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This page lists appearances of Bessie in the order in which she experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like its TV story counterparts that for each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in. This does not apply to short stories which are often ambiguous about their placement. There are also many gaps between stories.


Before the Doctor[]

Bessie was completed in 1910

With the Third Doctor[]

The Brigadier unveils the promised car to the Doctor, who names her Bessie and begins work on refurbishment. (AUDIO: Bessie Come Home)
Shortly before the events of Doctor Who and the Silurians, the Doctor hooks Bessie up to the TARDIS during his repairs, unintentionally bestowing consciousness and reasoning to her in the process. (AUDIO: Bessie Come Home)
The Doctor finishes tinkering with Bessie and takes the car for its first test drive. He then encounters the Silurians for the first time, but, to his dismay, they are killed and their city destroyed on the Brigadier's orders.
Set immediately before The Five Doctors.

With the Fourth Doctor[]

After UNIT[]

Eventually Bessie is left alone for a long while, falling into the hands of non-UNIT owners, until a UNIT soldier spots her in a supermarket carpark and she is taken back into UNIT ownership for a while. (AUDIO: Bessie Come Home)
Set in May 1997
According to one account, Benton keeps and restores Bessie.
According to another account, Bessie was sold off by UNIT and after many yeasrs, fell into the hands of Mr Foreman at a junkyard in Kent. Set in 2021.


Bessie is stored in the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS.
The Eleventh Doctor has turned Bessie into a monster truck by plugging her into the TARDIS matrix.