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This page lists appearances of Cousin Ceol in the order in which she experienced them. It should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy, as it follows the authorial intent that Kelsey Hooper is the former identity of Ceol, which is not accepted in the main namespace due to no source licensed to use both characters having explicitly drawn the link.


Bannerman Road gang[]

Kelsey Hooper is one of the first people Maria Jackson encounters upon her arrival in Ealing.
Kelsey and Maria are still friends.
Years later, Kelsey and Maria reunite after Maria's life in America. Kelsey joins Faction Paradox, and is now called Ceol.
Kelsey is tasked to kill the "Katy Manning" Iris by Jimmy the Mandrill, but kills him instead.
After deserting Faction Paradox, Ceol builds a new body from remnants of her untainted biodata, leaving her old body behind.
Now called Sojourner, she bonds with L-Event.
Sojourner, now married to Rex Agogô and using the surname Hooper-Agogô, is blackmailed to help Christèmas' plan to sabotage the Chance Coteries.
Kelsey and L-Event fight in the City of the Saved Civil War.