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This page lists appearances of the Dalek Time Controller and the Eminence in the order in which it experienced them.


Dalek Time Controller[edit source]

Early meddlings[edit source]

Confirmed by Matt Fitton as the Dalek Time Controller (VOR 144), the "Dalek Litigator" "studied the timeline" and treats other Daleks as his "tools". The Daleks he is with, including the supreme, are unaware of his "true nature". He escapes from the Master via a temporal displacement.
The Time Controller poses as the "Dalek Litigator" amongst the New Dalek Paradigm.
The Dalek Time Controller is thrown into the vortex by the explosion of the Amethyst Viral Containment Station.

After the Amethyst[edit source]

The Time Controller is rescued by Daleks from earlier in their history, and allies itself with a Time Lord - the Monk. It is thrown into the vortex once more.
The Time Controller has been rescued from the vortex by its second Time Lord ally - Straxus.

Encountering the Eminence[edit source]

The Time Controller works with a third Time Lord - the Doctor.
The first Dalek Time Strategists are created.
The Time Controller allies itself with a fourth Time Lord - the Master.
The Time Controller becomes a component of the Eminence at the Eye of Orion.

Markus Schriver[edit source]

In the Master's "March of Ides" timeline, Markus Schriver is sponsored by the ISI as he begins to develop the technology that would become the Eminence.
Markus becomes a component of the Eminence at the Eye of Orion.

The Eminence[edit source]

Memetic Neural Network[edit source]

The Memetic Neural Network has been invented by Markus Schriver.
In the post-ISI timeline, Markus Schriver and the Time Controller merge with Schriver's Memetic Neural Network to become the Eminence.

War with humanity[edit source]

The Eminence enters the universe proper.
The Eminence arrives at the Nixyce system.
The Eminence is repelled by the Daleks.
The Master strikes a deal with the fragment of the Eminence in his mind, which originated from the Dalek-destroyed fleet.
Early in the war, so that the colonists can spread the retro-genitor particles.
The Eminence and humanity have been fighting "something like" 50 years. The Eminence invaded Delafoss five years ago.
It has been some time since Kalsos and Delafoss were relevant to the war.
The war is apparently ending.
The war against humanity has just ended.
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