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This page lists appearances of Andrea Quill in the order he experienced them. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed that for each novel, comic, audio or television series, their published, broadcast or numbered order is the order they occur in.


Saved from the Shadow Kin[]

Set 12 - 14 October 2016. Having been saved by the Twelfth Doctor, Quill has settled in at Coal Hill Academy. The prom is attacked by the Shadow Kin, looking for the Cabinet of Souls. The Twelfth Doctor arrives to help stop them and then assigns a reluctant Quill & her students to fight off further invasions via the space-time tears.
Quill refers to the headteacher as being a he on Day 5, suggesting that the first five (not necessarily continuous) days of this story are set before The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. Charlie and Matteusz are spending time together in Charlie's house, but it is unclear if this indicates placement. Quill still has the Arn in her head, setting this before The Metaphysical Engine or What Quill Did.
A week has passed since For Tonight We Might Die and Charlie has not seen or spoken to Ram since then. Quill becomes aware of the Governors. Charlie, April and Tanya witness the death of Mr Armitage as the result of an attack of the Leaf Dragon.
Set explicitly on Halloween. Quill has Matteusz help her investigate the house, despite not enjoying his company.
A few weeks have passed since For Tonight We Might Die. Ram recalls the events of The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. Coal Hill Academy is currently in between head teachers, setting this before Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart and Matteusz does not yet live with Charlie setting this before Nightvisiting.
It is the second anniversary of the death of Tanya's father, who died in 2014. After defeating the Lankin, Charlie lets Matteusz move in with him - to Quill's annoyance.

Defending Coal Hill[]

Matteusz has moved in with Charlie, and April and Ram have started dating, setting this after Nightvisiting. Quill wonders if her students have been replaced again, setting this after Joyride. Charlie and Matteusz are comfortable being intimate via their mobile phones, setting this prior to events within What She Does Next Will Astound You. Events take place across five consecutive days, Monday to Friday (the second day explicitly noted as a Tuesday).
A few weeks have passed since The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. Matteusz is living with Charlie and Quill, setting this after Nightvisiting. Implied to be a Monday.
Quill and the rest of the defenders notice the prevalence of the dares. Some time has passed since Neil's accident in previous chapters. Many more videos have been added to truthordare.com. Seraphin is sponsored by truthordare.com for the first time and kidnapped. Prior to Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart, as Ram and April are not solid in their relationship.
Quill still has the Arn in her head, setting this before The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did. Charlie and Matteusz have recently admitted that they love each other, setting this shortly after Nightvisiting. Occurs on a Friday afternoon.
After Stone House, as that story has Quill mention Daleks but neither she or Charlie make any indication that they have ever encountered one.
Some time has passed since the previous chapters, at least a month after Seraphin is kidnapped (which occurs after Chapter 10). Many more videos have been added to truthordare.com. Ram's phone is stolen, and the following day, his messages are posted online. Must be after The Stone House, as Charlie and Matteusz end up uncomfortable being intimate via their mobile phones and make an agreement to not do so anymore.
Dorothea Ames replaces the recently deceased Mr Armitage as head of Coal Hill Academy. Quill has been on Earth for a few months now. April gains significant powers from her connection to Corakinus and even heals her mother's paralysis. Ending leads directly into Brave-ish Heart.
Ram and April have known each other for a month (thus it can be presumed that the story is taking place late November-early December 2016). April becomes King of the Shadow Kin. Dorothea Ames agrees to arrange for the Arn to be removed from Quill's head after school on the following Monday.
Soon after Chapter 22. Quill suggests in Chapter 42 that she is aware of another way for her and Charlie to live, implying that this comes after Dorothea's deal with Quill in Brave-ish Heart about removing the Arn. Authorial intent concurs that the majority of events take place between Brave-ish Heart and Detained.[1]
Charlie and Quill are the only ones unaffected during these events. Quill still has the Arn in her head, setting this before The Metaphysical Engine or What Quill Did. The Headteacher of Coal Hill Academy is a woman, setting this after Brave-ish Heart.

Falling apart[]

Quill travels with Dorothea and Ballon in a Metaphysical engine in order to collect the items necessary for the removal of her Arn. The Arn is successfully removed and Quill becomes pregnant with Ballon's child.
Set during Quill's hibernation between The Metaphysical Engine or What Quill Did and The Lost. The Metaphysical engine causes Quill's fever dream to manifest in physical form. Charlie mentions that he hasn’t spoken to the rest of the gang for a few days since Detained. Quill wakes up from her hibernation, leading directly into The Lost.
A week has passed since Detained and The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did. In the interim Quill has been in hibernation and the rest of the defenders have avoided each other. A few months have passed since For Tonight We Might Die. Charlie kills April in order to defeat Corakinus, however she is resurrected in his body due to their shared heart by the Cabinet of Souls.
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