This page lists appearances of the Cyber-Wars in the order in which they occurred. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


22nd century[]

Vogan War[]

The CyberNomads enter a protracted war with the inhabitants of the planet Voga. By 2191, the Vogan War has ended and the Cybermen are believed to be extinct. (PROSE: Killing Ground)


The outermost planets of the Earth empire are involved in the "Cyber-Skirmishes" between the humans and the Cybermen.

25th Century[]

A small group of CyberNomads from the Vogan War attempt to exact their revenge on the Vogans.

26th century[]

Orion War[]

Occurs light years from the Orion War front lines.
Thanks to the Fifth Doctor, the CyberNeomorphs fail to stop a conference on Earth which they predict will unite powers against them in a war they will not be able to win.


Set during the early years of the Third Cyberwar, in which the Cybermen face an expanding human empire. The Cybermen are of Cyberiad design and use Cybermats of the type used by the Cyber Legions.
The "last great Cyberwar" is fought in the far future and is subsequently reenacted by "fake Cyberdudes". (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)


The Cyber-Wars finished 1,000 years ago. On Hedgewick's World, 3 million Cybermen wake up from their tombs.
Authorial intent places this "a quarter of a million years into the future".

Ashad and the Cyber-Warriors[]

Long after the Cyber-Wars are over, Ashad, the Lone Cyberman, goes back in time in search for the Cyberium, the database of Cyber-history, that was sent back in time to keep it from Cyber-hands.
Ashad returns to the far future with the Cyberium and reactives his new army of Cyber-Warriors. The Master tricks Ashad into an alliance that leads to Ashad's destruction, the Master merging with the Cyberium, and the creation of the CyberMasters, created from upgrading Time Lord corpses.


The Great Cyber War[]

Set during the last days of the Great Cyber War, and ten year later.