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This page lists appearances of the Cyber-subspecies identified as CyberMondasian in the order in which they experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.



Ancient Mondas[]

Later Mondas[]

Over 2,000 years after The Future Perfect, Mondas breaks from its orbit. At this time, the first modern Cybermen are created.
A Mondasian colony ship becomes trapped in the orbit of a black hole, while the inhabitants are gradually cyber-converted. As a result of time dilation, the Cybermen rapidly evolve from the original patients to primitive "Mondasians", Cybus-style and ultimately Cyberiad-style Cybermen. Spending the last 491 years of his life aboard the ship, Nardole ensures that the remaining Mondasian colonists "sort" their conflict with the Cybermen. (PROSE: Twice Upon a Time)
In a parallel event, Cybermen also arise on Mondas, a planet which at this stage only has a few thousand inhabitants.
Following its seperation from Earth, the Cybermen rule Mondas.


At this point, Mondas is 200 light years away from Earth. A Mondasian Cyberman scout sent to find Earth crash lands on the planet but fails to report its location.
The Seventh Doctor and Ace delay the Mondasian Cybermen's attack on Earth.
In the alternate timeline which is ultimately reversed by the Twelfth Doctor and Rassilon, the CyberMondasians appear on Earth where they capture the First Doctor, interrupting the events of An Unearthly Child.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren thwart an attempt by the Mondasian Cybermen take over Earth using a Cyber-Mole.
The Mondasian Cybermen attempt to hijack an American B-52 bomber but are defeated by the Second Doctor.
The Sixth Doctor briefly meets a Cyberman on Mondas.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren fight the Mondasian Cybermen who, led by a Cyber-Controller, have established a Cyber-City on an unidentified planet. These Cybermen fail to recognise the Second Doctor and his companions.
The Mondasian Cyber-Empire is at its height. The Cybermen capture thousands of Earthmen to build a Cyber-City in honour of the Cyber-Controller, who now sports a cape. The Second Doctor and his grandchildren topple the city and enable the humans to return home.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren thwart a plot by the Mondasian Cybermen to destroy Earth with a bomb. The Cybermen mistake the Doctor for an Earthling.
Leads directly into The Tenth Planet from the Cybermen's perspective.
Mondas, where the Cyber-Controller resides, returns to the solar system. The CyberMondasians launch a failed invasion of Earth which ends with the destruction of Mondas. This is the second invasion of Earth recorded by both the Faction's history computer and the independent ArcHive. The encounter with the First Doctor is recalled by the Neomorphs in Earthshock.
Survivors of Mondas have settled on Lonsis, however they are depicted as the CyberFaction design. They have never heard of Telos and know only of the Doctor from their meeting in The Tenth Planet.


The Second Doctor, accompanied by his grandchildren, infiltrates the Mondasian Cybermen, based at a Cyber Out-post on an unidentified planet.
The Second Doctor fights the Mondasian Cybermen on an unidentified planet with Joe. These Cybermen have a Cyber-Empire and recognise the Doctor.
The Second Doctor and his grandchildren elude the Mondasian Cybermen in a Time Museum with exhibits up to 2150.
The Second Doctor, accompanied by his grandchildren, engages a Mondasian Cyberman in an arena operated by a race who capture time travellers.