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This page lists appearances of the Cybermen in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.



There are several conflicting origin stories for the Cybermen, including Mondasians converting themselves to deal with deteriorating planetary conditions (AUDIO: Spare Parts), ancient Cybermen predating the Mondasian Cybermen (COMIC: The Cybermen), and Mondas being another name for Marinus (COMIC: The World Shapers). These accounts seem impossible to reconcile. However, TV: World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls establish that Cybermen are subject to Parallel Evolution, explaining contradictory sources of their origins. For more information, consult Creation of the Cybermen.


Mondasian Edit

Origins Edit

Ancient Mondas Edit

Later Mondas Edit

Over 2,000 years after The Future Perfect, Mondas breaks from its orbit. At this time, the first modern Cybermen are created.
A Mondasian colony ship becomes trapped in the orbit of a black hole, while the inhabitants are gradually cyber-converted. As a result of time dilation, the Cybermen rapidly evolve from the original patients to primitive "Mondasians", Cybus-style and ultimately Cyberiad-style Cybermen. Spending the last 491 years of his life aboard the ship, Nardole ensures that the remaining Mondasian colonists "sort" their conflict with the Cybermen. (PROSE: Twice Upon a Time)
In a parallel event, Cybermen also arise on Mondas, a planet which at this stage only has a few thousand inhabitants.

Early invasions Edit

At this point, Mondas is 200 light years away from Earth. A Mondasian Cyberman scout sent to find Earth crash lands on the planet but fails to report its location.
The Seventh Doctor and Ace delay the Mondasian Cybermen's attack on Earth.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren thwart an attempt by the Mondasian Cybermen take over Earth using a Cyber-Mole.
The Mondasian Cybermen attempt to hijack an American B-52 bomber but are defeated by the Second Doctor.
Subject to UNIT dating but roughly between c.1969 and c.1979. The Cybermen, led by a Cyber-Planner who recognises the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon from Planet 14, invade Earth but are destroyed by UNIT
Shortly following The Invasion, a Cyber-Controller, identical to the one later seen in The Tomb of the Cybermen, leads the Cybermen in a second attempt to invade Earth, from Isos II, but they are destroyed by the Second Doctor and his companions.
During the former's exile on Earth, the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw encounter a ship of Cybermen.
The Sixth Doctor briefly meets a Cyberman on Mondas
Leads directly into The Tenth Planet from the Cybermen's perspective.
Mondas returns to the solar system. The Mondasian Cybermen launch a failed invasion of Earth which ends with the destruction of Mondas. The encounter with the First Doctor is recalled in Earthshock.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren thwart a plot by the Mondasian Cybermen to destroy Earth with a bomb. The Cybermen mistake the Doctor for an Earthling.

Lying low Edit

The "CyberIsomorphs" attempt to turn Earth into the New Mondas but are defeated by the Seventh Doctor, who destroys their Cyber-Fleet, apparently vanquishing this Cyber-subspecies. (AUDIO: The Ultimate Cybermen)
Dated to 1992 by Warlock's Cross. The Cybermen are Neomorphs.
The survivors of The Tenth Planet have settled on Lonsis, however they are depicted as the Cybermen from The Invasion. They have never heard of Telos and know only of the Doctor from their meeting in The Tenth Planet
The survivors of The Invasion plan a second invasion.
A ship of Cybermen, identical to Pete's World but with an engraved Cyber face in place of the Cybus brand, had been caught in a time storm and crashed in the Arctic ten thousand years prior. Converting a human expedition into Cyberslaves, they are destroyed following a confrontation with the Eleventh Doctor.
The Eleventh Doctor finds a Cyber Legion ship has crashed on Earth "centuries ago". Intending to convert Earth, the surviving Cybermen only manage to upgrade several humans before they are destroyed.
The Ninth Cyber Legion invade London but are destroyed by the Eleventh Doctor. This event is possibly the same as the later mentioned Cybermen invasion of 2012.
Cybus-style Cybermen surround the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS at Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff.
The Twelfth Doctor finds an army of Nightmare in Silver Cybermen created by Missy, who intends to upgrade the Earth. However, converted Danny Pink leads the Cybermen in destroying themselves; soon after, the converted Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart seemingly kills Missy before leaving to parts unknown.
A single Nightmare in Silver Cyberman, possibly Lethbridge-Stewart, is a resident of the Trap Street, London.

Continued conquests Edit

The Second Doctor thwarts a plot by Cybermen, identical to those later seen on Telos, to use the Graviton to destroy all life on Earth from the Moon. At this point, humans believe the Cybermen to have died out years ago.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren fight the Mondasian Cybermen who, led by a Cyber-Controller, have established a Cyber-City on an unidentified planet. These Cybermen fail to recognise the Second Doctor and his companions.
The Mondasian Cyber-Empire is it is height. The Cybermen capture thousands of Earthmen to build a Cyber-City in honour of the Cyber-Controller. The Second Doctor and his grandchildren topple the city and enable the humans to return home.
The Second Doctor, accompanied by his grandchildren, infiltrates the Mondasian Cybermen, based at a Cyber Out-post on an unidentified planet.
The Second Doctor fights the Mondasian Cybermen on an unidentified planet with Joe. These Cybermen have a Cyber-Empire and recognise the Doctor.
The encounter with the Second Doctor is recalled in Earthshock.
The Cybermen launch a second attack on the Wheel, but are pulled into the Land of Fiction.
Cyberiad Cybermen launch a failed invasion of the human colony world of Tiestus.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren elude the Mondasian Cybermen in a Time Museum with exhibits up to 2150.
The Second Doctor, accompanied by his grandchildren, engages a Mondasian Cyberman in an arena operated by a race who capture time travellers.
Occurs some time during the second half of the 22nd century.
Cybermen, resembling those from Revenge of the Cybermen, make an incursion into the Federation universe but are thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.
Dated 23rd century
Cybus-style Cybermen attempt to combine the Doctor's universe with the Federation universe. Their plot to convert both universes is thwarted by the Eleventh Doctor.
The Brotherhood of Logicians are active.
The Cybermen have been assumed extinct for five centuries.
Telos has explicitly been destroyed by the audio Telos so Attack cannot occur after Earthshock.

The Orion War Edit

Occurs light years from the Orion war front lines
Thanks to the Fifth Doctor, the Cybermen fail to stop a conference on Earth which they predict will unite powers against them in a war they will not be able to win. The Cyber-Leader recalls the Doctor's involvement in the events of The Tenth Planet, The Wheel in Space and Revenge of the Cybermen, despite the later story taking place in the future; he is unfamiliar with the Fifth Doctor, only recognising him through the presence of the TARDIS.

The Great Cyber War Edit

Set during the last days of the Great Cyber War, and ten year later.
Following their defeat in the Cyber-War, the Cybermen are believed by some to have died out. Their attempt to destroy Voga is thwarted by the Fourth Doctor

Final wars Edit

The Cybermen from the 30th century visit 1940.
The Twelfth Cyber Legion is destroyed by the Eleventh Doctor and Rory Williams.
The Cybermen, identical to those seen in Nightmare in Silver, participate in the Siege of Trenzalore.
Highly advanced Cybermen, still unable to convert non-humans, travel back in time to 2005, where they attempt to convert Earth. They are destroyed by the Eighth Doctor.
In the 82nd century, the Cyber-Empire is led by the Cyber-Emperor. It is "demolished" during the Skeletoid invasion of Mutter's Spiral.

The Last Cybermen Edit

Following the Cyber-War, the Cyber-Empire is in ruins. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon) The lone Cyberman, resembling a Cyberiad Cyberman, pursues and ultimately reclaims the Cyberium from Earth in 1816 before returning to the future with the Thirteenth Doctor and Team TARDIS in pursuit.
In the immediate aftermath of the Cyber-Wars, both humanity and the Cybermen have been nearly wiped out. As surviving humans attempt to flee from the Cybermen, the lone Cyberman returns to this time with the Cyberium and, joined by Cyber Legion models, discovers a Cyber-Army of "warrior class" troops.
Summoning the Cybermen to Gallifrey, the Master kills the lone Cyberman in order to access the Cyberium. Creating the CyberMasters from the bodies of the dead Time Lords, the Master and his Cyber-Army are apparently destroyed by Ko Sharmus with a Death particle.
The Cyber-Wars, which appear to be different to the one with Voga, were 1,000 years ago when the Tiberian spiral galaxy was destroyed. Both Cybus and Cyber Legion suits are seen as relics of the war. A new army of Cyberiad Cybermen appear at Hedgewick's World of Wonders but are destroyed, with the exception of a single Cybermite. The Eleventh Doctor's Gallifreyan physiology barely resists cyber-conversion.
The Cyberleader is one of the last Cybermen.
The cyber-technology from The Reaping is used to enhance human medical technology.
Banished from Gallifrey by the Twelfth Doctor, Rassilon joins forces with the Cybermen. Conquering Gallifrey, the Cybermen attack various points in history in a bid to convert all of time and space. Ultimately, the Cybermen betray Rassilon, who works with the Doctor to regenerate the universe, reverting all the damage they had caused.

Pete's World Edit

The Tenth Doctor discovers the Cybermen in a parallel Earth, created by Cybus Industries CEO John Lumic. Converted into Cyber-Controller, Lumic intends to upgrade all of humanity but is killed when London's Cybus factory is destroyed. However, other factories existed across the world.
The Preachers neutralise the Cybus factory in Paris.
A war is raged across Earth between the Preachers and the Cybermen. Ultimately, the Preachers win and the Cybermen are sealed in their factories.
Over a period of three years, approximately 5 million Cybermen travel through the void to N-Space, resulting in the Battle of Canary Wharf. These Cybermen are eventually sucked back into the Void by the Tenth Doctor.
A group of Cybermen escape from the Void and end up in London in the 1850s, where they are destroyed by the Tenth Doctor.
Lisa Hallett, who was partially converted into a Cyberman at Canary Wharf, is found and killed at Torchwood Three.
Less than half a dozen Cybermen from Canary Wharf attempt to build up the Cyber race but are defeated by the Tenth Doctor.
A new army of Cybus Cybermen are constructed by a thief who stole information from the Torchwood Archive. Turning on and converting the thief, the new Cybermen invade Centuria but are defeated by the Tenth Doctor. However, potential survivors remain.

Third universe Edit

Cybermen of a third universe attempt to conquer N-Space only to be destroyed by the Master.

Unplaced Edit

Elsewhere Edit

A squad of Cybermen, identical to those seen in Earthshock, are placed in the Death Zone by Borusa.
The Cybermen are part of the Alliance led by the Supreme Controller, actually the Fifth Doctor, in the war against Morbius. They deem the battle "excellent".
The Cybermen work with the Daleks in an attempt to invade 1980s Earth, however it is unclear as to whether time travel is involved with their invasion. The Daleks claim to have invaded Earth in the past.
Cybermen that sound like those from The Tenth Planet but have the appearance of those from The Invasion.
The Doctor encounters a Cybermen timesquad which had been dispatched into "the future" before making an emergency exit from the vortex into 500,002. Their distress signal was unanswered, so they then plan to cyberconvert 1942 Earth and bring restart the cyber race in 500,002. The remnants of the squad move between 20th century and the 5001st century every time there is a storm, until 2008. Their origin time is unknown.
Cybus-style Cybermen attempt to capture Dalek weapons bases but are wiped out by the New Dalek Paradigm.
The Cybermen rule Mondas.
Set during the early years of the Third Cyberwar.

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