
Caan is an insane oracle after rescuing Davros from the Time War. Leads directly into Journey's End.
An account of the Dalek attack on the Valiant
The Dalek appearing in Adelaide's flashback is from when the 26 planets appeared in the Earth's sky.

A new paradigm[]

Surviving Daleks, which, according to PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe, were made from Davros' cells as in The Stolen Earth / Journey's End, awake the New Dalek Paradigm.
Deeming themselves to be the winners of the Time War, the Daleks organise themselves into a new Supreme Council and seize the weapon production facilities on Goth to build a new army, erecting space stations on the borders of their many enemies. Studying the old Dalek Empire's Robomen, the Paradigm improve on the technology to create the Dalek puppets. (PROSE: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
A ship of New Paradigm Daleks wage two attacks on the SS Lucy Gray in their efforts to recover their lost Time Axis but are destroyed in a confrontation with the Eleventh Doctor.
Acquiring the Eye of Time, the New Dalek Paradigm return to and rebuild Skaro. Led by a new Dalek Emperor, they exterminate humanity in 1963 but are confronted by the Eleventh Doctor, who destroys the Daleks and restores history.
In the 41st century, the New Dalek Paradigm are engaged against the Space Security Service, whose records of the Daleks span back to the Dalek War Machines, in a conflict which has lasted 100 years. Some decades after The Daleks' Master Plan, the Daleks recently lost Caridos in 3994.
With a fleet of their own, the New Paradigm joins the Alliance which imprisons the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica, only to be embroiled in the total event collapse.
The Eleventh Doctor is imprisoned in a new Pandorica. The New Dalek Paradigm is in conflict with a faction of "impure" bronze-type Daleks that identify as the children of Davros.
The Eleventh Doctor finds and takes an eyestalk and data core from a heavily damaged Supreme Dalek of New Dalek Paradigm to gain insight on his conflict with the Silence. An identically damaged Dalek is seen at the Dalek Asylum. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks)
Acquiring a piece of the Eternity Clock, the Daleks, led by a new Emperor, invade Earth in 2106. Their plot to become the new Lords of Time is thwarted by the Eleventh Doctor.
Following the failures of the New Dalek Paradigm, the Parliament of the Daleks is reformed, led by the Prime Minister of the Daleks who relegates the Paradigm archetypes to an officer class whilst restoring bronze Daleks as foot soldiers in order to inspire the universe's fear of the Daleks. The original Supreme Dalek of the New Paradigm serves as second-in-command to the Prime Minister. (PROSE: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
The Dalek is described as bronze, and depicted as a Time War-era Dalek on the cover.
Bronze Daleks travel back throughout Earth's history to study human behaviour for their future conflict.
A lone Dalek, one of a new "elite" breed of Kaled mutant, is found by UNIT after crashing to Earth. Its casing, seen on the cover, is a weathered bronze design.
The Dalek Time Controller is in its home time period. The Daleks know the Doctor. The New Dalek Paradigm is referenced. Dalek puppets appear.
The Time Controller invades the Amethyst Viral Containment Station. The Daleks it is accompanied by, and the Controller itself, are depicted as having pre-Time War designs. The Time Controller is seemingly destroyed by the Sixth Doctor. However it survives, plunging back through Dalek history. (See Timeline - Dalek Time Controller)
While Skaro is in ruins and has been abandoned, the Prime Minister rules the Parliament of the Daleks, consisting of the New Paradigm's Supreme, Strategist and Drones with a majority of bronze Daleks. The Daleks' memories of the Doctor are wiped by Oswin Oswald.
The Daleks, seeking to prevent the Time Lords from returning to the universe, participate in the 900 year long Siege of Trenzalore, which begins no earlier than the 51st century (Theory:Timeline - The Church).
300 years into the siege, the Daleks attack the Church and regain their memories of the Doctor through Tasha Lem. The original Supreme Dalek of the New Paradigm deems the Prime Minister unfit and exterminates him, taking control of the Daleks. (PROSE: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
At the end of the siege, the Daleks attempt to kill the Eleventh Doctor only to be destroyed by his regeneration, wiping out the original members of the New Dalek Paradigm. (PROSE: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe)
Bronze Daleks and humans are at war with one another. The Dalek command net has records of the Daleks' post-Time War history. The Twelfth Doctor meets a "good Dalek" who he calls Rusty.
Davros, who 'should have been dust centuries ago', says that he and the Daleks rebuilt Skaro. These Daleks, who Davros acknowledges as his "children", consist of numerous casing types, from bronze "Time War" Daleks to early Dalek War Machines but none from the New Dalek Paradigm. In old footage of Davros' and the Doctor's battles, Remembrance and The Stolen Earth are shown. Davros is seemingly unaware of Gallifrey's survival before he is informed of it by the Twelfth Doctor, though he may be speaking deceitfully. In any case, Davros' servant, Colony Sarff, can travel as far as Karn to meet the Sisterhood, who themselves have access to Gallifrey.
Billions of years after Into the Dalek, the Twelfth Doctor catches up with Rusty who is living in seclusion from the rest of his kind on Villengard.
The New Dalek Paradigm, said to only have ever been "ostensibly" pure, are no longer a part of Dalek ranks because the Daleks learned that other species mocked the paradigm's casings, explaining why modern stories feature bronze and classic Daleks, but not the original Paradigm design.
The Daleks have established death squads that hunt down impurities. One death squad saucer is stationed in the Time Vortex until being drawn to 2021 Earth to wipe out the Defence Drones.


Davros, operating alongside a Dalek Emperor, leads an invasion of Earth in the year 2254, which is thwarted by the Seventh Doctor and Ace. According to PROSE: Head Games, the events of Dalek Attack are a simulation the Doctor created by fictional energies.


The earlier Daleks, those of the Battle of Pejorica, do not have Dalek Primes or Special Weapons Daleks. This would indicate that the Dalek Prime is not the same as the one from War of the Daleks. They do have Robomen, however.
The Third Doctor and Jo Grant save refugees from being lured to a Dalek-occupied planet.
The Daleks attack Sydney, intending to use it as a base to conquer Earth, but are defeated by the Third Doctor.
The Third Doctor is drawn to Skaro by the Daleks, seeking revenge for the events of *Sub Zero, but manages to elude them.
The slatted Daleks make two unsucessful attempts to invade the planet Anhaut, separated by 800 years. In both instances, a Red Dalek leads silver drones.
Silver Daleks attempt to use the Quantum Gateway for the "conquest of infinity" but are stopped by the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.
A dark grey Dalek drone is taken to the Death Zone on Gallifrey.
Likely contemporary to The Five Doctors, a group of Daleks are found on an alternative Death Zone.
In the 82nd century, Davros leads the Dalek Empire, which is "demolished" during the Skeletoid invasion of Mutter's Spiral. Davros is depicted as he appears in Resurrection/Revelation.
The Daleks, led by the Dalek Emperor, ally with the Cybermen in a gambit to destroy the Earth in 1988 by sabotaging a peace conference. This plot is thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.
The Master uses silver Daleks to menace the Graak within the Doctor's TARDIS.
Daleks have a Dalek Supreme and a Special Weapons Dalek.
The later Daleks have a Dalek Prime and a Special Weapons Dalek.
Not long after the Second Dalek War in real time. The Daleks aren't native to this time, and their involvement changes history. Benny is familiar with the Dalek-Movellan war - but this must be down to her time travel experience.
The Dalek timeship is dimensionally transcendental, sentient, and somewhat humanoid.
The Daleks and Time Lords make a treaty.
The Daleks, based on Skaro and led by a Dalek Emperor, execute the Master, and allow the Seventh Doctor to take his remains to Gallifrey. War of the Daleks confirms that this occurs before Skaro's destruction in Remembrance of the Daleks.
After finding out about the Master's survival in Doctor Who, they track him down to 23rd century Earth. While the mission is led by the Dalek Supreme, the mission is devised by the temporally sensitive Dalek Litigator. The Master kills the supreme, but the Litigator escapes through a "temporal displacement". The Dalek parliament is referred to. The Daleks are tempted by offers of technology from Magnus Drake, stating that "precise control of vortex travel would be of value".
Daleks are seen in the time vortex fleeing another dimension.
Daleks have time travel capabilities but are unable to escape the gravity of a black hole. They also know of the Time Lords and the Doctor.
Daleks of the New Dalek Paradigm defend their weapons bases from Cybus-style Cybermen, blue-armoured Sontarans and Silurian Hunters.
A Dalek reconnaissance scout with a bronze casing lands on Earth in the 9th century. Resurfacing in 2019, it makes a failed attempt to contact the Dalek Fleet using local communications technology. The Thirteenth Doctor believed the scout to be among the first to leave Skaro, perhaps the first to reach Earth. It knows the Doctor as an enemy of the Daleks.
The recon Dalek is cloned and creates a New Dalek Army
The Daleks are engaged in a galactic battle against the Ice Warriors. Predominantly grey but led by a Gold Dalek, the Daleks use temporal technology, bronze command saucers and Councillor-class assault craft (Planet of the Daleks). Skaldak uses the Daleks' temporal technology to escape, ending up on Earth circa 3000 BC.
A Dalek shell with the design seen in The Daleks is present in the Space Museum on Xeros.
Davros, operating alongside a golden Dalek Emperor, leads an invasion of Earth in the year 2254, which is thwarted by the Seventh Doctor and Ace. He appears with an organic hand, placing this before Revelation of the Daleks. Davros has stolen a Time Ring, which he has possibly used to travel to an earlier period of Dalek history. As such, the Time Lords personally intervene to stop him.
Silver Daleks are in conflict with the CyberNeomorphs and see to the destruction of Cyber-Command on New Mondas.
At a point in Earth history when the British government is active and the notion of alien life is ridiculed, the Daleks plot to start World War III to pave the way for an invasion. They are opposed by the Twelfth Doctor.
Implicitly set during the Time War, a ship of Daleks fall through a tear in space-time created by their relentless enemy. They end up in the 64th century, where humans believe them to be extinct.
A new race of Daleks created by Gonzo Orcini begin as pacifists but ultimately fall in line with the Old Dalek mentality. They recall the "days of Davros" and his work on Necros.

Dalek Annual stories[]

25th century war[]

Many of these stories feature the Golden Emperor and feature a war with humans in the 25th century
Skaro is relocated to the Solar system in preparation for an invasion by the Dalek War Machines, led by the Golden Emperor, in the year 2400, beginning with the conquest of Venus. (PROSE: Break-through)
Set four months after Invasion of the Daleks.
The Daleks anticipate an invasion of Earth.
The Daleks are forced off Venus by a human fleet.
Venusian Jeff Stone takes an undercover mission to Skaro.
The Stones find the Daleks' humanoid servants on Mars.
An advance party of Daleks land in Kent but are thwarted.
The Stones discover a Dalek presence on Gurnian.
The Daleks have been driven out of the solar system. The Space Army arrives on Skaro and forces the Daleks to surrender.
While the Golden Emperor ostensibly negotiates peace terms, Daleks based on the Moon attempt to destroy Earth but are thwarted.
Other Jeff Stone stories[]

27th century war[]

After two centuries of peace, the Golden Emperor forces Earth to return the Daleks' confiscated weaponry so they can stop a rogue planet, which is later traced to the Mechonoids. (COMIC: The World That Waits) He then vows to conquer Earth and the other planets.
The Daleks are opposed by Unispace Security.
On Skaro, the Daleks repel an invasion by invisible Birdmen.
Set in October 2612.
The Daleks are opposed by Unispace Security.

Other Annual stories[]

Time Lord Victorious[]

A bronze Dalek emerges through the Time Fracture to Earth in 2020.

The Time War[]

The Flux[]

Following the first Flux event, bronze Daleks fight for control of the universe with the Cyber-Warriors and the time-active Sontarans.
The Daleks, along with the Cybermen, are tricked into assembling their forces to be destroyed by the final Flux event by the Sontarans, who are themselves destroyed when they are outwitted by the Thirteenth Doctor.
A squad of bronze Dalek Executioners make an attempt to kill the Doctor on Earth, blaming her for their losses at the hands of the Flux.

aHistory Timeline[]

This pre-Time War timeline is from the fourth edition of AHistory. Most of the dates given here are speculative.

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