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This page lists appearances of Auteur in the order in which they experienced them. It should absolutely not be seen as representative of this wiki's general policy, as it involves some sources which are not deemed valid in the main namespace, and also follows the authorial intent that Astrolabus is a potential past version of Auteur, which is not accepted in the main namespace due to no source licensed to use both characters having explicitly drawn the link. It also, for the purposes of this timeline, accepts Robin Hood, Santa Claus and Zorro as past incarnations of Astrolabus, although some accounts disagree with that identification.


First incarnation[]

As related by Auteur himself in PROSE: Going Once, Going Twice, the boy who will one day become Auteur is one of the first Homeworlders to be loomed successfully, one of the Mappers. "Before even growing a a second heart", he figures out how to abuse the Observer Effect. He "maps out the meridians of Time" then goes mad, takes on a new name based on the word Astrolabe, and is banished from Gallifrey after stealing The Book of the Old Time.
According to another potential origin told by Astrolabus to the Sixth Doctor in COMIC: Voyager, he was originally the human Royal Astrologer of Alexandria. However, the Sixth Doctor believes his garbled story of Alexandria to be part-lie and part-delirium.

As "Robin Hood"[]

According to one account, Robin Hood was an identity taken on by Astrolabus in one of his incarnations.

William Russell incarnation[]

At some point, Astrolabus regenerated into a form identical to Ian Chesterton's.
"Robin Hood" encounters the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan, looking like William Russell. He dies in an assault on the Sheriff of Nottingham's castle.

Tom Riley incarnation[]

Astrolabus regenerates into his "Tom Riley" incarnation and, presumably with the help of a perception filter or memory alteration, resumes his activities as Robin Hood.[1]
Robin Hood meets the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald and witnesses the death of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Eventually, Auteur abandons the Robin Hood alias, which is seized up by an alien in the Head's employ in AUDIO: Wildthyme at Large.

As "Santa Claus"[]

According to one account, Santa Claus — also "Jeff" — was an identity taken on by Astrolabus in one of his incarnations.
As per TV: A Christmas Carol, in 1952, "Jeff" spends Christmas in Frank Sinatra's winter cabin with the Doctor and Albert Einstein.
Santa Claus is living in the North Pole and married to Mary Christmas. He helps Iris Wildthyme rescue Panda from his wife, who mistakenly believed he was having an affair with Iris. (Notably, Mary Christmas has access to Clockworks technology.)
Although previously living in the North Pole, Santa Claus has moved to Christmas-land due to how noisy 20th century Earth has become. The Doctor introduces himself to him. Santa Claus does not correct him, but also does not introduce himself or otherwise contradict the notion that he has met an older version of the Doctor before.

Santa Claus meets the Second Doctor, who advises them to be less reckless in his use of time loops and clones as ways to deliver all Christmas presents in one night. The Doctor refers to the events of A Christmas Story.

Set 24 December 1822. The Third Doctor takes Sarah Jane Smith to see Santa. The Doctor remarks that it’s been a few years since they last saw each other.
On Christmas, 1979, Santa delivers presents to Paul Magrs, though Paul knew his Mam did all the hard work.
Santa encounters the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble after they rescue him from a group of Roboforms and Snowmen.
Santa Claus bumps into the Eleventh Doctor.
Santa delivers presents to Paul and Jeremy's home in 2006.
Santa Claus decides to intervene to fix the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald's relationship.
A tangerine left on Clara Oswald's real windowsill reveals that he engineered the shared dream-state in which the Doctor and Clara interacted with a shared-dream version of Santa.
Santa calls the Thirteenth Doctor for help when his sleigh loses its power.

Miscellaneous exploits[]

According to COMIC: Voyager, another one of Astrolabus's incarnations is Zorro. He also amasses a number of other names, and his original chosen of alias of "Astrolabus" becomes "legend on a dozen world".
At some point, as per PROSE: The Quantum Archangel, Astrolabus pens a "reviled" text known as the Insidium of Astrolabus. The Ainley Master has a copy of the Insidium in his TARDIS Library.

Twelfth incarnation[]

In a female second-to-last incarnation, the Renegade creates the planet Gendar and its people (who worship her as "the Goddess") as part of "a millennia-long con job", with the help of her cousin Gideon, who acts as "the God".
In this same incarnation, having adopted the title of "Auteur," she attempts to turn her universe into fiction to bring an end to the War in Heaven, which is now well underway. She knows she is destined to join Faction Paradox, although she hasn't yet. Auteur is eventually herself turned into fiction.

Thirteenth incarnation[]

Astrolabus's final exploits[]

At some point, Auteur escaped being fiction, and returned to N-Space, regenerating into a male incarnation with whispy white hair and a matted beard. This new incarnation returned to calling himself Astrolabus.
Astrolabus is on the run from Voyager due to having stolen sacred star-charts from him. He meets the Sixth Doctor and narrowly escapes Voyager in his TARDIS.
The Sixth Doctor faces "Professor Astro Labus", who evades him by stepping into his cabinet.
After tattooing the stolen charts on his body in an effort to make it impossible for them to be taken away from him, Astrolabus is caught up to by Voyager, who rips his skin away from him. Voyager and the Doctor leave him to die.

Godfather of Faction Paradox[]

Graelyn Scythes helps a group of powerful, rogue time-travellers whom Gideon has now joined find the dying skinless Auteur. They let him join the Faction, allowing him to manipulate his shadow to serve as a replacement skin.
The skeletal Auteur, although now a Godfather of Faction Paradox, has been imprisoned in the Shadow Spire.
At a point when he is familiar with Dracula (placing this after A Bloody (And Public) Domaine, the imprisoned Auteur contacts Graelyn Scythes for her birthday, acknowledging her as his daughter.
Due to a fragment of his future consciousness having been thrown backwards in Time as part of a deal with the Retconning Crocodiles, Auteur, while in the Spire, authors a cursed Abecedarium and sends it to the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids. He then writes the story of their receiving it.
Auteur attempts to use Apep to gain greater power than ever before and escape the Spire. However, Apep double-crosses him, ripping his shadow-skin from him and then consuming his dying body. Thanks to time-distortions, Auteur's mind is able to watch over and communicate with Kifah for a few moments more, seemingly aware that his story has ended and he has ceased to be real.

After the War(s)[]

Auteur is alive again, having somehow survived the War, albeit in a very reduced state; he is now nothing more than an animated skeleton, stripped of flesh as well as skin. He manipulates a Noble-woman called Donna to change history to a version without the single surviving Lord Temporal in it, but she rebels against his plan and he is helpless to stop her restoring history to its proper course.
Remaining trapped for centuries in the decaying oxbow reality left behind after History is restored, Auteur makes a deal with the Retconning Crocodiles, who restore his body and his life-force. However, he remains trapped in the oxbow timeline.

Currently unplaced[]

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  1. Most likely the latter, since the Doctor appears to have forgotten their previous encounter and does not believe in Robin Hood. One could argue that he simply means that the "Robin Hood" he met was nothing like the legendary figure, but nor does he express shock that Robin is still alive and in a totally different body despite witnessing the death of his Ian Chesterton-lookalike incarnation.