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This page lists the order of stories in the Doctor Who Universe timeline from 1 January 2100 to 31 December 2199 in Earth's Gregorian calendar. (For the purposes of this timeline, 2000 will be considered part of the 21st century given the "Year 0" discrepancy.)

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, and LegoK9's timeline. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

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CHARACTER/TEXT/NOTE: Indication of time period


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"They were in the TARDIS, ninty-one years into Grant's past, four hundred thousand miles above the surface of Mars."
ROSE: One hundred years.
DOCTOR: There you go. Step outside those doors, it's the twenty-second century.
"Candy said slowly. ‘Well round here it’s the usual 2108.’"
SUMMARY: On Earth in the year 2108, the North Bloc and the South Bloc teeter on the edge of terrible nuclear war.
'Remember. Bernice is an archaeologist and ahead of the times [26th century],' said the Doctor. 'Four centuries ahead to be precise.'
NOTE: The prologue of GodEngine reprises the end of Transit and is dated 2109.
"Broken Swords 2109 – Arsia Mons, Mars"
"2110 – Jull-ett-eskul Seminary of Oras, Argyre Planitia, Mars"


"The call came at 02:27:34, She'd been expecting it. 'Hello, Ming,' said Kadiatu. 'Everybody get off all right?' Ming, she noticed, was wearing a bathrobe. There were a lot of tense faces in the background. Ming hadn't looked that angry for three years."
SHERIT: Who are you? I said who are you? We've checked your bio-records and they're fake. They're from a fifty year old the other side of the solar system.
ZOE (The Uncertainty Principle): I've just started traveling with the Doctor...
ZOE (The Uncertainty Principle): I was sixteen, and he treated me like an equal, not a child prodigy, or a clever machine.
STOYN (The Dying Light): Zoe Heriot. Left Space Station W3, 2079.
DOCTOR: By the early 22nd century, Mars has been cleaned up, dusted off, and turned into a leisure planet.
DOCTOR: This is Colonel Orson Pink, from about a hundred years in your future.
NOTE: Orson is seen being returned home.
"The Doctor nodded. '...We’re about, oh, two hundred years after your time [Peri].'"
TEXT: 2114 AD. Neptune. Hyperios Rises
COMPUTER: Galactic Salvage & Insurance / Formed London · Earth 2068 / Liquidated 2096
RIGG: Galactic went out of business twenty years ago.
ALI (Echoes of Grey): But then we found out about the Wheel, and some interesting counselling sessions of yours about monsters and dreams.
ZOE: I suppose I was suspicious from the start. Recognising a woman forty years older than she should be? Happening to have the right equipment on you? Who are you? [forty years since 2079]
NOTE: Set between Echoes of Grey and The Uncertainty Principle.
NOTE: Set between The Memory Cheats and Second Chances.
ZOE: You seemed younger when we met, 21.. 22. But now.. mid thirties? It's been less than a year. [first met in Echoes of Grey]
MORAN: Private journal of Captain Jonathan Moran, 21st November 2119. We have located a craft of unknown origin on the lake floor. Visual scans in situ revealed nothing, so we have brought the craft on board and myself and the crew will now investigate.


RIVER: Exactly where we were, only a hundred local years into the future. [100 years after 2020]


MINISTER: I don't believe you, Doctor whoever-you-are. Nor do I believe that anyone in 2134 doesn't know what year it is!
DOCTOR: We've materialized in 2135 A.D.... The year when the Dalek Empire was at its greatest...
DOCTOR: You're not a monastery, you're a factory. Twenty-second century army-owned factory.
‘That was the being I met over a century ago in the bowels of the Dusk. Not the megalomaniac deputy director of the Forge, not the maniac who disposed of anyone who didn’t play by your rules, but an innocent man who was trying to put right a very human mistake!’ [Over a century after Project Twilight]
That caused the rabbi to burst out laughing. Even as she did, she noted another dry patch, and she and the Doctor moved to moisturise it. ‘Doctor, you are obviously teasing me. The Maharal lived in the late sixteenth century, 550 years ago.’




DOCTOR: Paradise Towers is supposed to be a remarkable architectural achievement, I'm told. Won all sorts of awards way back in the er, twenty-first century. Are you ready?
Lucifer Rising: "From the messy consequences of the Kroagnon affair to the Vraxoin raids off Azure, from the Macra case to the Vega debacle, Bishop’s record was immaculate."
‘...When you told me you wanted to “pop back to the year twenty-one fifty-four or so”, I decided to set up a little something that would prove useful to a younger version of me...’
‘The seventh of May, 2157. 11.35 a.m., to be precise. Remember now?’
TILLINGTON: It's 2158, Doctor.
DOCTOR: 2158? But the daleks should have invaded last year!
PTOLEM: 2158, to be precise. A vintage year


DOCTOR: Ah, here, look. At least we know the century, dear boy. Look.
IAN (reading a calendar): 2164.
DOCTOR (The Mutant Phase): The Dalek occupation of Earth was foiled in 2167.
NOTE: Follows on directly from the end of The Dalek Invasion of Earth




SUSAN: It still doesn't seem possible, does it? 30 years now, trapped out of reach, after the Daleks destroyed their transmitters. [30 years after the beginning of the war (2157)]
JOURNALIST: Is it another invasion, 20 years on? [20 years after the end of the war (2167)]
NOTE: Susan refers to the events of An Earthly Child
SUSAN Alex is still at home, so that's something. [Setting this before Relative Dimensions]
ALEX CAMPBELL: Yeah, Christmas Eve, four o'clock. But he didn't say which year.
ALEX CAMPBELL: Mm. He only told me about six months ago when we had a bit of trouble with the Guldreasi. But that's all sorted now. [6 months since An Earthly Child]
LUCIE MILLER: Alex and me were in Thailand when the sickness came. [On their world tour they said they'd be doing in Relative Dimensions]
LUCIE MILLER: Did I ever thank you for looking after me all those months ago, when I was sick?
ALEX CAMPBELL: Months? Yeah, it was about two years ago now.


NOTE: Follows on from Lucie Miller
‘I know we’re nearing the end of the twenty-second century,’ he said impatiently. ‘Now when precisely? I need a baseline for my calculations.’
‘2191,’ said Angela.
‘No, this is where we need to be, Graduand. Andora, 2191. The final year of the Cyber occupation.’
MOORE: Flighter Carrier Valiant. Coms package alpha 704. Transmitting at ship time 1340 hours, January 15th, 2197.
OSWIN: Flighter Carrier Valiant. Coms package alpha 704. Transmitting at ship time 1538 hours, January 16th, 2197.
OSWIN: 2 months! You were away 2 months. In that time I had to stand here and watch hundreds of my people get dragged away.
DOCTOR: It's only 2199, there won't even be a robot survey for another hundred years.
"It had been thirty-odd years now since they had married, back in the ruins of a London that had been virtually destroyed by the Daleks."

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