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This page lists appearances of Bilis Manger in the order he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.

Limiting factors[]

Due to Bilis Manger living outside of time, that entails living in many times simultaneously. Despite this, the Torchwood team tend to encounter him in the same order that he encounters them. However, certain non-televised stories can arguably be placed in different parts of his timeline.


The Rise of Abaddon[]

Being a greeter at the Ritz in January 1941 and the manager of the Ritz in the early 2000s simultaneously, Bilis trapped Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato back in time as part of a plan to open the Rift. He allowed Toshiko to write the rift equations needed to return them to the present, scratched out some of the numbers and allowed Owen Harper to find them in the present. Manipulating the team into saving the two of them caused the unstable Rift to open up, threatening modern day Earth.
Bilis' plan came to fruition when the Rift opened and let out horrors of the past and the future around the globe, all linking back to the Torchwood Rift. He showed the team images of their loved ones telling them to open the Rift. When they revolved against Jack, Abaddon rose over Cardiff. Believing his work to be done, Bilis disappeared.

The Fall of Pwccm[]

Bilis was present in both 1876 and 2008. In 1876, Bilis and his counterpart Cafard Manger witnessed the reopening of the Rift and the release of Abaddon and Pwccm. Abaddon faked his death until Jack managed to kill him during their previous encounter. This allowed Pwccm to send the Dark to battle the Light in modern day Cardiff. After Pwccm successfully imprisoned most of the Light, Bilis and Torchwood worked together to imprison the Dark in a wooden box and send the Light to imprison Pwccm.
Shortly afterwards, Bilis left on a plane with Abaddon's ashes. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)

Owner of Amser Hotel[]

During the 1860s, Bilis was manager of the Amser Hotel in Roath, Cardiff. In 1869, the Rift opened and freed a creature. This creature trapped Bilis in the Hotel and forced him to lure people in to feed it. When the creature forced Bilis to lure Jack Harkness in, in the hope of using Jack to anchor him to the Earth, Bilis fed Jack enough clues to work out how to defeat the creature. Jack defeated the creature and freed Bilis.

Feud with the Committee[]

Bilis was trapped inside the Traveller's Halt by the Committee. Bilis acted as manager and cared for those trapped at the Traveller's Halt until eventually he was able to use those trapped there to escape himself.
Bilis has "beef" with the Committee and thwarts their plans to replace three people with duplicates for their new society and places them on a train in a time loop as payback. Bilis decides that he must "visit old friends".
After the demolition of the Ritz dance hall, Ritz Tower was built in its place to harness human aggression. Bilis acted as the caretaker, wanted to harness this aggression and use it to open the Rift and send a message to whomever the Sorvix had fled from. After St John Colchester killed Sandra, Bilis claimed he had successfully sent his message, considering his mission to be complete.

Awaiting placement[]

These entries are placed here until evidence presents itself that provides a clue as to where they happen in relation to other entries. Some of these are part of ongoing storylines that could present evidence towards the end of the plot.
Bilis is aware that the Second World War lasts for five years.