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This page lists the order of stories in the Doctor Who Universe timeline from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2099 in Earth's Gregorian calendar. (For the purposes of this timeline, 2000 will be considered part of the 21st century given the "Year 0" discrepancy.)

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, and LegoK9's timeline. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Timeline rules:

  • Only list stories. References to dates that the story does not take place in are to be excluded.
  • Stories without any clear indication of an era should be omitted. (e.g. TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)
  • Many stories will contradict each other, so these contradictions should be noted but treated equally. (e.g. TV: The Enemy of the World and other stories are set in 2018)
  • Direct quotes indicating the time period the story takes place should be provided. (Quotes sourced from another story should indicate the story it is from.)

Format (list all available):

  • Day Month Year - MEDIUM: Story title
CHARACTER/TEXT/NOTE: Indication of time period


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NYSSA (Castle of Fear): When you suggested spending Christmas in Stockbridge, Doctor, and I said "please not the twenty-first century."
DOCTOR (Castle of Fear): "Awkward" you said, with, you know...
NYSSA (Castle of Fear): Andrew, that's his name.
DOCTOR (The Master): Not if it hasn’t happened to you yet. Early 21st century, Salzburg.
DOCTOR: And temporal radiation shouldn't even exist on Earth in the 21st century.


DOCTOR: Quite sure. I wish I knew what it was, though, and what it’s doing on twenty-first century Earth. Some sort of mutant?
DOCTOR: We’ve met before. Or rather we will meet. 350 years from now, you’re both still here. Why? What are you waiting for? [350 years after the seventeenth century setting, which is sometime between 1650-1658]
‘Oh, it does.’ She looked quickly again at the Doctor. ‘He’s [The Brig is] over seventy. And I’m... not far behind him.’
NOTE: The Brig was born in either 1929 or 1930.


RYAN: Sydney 2000, watching the fireworks on top of the Harbour Bridge.
‘The only way to keep them from going blind, from perhaps panicking and preemptively launching on January first 2000 - today - was to provide equipment that worked.’
"`Because it's New Year's Day – the millennium, Mel. And it definitely is party time.' He nodded at the clock above a nearby jeweller's: 12.10. "
LEE: Right! Thanks. Thanks, Doctor! See you around, Grace. Happy new year!
TEXT: San Francisco. February 2000.
The Eiffel Tower: AD 2000
DOCTOR: Ah, Paris in the Spring... This is the millennium, the turn of the century.


"At first glance it looked like some mathematical joke – some code using just four numerals – but then it resolved itself into something that made sense:'08/02/2001; 20.02. St Louis'".
"A quick investigation at a newsagent’s had revealed that Compassion had got her timings wrong – it was only Tuesday 6 February; Fitz was a whole two days early."
ASHCROFT: Hello, and welcome to this twenty-fifth anniversary DVD. My name’s Martin Ashcroft, and I directed ‘Doctor Demonic’s Tales of Terror’.
DOCTOR: In the eighteen-hundreds. On the film set, in 1976. And here today.
DOCTOR: Yes, quite typical early circa 2001, I'd say.
SYNOPSIS: Margrave University in 2001, and Raine Creevy is enjoying her first trip into the future.
NOTE: November 2001 according to PROSE: Project: Valhalla.


PAUL: Ace? ... I mean, it's been what, just over 15 years since you left the old neighborhood. [In 1987]
"London, November 2002"


CRANE: Right. And this is the twenty first century, which makes you Buck Rogers.
VANSELL (Neverland): The Republic of Malebolgia, Earth, 2003.
DOCTOR: It's me. I'm making it all happen again. 1903. 2003. I can hold them back, Rochester, but it gets harder and harder.
Between Project: Twilight in 2001 and Project: Lazarus in 2004.
DOCTOR: Correct. It’s August the 15th 2003. A Friday afternoon. We’re on a ring road around the shopping centre, near the multiplex, the Office Paradise, and the Carpet Warehouse.
TEXT: 30 year later. The National Gallery. [From 1973]
MEL: National foundation for scientific research, UK, invites you to attend its centennary celebrations on 12th of December, 2003.
Interference - Book One: ‘What’s the year? 1996. Starting from the 1970s, how does it go? Let’s see. . . Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Dering, Springsteen, Norris. . . ’
NOTE: Chuck Norris is president in Cat's Cradle: Warhead Eternity Weeps establishes Bruce Springsteen as president in 2003.


TEXT: 5 years earlier [Toshiko's flashback]
NOTE: Parts 1 & 2
Rise of the Dominator dates this story to late 2004.
Paul Magrs' drafts are marked with the dates.
TEXT: 'December 2004'
TEXT: Barbara had the first inkling of how much they had imposed on these poor people already, but she had one burning question. George answered it, surprisingly, without any puzzled questions of his own. He was an ordinary-looking man, all the spirit wrung from him by the daily office grind. `2004.’
TEXT: By the fourth Christmas Day, the Doctor had a theory that they were caught in something called a 'chronic hysterisis'.


ROSE: Blimey, how much have you had? 2005, January the first.
Drafts of Paul Magrs' story are marked with the date.
Rise of the Dominator places The Coup in late 2004, placing this story as early 2005.
Rise of the Dominator places The Coup in late 2004, placing this story as early 2005.
POSTER (Aliens of London): Rose Tyler has been missing from her home on the Powell Estate since 6th March 2005.
NOTE: Set immediately after the events of Rose.
(Rose calls Jackie who is in modern day)
SUMMARY: It's the 26th of March 2005 and it's the day that everything changes.
TEXT: It's Saturday 26th March 2005. A time before iPlayer, and William Noddle is the one fan who forgot Doctor Who was returning tonight!
NOTE: Year based on Hunters of the Burning Stone.
'Yes, she believed me. Can we return to 2005 now?'
TEXT: 4 years earlier [Owen's flashback (part 1)]


NOTE: Owen's flashback (part 2). Captain Jack recuits him to Torchwood at Katie's gave. Owen was hungover during his second week on the job during Aliens of London:
TOSH (Exit Wounds): Your second week, I had to cover for you. Pretend I was a medic, because you were hungover and unreachable.
OWEN (Exit Wounds): What was it, Space Pig?
DOCTOR: It's not twelve hours, it's twelve months. You've been gone a whole year. Sorry.
"Barbara stopped short. The date was given at the top of the page. Saturday, 24 June, 2006."
‘Oh, do be quiet, Susan,’ came the Doctor’s voice, stung into irritation. ‘I am trying to drive, and the citizens of the United States of America come 2006 don’t seem to have a great deal of regard for manners on the road...’
STRAXUS: We're not sure exactly what happened, but she seems to have been pulled back to her natural place in Time.
LUCIE (Blood of the Daleks): Get stuffed! Wasn't even in my teens in 1998. I live in 2006.
"Bromley, 2005"
NOTE: While it is technically possible this story takes place in 2005, there is no indication of that. No one recognises Rose as a missing person and Jackie is not acting like a distressed mother. See Aliens of London dating controversy.
NOTE: Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, in the form of "Margaret Blaine", has been elected as Mayor of Cardiff. As such, this story must take place not long before Boom Town, in which a newspaper promotes her as the "New Mayor".
TEXT: Six months later [from World War Three]
ROSEMARY: It starts here people. It's 6:30 on Friday September the 22nd 2006, I'm Rosemary Stark, and here's the Bricklayers with their new single Westway.
TEGAN: Hi, sleep well?
NOTE: Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS in modern day.
"LogOn: 11:09 hours Tuesday 14 November 2006"
"LogOn 22:23 Friday 22 December 2006"
NOTE: The plague and impending inversion of the Earth’s magnetic field conflict with later stories set in 2006.
JACKIE: Yeah. Keep a count of it. It's midnight. Christmas day. Any change?
NOTE: Same day as The Christmas Invasion
NOTE: With Kraxnor of the mighty Sycorax. After Christmas 2006; they reference the Doctor losing his hand.


Sarah Jane Smith created Mr Smith 18 months before The Lost Boy
ELTON: And that's when it all changed, that Tuesday night in March. That's when he arrived.
LOUIS: ...And unlike some people, you've had 50 years to prepare.
NOTE: 50 years since the opening scene, which is set in 1957.
DOCTOR: I had a bit of an... incident back in 2007.
KATHY: To take one breath in 2007 and the next in 1920 is a strange way to start a new life, but a new life is exactly what I've always wanted.
JACKIE: Oh. That was about two months ago. Just happened. Woke up one morning, and there they all were. Ghosts, everywhere.
Following the fall of Torchwood One (Doomsday), Ianto Jones joins Torchwood Three.
Ianto is a member of Torchwood Three and Suzie Costello is alive.
Suzie Costello dies and Gwen Cooper joins Torchwood Three.
Gwen’s first day on the job.
TOM: Lived here sixty six years and still sound like a barrow boy. I was evacuated during the war. 1941.
A World War I memorial service.
TEXT: St. Michel War Cemetery, The Somme, 2007.
LUCIE: This is the 21st century, right?
DIANE: More like 1807 than 2007, but that's Fandor Island for you.
DIETER: In researching the history of the island, I discovered old records, kept by monks, of a strange species of caterpillar, unique to this place. A genus they called Fandowen [guess] that was only ever seen on the first day of August, every year.
TOSH: Like, she [Suzie Costello] dies, Max becomes a time bomb. He doesn’t see her for three months and, wham, the orders kick in.
SYNOPSIS: Back in 2007, Gwen Cooper saw Jack Harkness get abducted during a misson.
Beginning of Jack’s solo investigation into the Committee.
The death of George Wilson (The Conspiracy) was a week ago.
Jack is currently away from Torchwood and they are investigating the Committee in his absence.
Jack decides to rejoin Torchwood.
Ivar Putin makes a recording in 2007. The death of Neil Redmond (Uncanny Valley) is recent.
DIANE: Today, December the 18th.
GWEN: Merry Christmas!
DONNA: Well, duh. Maybe not on Mars, but here it's Christmas Eve. Phone box! We can reverse the charges!
DOCTOR: Journey's end, as requested. Singapore harbour, New Year's Eve 1930. This is where you were headed, wasn't it, before you met me.
CHARLEY: Fireworks spelling out two oh oh eight.
CHARLEY: 2008, not 1931.


NOTE: See above
Owen is still emotional from the end of his affair with Diane Holmes (Out of Time).
Sarah Jane adopts Luke Smith and meets Maria Jackson.
Not long after Invasion of the Bane as Sarah is still new to being a mum. A new school term starts (so either January or September). In the Doctor-less version of Smith and Jones in the Turn Left universe, Sarah Jane went to the hospital with Luke, Maria and Clyde Langer, therefore her meetings with them in Invasion and Revenge must occur prior to Smith and Jones .
Jack leaves Torchwood.
Opening scene. Set immediately after End of Days.
Set on Valentine's Day. Jack is currently missing and the events of The Last Beacon were several months ago.
MENZIES: 1:05AM, 29th February 2008. Present: DI Patricia Menzies and Doctor John Smith.
NOTE: Late Teen Amy, Rory, and Mels
PHANTOM: Welcome to the future. Welcome to the year 2008.
DOCTOR: Earth, London, 2008 - as requested.
CHARLEY: Well I ran into [Gregory Bailey] earlier this year, about half an hour after he died. [referring to the events of The Condemned.]
DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor. I'm a time traveller. Everything I told you twelve years ago is true. I'm real.
The former date is given in The Secret Lives of Monsters.
DOCTOR: Back to the morning after we left. So you've only been gone about twelve hours. No time at all, really!
MARTHA: Er, just remind me. What day is it again?
FRANCINE: Election day.
TEXT: One year later
MARTHA: That's so weird though. It's the day after the election. That's only four days after I met you.
VIVIEN: Eighteen months ago, he became real. This is his first, honest-to-God appearance, just after the downfall of Harriet Jones. And at the exact same time, they launched the Archangel Network.
TRINITY: It's three am in the morning on the eastern seaboard and President Winters has been chosen to lead the world into a new age.
Set at the beginning of The Year That Never Was.
NOTE: year is erroneously given as 2007.
Jack rejoins Torchwood.
NOTE: Occurs on Friday the 20th(as per a calendar) and 114 years before the 7th February 1894. The only viable date is 20th June 2008.
NOTE: Parts 3 & 4
NOTE: Takes places 20 years after the Soviet Union began having reductions in the funding of it's military. (1988)
KARIMOV: It's Twenty-Four October, like Revolution.
KARIMOV: Two Thousand And Eight, of course.
DOCTOR: Okay, Bannakaffalatta. But it's Christmas Eve down there. Late night shopping, tons of people.
AUNTY PAT: No-one else will be under the pier this time on Christmas Eve. What is the time, anyway?
THE DOCTOR: Two Thousand And Eight.
BILLY: Time of death? Oh, look. Zero hours, zero-zero minutes. Happy Christmas, Lucie Miller.


TEXT: Cardiff 2009
Set two months after Voyage Of The Damned.
POLLY: You know, it's forty-three years since I last saw him? [43 years since The Faceless Ones, which was set in 1966]
ABBY (SOS): In 2008, our Blue Box was sighted in London.
PENNY (SOS): You understand this was almost fifteen years ago (before 2022).
HOUSING OFFICER (Turn Left): I'm afraid it's Leeds or you can wait in the hostel for another three months. [3 months since the Titanic devastated London in an alternate timeline]
AMNN (Turn Left): [The same day] America is in crisis, with over sixty million reported dead. Sixty million people have dissolved into fat.
SYLVIA: Doesn't know what? And who's she, the cat's mother? And where've you been these past few days, lady, after that silly little trick with the car keys? I phoned Veena and she said she hadn't seen hide nor hair.
DONNA: We went to a library. I wanted to be home for a bit, no adventures, no excitement.
NOTE: Follows on from Out of this World.
DONNA: I've been missing for a month, sorry if my coming home inconveniences you. [1 month since Out of this World]
"The Doctor looked at the nearest newspaper. 'Friday 15th May 2009,' he confirmed to Donna."
NOTE: This date conflicts with The Planet of the Dead being on Easter.
DOCTOR: Hello, I'm the Doctor. Happy Easter.
BARCLAY: Like when all those planets were up in the sky.
NOTE: While the real world date for Easter is 12 April 2009, Beautiful Chaos sets this after 15 May 2009.
LUCIE MILLER (Death in Blackpool): No we're not, we're early, a whole year early. [2008 is a year early, implying Lucie was brought back to 2008 after the Doctor's apparent death in The Vengeance of Morbius.
LUCIE MILLER (Orbis): Him? You mean ... you don't mean ... No. He died. I saw it. Six months ago. [meaning this occurred in the first 6 months of the year, since Lucie was present in Blackpool in December 2008, as per Death in Blackpool]
LUCIE MILLER (Death in Blackpool): Can't go home. Not till the Summer. once I've left.
MENZIES: This is DI Patricia Menzies, the interview room at Broad Street police station, 19th of July 2009 at 3:20pm.
NOTE: Final scene, and scenes outside time bubble.
ANDREW: What year is it?
PASSERBY: Why it's 2009, August the fourth.
NEWSPAPER: Wednesday September 2009
Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer are doing GCSEs.
'North Pole 2009'
'The problem is, it's only a few weeks till Christmas,' said the director.'
'12th December 2009'
NOTE: Not long before the framing narrative.
YATES: It was the day after the Winter solstice, 22nd of December.
YATES: I woke at a few minutes past 3 O'Clock.
DOCTOR (The Relics of Time): Next Christmas I was returning to that corner of the world after a year's absence. [The Relics of time takes place in 2010]
In Happy Endings, Mike Yates mentions knowing a man called Tom by mid 2010. By some accounts, the Fourth Doctor is Tom Baker, thus setting Hornets' Nest prior to Happy Endings.
NOTE: follows on from The Stuff of Nightmares
NOTE: follows on from The Dead Shoes
NOTE: follows on from The Circus of Doom
NOTE: follows on from A Sting in the Tale
YATES: Hey, I'd completely forgotten! It's Christmas eve!
SYLVIA: Merry Christmas. But she can't see you. What if she remembers?
WILF: Oh. I've always dreamt of a view like that. Hee, hee. I'm an astronaut. It's dawn over England, look. Brand new day.
NOTE: Alice Obiefune organises a meeting of all of the Doctor's companions. While the presence of multiple past and future companions, many of whom look as if they have travelled from their respective time periods to be there (such as Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, who do not appear to have aged a day since the 1960s) would normally render the exact time period vague, a clearly post-Journey's End Donna Noble briefly wanders into the meeting, narrowing the story down to 2009 or beyond, as it is unlikely that she would have time travelled there.


IAN: It was a long time ago now, back in the 1960s.
JANET: Ah, so only 50 years ago, not 60.
"The Doctor smiled. ‘English pop culture, Malady, don’t worry about it. Just another bit of misplaced self-aware seventies nostalgia with no place in the twenty-first century.’"
"The Doctor racked his brains. ‘Ah yes. 1989. I stole your space shuttle.’"
"Malady looked at the Doctor. He must have been about ten at the time."
NOTE: The Doctor's appearance as a man in his 30s indicates this story takes place ~25 years after 1989 in the 2010s. (Felix Mather being president at this time conflicts with other stories.)
"All of Alice Wu's Christmases had all come at once."
NOTE: Smartphones and Justin Bieber references.


DOCTOR: Paris, 2010 AD. And this is the mighty Musée D'Orsay, home to many of the greatest paintings in history.
ADVERTISEMENT (The Lodger): Vincent van Gogh: The Great Innovation: 17th March-29th August 2010.
NOTE: There is snow on the ground in the episode, so this is most realistically in March.
WILF: Shaun Temple. They're engaged. Getting married in the spring.
INVITATION: Mr S. Holmes and Dr J.H. Watson are invited to the wedding of Prof. Bernice Surprise Summerfield and Mr Jason Kane to take place at St. Christopher’s church, Cheldon Bonniface, Norfolk at 2pm on Saturday, 24th April, 2010. Formal dress preferred. RSVP
NOTE: In this story, the Brigadier regains his youth and lived to the 2050s (PROSE: The King of Terror), which is contradicted in other stories.
AMY: Yeah, but those things, those amazing things, all that stuff. That was two years ago.
CLOCK: 11:55 PM
(Amy and Rory's wedding)
LUCY: Florida, 2010. dad took us all to Disney World.
WIBBSEY: So now it's three days before Christmas and I'm run off my feet!
WIBBSEY: We arrived home on the day we left, December the 23rd.
YATES: Well, here we are again Doctor, another Christmas Eve in Nest Cottage.
WIBBSEY (The Broken Crown): Oh what a blessed pickle we're in, Doctor. Stuck in the past with the TARDIS 150 years away. [The Broken Crown takes place in 1861, however the figure "150" could've been rounded up or down.]
DOCTOR: Command it to send us all forward to the day Mrs Wibbsey and I were first kidnapped by the Robotov guards.
DOCTOR: This must be one of the longest Christmas days ever, eh Wibbs?


DOCTOR: The 26th of January 2011, it's a temporal tipping point; millions of people are going to be making vitally important decisions, and if they make just one tiny mistake, the entire universe will be destroyed.
ALEX: He was eight in January. I mean, he should be growing out of stuff like this, shouldn't he? ... Well, I told you. Just turned eight.
DOCTOR: Course you do. How could you not? You and Claire. Christmas Eve, 2002, right? Couple of weeks before George was born.
MENZIES: I mean, at some point in the Doctor’s future, he’s going to run into me, which for me was a couple of years ago. [2 years since The Condemned, set in 2008]
EVELYN (The Feast of Axos): I don’t understand, Doctor. If Brewster here is from the Victorian age – what was he doing in 2011?
PAYNE (Chronoclasm): They taught me how to turn time into energy. How to travel back to 2011, a stable point in time, but scientifically advanced enough that I could get help to set up my time portals.
‘Nineteen ninety-six when I last looked,’ Jason said. ‘Mind you, that was something like fifteen years ago, more or less. I had a watch once but it broke and I lost count.’
DONNA: Yeah, well. Two years into the future for me. Bound to feel a bit weird. [Donna's time is 2009]
TEXT MESSAGE: $100,000 deposited to your personal savings account. From Bank. 6:13pm 22-MAR-11
LETTER 3: 22 / 04 / 2011 - 16 : 30 MDT
TEXT: Two months later: Day 61 of the Great Depression.
WIBBSEY: It was a Thursday in August, and I'd risen late.
WIBBSEY: It'd been nearly 9 months, now, since I'd been dumped back there by the Doctor. [since Aladdin Time]
DOCTOR: I've put us down on the outskirts of Hexford. Look there, on the scanner. The village is back safely in one piece.
NOTE: According to Rex's phone, Charlette last used her phone on: 2011.09.09
AMY: Okay, you've had all summer. Have you found her? Have you found Melody?
NOTE: Miracle Day is mentioned to have ended in September.
NOTE: The Doctor is informed of the Brigadier's death via phone call.

The Power of Three dating controversy[]

All 21st century stories featuring Amy and Rory Pond after The God Complex should be placed here.
The Doctor gives Amy Pond and Rory Williams a new house. A common theory to explain this dating controversy is that the Doctor dropped Amy and Rory off a few years in the past, but Amy is a famous model in 2011 would certainly draw the attention of their families and their past selves. Besides, Miracle Day is stated to take place this year, and it seems unthinkable that the Doctor wouldn’t drop his friends off at a point after the horrific (and presumably fixed) effects of that had already passsed.
RIVER: I just climbed out of the Byzantium. You were there. So young. Didn't have a clue who I was. You're funny like that. Where are you?
AMY: The Doctor's dead.
NOTE: Amy is now a famous model for Petichor, implying this story is set after The God Complex. However, the Coulchester Evening News is dated 19th April 2011. That date is problematic because Amy and Rory would need to be in Utah in only a few days, Amy is unfamiliar with the word petrichor in The Doctor's Wife, and Alfie is rather old given Craig and Sofie started their relationship in 2010.
DOCTOR: Not absolutely sure how long...
AMY: Two years?
Amy and Rory have a fight.
Amy and Rory are planning on a divorce. They ultimately reconcile after a trip to the Dalek Asylum.
Rory travels to Stormcage in the 52nd century to spend Christmas with River. Amy and Rory have apparently been visiting River at Stormcage for "years" by this point.
AMY: Alright, where are we? What is that noise and hello, ten months [since Asylum of the Daleks]?
NOTE: The specified timeframe contradicts the above three comic stories.
NOTE: Set during The Power of Three.
NOTE: Supposedly Kate Stewart's first meeting with the Doctor.
NOTE: This date is problematic due to the fact she later meets the Doctor in The Day of the Doctor, which appears to be set in 2013.
AMY: She's here tonight, being as it's our wedding anniversary. We thought you might have dropped by. I left you messages.
BRIAN: Brian's log, day three hundred and sixty-one. Eight-fifty pm. No movement. And I am cream crackered.


Flashback: The funeral of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
NOTE: date given in Lucy Wilson & the Bledoe Cadets.
DOCTOR: Oh, we've overshot, we're one year into the future [from 27 January 2011].
DOCTOR: Well, tried that, if you've noticed, and we are back where we started in 2012.
NOTE: Despite recent episodes, the Ponds are in 2012. Granted, they are time travellers and have little risk of meeting their past selves while in New York City.
DOCTOR: I’ve programmed the ship to take you back to 2012, the day after you left, in a field just south of Dartford. You have fifteen minutes to leave, before it takes off and self-destructs.
'"I'm so sorry Doctor, last December, the Brig..." He died peacefully in bed.'
NOTE: According to Acceptance, and then Understanding, the Brig died in December 2011.
HUW EDWARDS: We're live on News 24. The opening ceremony of the London Olympics of 2012 is well underway, and people from all over the world are streaming into the stadium right now.
GENEVIEVE: What year? 2012. You were frozen in the ice.
BARSET: I would have thought you'd all be far more interested in the Olympics!
"July 2012. The ground and sky rotated around the cabin as Flight Lieutenant Matthew Bedser rolled the Tornado to the right."
ROSE: And when are we?
DOCTOR: Two thousand and twelve.
VAN STATTEN: So, the next President. What do you think? Republican or Democrat?
Following the Dalek incident.
NOTE: After Doris Lethbridge-Stewart's death.


NOTE: it's St Valentine's Day.
VASTRA: Assuming this letter will have reached you as planned, on April the tenth, 2013.
Takes place between The Power of Three and The Day of the Doctor.
DOCTOR: Madam, what year is this?
NARRATOR: It was Saturday, 23rd of November 2013.
NOTE: Clara goes Christmas shopping.
Set two years after Survivors in Space.
CLARA: I need you. I'm cooking Christmas dinner!
STRAX (Deep Breath): Ah, excellent. Enviable spleen. Well done. Twenty seven years old, with a projected lifespan of exactly—
NOTE: Clara was born 23 Novemeber 1986, making her 27 in 2013.
NOTE: although it was Christmas day when Clara was last in the present, the Glasgow high street that she and the Doctor arrive at looks busy, with people seen going in and out of shops, and with an apparent lack of Christmas decorations.


DOCTOR: You sent me for coffee.
CLARA: Three weeks ago. In Glasgow.
NOTE: A History of the Universe dates this story to 2014.
"Charlie Bevan was adamant in his assertion that this was the same man that he had seen alive in 2014."
'The twenty-first of March 1944. It’s difficult to forget the day all your friends died.' 'The vernal equinox …' The Doctor snatched a quick look at the calendar handing on the wall. 'And it can’t be a coincidence that today is also the equinox.'
WOLFIE: When was the last time you saw the Doctor?
HEATHER: About four years ago.
ERICA: Opening trial session three. June five, twenty fourteen.
NOTE Follows on from The Screaming Skull.
TEXT: Coal Hill, East London, 2014
NOTE: After the Doctor is a caretaker in The Caretaker but before Osgood meets the Twelfth Doctor in Dark Water.
DOCTOR: A tree is a time machine. You plant a little acorn in 1795, and in the year 2016, there's an oak tree, there, in the same spot, with a tiny little bit of 1795 still alive inside of it.
NOTE: With Christmas in Last Christmas and Clara's death before October 2016 it would be impossible for this story to be in 2016. 2016 must be an arbitrary date like 1795.
DOCTOR: And...It's 2014. Lots of misery in 2014.
TEXT: London, 2014
"It was Christmas Eve, and the matinee had just started."
"When they crashed in 1902, before the damaged ship put them into emergency hibernation, the Addos got a glimpse of that Mummers play. Fast forward. 2014. A theatre opens on the same site." [said the Doctor]
DOCTOR: Merry Christmas, Clara Oswald.


DOCTOR: By Earth standards, it's been ten years since I returned from the Time War and met Rose Tyler!
SYNOPSIS: 2015: When sightseers Joel and Gabby Finch encounter a strange man in Edwardian cricketing garb in the Sistine Chapel, their honeymoon suddenly takes a terrifying turn.
ACE: Um, the TARDIS instruments said early 21st century
SYNOPSIS: Egypt in 2015 is an unsettled place.
SYNOPSIS: The place is Eastern Europe. The year is 2015.
JONES: Outta me way! I want to see wot's in a 2015 record collection!
NOTE: Despite Alice Obiefune leaving in 2014, she consistently returns to 2015.
ALICE: This is London, my London. 2015-ish by the look of it.
DOCTOR: Ah yes! Piccadilly Circus, London, 2015! Just as I planned.
KUSHAK: It all started a few months ago...
DOCTOR: The planet's turned into a four-dimentional circular generalized helicoid.
NOTE: Modern fairground
NOTE: The Twelfth Doctor and Clara at San Diego Comic-Con
CLARA: You're telling me that this is London in the Summer of 2015?
NOTE: This story is set after Last Christmas but before The Magician's Apprentice.
DOCTOR: Rochester Castle in 1215 and Rochester Castle in 2015 are trying to occupy the same space.
NORLANDER: The Brits came two years ago. We didn't want them. They just They just turned up. No jobs. Nowhere to live. No money. And they were, they were odd. They started getting into fights. Couple of them got killed.
REXX: Well, if we were to adopt the local calendar, approximately 2015 CE.
SUMMARY: The date is 15 August 2015 and Iris Wildthyme is in the headquarters of the Ministry for Alien Incursions and Ontological Wonders.
TEXT: Raven's Isle, The West Coast of Scotland, September 2015
NOTE: Set after The Zygon Inversion, as evidenced by two Osgoods.
CLARA: After all, Hallowe'en's a time for pranks...
NEWSREADER: In a moment, the Eight Truths [the Eightfold Truth]. Lifestyle course or doomsday cult? Catherine Drew investigates. But first the weather.
NEWSREADER: Good morning, and here is the news on Wednesday the twenty first of October 2015.
DOCTOR: Lucie, hi, it's the Doctor. Sorry, I lost track of time. It's just er, two in the morning, I'm still working on this space probe business.
DOCTOR: Doctor, if you don't mind. How long have I been unconscious?
NURSE: Twenty three days.
KELLY: Oh, give me a break. I was on Newsnight last night, and then I was trying for another appearance this afternoon. [which occurred on the 14th]
NOTE: follows on from The Eight Truths.
DOCTOR: Clara Oswald[...]welcome[...]to the ultimate Clara Oswald birthday party!
TEXT: A few months later... [Clara unveils the Danny Pink IT Suite]
DOCTOR: I have a friend who usually travels with me, but she's off enjoying something called an "end-of-term Christmas party".
"It was 22 December 2015, and Mr Thomas Gordon Taylor was not having a great day."
"‘If we were back in 2015 I could go online on my phone and find some bookshops,’ Andy said between bites of her roll."
"Christmas Day was a fascinating experience for Erimem. It was the first Christmas she could remember. If she had ever had a Christmas before, she couldn’t remember it."
“2015, yes?” he asks. I nod. “Christmas.”


Clara Oswald is listed on the Coal Hill School Roll of Honours Board by 27 October 2016. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)
HELEN: Oh, we’re back in Rome. 2016?
Norton: 2016, yes? You have holograms and nano-printers, don't you?
DOCTOR: Only last year I was spponing your collective subconscious back into your skulls!
"Shivani said, ‘Ah, the bulldozers. They start work tomorrow.’"
"The Doctor didn’t move."
"‘This part of Coal Hill School will become Coal Hill Academy.’"
JACK: According to the TARDIS -- Earth, San Francisco, August 2016.
NOTE: Kevin Williams' missing poster confirms he was last seen on the 12th. The poster at the start dates the prom to 14 October.
VARUN: Rachel's only been gone a week.
NOTE: We see on Charlie's computer that the day of the confrontation with Coach Dawson is a Thursday. This story takes place over 4 distinct and consecutive days, so it must begin on Monday. Exactly a week after Prom would be Friday 21 October. Three days later is 24 October, the only Monday on which Varun would say it's been a week since Prom.
MIGUEL: It’s daylight, and it’s Halloween tomorrow, you little... ...opportunist.
CINDY (Vortex Butterflies): 2009? Wow. 2016. No, wait... When we left it was 2016. Must be 2017 by now. That doesn't make sense.
TEXT: New York City. [Cleo Hunsicker's era time.]
TEXT: The road to Stockbridge can be lonely on a still Autumn evening...
"CHIYOKO": As planned, I have achieved harmonic alignment with the village of Stockbridge in the year 2016.
RAM: That's not even the third weirdest thing I have seen this month.
NOTE: We see on Ram's computer that the day is a Thursday. This means the only time the episode could take place is the Thursday after the conclusion of The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. At around the midpoint of the episode, we see the time on Ram's phone is close to midnight meaning that the end of the episode ran into Friday morning.
RAM: I've been frightened non-stop for the last month.
CHARLIE: It's been almost a week. She hasn't even woken.
DOCTOR: Grant, how long have you known this woman?
GRANT: Since elementary school. Twenty four years.
NOTE: Bill meets the Doctor. A few months pass.
BILL: Going anywhere for Christmas?
"Humanian Era. Earth. 24 December — 11:59:59 — 2016"


DOCTOR: 2017, I think. Yes, I think that’s what the readout said. Bracing, isn’t it?
DOCTOR: Stegmoor off-season. The perfect retreat. Largely deserted. Bracing walks. Beautiful views.
THELMA: 40 years back would be 1970-something of course.
BELINDA: OK, I admit it, I was adopted. I never knew my real parents. And yeah, they found me on the steps of the hospital in Wood Street in 1977.
NOTE: 5th anniversary of Time Surgeon. Started after the Cybermen Invasion of 2012.
DOCTOR: 1957. Every twenty years.
BILL: Hello, Mum. The Monks, the Monks have only been here for six months.
NARRATION: Mr. Smith had reported some strange alien detections coming from St Luke’s University. Sarah hadn’t considered that odd, but she was quite surprised to hear that they’d been emitting since 1947. She just couldn’t figure out how this had gone unnoticed for seventy years.
NOTE: The Doctor has not allowed Missy back into the TARDIS again.
TEXT: Present Day - The Devil's Cairn, Scotland
Like everyone else in 2017, the Doctor is doing a podcast.
TEXT: Three Years Ago
ANITA: Look me up in three years.
"It was 2017 and Britain was starting to get proper winters again."
"The Doctor spent the rest of the afternoon convincing the Centre's inhabitants to join the traditional sequence of events on Christmas Eve in Cheldon Bonniface."


SWANN: Well, go on, look at it. Read it. Last year's date. Look at the bit of headline there. There!
NEWSPAPER: Friday August 16, 2017
NOTE: This story conflicts with others set in 2018 and the novelisation is set in 2030.
KENOSSIUM: As I said earlier Marshal Reeves, we've moved in time as well as space. This is the year 2018.
DEAN: Hallowe'en's next month, mate. Eat my salad, Hallowe'en!
NOTE: Rahul has a ticket for a football match dated Wednesday 14th September 2018.
DOCTOR: But to be fair, it's only half an hour since you left.
NOTE: The TARDIS team's first trip home since TV: Arachnids in the UK.
DOCTOR: It's fine, it's only 2018... A cottage, in Norway, in winter, with a chimney but no smoke.


NARRATOR: On the first day of the year 2019, across the land and sky of Britain, an army of unlikely friends came together to face an impossible opponent and prevailed.
TEXT: 367 minutes later.
RIVER: Oh, not far, the royal palace of Ozkozania, earlier this morning. Old Earth time, the eighth of March, 2019. Just before breakfast.
TEXT: 2019.
RIVER: Well according to this, the queen's arrest and the disappearance of the princesses lead to a civil war which lasts fifteen years.
RIVER: The village of Charm was razed to the ground six months into the war, no survivors.
RIVER: This is the day before the village is destroyed.
TEXT: Dateline: Wednesday 30 October 2019.
TEXT: Dateline: Thursday 31 October 2019.
TEXT: Dateline: Thursday 31 October 2019.
GRAHAM: Ryan and me, we do have a Christmas dinner to get to...
NOTE: Set between Resolution (New Years Day 2019) and shortly before Spyfall (early 2020).


JOANNE: Not to death, no. But the loop was first placed nearly fifty years ago, so – [50 years after the The Claws of Axos]
NOTE: Due to the UNIT dating controversy, it's difficult to put a precise date on this story. It likely occurred some time between the 2020s-2030s.


A DOCTOR: Four years since your procedure.
GRAHAM (The Woman Who Fell to Earth): Oh, well, er, I had cancer and er... Well, strictly speaking, I'm still in remission, three years gone. [Set in September 2018, Graham told the Doctor that he had been in remission for cancer for the past three years]
DOCTOR: Well, you should talk to your mates at GCHQ! [Reference to the events of Resolution]
DOCTOR (1834): 186 years from now, they're assassinating spies, and I'm stuck here without my TARDIS, and I need to find my way back before...
MASTER: I've just had the most infuriating 77 years (from 1943) of my life.
DOCTOR: Multiple alerts across three continents here on Earth. Can't be connected. Unless they are. Quick look? [Leads into Praxeus.]
TEXT (The Tourist): With many of us still trying to process the traumatic events of January’s biker gang invasion, the truth still feels many pieces away from a full picture.
DOCTOR: Early in the third decade of the 21st century.
TEXT: It was Central London in January.
CHANTELLE: Yeah. My last boyfriend was always leaving his stuff here but, given that I dumped him last month, you can do me a favour and take some of it.
TEXT: It had been a relatively warm December so Craig hadn’t left any jumpers here.
NOTES: Team TARDIS return to Sheffield to catch up with friends and family. Yaz lists the places she has been to Sonya, refering to Fugitive of the Judoon and Praxeus; their discussion of the "thing" in Gloucester alludes to the events of the former.
DOCTOR (The Haunting of Villa Diodati): I'll drop you back in 2020.
RYAN: (in Revolution of the Daleks) 10 months.
JIM: 2020's a very lean period, where you're concerned.
TANIA: It's still 2020.
RIVER: The village of Charm, a year after we dropped the twins home.
TEXT: Logging into Whoosh Chat Window now... Window scheduled for 12:30 - 13:15, 29/03/2020.
DOCTOR: Stay 2 metres/six feet away from other people. Wash your hands, anyone can spread the virus.
NOTE: set during the COVID-19 pandemic.
TEXT: 18:30 Sunday, May 10
OSGOOD: Doctor, it's 2020. It's a fantastic year for memes, but it's a terrible year for humanity.
NOTE: George Floyd was recently murdered, and the world is still in lockdown from COVID-19.
TEXT: Cwmtaff, South Wales, 2020 AD
DOCTOR: Blue grass. Patches of it all around the graveyard. So, Earth, 2020-ish, ten years in your future, wrong continent for Rio, I'll admit, but it's not a massive overshoot.
SALLY: What we do and don’t remember. I’m guessing you remember what year it is?
RACHEL: Course. 2020.
TEXT: New York, 2020 — Stark Enterprises.
TEXT: New York, 2020.
TEXT: The year 2020. And though Manhatten itself has changed quite a bit-- --The Bronx look pretty much the same!
SUMMARY: In the year 2020, Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish find themselves thrown into a mystery as an ice spirit wreaks havoc during the Kyoto's Gion Festival...
TEXT: DATE STAMP: 17/08/20
TEXT: DATE STAMP: 18/08/20
TEXT: DATE STAMP: 19/08/20
"Everybody else was counting down to New Year. He glanced at the clock again. In one minute it would be the year 2021.... He sighed and checked the clock. It was almost one in the morning. The prank had killed an hour at least – but he was damned if he was going to report it."


"Everybody else was counting down to New Year. He glanced at the clock again. In one minute it would be the year 2021.... He sighed and checked the clock. It was almost one in the morning. The prank had killed an hour at least – but he was damned if he was going to report it."
GRAHAM: Happy New Year, Yaz.
RYAN: 10 months [since the end of The Timeless Children]
BESSIE: My name is Bessie and you'll never guess, I'm 111 years old.
BESSIE: I suppose it was around 1910 when I was first completed.
SUMMARY: On the morning of 12 October 2021, Hex woke up.
DOCTOR: Right, dateline. October 31st.
YAZ: Simply because I had to work on Bonfire Night so the Doctor thought this would be a treat to keep me going while I was pounding the freezing streets dealing with rogue fireworks and frightened dogs.
NOTE: the year is identified within the episode's official synopsis.


NOTE: the year is identified within the episode's official synopsis.
CLEO: Who leaves a voicemail? It's 2022.
PENNY: You understand this was almost fifteen years ago (from 2008).
ZOE: The Doctor, Jamie, and I are quite a way back amid the rain-slicked marble gravestones. The one right next to me, Patrice Johnson, 1968 to 2022 in neatly serifed gold.
Jen: Archie William Kane, born 24th of June 1996. [he is described as a young man, meaning this is likely set not long after 2022]


'I know.' He didn't look thrilled. 'Los Angeles, December 24th, 2023 to be exact.'


SUMMARY: 2024. Fitz is under interrogation regarding a burglary and fire at the Kremlin.


INTERNET VOICE: The delivery date for the first energy transmissions direct from GlobeSphere was set for January the Thirty-First, Twenty Twenty-Five. And with one day to go, GlobeSphere reports that all their plans are on track.
"It was 2025 and a portion of South London had been cleared aside to house this extraordinary, dreamlike place."
DOCTOR: They genetically modified apples to taste like other stuff in 2025 - to try and get kids to eat them.


HEX: I just thought.. what year is this?
ABBERTON: Two thousand and twenty-six.
DOCTOR: Oracle, display parasite record, the 18th of April, '26. Now, I found this in infected blood yesterday.
DOCTOR: As soon as [Helen] scratched me, I knew. [referring to the events when they arrived]
ACE: I don't understand, it takes weeks to incubate, not 24 hours. [said on the 19th of April, so they arrived on the 18th]
Hex: It's morning. You gave us a big shock yesterday. [meaning this is the 20th of April]
LYSANDRA: It's been three days, you've barely slept. [3 days after the 20th of April]
NOTE: Follows on from Project: Destiny.
NOTE: The Doctor and Ace return to Hex's home time.


ACE: England, obviously. 24th of June, 2027. One year since it all happened.
ACE: Nearly two months week on, and what have I got?
LUCY (Issue 1): It's the day after Christmas. ... I mean, I know from the fact that we haven't seen you for eight years that this can't just be a social call.
LUCY (Issue 5): ...the ones doing the saving... are the reporter and her eleven year old daughter.
NOTE: 11 years since The Return of Doctor Mysterio in c. 2016. It seems the Doctor last saw them circa 2019.
NOTE: Sarah Jane Smith has died, Jo Grant is still alive


TEXT: One Week Later...
HENRY: I got you a belated Christmas present.
RADIO: It's six O'Clock, Tuesday the twenty-fourth of May, and this is Radio Drive Time.
TRANS-GALACTIC TABLET: You are Henry Noone. Age: 28. Born: St Stephen's Hospital, 10th of February, 2000.
ACE: Henry! Wake up!


TEXT: The Euopean Space Agency's Kourou Launch Facilities, French Guiana. April 16th 2029.
SUMMARY: 2029 AD. In the desert of Arizona, billionaire philanthropist Dr Hugo Macht is trying to save the world from climate change.


SUMMARY: In the year 2030 only one man seems to know what action to take when the world is hit by a series of terrible natural disasters.
NOTE: The TV story is normally dated as 2018.
"Now Ricky was fifteen, lanky, stoop-shouldered and a bit shy."
NOTE: Justine was pregnant with Ricky at the end of PROSE: Warlock.
"But the constant hissing sound outside came from dried autumn leaves blowing around the empty concrete roadways of the housing estate, circulating in a steady night breeze."
TEXT: It is the year 2035...


DOCTOR: Hmm, a submarine. Of a highly advanced design for the year 2040. How fascinating.
"By 2040, cognitive science had conquered all the major educational disorders. Reliable remedies were available for dyslexia by 2023, for dyspraxia by 2025, for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by 2036, and for Asperger's Syndrome by 2038."
"Saturday 24 March" to "Thursday 26 April"
"The Doctor checked his pocket watch and sighed. 'Er... it's May 2040. We were a little early for the giant bees. They find them in August.'"
"Vish remembered the old adage about humouring loonies while pressing the Panic button under the desk. But there was no button. 'Today is July the eleventh, 2040, sir.'"
"The Ethereal was spread across billions of life forms on thousands of worlds, in hundreds upon hundreds of star systems. As such, it had a was this knowledge that enabled it to take a philosophical view of, say, the events on this world in the year 2040."
"In 1940, the screams would have been of pain and fear; in 2040, they were just of surprise and delight as the blue of the sky was transformed into a blanket of red."
"He turned them on Chris. 'Well, no, actually it's a Statelet of London, 2040, but you were very close. Come on!'"
"The man smiled sadly, and looked at his friend the shapeshifter. 'If we'd met here in the year 2040, you wouldn't have taken on the form ofan emperor penguin.'"
TEXT: In the year 2044 a group of English gentlemen colonized Hekton, an Earth-like planet.
DOCTOR: Would that be the Ranulph Fiennes bunker in Antarctica in - what is it - uh 2042?
Hurst: '45!
NOTE: The Doctor and Ace visit Hex and Sally in the 2040s, 15 years after he left the TARDIS.
DOCTOR: And it does all that because one day in the year 2049, when it had stopped thinking about going to the stars, something occurred that make it look up, not down.


TURLOUGH: Two time travellers stranded and alone on mid-twenty first century Earth.
NOTE: Flashbacks to Adam's years in The Vault from 2012 until he is grey-haired.
"The Doctor made a face. ‘Well, it’s slightly strange. This appears to be generated by the back-up emergency call system I set up for UNIT. But the time and place are wrong — it sounds like Elizabeth Shaw of all people, but it’s coming from Prague in May 2050.’"
"28 September 2050: Westcliffe Retirement Home, Sussex"
"From the introduction to Watch the Skies: The Not-So-Secret-History of Alien Encounters Daniel Clompus (London Multimedia Publishing: 2051)"
"Text taken from The Man Who Saved the World – Memos, Letters and E-mails of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT. Edited by Russell Farway (London Multimedia Publishing: 2052)"
TEXT: In the year 2053 a few keen motoring enthusiasts line up for the start of the annual veteran car rally.
RANI: When you're on your own, you tend to forget things. People, places. I don't even know what year it is.
ADAM: It's 2059, Ms Chandra.
NOTE: The correct 2059 is seen at the end of the story.
K9: Interface with the console indicates Earth, in the year 2059.
DOCTOR: Oh, they'll never forget them. What's the date, today? What is it? Tell me the exact date.
ADELAIDE: November 21st, 2059.


DOCTOR: It's the other way round. It ends in the sixteenth century but the rupture point is here, in the mid-twenty-first.... New Britain, after the Euro Wars, during General Mariah Learman's benevolent dictatorship.
NOTE: The Eurozone has developed a space agency.
SUMMARY: At Kennedy Space Centre, in 2060, the Doctor meets Amber Lewis.
‘But then. . . a few minutes ago, there must have been another one. Another turtle. There must have been two turtles, and then something happened to one of them, and now this is the only one left.’
"CHINESE THREE-STRIPED BOX TURTLE ... Addendum: Last reported sighting: AD 2062. Cause of extinction: hunting by man for meat and medicine trade."
SUMMARY: In 2062, Erimem and her friends arrive on a space station in Earth orbit as a deep space probe is recovered and the crew rescued.
‘And there was me thinking you were perfect. Do you even know what year this is?’
‘Twenty-sixty-four,’ the Doctor said, ignoring the jibe. ‘The age of the super states.’
TEXT: The scene is the planet Trodos in the year A.D. 2066 as the three time and space travellers arrive...
‘New Year’s Eve,’ the old woman said. ‘2017, I’m sure it was. You just disappeared.’
‘And the world has seen a lot of tragedy in the past fifty years. We needed you. Where were you?’
TEXT: He made the settings that would take him out of the galaxy and many years away from the year 2067 on Earth.
'Good morning. It's 15 August 2067 and you're watching Breakfast with Channel Seven. I'm Nick...'
“At 0652 hours, on the 3 March 2068,” he said, and I remember his words as if it were yesterday, “this signal began to emanate from the Sea of Tranquillity on the moon. It was detected by Lunar Base and believed to be a freak natural phenomenon.”
MALE TANNOY: For all your salvage and insurance needs, visit the Galactic Salvage & Insurance store, and pick up a free information pack.
COMPUTER (Nightmare of Eden): Galactic Salvage & Insurance / Formed London · Earth 2068 / Liquidated 2096
"Arizona, Earth, March 2069"
"Geneva, Earth, April 2069"
"Four landings later, the Doctor was perplexed. The TARDIS had taken them to Christmases and Christmas Eves in 1982, 1946, 1931 and now a small Sussex village in 2069."


HOBSON: We've got a proper Rip Van Winkle here. It's 2070, in case you'd like to know.
TEXT: Their small fleet of Cyberman space ships landed on the moon at exactly 4.30 a.m. on October 15th in the year 2070.
SUMMARY: Thursday 28 May 2071: the day the Anglo-Indian Salvage 2 rocket launches.
K9: AD 2071
"But before we get caught up in Enid Tyler’s flight to Jamaica and the arms of her mystery lover (because that is a story for another day) let us return to the last day or so of old Professor Tyler’s life, in 1974."
"In another hotel, one hundred years later and off-world, a conference was underway."
TEXT: The year 2075 A small spaceship leaves Earth with food and supplies for the colony on Venus.
'No no no, this isn't right, this is twenty-seven something.' The Doctor screwed his face up; trying to remember a timeline he only experienced at random intervals.
STOYN (The Dying Light): Zoe Heriot. Left Space Station W3, 2079.


SUMMARY: Brazil, 2080: The Doctor and Turlough arrive for the Rio de Janeiro carnival.
DOCTOR: Around 2084.
SUMMARY: The year is 2085, and planet Earth remains on the edge of a nuclear precipice.
DOCTOR: Just a minute, just a minute. Oh this control is. There we are. Now that, that's an ion-jet rocket of the twenty first century...
NOTE: Ice Warriors seized control of the T-Mat system in 2086 and it was replaced with the Interstitial Mass Transit System after the Thousand Day War ended. (PROSE: Transit)
‘You lot don’t have ships that big in 2088.’ The Doctor squinted at them. ‘Anyway, they’re not ships.’

Late 2000s[]

ZOE: Well judging from the design and materials, I would guess this is somewhere near my time, late 21st century.
'Well...' The Doctor turned in a full circle. 'According to the TARDIS we are in Australia, in the latter part of the twenty-first centurty.'
NOTE: The synopsis for this story reads "Australia in 2028," but the text itself takes priority.
TEXT: Earth in the not-too-distant future...
TEXT: Back in the next century. [From 1945]


"Looking down at his face, she noticed that he was wearing a discreet blue eyeshadow of the kind that had been fashionable for men about ten years ago."
NOTE: A reference to Warriors of the Deep or something?
NOTE: The moon crisis in 2049 was nearly 50 years ago.
SUMMARY: AD 2096: PRISM has gone underground, becoming the clandestine SILOET headed by new commander Hal Bishop.
‘At present — 31 December 2099, for your reference — Prague is the capital of the Pan-European Community.’

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