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This page lists appearances of Adric in the order in which he experienced them. This timeline is based on observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events in each of these stories. From these observations we have attempted to build a concise timeline. It is assumed, much like their TV story counterparts, that each novel or audio series their published/numbered order is the order they occur in.

The layout of this timeline is based in part on the observations on Doctor Who Reference Guide and Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as DocOhoReviews, The History of the Doctor, The Discontinuity Guide, Clive Banks Databank, the Big Finish forums and The Divergent Universe forums. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.


Travels with the Fourth Doctor[]

Adric stows away on the TARDIS.
Set during State of Decay.
Set immediately after State of Decay.
Adric has dealt with the Great Vampires, setting this after State of Decay.
Adric mentions the imprisonments he endured during The Invasion of E-Space and O, Darkness. The Doctor and Romana die, but, after some years, Adric is able to change time so that the Doctor and Romana live.
As the Doctor and Adric escape E-Space, Romana elects to remain and help the enslaved Tharils release themselves from captivity, with K9 staying with her due to damage from the time winds preventing him from crossings back into N-Space.
Having recently returned to N-Space, the Doctor and Adric are summoned to Traken by the Keeper of Traken to deal with a Melkur. With the aid of Consul Tremas and his daughter, Nyssa, the Doctor and Adric foil the Decayed Master's plan to steal the Source.
At some point, the Doctor assembles K9 Mark III, and K9 begins travelling with him and Adric. (PROSE: Inter-Galactic Cat)
During Doctor Who Annual 1982, K9 Mark III has been assembled, and the Doctor is wearing his bohemian attire while traveling with Adric, but is illustrated in his burgundy coat for Just a Small Problem.
The Doctor drops K9 Mark III off for Sarah Jane, (TV: A Girl's Best Friend) which seems to lead into a period of separation between him and Adric.
Adric is saddened by K9 Mark III's departure and writes a letter to him.
Adric and the Doctor reunited for more adventures.
Accidently picking up Tegan Jovanka as a stowaway, the Doctor and Adric learn that the Master has stolen Tremas's body. Informed of his coming regeneration by the Watcher, the Doctor is reunited with Nyssa on Logopolis, where the Master accidently starts the collapse of the universe. Forced to join forces to broadcast a CVE signal from Pharos Project, the Doctor is critically injured after he falls from the antenna stopping the Master's betrayal, and is forced to regenerate into his next incarnation with the assistance of the Watcher.

Travels with the Fifth Doctor[]

The Doctor regenerates from his previous incarnation.
Set immediately after Logopolis, with the Doctor's regeneration still settling.
Set two days after Logopolis.
Set three days after Logopolis. Doctor is still recovering from his recent regeneration.
The Doctor is still in need of the Zero Room, implying he is still recovering from his recent regeneration, and still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
Tegan is not concerned using the Doctor's dream-manipulating machine, setting this before Kinda.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor still has his sonic screwdriver, setting this before The Visitation.
The Doctor begins trying to get the TARDIS to Heathrow Airport to return Tegan to her job as an air hostess. Nyssa collapses after a showdown with Monarch.
Set directly after Four to Doomsday, with Nyssa recuperating from her dizzy spell in the TARDIS throughout the crew's stay on Deva Loka.
Set almost immediately after Kinda, with the Doctor reprimanding Adric for his actions, and Tegan still haunted by her possession. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed by the Terileptil leader.
Set during The Visitation: Part 4, when Adric and Nyssa are taking the TARDIS to the Squire's house.
The Doctor has just escaped the Great Fire of London, setting this immediately after The Visitation. The Doctor avoids landing the TARDIS on a planet because he believes it would lead to another adventure, and instead allows the TARDIS to float in space.
Takes place shortly after Kinda, from the point of view of the Doctor's companions.
The Doctor has recently regenerated, and Tegan is still upset about his failure to return her to Heathrow.
Nyssa refers to the events of Kinda and is unsure if the Master is still alive.
The Doctor has recently lost his sonic screwdriver, setting this shortly after The Visitation.
Tegan has given up on the Doctor's ability to get her back to Heathrow, and she and Adric believe the Master is dead, setting this before Smoke and Mirrors.
The Doctor has recently lost his sonic screwdriver, setting this shortly after The Visitation. Houdini is the first historical figure that Tegan has met since beginning her travels with the Doctor, and this is the Doctor's first encounter with the Master since Castrovalva. Nyssa believes Tegan is beginning to enjoy her travels, something Tegan implies is correct.
Tegan, after some hesitation, admits to Adric that she has begun to enjoy traveling in the TARDIS. She recalls her brief piloting of the TARDIS from Four to Doomsday.
Nyssa's psychic potential from Kinda is reference.
Set sometime after The Visitation, with the Doctor looking for components to build a new sonic screwdriver.
Adric, Nyssa and Tegan are kidnapped Adam Mitchell, leading directly into Endgame.
The Doctor joins with his other incarnations to rescue his friends from Adam and the Master, and assists the other Doctors in saving their companions as well.
Tegan and Nyssa are absent.
Tegan and Nyssa are absent.
Set during Black Orchid: Part 1.
The Dar Traders predict that Adric's death is coming soon, setting this shortly before Earthshock.
The Doctor has started reading the Black Orchid book he received in Black Orchid.
Set immediately before Earthshock, with the Doctor and Adric upset with each other, and the gestalt mourns the upcoming loss of Adric.
While stopping the Cybermen from destroying the Earth, Adric dies in a spaceship explosion.

Alternate timeline[]

Adric lands the freighter and rules a city of intelligent scorpions.
Adric attends a meeting of the Doctor's past and future companions. He scoffs, with a hint of resentment, at Amy Pond's claim that travelling with the Doctor is a life-changing experience, suggesting that this may, somehow, be the bubble universe Adric.


Adric is kidnapped by the Nine. He was taken from the middle of his travels. He's in "junction five" implying he was taken while he was travelling with the Fifth Doctor.