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This page lists the order of stories in the Doctor Who Universe timeline from 1 January 1900 to 31 December 1999. (For the purposes of this timeline, 1900 will be considered part of the 20th century given the "Year 0" discrepancy.) This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories.

The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, and LegoK9's timeline. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories.

Timeline rules:

  • Only list stories. References to dates that the story does not take place in are to be excluded.
  • Stories without any clear indication of an era should be omitted. (e.g. TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)
  • Many stories will contradict each other, so these contradictions should be noted but treated equally. (e.g. TV: The Enemy of the World and other stories set in 2018)
  • Direct quotes indicating the time period the story takes place should be provided. (Quotes sourced from another story should indicate the story it is from.)

Format (list all available):

  • Day Month Year - MEDIUM: Story title
CHARACTER/TEXT/NOTE: Indication of time period


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"Some peculiar events took place on Christmas Eve in the year 190—, a Saturday, if I remember rightly."


"The Strand, London, 1900"
SERVANT: In case you're  wondering sirs and madam, this is July 1900.
"The Doctor examined the strange procession of cuneiform figures that danced across the top of the screen. ‘England, December 1900 . . . That’s interesting.’"


TEXT: Torchwood Hub - 1901
JACK: Now I need you to put me in the morgue. Freeze me. Set the alarm to defrost in a hundred and seven years time.
CALLANY: 20th of October, in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and one.
"He hesitated, then answered, ‘December the twelfth, 1901. That’s Anno Domini,’ he added helpfully."


REUBEN: Last time that beast was seen on Fang Rock, eighty year ago now, two men died that very same night.
VINCE: 'Ere, Reuben. You don't really think what happened before, back in the twenties, you don't really think it's happening again, do you?
SUMMARY: What connects a shooting star, ghosts of men killed in 1902 and the beast that roamed Fang Rock in 1823?
DOCTOR: Egypt. Thebes, to be exact. The year nineteen hundred and two.
SUMMARY: The TARDIS brings the Tenth Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in 1902.
African Plains 1902 A.D.
Abertysswg, 1902.
"Horace Stockwood, MRGS - Easter Island, Earth - December 1902"
"He swivelled the monitor around to face Ceri. ‘24 December 1902’ flashed in red."


DOCTOR: Met Mata Hari in a Paris hotel room. What an interesting woman.
NOTE: Real world dancing career.
NOTE: While the synopsis stated that the story takes place at the end of the 19th century, the turn of the century is mentioned in the story. As the story states that Rasputin (1869-1916) is in his early 30s, the story must also take place after 1899. Grigori Rasputin became a pilgrim in 1901 and arrived in St Petersburg in 1903.
NARRATOR: Shropshire, 1903.
EVELYN: Where are we?
DOCTOR: London 1903.
"Extracts from the diary of William Cuthbertson": "8 August 1903"; "27 November 1903"; "19 December 1903" to "25 December 1903"
"Extract from the Diary of Dr Thomas Christie Thursday 24th December 1903"
"Extract from the Diary of Dr Thomas Christie Friday 25th December 1903"


"Extract from the Diary of Dr Thomas Christie Tuesday 3rd May 1904"
‘It’s 1904. The Wright brothers have barely flown sixty feet yet, never mind starting a passenger service across two continents.’


SUMMARY: The TARDIS arrives in Arizona 1905, where travelling showman Thaddeus P. Winklemeyer is offering the residents of Buzzard Creek the elixir of life.


HELEN: April the 17th, 1906? No wonder people are staring. We’re not exactly dressed properly.
SONORA: It’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is the end of the world.
DOCTOR: Some time tomorrow.. but that was yesterday.
"'California,' said Ace quietly. 'Nineteen-oh-six. The great San Francisco earthquake.'"
NOTE: The Gift takes place during said earthquake.
"Sunday 24 June 1906"
"Monday 25 June 1906"
"Monday 25 June 1906"
TEXT: Oxford University, 1906.
SUMMARY: The TARDIS deposits its crew on Earth in San Francisco, 1906.
DOCTOR: Christmas Eve, then. The kitchen should be buzzing with action.... Charley, it's Nineteen Hundred And Six. It's six years before you were even born.
"Isiah looked up from the pamphlet he’d been perusing – Middleton Old Glory Morrismen, Cutty Wren Outing 1906 – and gave a start."
"‘We need all your power, all at once, if we’re going to give the wren a late Christmas present.’"


SUMMARY: It is 1907, and members of the Caversham Society have gathered on the hundredth anniversary of the death of Mannering Caversham, the greatest Magic Lanternist who ever lived.


"It was June 30th 1908. The world would not hear of this devastation for another thirteen years."
DEADBEAT: Tunguska...1908? That rings a bell!
EDGAR: Lord Edgar Forster’s 1908 Karabar Expedition will become as legendary as ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’!
TEXT: The TARDIS has landed in the grounds of an English manor in 1908...
DOCTOR: The years is 1908.


"London, 2.30 a.m., Wednesday 3 February AD 1909"
"39 Dean Street, Soho, London 1909". According to Birthright, The Doctor visited Margaret Waterfield immediately after his encounter with Ernie Wright.
TEXT: The Raven Peninsula, Scotland, 1909
"London, 7.15 a.m., Thursday 15 April 1909" to "7.30 a.m., Saturday 24 April AD 1909"
NOTE: This audio drama adaptation of Birthright had major alterations from the novel, namely Ace's role being replace with Jason Kane.
TEXT: Lahore, 1909
"Martha took the paper and checked the date. ‘September 16th nineteen-oh-nine,’ she read aloud, with a pointed look at the Doctor."
VICKI: I didn't meant that you were primitive, I was just surprised that early 20th century Earth didn't seem much more advanced than Nero's Rome.
VICKI: But anyway we had something to eat earlier at a Lyons' Corner House.
NOTE: In the real world, Lyons' Corner Houses first appeared in 1909.



"It was a Saturday in May, and the hotel was sombre and quiet. The King had died the day before. Edward VII had finally given out and given up."
"‘Do you see it as a coincidence, then?’ I snapped. ‘Edward dying now, in 1910? The world is changing so much, and the man who’s given the last decade its name dies –’ "
"London, 13 October 1910" and "London, 16 October 1910" to "London, 17 October 1910"


SARAH: But he didn't, did he. I mean, we know the world didn't end in 1911.
SUMMARY: One wouldn't normally expect to find elephants, gorillas and rhinoceroses roaming free in Suffolk in the year 1911.
"The Doctor shook his head. 'Now that would be silly, Peggy. It's 1911. He's only, what, five? Six? How could I possibly know him'"
"She and the other children had spent Christmas Eve dashing about, making noise and laughing. Helen had spent the day alone in her room."


"‘You may be some time, Captain Oates,’ the Doctor said softly.... Oates would die soon, of course, as they all would. But not alone and in the frozen cold. A happy ending of sorts. Just not the right one."
NOTE: Real world date Captain Lawrence Oates left his tent and subsequently died in the Antarctic.
JACK: And then there was 1912...
JACK: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [The Titanic colides with the iceberg.]
DOCTOR: I think we're somewhere in the Atlantic, 1912... [The Titanic start to sink.]
"Sunday, April 14, 1912 7.30 pm" to "Monday, April 15, 1912 12.19 am"
NOTE: The Master boards the Titanic and escapes on a lifeboat.
THOMAS ARDEN: Who would thing that something so old, many hundred and thousands of years I'm led to believe, would be so important in the year of out lord nineteen-hundred-and-twelve.
SUMMARY: Abby and Zara find themselves in the small town of Compton in October 1912.


MARTHA: I can prove that wrong for you, sir. Here's the morning paper. It's Monday, November tenth, nineteen thirteen, and you're completely human, sir. As human as they come.
SUMMARY: Ostend, 1913. War is coming. A war in which millions will die.


"A man had stood looking, staring up at Orion with a mixture of awe and whimsy on his face; a very British expression. He seemed also to be looking down at the spring of 1914."
"The fashions of 1914 were a lot easier to wear than Victorian gowns would have been, at least.... Benny flipped through a copy of The Tatler, making a mental calculation. It was April now, getting really hot and summery."
'1914?' The young girl in the black jacket festooned with badges was almost running in her efforts to keep up with the man. 'The First World War - just what we needed!'
'Well, not quite, it's actually June 1914 - the eighth in fact - and war doesn't break out until August.'
DOCTOR: A single tiny event in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914 that sent shockwaves round the world.
NOTE: Great Britain first engaged in combat in August 1914, according to The Weeping Angels of Mons.
DOCTOR: The Great War?
DOCTOR: Ah, too early for tanks, then. [DWU evidence for when tanks were introduced is scare, but in the real world it was September 1916]
DOCTOR: Americans, what's so strange about them?
ISABEL: Well, they're not in the war, but some of them have come over to volunteer. [The US joined the war in 1917, according to The Sirens of Time]
Follows on from The Great War.
DOCTOR: And there she goes, back to the Chateau, back to the tents, back to her war. Dark eyes no more.
HUTCHINSON: Leave me. I'm not going to make it.
LATIMER: Oh yes, you are. Didn't I promise you, all those years ago? Now, come on. And that's an order!
"There is no history of the Great War that records this incident, but two boys, who weren't even born at the time, know that a Dalek actually helped repulse a major German attack."
TEXT: 21st August, 1914
"You don't want to be here," the Doctor told Daniel urgently, marching up to his side. "This is World War One. 1914. Ypres in Belgium."
"World War One," he called, "not often like that. On Christmas Eve, each side heard the other singing carols and they had a game of footie instead of a war. The truce kept going, the officers had to force them to fight again. Brutally."
‘Christmas Day, 1914,’ the Doctor said, before Steven could ask. He didn’t look at Steven, but at the soldiers. ‘The two armies here have been attempting to destroy each other for months. Today, they changed their minds.’
"Apparently a truce had been declared while Edward had been out of action, started when the German soldiers had been heard singing carols in their trench."
DOCTOR: We're in France, Christmas day, 1914.
DOCTOR: Any other day it wouldn't make any difference, but this is Christmas 1914, and a human miracle is about to happen. The Christmas Armistice.


LORD HELLCOMBE: When Ralph's plan was shot down in 1915...
ERIK: My son is dead, shot down like a dog by Russian soldiers - two years ago, on the Eastern Front.
"I took a lungful of 1915 air. Not like the gritty stuff you got back home — assuming you could afford to actually live on Earth — and much cleaner than the artificial rubbish they pumped into the editing suites."
DOCTOR 5: The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915. It prompted the United States to declare war on Germany. You mean I changed the course of the first World War on Earth?
ABBERTON: October the fourth, nineteen fifteen.
"On the wall, a calendar of 1915 had just been turned to the August page."
“November the 18th, 1915,” confirmed Lady Jennifer. “How long have you been out here?”
‘November the 18th, 1915,’ confirmed Lady Jennifer. ‘How long have you been out here?’
NOTE: Chapter Four: "Replay" is lifted from Chapter Nine: "No Man’s Land" in PROSE: Players.
TEXT: The war, the Great War, the War to end all Wars, had been raging for sixteen months now, although raging was hardly the word. [In the real world, the war commenced on 28 July 1914.]


TEXT: And just before the First Battle of the Somme, 1916...
TEXT: July, 1916
SUMMARY: It's the start of August 1916, and war is raging on the battlefields of France.
TEXT: The town of St. Michael, The Somme. August 1916
NEW YORK TIMES: Friday, August, 1916
"The TARDIS hadn’t exactly performed admirably so far. They were supposed to be in Siberia in June 1908, not St Petersburg in December 1916."


DOCTOR: Imagine this place as it was in 1917 - North East France at the height of the Great War... all mud and blood!
BROOK: Why Doctor, it's 1917, of course.
SUMMARY: Tibet, 1917.
MORRIS: Are you sure you know where you are?
DOCTOR: Yes, Flanders, 1917, the night before the third battle of Ypres.
"England, autumn 1917, shortly before closing time "
"A short while later, Alistair was glaring at a rather sheepish soon-to-be-fifteen-year-old son. ‘What the hell did you think you were doing?’"
NOTE: Gordon Conall Lethbridge-Stewart was born in 1902.
"Archie smiled, but there was sting there. ‘I suspect you’re probably correct. What say we congratulate our offsprings’ future achievements with a pint, after we have that family Christmas we missed yesterday?’"


TOMMY: Take me. I'm in there in the ward in 1918. You have to take me so I can be here now. Just take me!
"19 March 1918"
THOMAS PRESTON: The phonograph diary of Thomas Preston. July the 16th, 1918.
"19 August 1918" and "Mary’s letter 22nd August 1918"
SUMMARY: Travelling alone for once, the Sixth Doctor elects to return to Earth, and the First World War.... With Captain Mark Steadman and Nurse Annie Grantham, the Doctor travels to a forest in Germany, on a cold morning in November.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, you've got the flu. It's 1918, who hasn't?
TOMMY: Ah, the night has barely begun.
DOCTOR: It's 11 o'clock on the 11th day of the 11th month. The war is over, Molly.


"12 February 1919"
"26 March 1919"
JEN: Don't force it, you were in Tashkent, August 1919.
"25 September 1919"


NOTE: Harry Houdini in his 40s.
SUMMARY: The Doctor deduces that it has arrived in Hampshire in the 1920s and, sniffing the air, he smells a distinct odour of sulphur — indicating that a spaceship has crashed in the area.
SUMMARY: What links a clutch of sinister murders in Victorian London, an angel appearing in a Staffordshire village in the 1920s and a small boy running loose around the capital in 1950?


"There I am, minding my own business. Well, I'm saving the Earth but that's sort of what my business is. It's the year 1920 and New York City is under attack!"
"She proceeded to read aloud: ‘FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER – 0262 by 04 by 05.’"
‘What a parrot you’re becoming, Peri! Yes, 1920! I’ve removed Mr Woodruff’s body, disposed of it discreetly, and now I’m back. Happy?’
DOCTOR: Ah, here we are. Gregorian! It's November 1920.
The Hull Times, 5th December 1920
"And then they were in 1920, in the lounge of the house of Tom's youth. On the night of Christmas Eve."


"Next Christmas, Tom was 10 years old, and grown up, and was sure he'd just had an odd dream last time. And he was no longer so convinced about Santa."
DOCTOR: She's got to be. Back in her proper time and place, the Time Lords said. That's London, 1921. Still with Dark Eyes though, don't you find that troubling?
"London, 23 October 1921"
QUOTE? [Hollywood scene with Charlie Chaplin and Bing Crosby]
NOTE: Secen reprised in the opening of PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy.
‘Who could become famous with a name like Bing Crosby?’ said the man in the chequered suit and bowler hat. The old man with the long white hair nodded.
‘I’m through. It’s bad enough we gotta work on Christmas Eve...’


DOCTOR: Don't be morbid, it's such lovely Autumn weather. Let's take the stream train.
DOCTOR: And what year is this?
ROMANA: 1922.


"Like every morning for the past month, Edward was flanked by Lillis and Digby from the upper sixth.... Lillis was a lanky youth with excessive facial acne, while Digby, well built for his 17 and a half years..."
NOTE: Edward Grainger, born in 1906, is now in prep school and would be around Digby's age.
TEXT: Paris, 1923
"We're in Munich, Ace, in 1923. The whole country's in an uproar, and Hitler and his gang are trying to stage a coup."
NOTE: Real world date of the Beer Hall Putsch.


NOTE: Professor Straiton says that the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amen was discovered the last summer, which was 1923.
"Summer 1924. The restaurant was busy."
'Reckon we'll meet anyone famous?' Rose wondered.
'In October 1924?'


DOCTOR: Three o'clock, June the 11th, 1925.
NOTE: During TV: Black Orchid.
TEXT: New York, 1925


TEXT: The Great Rift Valley, March 1926
DOCTOR: No, she vanished, Jo. Two days out from Bombay on June the 4th, 1926, the SS Bernice just disappeared off the face of the Earth.
TEXT: Egypt, 1926. Fired by the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, archaeologists dug many new sites in their search for history... fame... or fortune.
DOCTOR: What year is it now?
ACE: Nineteen twenty-six. [unbeknownst to Ace, she's actually in the Celestial Toyroom.]
TOYMAKER: You sent the Doctor and his friends back to Earth?
SWAPNIL: Of course.
"Cranleigh Hall, Oxfordshire - 1926"
TEXT: Hollywood, 1926. The party of one Archibald Maplin, ESQ.
DOCTOR: No policewomen in 1926.
DOCTOR: Today is December 31st, 1926, and in a couple of hours Arthur Gilligan will be leading the MCC in possibly the greatest match of the greatest tour in the history of cricket: All India versus the Marylebone Cricket Club.


DOCTOR: A new beginning, and a new year! First of January, 1927.
TEXT: Ellis Island, New York City, USA - 1927


TEXT: Sing Sing Prison, New York, USA - 1928
PHOTO (Old Girl): The Storyville Players Circa 1928
'What year is this, Tommy?'
'1928; replied Tommy. 'Why? Don't you know?'
'The twenty-seventh of July 1928; great day, great year. Mickey Mouse makes his first appearance; Fleming discovers penicillin; women are finally given the right to vote, and in an hour Tich Freeman will become the first bowler ever to take zoo first-class wickets before the end of July.'


SUMMARY: England in the 1920s.
SUMMARY: There she meets a mysterious stranger called Romanadvoratrelundar — and discovers an ancient and malevolent power, linking 1929 Chicago with a lair of immortal evil.
SUMMARY: The Doctor and Amy have come to Smyrna in 1929 to investigate a mystery.
SUMMARY: It's 1929, and the TARDIS crew is holidaying in Antibes.
‘A lot happened in 1929 you know, Peri.’
‘First week of November,’ she mused. ‘At least that bit ties up.’


"The psychic shrugged. 'The events in Chicago took place in the 1930s, obviously a number of years after those in England. A man can change a great deal in that interval of time.'"
SUMMARY: Cambridge, England, the mid 1930s.
SUMMARY: Here we are in the 1930s, in the leafy lanes and lofty towers of an ancient town… where there are witches, demons and gargoyles mixed up with dons and their frustrated wives and handsome boyfriends.


‘Yes.’ He handed her one of the books. ‘They’re overdue. Should have gone back to the public library on Shoe Lane on June the fifth 1930. I’ve been meaning to return them, but as I spend most of my time in the future the fines would have been shocking. So I thought I’d pop back and save myself the trouble.’
ROMANA: Hmm, you're rather a lot of advanced equipment for 1930. A gigacloud storage media server.
SUMMARY: When a sandstorm forces the TARDIS down in the Iraqi desert in 1930, Clara is overjoyed to meet the legendary Amy Johnson, currently engaged in her bid to become the first woman to fly across the world.
DOCTOR: The year wouldn't happen to be 1930, would it? ... And the month, October?
VANSELL (Neverland): ...And all despite having died in Beauvais, France on the fifth of October 1930, in the wreck of a dirigible known as the R101.
"Friday 24 October 1930, 6.05 am."
MARTHA: November first, 1930
DOCTOR: It was at the Singapore Hilton, on the cusp of years 1930 and 1931, that I first met Mister Sebastian Grayle. I was sitting in the Tea Gardens at midnight on that New Year's Eve...


TEXT: Dockery Plantation, Mississippi, 1931.
"In 1931, on Boxing Day, sitting in her favourite chair, listening to the radio, his mother died. As his father dealt with the funeral arrangements, Tom found a hand on his shoulder, and looked up, and there was the Doctor."


"No one would know about the Mardi Gras massacre of 1932."
TO-DO LIST (The Pictures of Josephine Day): Briarwood House, April 12th, 1932. 7PM
DOCTOR (The Stuff of Nightmares): I went to Cromer. Cromer in July of 1932.


SUSAN: And if we'd given Haber an efficient version of it in January 1933, just cheated a little, given him a hand. Might that have changed things?
DOUGLAS: The test match finished more than a week ago. [the real world test match finished on 19 January 1933]
DOCTOR: The chaos surrounds you, Douglas. You're at it's centre. Because you don't belong here, not in 1933, and not in Australia.
"‘Size doesn’t matter,’ snapped the Doctor. ‘It’s the principle of the thing. I knew something was up the moment we landed. So what year is it really?’ ‘In Keelmouth? 1933.' The Doctor gave him a look. ‘And outside?’ ‘1999.’"
"He felt an unaccustomed surge of gratitude for the TARDIS for bringing him to England during a glorious summer."
"1933 had been a bad year for arrests as far as Sharpless was concerned, and a decent 'disturbing the peace' would certainly make Sergeant Amies sit up and take notice."
'[Prime Minister] MacDonald is an idiot,' the Professor snapped, shocking me.
'My point is that Churchill is quite correct about the Nazi threat but the Government refuses to listen to him.'
'Last year, Japan claimed a large part of northern China as its territory.'
‘I’d say early twentieth century,’ he mused. ‘Probably the 1930s. If pushed, I’d have to say 1933. Twenty-seventh of August, in fact.’
[The next day] ‘Actually, August the twenty-eighth, 1933.’
"Chicago 5th December 1933"


"Liz consulted the readings, noting down numbers on her board. ‘The place is the South Pacific – probably an island on the edge of French Polynesia, I’d say, from the latitude and longitude. The time is the eighth of June, nineteen thirty-four.’"
‘But he was killed in Ypres, so I came back home.’
‘I couldn’t do anything else,’ she told him. ‘My parents needed looking after. It was just going to be for a short while, at first, until I worked out something else. And now it’s twenty years later.’
"They were having lunch in Paris in 1934. Iris looked slightly different again."
SUMMARY: 1934: the TARDIS lands on a snowy island off the coast of Alaska — one that wasn't there four years, three months and six days ago, according to the Doctor.
"The Lost City of El Niño Diablo, 1934"
"It was 22 December 1934, and Tomas G. Schneidter was not having a great day. Truth was, he wasn’t even having a good one"


DOCTOR: That attack in 1630, what was the outcome?
THOMNI: It disappeared three hundred years ago.
ANNE (The Web of Fear): Yes. Yes, he seems to. And you met him, when was it you said? In 1935? In Tibet?
NARRATOR: Early of an evening towards the less distinguished end of 1935, the alien Time Lord known as the Doctor bounded back inside his time traversing TARDIS.
"Break: 1935"
‘Of course it is, how silly of me. There’s a tree; it’s Christmas.’ She looked over at me, ‘Are you looking forward to the new year, Sarah? What do you ... think 1936 will be like?’


"Apparently we'd arrived at Wembley on 25 April 1936 — although at this point it was still called the Empire Stadium..."
"During the summer of 1936, in Blackpool, Tom met a girl called Alice."
"During that visit, they kissed under the mistletoe after Dad had popped down the pub."
SUMMARY: Arriving in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Jo and Iris are caught up in the glamour of Hollywood.
"He put his finger into the cartridge then out again, licking tiny fragments of shot off it. 'Yup,' he said, licking his lips rapidly, like a lizard, to get rid of the taste. 'Vile stuff. 1930s. Deffo. 1936, I reckon.'"
ALBERT: Oh for heaven's sake Emily, no one's going to lose their job. It's 1936.
NOTE: End scene. Leads directly into The Shadow at the Edge of the World.
SUSAN: Extraordinary! It's 1936, young lady.
CHARLEY: Is this my diary? Charred and crumpled. Quite a bit of catching up to do - November 1936. Well that makes me younger than I should be, or rather, centuries older.
"He had seen them first in Bilbao, in April 1937, yet now they were in Barcelona in November 1936."
"They’d struggled back here, through the mourning crowds, on November 23rd."
‘He’s right, you know, Peri,’ said the Doctor gently. ‘In years to come, things might be different. But right now, in 1936...’
‘Abdicated! An English king who was our friend and he has abdicated!’
‘Hang on, it dropped the “Manchester” in the late fifties, so - let me see - Friday December 11th 1936.... Hey! We’ve landed at one of those significant points in history again. “New King proclaimed to-morrow. Coronation on May 12. King Edward to broadcast to-night.”


"The date and time stamp clearly indicated it to be 21 April 1937 CE."
"27 April 1937", "3 May 1937", and "10 May 1937"
"Aswan, 4th February 1937", "Abu Simbel, 7th February 1937", "Abu Simbel, 11th February 1937"
SUMMARY: In 1937, young Ali Lethbridge-Stewart and his brother James find themselves face to face with smugglers...
"London, 1937 ... The man who was driving through the East End of London was happier with the cooling breeze than with the sticky heat of the August day."
"They got married that next year, and Alice had a little girl, Mary, born on Christmas Day."


RIVER: He doesn't belong in New York 1938 any more than Miss Quirke.
AMY: Yes, hang on. Oh, April 3rd, 1938.
"April 1938, and a shadowy figure attends an impromptu burial in Shoreditch, London."
JIM: Hang on! This is 1938. We're too early. We need to go later in his time stream.
"It was a delightful October afternoon, crisp and clear, filled with noise and crowds and bustle."
"FITZ (V/O): One of those chicken and egg things. To cut a long story short, this journal has to be returned to a bookshop on Earth in 1938."
"But from now – from October 12th 1938 – until February 8th 2001 is such a long time."
"On a dull day in October 1938, Ernest Trelawny was walking down Shaftsbury Avenue, making his way back to Waterloo station."
BIX BIRO: October Thirty-First, 1938.
SUMMARY: In search of "a taste of the real Spain", the TARDIS transports the Doctor, Ace and rejoined crewmember Mel ... to 1938, amid the horrors of the Spanish Civil War.
MADGE: Oh, don't be silly. It's Christmas Eve. No one should be alone at Christmas.


"We're going to a place codenamed Felsennest," said the Doctor. "On a particular night in May 1940."
Ace counted on her fingers. "That's what, about nine months after we left? Can you time things that close?"
ROMANA: Your message said I should learn something to my advantage aboard the Vienna to Calais train on the evening of the 3rd September 1939, dressed for dinner, discretion advised, and here I am.
SUMMARY: The year is 1939, and a case of poison pen letters at St Ursula's College threatens to change the course of the Second World War.
SUMMARY: Late 1939. Britain faces the might of Germany.


TEXT: On the same village green... forty years previously... [World War II training]
"But the next Christmas he saw the Doctor, Tom was wandering through a jungle in Burma. He was lost and alone and feverish. It was sickly, hot and wet. He hardly knew what year it was, never mind that it was Christmas.
SUMMARY: The TARDIS materialises in the backstreets of London in the 1940s.
SYNOPSIS: At the height of the Second World War...
JUDGE: Alice Pritchard, you stand charged of high treason, in accordance with the 1940 treachery act, of conspiring with the enemy in a time of war.
ROMANA: It's a submarine, I'd say Earth, British, World War II to be precise.
ROMANA: So we're floating in space in a 1940s Earth submarine. Does that mean we're in the deep space of the 1940s?
PHILIP: Very probably. One of those ships out there is a Xankari craft, humanoid aliens. Galactically speaking, they were active in the first half of Earth's 20th century.
DOCTOR: Judging by the clothing it's 1940s Earth. War time.


SUMMARY: It's May 1940, and Vice-Admiral Ramsay is about to finalise one of the most daring plans of the Second World War: Operation Dynamo.
DOCTOR: The twenty-ninth of May, nineteen forty, to be precise.
"We're going to a place codenamed Felsennest," said the Doctor. "On a particular night in May 1940."
"Hitler took the phone, and managed a shaky version of his old commanding tone. 'This is the Fuehrer. Send this message to General Guderian immediately. There is to be no further advance on Dunkirk. No further advance.'"
SUMMARY: In 1940... A Los Angeles Private Detective is hired to track down a missing artefact...
"Robert stared at him. 'It's 1940, of course.'"
CHURCHILL: Ah yes, of course. The 27th of August 1940.
DOCTOR: On your feet, Jan. Wake up!
"McBride glanced up at the date: 14 November 1940. She was right."
'It's Christmas Eve,' said Hawkins. 'What business do you have here?'
'By the middle of 1941 this will all be over.'
‘And, believe me, there isn’t a cell in my body that doesn’t want my father here. It’s Christmas, I’m a long way from home and I want my Daddy, I really do. I could even accept that he might recognise me even though I’m over twenty years older than the little girl he should know. [20 years before Barbara's time]
Mabel beamed as she held up part of the paper chain for display. ‘Decorations. I figured if we’re going to be spending Christmas Eve here, we may as well make it a little more festive. You know, for the children.’
‘Grandfather said that the all-clear should sound soon, Barbara. It’ll be dawn in a few hours, and with a night this clear the sunrise should be spectacular from the top of the hill where the ship landed.
Besides, Edith was right: when the Hazel Street shelter had been built 18 months previous, every raid saw it fill to the concrete roof with people. [This, among other references throughout the story, clearly suggest that this is set during the Blitz, setting this in 1940]


POSTER: 1941 Kiss The Boys Goodbye Dance, Saturday 20th January 1941 7.30pm
"The woman who called herself Celia Doras woke early, halfpast six on the morning of 1 March 1941."
"Dear Doctor (past or present) — It is now just before four o’clock on the afternoon of 6 March 1941."
SUMMARY: This isn't a parallel universe: this is Guernsey, 1941, and it's where Bernice is stranded.
NOTE: This audio drama adaptation of Just War had major alterations from the novel, namely the Doctor, Chris, Roz's role being replace with Jason Kane.
RIVER: May 1941. The Blitz
GEORGE: But she didn't say how thick. It's the 7th of June, 1941.
"Germany, 1941 - Konrad Zuse did not recognise the noise when he first heard it."
SUMMARY: 1941. The Prime Minister has much on his mind as London reels from the Blitz.
ACE: It was 1941 when my Doctor died
NOTE: Gwen's flashback to Tom being sent to Cardiff.
TOM: No. Lived here sixty-six years and still sound like a barrow boy. I was evacuated during the war. 1941. The Germans bombing the hell out of the East End.
DOCTOR: I make it 1941. You lot shouldn't even be in London. You should've been evacuated to the country by now.
CHURCHILL: Tricky situation, Doctor. Potentially very dangerous. I think I'm going to need you.
CHURCHILL: I rang you a month ago.
PROSE: Dalek: The Astounding Untold History of the Greatest Enemies of the Universe: "A single Dalek ship had escaped the destruction of a vast Dalek fleet in the future, tumbling through time to find itself marooned in Earth’s Solar System in 1941. The ship was carrying a Dalek Progenitor, a device capable of creating new ‘pure’ Daleks from original Kaled mutant DNA."
Cabinet War Rooms, London 1941
NOTE: After Victory of the Daleks.
SUMMARY: In the early days of the Second World War a strange and elusive craft attacks British targets.
SUMMARY: In the dark days of 1941, Britain is in the midst of war.
MADGE: England, 1941. And there's a war on.
‘This isn’t a parallel universe, this isn’t an alternate timeline. History is running exactly as you know it. This is Guernsey, late December 1941. Merry Christmas, Celia.’


DOCTOR: What happened here on the night of the fifteenth of January 1942?
CYBERPLANNER: You have been translated from the local date one nine four two, micro unit one fifteen.
SUMMARY: The TARDIS lands on an island off Singapore during the Japanese invasion of 1942.
PREM: In Singapore. Our section had found a boat to escape on. But I'd signed up with Kunal. I wasn't going to leave without him at my side.
SUMMARY: Traumatic events from the Second World War impact upon the present day and a mysterious aircraft could hold the key to the identity of the flaming soldier.
"And the Doctor and Char were here, in England, in the springtime of 1942."
"On such an expedition in June of 1942, I arrived at a village called Markebo to find it deserted."
SUMMARY: Looking at her timeline, Erimem is intrigued by evidence that at some point in her life, she visits the Nazi-besieged city of Stalingrad in 1942.
"Mrs Kitty Harris sat in her front room, waiting.The telegram had said her new billets would be arriving on the night of Sunday 31 May 1942."
SUMMARY: Alexandra Palace, 1942. Strange television signals show a paranoid Churchill urging on the resistance in German-occupied Britain.
SUMMARY: When the TARDIS materialises north of Stalingrad in 1942, the Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly are captured by the Night Witches, an all-female unit of flyers tasked with disrupting the German forces nearing Moscow.
"It was August 1942, and the Third Reich was at its glorious height."


"In January 1943, my tour of duty in Sierra Leone came to an end."
ACE: I didn't know they had personal stereos in 1943.
TEXT: Montomgery, Alabama 1943
NOOR: Paris, 1943.
PERI: We could go back in time and try and persuade the powers that be in 1943 that it's a bad idea to go ahead with the experiment.
ANNE: Oh, I see. It's October 26th.


‘It’s 21 March 1944,’ said the Doctor calmly. ‘I told you that I needed to find out exactly what happened here on that day.’
DOCTOR: At least the whole thing will be over this time next year [In reference to world war 2.]
NOTE: A month after the Battle of Monte Cassino, which ended in May in the real world.
'Well, I don't know,' said Spinney distantly, not reacting, 'Perhaps it went when the Germans raided the village in August 1944.'
'What was the date?' the Doctor asked, abruptly changing the subject. 'When in August, what time?'
'Night of the 18th, it was.'
SUMMARY: October 1944. As World War Two draws towards its conclusion, a Nazi defeat begins to seem almost inevitable.
"It was December 1944, a fine day, and the rooftops and lawns of the colleges were covered in a hard white frost."
"15 December 1944 - Rapid fire passed over Wiesniewski’s head with a ripping sound as he gasped for breath in the shelter of a fallen tree."


"What I do know is that six months later ... on the last day of January 1945, a telegram arrived."
"If the distant clock was correct, if this was April 30th 1945, then Hitler - the real Adolf Hitler - would soon be saying his final farewells in the corridor outside his room."
LUCIE MILLER: Oh. On the twenty-fifth of August, a member of the ... Oh no.
THE DOCTOR: A member of the German High Command was murdered by persons unknown. By way of reprisal I have ordered once more that fifty hostages be shot. Signed, General Ernst Schaumburg, Commandant of Greater Paris.
SUMMARY: Paris, 1940s. The German-occupied city is in a state of turmoil - a plague ravages the streets, turning people into deformed monsters.
"Jonny... gave the bulk of his wages to his mother, of course; they needed every penny now that his dad was overseas fighting this war against Hitler."
'Yes, Nyssa,' the man said. 'But this is Earth, 1945.'
DOCTOR: On the contrary, Ace. It's lively because today is the ninth of May, nineteen forty-five.
DEADBEAT: Don't tell me... Bermuda, 1945!
SIMON: December 20th, 1945. I am 12 years old. My brother is dead.


RORY: So, it's 1946 and even knowing how the war was gonna turn out, I'm glad it's finally over.
"London – December, 1946 - Ernie Evans stamped his boots on the stone steps outside St Luke’s Church, trying to keep his feet warm."


DOCTOR: He's been keeping her alive with the bugs for about 70 years.
"Reliable sources of the time have it that Edward Alexander Crowley, otherwise known as Aleister, otherwise known as “the wickedest man in the world” or the Great Beast, died in 1947, in the seaside town of Hastings. Reliable sources were wrong on several distinct counts."
‘1947,’ the old man said.
‘Now the Brits are about to give India home rule, but instead of solving the problem it’s only making things worse. Different religions are fighting amongst themselves about how to divide up the pie, and Calcutta is at the centre of it.’
DOCTOR: It's the 17th of August.
GRAHAM: Sorry, I don't mean to sound stupid, what year is it, exactly?
PREM: Same year you have in England, 1947.
"He retook his seat and slapped the paper on the table. Chate saw the date: 12 October 1947."
"A cool afternoon, a few days short of Christmas 1947."


"Thursday 8 January 1948 - It wasn't difficult for Grainger to leave the plane unnoticed."
SUMMARY: The post-war London of 1948 is rebuilding, the people are recovering, and Ben and Polly have arrived with an old friend with a new face.
"14 July, 1948", "17 July, 1948", and "29 September, 1948".


" She always looked damaged in the photographs, the authentic face of 1949. So, she was pinned through the middle of the twentieth century."


NOTE: References to Commies and Beatniks.
'Nineteen-fifties Earth,' said the Doctor, sounding a little stumped. 'How did we end up here?'
SUMMARY: Sgt Andy Davidson wakes up in the 1950s.
SUMMARY: 1950s London: newcomers arrive daily on British shores seeking a fresh start, new opportunities, or simply the chance of a different life.
'We're not on Peladon, the readings made that clear. This is 1950s Earth. We're slightly off course'
SUMMARY: The Doctor and Leela arrive on a barren plain in the Soviet Union of the 1950s.
"As a young actor in the fifties, my reputation for strikingly individualistic interpretations of classic roles had rapidly spread throughout the world of repertory theatre."
"Hell, Cuba may kick off tomorrow and Khrushchev drop the bomb and everything I've done will go up in Bikini smoke."
DOCTOR: Judging by the truck, I'd say mid-1950s, or else the groundskeepers here are desperately in need of a trade in.
SUMMARY: When the Doctor, Polly, and Ben arrive in Lewes in the late 1950s, they’re just in time to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night.
"My parents came to England in the 1950s. I was just a kid at the time."


SUMMARY: What links a clutch of sinister murders in Victorian London, an angel appearing in a Staffordshire village in the 1920s and a small boy running loose around the capital in 1950?
HARRY: Five years since we won, and they still haven't cleared up the mess.
JOSH: The Germans made a lot of mess, Harry.
‘If you make up your mind too soon then you’ll just interpret any new facts as supporting your hypothesis. You had decided that I was going to die here on the Isle of Wight, today on 5 July 1950.’
"It was Christmas Day, though it didn't feel like it at two o'clock in the morning in this small, cramped space with barely any light."
"Ian Chesterton had been in The Slaughtered Lamb for only a few minutes when Barbara arrived. He ordered drinks — he still found it funny how cheap things were in Kilmartin, Scotland, in 1950!"


"One day, some four months after the theft, they returned from a hard day at the school to find a note on the dining table: 'Please join me at the ship.'"
'[Clement] Attlee has his principles. He could err on the side of caution. But Bevin is a pragmatist with a temper.'
'It's a pity we've lost [Douglas] Macarthur. All the same, the Pentagon would leap at the chance to settle the Russkies before they can develop their own atomic bomb. Little Harry [Truman] wouldn't have any say in the matter. Okay?'
NOTE: Real world terms of historical figures.
NOTE: During the Festival of Britain.
"1951? Are you sure? If history's been even more radically altered, it might not have produced you at all - you could disappear the minute we leave the TARDIS!"
"I'll risk it," said Ace cheerfully. "Anything's better than travelling through time and space with a depressed Professor. Let's get back to that soggy festival."
CHARLEY: And in the 1950s on Earth, a scientist will accidentally find a way to reopen the divergent universe, and give them a momentary glimpse of our universe.... I saw something similar in 1951.
SUMMARY: When Honoré and Emily investigate the bones of a young woman in the ruins of a collapsed house, they are thrown into a thrilling adventure that takes them from London in 1951...
"In 1951, not long after the Burgess/Maclean defection, he was recalled to London under suspicion of being the ‘third man’ who had tipped them off and helped to arrange their escape."
SARAH JANE: We lived in a village called Foxgrove. That's where I was born. One afternoon in August 1951, they got in their car, drove off, and they never came back.... Today's date. August the 18th. It's the day they died.


TEXT: Hollywood 1952.
DOCTOR: Alright, you sit down and I'll set the course. 7th of September. 1952. Earth. England. Stapely Moore.
"Wednesday, December 3, 1952" to "Monday, December 8, 1952"
'You know, my dear, you ought to avail yourself of sun-cream. This is 1952 and you humans have been busy ruining the atmosphere for the past hundred years. You could find yourself with more than an attractive tan.'
'Thank you dear Lord for delivering these strangenesses unto me on this Christmas Day. And Santa Claus too.'


PROSE: Nightshade: ‘Edmund Trevithick ... Best known for his TV work in the last years of his career, especially the popular Nightshade serials (1953-58).’
MAGPIE: What do you mean? The Coronation.
ROSE: It's the Queen's. Queen Elizabeth.
DOCTOR: Oh! Is this 1953?
MAGPIE: Just think of that audience tomorrow, my dear, all settling down to watch the coronation.
OFFICIAL: Oh! I'm very sorry, sir. Shouldn't you be at the Coronation?
THE CEO: Second of June 1953. London. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
‘Canvey Island.’ The Doctor said, the insult forgotten. ‘In Essex. The height of summer, 1953.’
KLEIN (The Architects of History): You were in Shoreditch, in 1963, yes? Kenya, in 1953?
Follows on from A Thousand Tiny Wings with the Doctor and Klein leaving Kenya.
"Her eyes dropped to the letter in the Doctor's hands. He took the hint and began to read. Dated 26 July 1953, from Seoul, South Korea, it read: My Dearest Maggie, The war is nearly over, they say, and soon we will be together."
"Christmas Eve, 1953" and "December 25, 1953"


"14 May, 1954"
"9 November 1954 - Over three and a half centuries passed. Then it happened again."


‘It’s 1955, and I’m Max Wheeler.’
"Watson swigged his glass of warm beer and glanced up at the bright bunting hanging over the stage in the church hall, the hand-drawn banner catching in the October sunlight: DOGSON'S BOYS - TENTH ANNIVERSARY. He'd been looking forward to this day for months: the regiment's first reunion since breaking up in '45..."
DOCTOR: Today is Wednesday, November 30th, 1955. Tomorrow Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat.
"On his way out of the door one Christmas, 1955, Alice stopped the Doctor. She put a hand on his arm."


"Thursday 17 May 1956", "Saturday 23 June 1956", and "Sunday 24 June 1956"
DOCTOR: This is 1956, my boy. I don't believe the telephone box the ship's shell is modelled on has been adopted yet.
IAN: This was summer then, I dreaded to think how we'd have fared in winter.
"Robert had arrived in 1956, in a cold street in Manchester."


"Prologue - May Day, 1957"
'I've met him too,' he said. 'Briefly, but I'm sure it was him. Problem is that it was in 1957!'
"They were going to 1957 because, after returning from wartime London, the Doctor had discovered a gap in the UNIT archives. A whole raft of information had gone missing in September 1957."
"Chapter 1 - October 4th, 1957"
'But the next logical date would be October seventeenth,' Marion protested. 'That's not for another ten days - either you're wrong or why launch now?'
RADIO ANNOUNCER: The moon is no longer the only satellite of Earth, as the Soviet Union has announced the successful launch of an artificial satellie: Sputnik
NOTE: Sputnik was launched on the 4th of October 1957.
LOUIS: What date is it today, the 15th?
"Smith himself explains why space invaders were so part ofthe public consciousness in 1957. UFO sightings had increased dramatically, especially in New Mexico, and in Russia a dog was sacrificed in the name of progress, as Sputnik II was launched."


‘It’s been floating freely for some time now. That’s why it took the TARDIS so long to find it, you see? No fixed co-ordinates. Won’t be long before it gets pulled back into Earth’s gravity and... fsht.’
‘1957. The Sputnik Two experiment. Sent out into the dark places without any way of getting home again. Alone and abandoned.’
DOCTOR (Shada): Did I really? I was here in 1958.
WILKIN (Shada): Were you, sir?
DOCTOR (Shada): Yes, but in a different body.
"Soho, London, late-summer 1958"
"Soho, London – October 1958"
‘Easy,’ said Rummas. ‘I need you to go to the planet Earth in 1958 and save the universe.’
‘It’s Boxing Day, Doctor. In the 1950s, the shops won’t be open.’


TOLLMASTER: Your prize. Hang about. You have won our fabulous Fifties tour. A week, a whole week, in Disneyland, planet Earth. And this time, they're going back to 1959. The rock and roll years.
BETTY: It's 1959, October the 2nd
"But the paper felt new. It was dated 26 November 1959. The day before yesterday."


RIVER: Shh. We’re underneath Vatican City, some time in the 1960s.
"I suppose it all began that summer, while I [Ian Chesterton] was on holiday; it was one of those small seaside towns that tries so desperately to be like Blackpool, and fails – thank God."


'He said there were a hundred thousand people on the CND march in 1960. I want to know why it was so important for them then, when it isn't now.'
"Flossie and Fitz were in 1960 in a place called Las Vegas; a glitzy, horrible city in the middle of a desert."


DALEK: We are forty years in advance of your previous location. [40 years after 1921]
DOCTOR: You see, there are fixed points in history, and there are moments where everything can change. 1961, the whole year from beginning to end, is one of those moments.
"And a giant electronic screen in the square blazed into life as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan wished all the revellers across the nation a happy holiday."
'You see? The future's safe and sound, and 1961 is just the same as it always will be! Now then, my boy, where else would you like to go, hmm?'


TEXT: Alcatraz Prison, 1962
TEXT: 1962. A couple streets away.
TEXT: 1962. A couple streets away.
"There, in the December of 1962. Noel Coward guest starring as the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin. Darlington Civic Theatre's Glitziest Panto Ever."
"In 1962, Tom's old Dad passed away before the Doctor could see him again..."
"Wednesday 10 October 1962. West Berlin."
"11 October, 1962"


"And on a foggy evening in London in 1963 in just one of many universes, the Jonah blended into its surroundings for only the second and almost the last time. A police telephone box, in the corner of a junkyard at the end of a dark lane at the start of a long journey. . ."
"A junkyard: The Doctor declared with a hint of smugness. 'Perfect: But where are we Grandfather? What planet?'"
"Earth, of course. Late twentieth-century England. Exactly where I wanted to be."
The name on the wooden gates was IM Foreman but whoever Mr Foreman was he wasn’t here now Nor was the mysterious Doctor Smith who’d been paying Hawkins rent for the last nine months. [9 months before December]
'There was no television set in evidence, which was not unusual in 1963, and no telephone either, which was equally acceptable.'
'I hailed a taxi and we rode back to Totters Lane in silence. Neither Susan nor I wished to discuss the matter further.'
"The Diary of Susan Foreman: Wednesday, March 27th, 1963" to "Wednesday, April 4th, 1963"
NOTE: This story conflicts with other accounts of Susan living in 1963 for five months (TV: An Unearthly Child) by late November (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy).
NOTE: Owen's flashback to Elizabeth Lewis' murder.
TOSH: Elizabeth Lewis. Lizzie. Only child of Mabel Ann Lewis of Hafod Street. Died March 29th, 1963.
"'No, said Barbara in an oddly pregnant tone. 'Whilst he was busy ignoring me, I took a look at his newspaper. Oh Ian, Susan. It's June 1963. We haven't been gone at all.'"
DOCTOR: 1963. A little after the last time you were here, but a little before the time you were here before that
'It's 1963. I spent quite some time here, a long time ago.'
"She brightened this place up, even dressed in her endless black - a summer breeze around all this stuffiness."
ALEX: The seventh, I think?
SUSAN: Yes, but month? Year? Ah, a newspaper. Oh no, August.
'We all have work to return to and I, for one, have already lost the tail-end of my summer research period as a result of this trial.'
"That impression is balanced, but not completely cancelled out, by the sight of Dr Foreman's granddaughter rushing to embrace him."
"...the discussion is briefly sidetracked onto the current appeal of the Beatles for our younger generation (personally I feel that nobody will remember them in a year’s time) before Mr Hopkins drags us back to the matter in hand."
"The Cunard ocean-going liner the Queen Mary in October 1963, sailing from Southampton and bound for New York City."
MAVIS: It is 1963 after all!
"The bells of Shoreditch Church chimed nine as the old man hurried through the darkened streets of London's East End. Occasionally, he would look behind, as if to check no one was following. But the October fog was too thick, and the light from the gas lamps too weak for him to see more than a few paces ahead."
SUSAN (Ground Zero): I couldn't stay with him, we both knew it. I had my own time and place, fixed by destiny, to return to. London, October 1963, was waiting.
NOTE: Susan was kidnapped during Operation Proteus during which the events of Ground Zero take place.
RIVER: [to Susan] How are you finding things? You might have a few months start on me, but I know what it's like to be new.
NOTE: The Seventh Doctor gives the Hand of Omega to the First Doctor.
NOTE: The Seventh Doctor saves the First Doctor from a Dalek attack while he was talking to Susan about the Hand of Omega. (This story conflicts with PROSE: Echoes of Future Past as the First Doctor and Susan are seen leaving Gallifrey with the Hand of Omega.)
"1 November, 1963 - You see the Doctor. He strides along, muttering to himself, scarf wrapped tight under his chin."
SUMMARY: November 1963, and the Soviet space programme reigns supreme.
TEXT: Judoon Containment Facility. Earth-Time: 1963
TEXT: The Nevada Desert, 1963
JOE or LOU: The Russians? Kennedy's got his knickers in a real twist about this Space Race.
‘We have quite a few Susans. What year is she in?’
‘1963, madam.’ The old man tilted his head as if he’d suddenly realised he was talking to a simpleton. ‘The same as you and I and everybody - ’
‘I telephoned the police. I was worried about you. I made them promise to send a constable to that old junk yard that was registered as your address.'
IAN: So that when we go out of that door, we won't be in a junkyard in London in England in the year 1963?
"As a bullet blew open his head in Dallas, Texas, it was 12.30 p.m. on Friday 22 November 1963.... In the Shoreditch suburb of East London, two school teachers left the local Coal Hill School together." (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)
"Next night, the policeman checked the yard again, but the police box had vanished. Later he learned that the strange old man who was the junk yard’s new proprietor had vanished too, together with his grand-daughter, a pupil at the local school. Two teachers from the same school were missing as well."
ALTERNATIVE PLACEMENT: Joan crossed off the date on her calendar, which hung on the kitchen wall next to a photograph of her daughter. Today was 23 November 1964 - a whole year since Barbara had disappeared. It had been a very difficult day and Joan knew she wouldn’t sleep tonight, but would lie awake thinking. A year ago today she had said goodbye to Barbara in the morning at about 8 a.m. (PROSE: A Long Night)
NOTE: Right before Ian and Barbara enter the junkyard.
"22 November 1963 ... I watched in horror as history unfolded before me. John Fitzgerald Kennedy's head exploded, a spray of blood, bone and brain matter flying up into the air like a fine pink aerosol as his body jerked backward towards me."
NOTE: Alternate account of the JFK assassination.
"The schoolyard had been rife with whispered rumours about Mr Chesterton and Miss Wright being seen leaving school together the previous night, particularly since neither of them had turned up for school the next morning."
‘It’s 23 November 1963. We’re in Dallas, Texas – the day after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.’
DOCTOR: Mr Chesterton, and Miss Wright. Might I be the first to welcome you to London on the 23rd of November, 1963?
SUMMARY: November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors...
She and the Doctor were in an alley ending at a pair of sagging, chained-together junkyard gates bearing the weathered letters “I M Forman”.
‘Same as it ever was,’ she said. ‘If we’re coming in 18 minutes, that means that there are already Daleks here. So we ought to go.’
ACE: But this is Earth, 1963. Well, someone would have noticed. I'd have heard about it.
PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy: "The Shoreditch Incident took place just one week after the assassination of America's President John F Kennedy."
NOTE: Charlie Smith goes back in time and briefly encounters Ace during TV: Remembrance of the Daleks.
GIDEON: Remember, remember, the 30th of November. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?
Note: Occurs after TV: Remembrance of the Daleks.
ALISON: I well remember that winter as long as the embers of memories still glow feebly in my mind. That haunted winter night when I met the man who calls himself the Doctor. And if I ever need reminding, I need only dip into my diary, now cracked and brittle and worn with age. December 22nd 1963. If I was to give a title to this time in my life, I would call it Trapped in the Ghost Academy.
"It was a few days before Christmas, and I'd not had a customer all day in the shop."
"It had been in the local paper. A pair of teachers and a girl, from the same school that they'd taught at, had all disappeared."


16 March, 1964 - 'Bit of a rogue, they're saying,' says the man. 'Schoolteacher. Ran off with a woman he worked with. And one of their pupils!
ROMANA: I thought this was the 30s
DOCTOR: I don't think so. Ooh, 1964.
TULUNG: There's not a lot to tell. I was ten, Brett was twelve. It was 1964.
GILMORE: I met the doctor in Berlin, 1950. She helped some of my men after the airlift.
GILMORE: A person can change considerably in 14 years, sir, I couldn't say.
TEXT: Las Vegas, 1964
MARIA: July 13th, 1964. It's today, the accident, it's about to happen.
SUMMARY: London, 1964, and the repercussions of Jago and Litefoot's adventure are dealt with by Sir Toby Kinsella and his crack team of specialists at Counter-Measures.
SIR HAROLD: The general election is looming, Mr Moreling(?) doesn't want to leave things in a mess. [The election occurs in State of Emergency]
SIR TOBY: I don't think you understand the importance of what we do. Have you even read the Pelage report? [Setting this after The Pelage Project]
GILMORE (Manhunt): But after what we did last year, the PM...
TOBIAS (Manhunt): ...doesn't wield nearly as much power as you might think.
NOTE: Although it is not stated in the story itself, the 1964 general election took place on 15 October of that year while Wilson took office as Prime Minister the following day.
RACHEL: It was ten years ago, why am I only remembering this now? [ten years before 1974]
Today was 23 November 1964 – a whole year since Barbara had disappeared.
"...Christmas in 1964 was a very muted affair. Window displays were restrained, with more focus on traditional festive tropes like snow, Robins, colourful boxes and, of course, Santa."


CATHERINE: It's been seven years since the first female peer and we still number less than a dozen in either house, it's hardly a storming of the barricades.
NOTE: The first female member of the House of Lords was in 1958.
TEMPLETON: They're forecasting snow again, in March!
"New York Ranger, Saturday March 20, 1965 (p17)"
"The National Scandal, w/e April 3, 1965"
IAN: London, 1965!
"26 June, 1965 - The bus conductor regarded them coolly. 'Where've you been, on the moon?'"
NOTE: Picks up from Ian and Barbara's final scene in TV: The Chase.
"On a grey beach beneath a grey sky tinged with sunset red, in that area of the fourth dimension that you would think of as 1965, one of history’s favourite stories is in progress."
SUMMARY: A strange beauty parlour has opened its doors for business in a dowdy Salford terrace circa 1965.
SUMMARY: It's November 9th, 1965. New York City is plunged into darkness, a taxi driver has bad dreams, and an invisible spacecraft hovers ominously above the skyline.
NOTE: Clem's flashback to the first 456 event.
IANTO (Children of Earth: Day Three): And they had a Clement MacDonald. He was taken into care, April 1965, after his mother died. No father on record. In November 1965, he was transferred, along with.
DOCTOR: Oh, Christmas. Oh, is it? Of course. Yes, yes, yes, yes. That accounts for the holly in the hall.
'More precisely, it was Liverpool, in late 1965. The pollution was from a British pea-souper, creeping quietly over the face of the Mersey. It was early evening, and the weather was quite brisk. A light powdering of snow had fallen earlier, dusting the dirty streets and making them almost pretty. People scuttled about, wrapped up against the chill wind, and attempting to flash one another cheery smiles. After all, it was Christmas Day, and the season for goodwill and all that.'
‘I can use the Fast Return Switch, which will return the TARDIS to each of its previous landing sites and take us back to Christmas 1965.’


SUMMARY: When the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo arrive in London in March 1966, World Cup fever is already underway.
"He had materialised on Earth in the year 1966 and those facts, ascertained in the village he had just visited, gave him no satisfaction."
MORTON: 1966 Ma'am. Say, you wouldn't be trying to have a bit of fun with me now, would you?
SUMMARY: Monte Carlo, 1966: Four time travellers. Two missions. One costumed ball.
DOCTOR: 1966! It's the bobbles, dead giveaway.
SUMMARY: When the TARDIS materialises in a familiar junkyard in the 1960s, the Doctor and Steven are soon embroiled in a mystery in the City of London.
PROSE: From the swinging Sixties to the roaring Twenties to Freddie Mercury's 40th birthday bash via Ancient Rome, Iris has become the ultimate party girl.
SUMMER: Gentleman, ladies, may I have your attention please? Well, you're heard the backroom boys, now it's about time you my turn. C Day, that is Computer Day, will be next Monday, July the 16th, that is in four days time.
"As soon as he had dealt with WOTAN the Doctor had slipped of to attend to his unfinished business."
BEN: Don't you see, Duchess? July the 20th, 1966 is when it all began! We're back to when it all started. Well, I think.
NOTE: Picks up from The Faceless Ones
TEXT: 1966. It's a good time to be alive.
NOTE: Ben is seen proposing to Polly, setting this after their departure in The Faceless Ones.
"28 July, 1966 - People are leaving London. The ones the machine hasn't taken over are pouring from the city, carrying their lives on their backs."
NOTE: One of two trips the Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds made to the 1966 World Cup.
SUMMARY: The Doctor and his friends head to the 1966 World Cup final.
"So there I was: July 1966.... Every time the Germans got the ball and threatened Banks in the England goal my heart was in my mouth."
"Isle of Mull, 2 December 1966"
"Canada 1966 ... It was the last Friday before the Christmas holidays set in, and the mood of the whole city was festive and relaxed..."
"Whitehall, 24 December 1966"


"It was January 1967. The Summer of Love was just around the corner, and across America battle-lines were already being drawn."
"Nottinghamshire, 1967 - It was the first proper spring day of the year and dawdling in the sunshine made me late."
PHOTOGRAPH: 14 May 1947, Thalia
TELEGRAM: 21-05-67: 1412 HRS
"More worrying still was the place – Earth – and the date – June 1967, Humanian Era."
"16 September, 1967 - 'It's never going to be okay,' you say. 'She's never coming back to us.'"
"October 1967. Rex sat on the park bench, looking into space, daydreaming."
ACE: Is it May day?
DOCTOR: November? No. It's 1967, the 50th anniversary of the October revolution.
"...and in 1967 Mary moved out just before Christmas, yelling that her parents could believe that they were being looked after by a representative of some cosmic establishment if they liked, but that she was having no more of it, and Alice cried."
"The Times, 28 December 1967: ... Scientists are still puzzled by the ‘freak weathering’ of the pyramid, which occurred on the night of 5th November."


"San Francisco Chronicle, 14 February 1968: The ‘Big R’, the symbol of the mysterious ‘Revolution, Man’, has appeared on both towers of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco."
LITEFOOT: It's the 21st of February 1968. We've been gone for over seventy years.
SUMMARY: Jago and Litefoot are back in London, but in the wrong century.
"La Stampa. 15 March 1968 (trans.): The appearance of the symbol of the Revolution Man on the floor of St Peter’s Cathedral has brought about amazement and consternation in the Vatican."
"Pravda, 29 April 1968 (trans.): The despoliation of Red Square by lackeys of Western imperialism shows the decadence of the capitalist system at its worst."
"Sam looked at me and said in a low voice, 'Iris, it's the third of June, 1968.'"
‘Keep an eye on the date counter, Maddie. Make sure it doesn’t move.’ He tapped a brass calendar with black and white figures on it that said ‘5 June 1968 HUMANIAN ERA’.
DOCTOR: Five years ago, in 1963.
"London, 1968"
TEXT: 1968
'It's lovely to see you,' said the Doctor, unfolding a map of the Pyrenees he'd found in the glove compartment, 'but I must say, I hadn't expected to find you in 1968.'
"Finale: 1968 - It was a room for the dying."
DOCTOR: 1968. The country estate of Geoffrey Cooper, rock icon.
"Times of India, 1 July 1968: Following the extraordinary storms and tidal waves last month which tragically cost so many lives, the Indian government has accused China of a deliberate attack on Indian sovereign territory and of terrorising the population."
"INTRO: 1968" and "FLASHBACK: The Previous Night, 1968"
ELLIE: You got to 1968 the easy way. I came 'round the long route.
LITEFOOT: But it's barely August!
Ellie: it's 1968
"He was still wearing the same mask he'd worn to the Olympics that morning. Number 68 to represent the 1968 Olympics, green, white and red, mimicking the Mexican flag."
'That's right! An official commemorative bracelet of the 1968 Mexico olympics, see?' She indicated some lettering with a sloppily painted red nail. It read "Mexico Olympiad".
BEN: Mexico Olympiad.... That's right, it wasn't due till 1968.
POLLY: Right, so now is any time later than that.
"The Times, 12 November 1968: Events in the Vietnam War took a startling turn yesterday when the so-called ‘Revolution Man’ took the side of the North Vietnamese."
"London, December 20, 1968"
"Three weeks passed."
"Ten past five. December 23, 1968. God, it was nearly Christmas."
"Christmas Day dawned with some uncertainty, the sun a pale circle of light against the white sky, like a neat hole punched in the clouds."
"Christmas Eve, 1968. 200,000 miles from Earth"


"Three weeks passed."
‘It must be, what,’ the Doctor was saying hoarsely, ‘January the tenth?’
"Washington Post, 4 January 1969: US Defense Forces went to Def Con 2 last night – the highest state of alert short of outright war – following an attack on a US Air Force base in High Raccoon, Tennessee."
‘It must be, what,’ the Doctor was saying hoarsely, ‘January the tenth?’
"London, January 30, 1969"
"‘The fourteenth of February,’ reported Maddie, who was standing by the calendar read-out."
NIXON (The Impossible Astronaut): It's a direct call every time. Every day for the last two weeks, usually late at night.
AMY: Washington D.C., April the eighth, 1969. So why haven't we landed?
‘TLB about to bomb US Embassy using Chinese bomb – need your help. Meet 9 a.m. on 12th April. Ramsgate Hoverport.’
"The Doctor was staring at the calendar. Fitz forced himself to concentrate, saw that the date read: ‘18 May 1969’."
MAN: It is 1969, the year of the Zagbors... I am one of their slaves!
DOCTOR: 1969. Not bad, as it goes. You've got the moon landing to look forward to.
NOTE: The novelisation summary dates this story to 1963. A different story dates it to June 1969. (PROSE: House of Giants)
"16th July, 1969.", "17th July, 1969.", and "20th July, 1969."
TEXT: Three months later - July 1969.
"A chap called Neil Armstrong had stepped from his fragile little spaceship onto the surface of Earth's lifeless moon some time in the early hours of this morning."
"The Daily Telegraph, 29 September 1969: Several dozen young people were arrested today during a pop festival in East Worldham, Hampshire, arranged by the so-called ‘Revolution Man’ cult."
"It was Wednesday, 1st of October, 1969. Someone was still pounding on his door. He leapt out of bed immediately."
"Please arrive at my house in Mexico City at 5pm on November 1, 1969."
"It's November 2nd now. All Soul's Day. May our souls be protected and theirs be rescued."
Paul Magrs: It was November the twelfth, 1969.
'It's the dry season, believe it or not. And we're out a few years. It's 1969.'
'Well, as a matter of fact, hostilities have been suspended. It's Christmas Eve. Late afternoon.
"Two years later, Mary had met a young man in India who turned out to be a lawyer, and they got married and moved to Blackpool. That Christmas, Tom and Alice showed the Doctor the photos, with them standing beside the happy couple.

UNIT Dating[]

UNIT stories set in the 1960s, 1970s, and/or 1980s should be placed here. See UNIT dating controversy and Timeline - UNIT

Early UNIT Era[]

NOTE: According to this story, Marinus is Planet 14 and becomes Mondas. [Before TV: The Invasion]
SUMMARY: And when she is catapulted back in time, she discovers first hand that February 1969 is one such point.
Set shortly before The Web of Fear.
(TV PLACEMENT) ANNE: Yes. Yes, he seems to. And you met him, when was it you said? In 1935? In Tibet?
TRAVERS: But it can't be. Why, that's over forty years ago.
ALT. PLACEMENT 1: "It was the closure of the entire London Underground network and subsequent evacuation of Central London during the nerve gas panic of August 1966, that led directly to the subsequent birth of UNIT." (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)
ALT. PLACEMENT 2: ‘It’s a full MoD report on the London Event of Sixty-eight.’ (PROSE: Downtime)
Book One - 1967: ‘[The Yeti are] not due for another year or two.’ Book Two - [June] 1968: ‘United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. It’s a new –’ (PROSE: Revolution Man)
ALT. PLACEMENT 3 & 4: The years 1969 to 1989 were folded into one decade as a result of the Doctor's faulty TARDIS. The 1990 dating protocol established February 1969 and March 1975 as equally valid dates for the London Event. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)
NOTE: During TV: The Web of Fear in the Lethbridge-Stewart series continuity. The 1990 dating protocol established February 1969 and March 1975 as equally valid dates for the London Event. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)
‘Well, I don’t see any harm in that,’ he said. ‘The Yeti are all gone now.’
SUMMARY: The Great Intelligence has been defeated. And Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart's world has changed.
NOTE: Leads into the prologue of PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock.
SUMMARY: It's the summer of '69. Flower power is at its height, and nuclear power is in its infancy.
NOTE: Takes place right after PROSE: Mutually Assured Domination.
SUMMARY: July 1969, and mankind is on the Moon.
NOTE: This story is set between the prologue and first chapter of PROSE: Moon Blink.
SUMMARY: The late 1960s and pirate radio is at its height.
NOTE: This story occurs concurrently with PROSE: Times Squared; a telephone conversation between Anne and Sally links the two.
NOTE: This story is set just after the novel The Dreamer’s Lament
SUMMARY: It's the early 1970s, a time of change, a time of turmoil, a time of surrealism, LSD and the Age of Aquarius, a time of fads, Moon landings and wars, and the young people of the world are seeking something new - and unusual!
SUMMARY: Cromer, 1970. Doctor Anne Travers and Lieutenant Bill Bishop are investigating a mysterious phenomenon after hearing reports of ‘pink lightning’ seen over the Norfolk coast, while strange elfin creatures are glimpsed by the locals.
(TV PLACEMENT) BRIGADIER: That's right, McCrimmon, in the underground. Must be four years ago now. [From TV: The Web of Fear in c. 1975]
ALT. PLACEMENT 1: HEGELIA: The period was sometime during the 1970s AD. (AUDIO: [The Early Cybermen)
ALT. PLACEMENT 2: "Summer in the 70s ... From a hoarding overlooking St Paul’s, a giant face smiled down, one eyebrow raised: Tobias Vaughn, IE’s managing director." (PROSE: Iceberg)
ALT. PLACEMENT 3: "The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce first went into action in the spring of 1969." (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)
ALT. PLACEMENT 4: HEGELIA: You repelled the invasion of Earth in 1970? (PROSE: Killing Ground)
ALT. PLACEMENT 5: DOCTOR: Yes, yes. Jamie, you said you last met the Cybermen in London, in 1975 – correct? (AUDIO: Last of the Cybermen)
(TV PLACEMENT) DOCTOR: June the seventh, 1977. Well done, Brigadier. Come on.
NOTE: Despite being promoted to Brigadier between The Web of Fear and The Invasion, the Brigadier retired in 1976 and became a maths teacher. Mawdryn Undead is set a year after the Brig's retirement.
ALT. PLACEMENT: The years 1969 to 1989 were folded into one decade as a result of the Doctor's faulty TARDIS. The 1990 dating protocol established 1976 and 1981 as equally valid dates for the Brigadier's retirement. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)

Liz Shaw era[]

PROSE: Blood Heat - In an alternate timeline where the Silurians take over Earth:
‘I am the Leader of this City. This is my home planet, Earth. By the human calendar the year is 1993.’
‘Why yes. Just as you did twenty years ago against the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness.’
October 1969 - 'We've just had a call; there's something strange going on in the Epping area. Last night there was a heatwave across the whole region, and a shower of meteorites came down in Oxley Woods. Apparently the whole area was cordoned off by the authorities – no one allowed in or out.' [During TV: Spearhead From Space]
PROSE: Blood Heat - In an alternate timeline where the Silurians take over Earth:
‘Are the Silurians really the rightful inhabitants of the Earth? ... Perhaps my personal destiny was to die, in 1973, here on Earth.’
November 1969 - Cornish ... He explained for what must have been the thousandth time how Mars Probe 7 had landed safely on Mars but then communications links were lost. Shortly afterwards, the craft had lifted off from the surface of Mars manually and was now on its slow return journey to Earth. [TV: The Ambassadors of Death]
"December 1969 - I hardly need to recall the events in detail – the docking of Recovery 7 and Mars Probe 7, the loss of communications with Recovery 7 and its return to Earth." [TV: The Ambassadors of Death]
"Liz Shaw ... was aware that the police box acted as no ordinary cupboard — that had been made abundantly clear the day she had seen the Doctor awkwardly rolling out the machinery he referred to as 'the console'."

Between companions[]

Jo Grant era[]

Months have passed for Liz since she left UNIT, and the Doctor now has a new assistant, setting this shortly after Terror of the Autons.
Though the audio's blurb places this between The Dæmons and Day of the Daleks, Jo is still quite new to UNIT, and is unaware of the true nature of the TARDIS, setting this before The Claws of Axos.

The Master is still trapped on Earth, setting this before The Mind of Evil.
"I finally sat down at the end of January 1970 and assembled the facts available into a rough chronological order."
"February 1970 - What you have just read was my three and a half thousand word article to be published in the Daily Chronicle."
"April 1970 - I spent much of March getting well and trying to pull parts of my life back together."
"July-November 1970 - 'This machine, the Keller Machine, isolates and extracts these impulses, leaving a rational, well-balanced individual.'" [TV: The Mind of Evil]
"In contrast to that of her companion, her outfit -a brightly coloured yellow trouser suit -was the epitome of the swinging seventies."
"But not today. Not on a fine summer morning when he was taking a pretty girl for a spin in the country."
NOTE: The Master has a working TARDIS, setting this after TV: The Mind of Evil.
"From: Private F. Cleary - UK Division, UNIT - December 1970 - It started when we had to go on guard duty at the XXXXX Power Complex. I don't know what you've heard but there was an attack on the complex." [TV: The Claws of Axos]
"I spent the rest of January trying to discover more about the Nuton crisis without success."
"In late February 1971 I realized I could easily spend the rest of my life researching a book about UNIT, C19, and the Glasshouse without ever getting any closer to the truth."
"It was just after nine on a chilly morning in March 1971, and I was finishing my daily trawl through the papers in search of leads on new UNIT activity or appearances by one of the men known as 'the Doctor'."
'They're opening up a barrow called the Devil's Hump in Wiltshire. ... Because it's Beltane tonight – 30 April, the eve of May Day. One of the big occult nights of the year!' [TV: The Daemons]
MASTER: Now, today is May Day. Go and enjoy yourselves. Celebrate the festival with your families. When I need you all, I shall summon you again.
TEXT: England, 1976. The Earth has been born anew in a May Day miracle at Devil's End reaching its balmy, thunderhead close.
"It started on Tuesday morning: a perfectly normal morning in the early days of summer."
"The Master enters the Freedom building, the cornerstone of which he himself laid in 1936."
'I did some research into the Freedom Corporation. It was established over thirty years ago.'
BRIGADIER: I told you Doctor, [the Master is] locked away safe and secure on a seculded island.
"June-July 1971 - The summer of 1971 was notable for three things: the death of Louis Armstrong, the Cod War developing between the UK and Iceland, and the massive media overkill about Victor Magister.
"To: MRS SIOBHAN CLEARY - Date: 16 June 1971"
"Dates unknown, 1971 - It was the brightness that woke me up. I had been dreaming for what felt like forever, an intense fantasy where everything seemed real."
"August 1971 - The drive through London was a blur as Vincent talked me through the format for the show."
"7 September 1971 - Dear Mum I can't tell you where I am."
"September 1971 - It was an early evening bulletin on BBC3, and Alex MacIntosh was explaining about efforts to set up a new peace conference by Sir Reginald Styles." [TV: Day of the Daleks]
"14 September 1971 - Returning to the bed I sat down and looked at the envelope. Made of plain white paper, it was sealed at the back with red wax, an elaborate 'D' pressed into the melted seal."
DOCTOR (Clara Oswald and the School of Death): The Sea Devils first re-surfaced in 1972 -- or possibly 1982, it gets foggy -- your time...
"Israel, 1972 - At midnight on the night before the dig, Professor Ezekiel Child switched off the desk lamp and rose to look out of the Portakabin Window."
"It was the beginning of May; yet out here on Dartmoor, it could have been November."
"Jo gazed up at the moon riding towards fullness. It was half-past midnight on the day of the twentieth of June."
"The best designer suits, the best haircuts - not too long, not too short, conservatively caught between the battling late Seventies fashions..."
"Summer had come early this year. It was only May and the air shimmered with standing heat."
‘It’s 1973 and the Doctor is quite at home here on Earth’
"And with that he pushed his way out of the TARDIS, and back into the safe warmth of the British summer in 1973."
NOTE: The TARDIS has it's dematerialisation circuit.

Between companions[]

"Professor Clifford Jones threw back his head and shouted – not worried any longer about scaring or alerting the animals that shared the jungle with him. He screamed for her at the top of his voice: ‘Jo!’"
"...Jo Grant, had quit UNIT after announcing her intention to marry Llanfairfach’s resident eccentric, Professor Clifford Jones. The Doctor had spent most of the past six months going off for solitary jaunts in his TARDIS, sometimes for several weeks at a stretch."
"‘It’s the seventies, all right,’ Tegan shouted, walking up to him and gesturing at the long-haired men with their wide-collared shirts and outrageously flared jeans, the girls with their denim caps and platform shoes."
"It was mid-afternoon on a glorious July day."

Sarah Jane Smith era[]

SARAH JANE: Twenty three.
SARAH JANE (The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith): We lived in a village called Foxgrove. That's where I was born. One afternoon in August 1951, they got in their car, drove off, and they never came back... To leave a three month old baby on its own?
NOTE: The years 1969 to 1989 were folded into one decade as a result of the Doctor's faulty TARDIS. The 1990 dating protocol established 1974 and 1979 as equally valid dates for the dinosaur invasion. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time)
‘Tomorrow is September the twentieth, the day before the equinox, when the day is as long as the night.’
TEXT: UNIT Headquarters. London, England. 1974
NOTE: The Whomobile makes an appearance.
‘It’d have to be tomorrow, because my holiday finishes on the twenty‐second, you see. Or is the twenty‐first a bad day for you? May the twenty‐first?’
‘No man has beheld this sight for one hundred and fifty seven years,’ Verconti continued. ‘When Clancy’s prediction to the Royal Society in 1661 proved accurate, its appearance precipitated such riots of superstitious fear that –’
‘Are you suggesting that the presence of this comet in, er…’ He consulted his paper. ‘… in 1504 and 1818, and of course this year, was somehow mixed up in all this hooha with Vilmio?’
SARAH JANE (Pyramids of Mars): Oh, that's just the Doctor. We travel in time, Mister Scarman. I'm really from 1980.
NOTE: Soon after TV: Planet of the Spiders.
TEXT: Bristol, England. Sometime in the 1970s. Or maybe the '80s.
DOCTOR: The 70s. Maybe 80s. Does it matter?

Later UNIT era[]

KLEIN: Has it changed so much in two years? Yes Doctor, this is still UNIT.
KLEIN: I was promoted from our deep core research facility a few years back. Seen as a version of you with curly hair and a long scarf has gone swanning off, never to be seen again.



TEXT: New York - 6 months later [From July 1969.]
MORTIMER: Ollistra, relax. Appreciate the local colour. 1970s Earth. It’s one of the fun ones.
JOANIE: Thank you all for coming. We’re celebrating the first six months of what’s gonna be a long and happy partnership. It’s a new decade, and we got big plans for the Big Apple.
‘It’s important, Joss. The astronauts still aren’t safe. Apollo 13 has rounded the moon, but—’
TEXT: It is the year 1970 and a rocket whistles through the night sky above Earth, heading for a patch of woodland not far from London...
TEXT: The year 1970...
VSAI 001: I am the voice-synthesising artificial intelligence 001. It is Monday the sixth of July, nineteen seventy.
NEWSPAPER: Monday, July 20th, 1970
TEXT: Two Days Later...
NOTE: This story conflicts with the first moon landing being in 1969.
"The Church Times, 14 August 1970: Most of our readers will have heard of the so-called ‘Revolution Man’ cult."


"Two elderly men struggled to hang an obstinately flapping banner - WRNS ANNUAL REUNION DINNER: 1971 - over a makeshift stage."
"The Doctor had eventually made the platform in time to see a train vanish into the rain-drenched February night and to hear the announcement that the Central Line was experiencing delays due to a signal failure at White City."
"18 April, 1971 - 'You're a good man, Ian,' she wheezes, saliva dribbling from the corner of her mouth."
TEXT: Suddenly the TARDIS materialises... The year meter reads 1971...
FUDGE: Dear Fudge, I am writing this in nineteen seventy-one. Andy War...
SHARON: ...Warhol swears he'll put it in the post the day after I left Blackcastle.
‘The old days? Doctor, this is 1971. You don’t get any more retro than this.’


CLARA: We're a bit behind the times. Which is kinda weird because it's 1972...
DOCTOR: Nineteen seventy two.
NOTE: The Master saves Sally Armstrong, setting this shortly before Eyes of the Master.
DOCTOR: It's the 1970s, and the car most definitely has arrived.
DOCTOR: And you're the brilliant Sally Armstrong, alive and well. [The Doctor originally saw her die in Fugitives in 1972, so his surprise that she's alive means this is set after then.]
LIV (Lost Property): Funny, I remember this room. Changed a bit since 1972.
LIV: I'm in London, in England, in the 8th decade of the 20th century.
NOTE: Set during Liv and Molly's stay in London, which started in Eyes of the Master.
NOTE: Epilogue; Molly is kidnapped.
It’s 1972 and Vince Cosmos is all the rage.
‘It’s the twenty-second of July, sir.’
JESS: Six months!
DOCTOR: 1972. They haven't invented Space Invaders yet.
"The Doctor squinted to read the blocky print. 'The fifteenth of October.' he said. 'And 1972! I told you I'd get my sums right!'
"16 October, 1972 - They cleared away their makeshift breakfast."
"17 October, 1972 - Ian and Griffiths must have stayed up all night."
"18 October, 1972 - You curse yourself for your cowardice, but the shock was just too great. The delight at seeing Susan, and just as you remembered her."
"14 December 1972 - Dust ripples and eddies underneath you as you glide down the bank of the Taurus Littrow valley, chasing the tracks left behind by your prey."
TEXT: 23rd December 1972, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning.


"Chicago, Illinois, 23 February 1973" and "University of Michigan, 24 February 1973"
DOCTOR: I keep forgetting. 1973: A technological backwater.
"London, England: 1973 - 'I'm John Alydon Ganatus Chesterton.'"
‘It’s 1973 now. Looks like the manor has been converted into a cottage hospital. It’s falling apart. Getting a bit old itself.’
DOCTOR: 1973? I didn't set the coordinates for 1973!
PAULINE: I can remember exactly where I was when Kennedy was assassinated, but don't tell Arthur.
KATHY: How long ago was that, then?
PAULINE: Would be ten years.
"Le Monde, 12 December 1973: The death was reported in Paris today of Madeleine ‘Maddie’ Burton, the English leader of the ‘Revolution Man’ cult."
SUMMARY: It’s Christmas 1973. Nearly ten years have elapsed since the Counter-Measures group vanished.


LUCIE: I've never seen snow like it.
DOCTOR: It's 1974.
SUMMARY: February 1974 is grimmer than usual for the British.
SUMMARY: Earth, 1974. An innocent phone call. Okay, it was a wrong number, but there can't be any harm in that. Can there?
KAZAN: Now, now. Guns? On a plane? Didn't you guys see Goldfinger?
MAN: No.
KAZAN: Really? It's been ten years. [In the real world, Goldfinger came out in 1964, while in-universe it's been confirmed to at least come out after November 1963]
PALMER: Excellent, then. Excellent. Caliburn House, night four, November 25th, 1974. 11:04 PM.
"Hong Kong 1974 - 'Everything was grey. Foggy, Master,' said Cheung, slowly. 'Especially in this month of December. And the buildings rise up like, like -


"London, 1975 - The gleaming whiteness of the scientist's newly-laundered lab coat contrasted with the stained bandages wrapping the mummy. "
"California International Conference Centre, 3 August 1975"
"Oliver set the scene: 'December '75, height of the Cold War."
"Times Square, New York, Christmas Eve 1975"


TEXT: Berlin, 1976
MASTER: Stamford Bridge, England, 1976
"Bernice Summerfield, Ph.d. (Fictional) and Member of the Academy of Martian Studies (In Her Dreams) was enjoying England in 1976."
"San Francisco, 1976 - The girl was headed for a fall."
BUDDY: But then I guess this story of mine really gets into action when the Doctor arrives in New York City. July 12th, 1976.
ALICE: Oh my goodness, that's what we saw land isn't it? Last night!
ELTON (memory): What was it? I must have been three or four years old. Middle of the night, went downstairs, and there was this man.
NOTE: A deleted scene put Elton’s birthday as 1973.


"...as they stepped on to the street outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre. There was a long queue of curious cinema-goers snaking around the block in the mild May evening."
"It was a booth of a type common to Britain in the third quarter of the twentieth century, but was decidedly uncommon in Los Angeles in 1977."
"Utah Military Research Base, 27 May 1977"
NOTE: Not said on screen, only in a trailer.
MARTHA: But 'tis Lammas Eve. [According to Island of the Fendahl, Lammas Eve is 1 August]
DOCTOR (Island of the Fendahl): The skull, I know. The first professor Fendahlman unearthed it in Africa, what, 40 years ago.
FREDDIE (Island of the Fendahl): In the middle 1970s, yes.
NOTE: Although the 1970s aren't forty years before 2007, there was no real way for the Doctor to know the year when he made his estimation, given that the Tardis was dysfunctional, and he had not yet asked anyone of the year.
BELINDA: OK, I admit it, I was adopted. I never knew my realy parents. And yeah, they found me on the steps of the hospital in Wood Street in 1977.
DOCTOR: The last few disappearances: 1969, 1973, 1975, 1976
EMILY: Last year?
SUMMARY: After an unexpected incident with a transdimensional entity in the 1970s, Iris makes an emergency landing in Flanders, where legends of an ancient wolf-like bogeyman soon prove to be frighteningly real.
The TARDIS follows a twist in the vortex to the village of Staffham in 1977 and discovers something is very wrong with time.
"24 December 1977 - Bev lay awake, hoping that Father Christmas would come, but the Tall Man came instead."
"25 December 1977 - To Bev’s surprise, Christmas was normal, better than normal."
BEV: I remember that night like it was yesterday. Christmas eve 1977.


‘Here,’ he said. ‘February 21, 1978. The sacrificial stone at the base of the Great Temple was uncovered by electrical workers laying cables under Guatemala Street. Depicting the goddess Coyolxauhqui, it –’
"5 April 1978 - Oxford - Vice-Marshal Charles Dickinson’s life had taken its first turn for the worse after the Second World War."
"Bryony Mailer was quite possibly the most important human alive on Earth at that time, which was 11.26 a.m. on 4 June 1978."
PROSE: First Frontier: 'No. Bandraginus Five was a shipyard for the Vegans; I was on Zanak in 1978, and it certainly wasn't a Tzun colony; and Collactin orbits a red supergiant star, and also has unsurvivable radiation levels, even for the Tzun.'
SUMMARY: She is in the Crowmarsh Institute on Earth, in London, in 1978, and everyone is calling her Doctor Marshall.
"Apparently it was England, 1978."
"Anji and Fritter were in Hollywood in 1978."
JASON: Memorandum dated 8th of September 1978 from Agent Jason Vane.


NOTE: The Prime Minister of 1979 is repeatedly referred to as "she", a likely reference to Margaret Thatcher.
SYNOPSIS: When the Doctor and Leela arrive in the wilds of Derbyshire, only to get caught up in the hunt for a missing girl, they soon discover that the legend of the Worm is very much alive - even now, in 1979.
DOCTOR: Ah well, yes. It's 1979 actually. More of a table wine, shall we say. Ha! The randomiser's a useful device but it lacks true discrimination. Should we sip it and see?
NOTE: During TV: City of Death.
TEXT: Seaton Bay, 1979
"Wednesday 15 August 1979 - Linda Grainger was beginning to feel much more claustrophobic than she ever imagined she would."
"Loch Ness in the summer of nineteen seventy-nine it is them... Scotland in August. Nowhere finer."
"Yet, in the last days of summer, 1979, someone was working hard to change all that."
DOCTOR: Thursday the 11th of October, Nineteen seventy- [audio adaptation]
DOCTOR: And since it's 1979 I- [audio adaptation]
CHRONOTIS: Yes! Young Parsons. Born 1956, graduated 1978, honours degree in chemistry, currently engaged in sigma particles.
DOCTOR: It's October.
"Slade's Merry Christmas, Everybody' has been on the radio... The coin was dated 1987 — eight years in the future!"
Paul Magrs and Mam get ready for and celebrate Christmas.


"Part One - ‘Battle of the Planets’ - The Early 1980s"
"There may be a late bus – in the early 1980s such things existed in England – but she couldn’t depend on it."
TEXT: And forty years hence... That confusion is echoed... [From World War II training]
KATY: Seriously, it's probably a storm coming, after all, it is a blazing hot summer's day in the last week of October.
DOCTOR: Stop this immediately! It's the 1980s, not the 1640s!
"It being early summer, the sun was still trying to force its way through the clouds, but amongst the trees in the bottom of the valley below Hugh and Janet's farm, pools of shadow and mist swirled together in equal quantities."
'Yeti! Saw them in the London Underground twenty years ago.'
"We would like to hear from you. Please ring 01-356247 at any time." [Real world London phone codes changed from 01 to 071 and 081 in May 1990.]
NOTE: Ace encounters the Ergon while working at fast-food restaurant in Perivale, thinking it is her friend Barry. She tells the Doctor about this years later.
"It was Monday somewhere in 1985... or at least it should have been"
"They’d gritted the paths around Greyfrith County Primary School, and that had taken all the fun away. Miranda had been hoping she could slide the length of the playground, but its surface was now a dull red-grey mush that was getting into her shoes."
NOTE: Five years after AUDIO: The Helliax Rift.
"No wonder the children of the eighties seemed so bitter."
NOTE: A monastery was attacked by Yetis sixty years ago in the 1920s. The Abominable Snowmen was actually set in 1935, so either this story's dating is a mistake, or there was an earlier attack by the Yeti.


"Florida Airbase, 3 February 1980"
WRARTH WARRIOR (Star Beast II): You're lucky to be getting out of here after only 15 years. We expected to bury you here.
K9 (Star Beast II): We are on the planet Earth, Master. The year is 1995 by the current calendar.
NEWSREADER: Good evening. The news at nine o'clock on Wednesday the twentieth of February, nineteen eighty. [in the audio adaptation]
"So who knew whether he had just landed twenty-two miles southwest of New Orleans at 11.30 p.m. on 30 April 1980, approximately half an hour, according to the news reports, before the megadecibel crash of the house's collapse drew rescue workers to the scene?"
DOCTOR: Twentieth century Blackcastle, England, Earth!
ROMANA: Where do you recommend that still exists in 1980?
ROMANA: Paris in 1979, now London in 1980. How long are you planning for us to stay?
DOCTOR: (The Doctor wets a finger and holds it up.) 1980.
DOCTOR: I’ve seen the future, Mel. I know what will happen, what must happen. In the year 1980, the Tardis will be discovered. Dug out of the ash that will rain upon this city tomorrow.
‘December the eighth, 1980, in New York. And before that, January the thirtieth, 1969. In St John’s Wood.’
"New York City, December 15, 1980"
"New Zealand 1980 - 'It's December and the season to be jolly,' he said, gleefully. 'I've always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little boy.'"


"Washington DC, 28 February 1981"
DOCTOR (Four to Doomsday): When was your flight again? ... February the twenty eighth, 1981. Oh, you'll have time for a cup of tea. It's only sixteen fifteen hours.
SUMMARY: 1981: London, a bomb detonates in a London pub and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is among the injured.
BERNICE: So — you want me to abandon this fine malt and go back to 1981 and join a new romantic band instead?
'Got it!' the Doctor said triumphantly. 'Leeds, England, July 1981.'
"Colorado, 28 August 1981, 3.39 p.m."
NOTE: Clara’s parents meet from an autumn leaf falling. The Doctor is hiding behind the Beano Summer Special 1981.
"4 December 1981: San Joaquin Valley, California"
K9: No available data. What is the Earth year?
SARAH JANE: 1981. December 18th.
SARAH JANE: Brendan and I just had Christmas dinner here.
"But let’s begin in a kids’ theme restaurant on Rockville Pike, Maryland, two days before Christmas 1981."
"In 1981, the couple spent a while getting the house together and threw a family party when the Doctor walked in."
NOTE: The Doctor retruns to Sarah Jane after A Girl's Best Friend.


QUIZ HOST (Divine Intervention): In January 1982, the English Cricket Team played India in three test matches in Calcutta, Chennai, and Kanpur.
EIGHTH DOCTOR (Divine Intervention): I know this, I know this, I mean Heathrow Terminal 1, I've got fair hair, I pick up the paper.. what did it say again?
TEGAN (The Waters of Amsterdam) No, you might as well know. I met him about a year ago now. After you and the Doctor left me at Heathrow, I took up my job as a stewardess for Air Antipodes. It was on one of the flights I first met him.
‘That’s because this is April, 1982, eight o’clock in the morning, and we’ve just come from August, 2012, just after lunchtime. Do try to keep up, Ace.’
"Wednesday 5 May 1982. New York City"
"13 June 1982 – Bluff Cove, East Falkland - The blue box arrives with the wind, flickering into being on the rain-lashed beach."
CALENDAR: [Ju]ne 1982.
DAILY MIRROR: Falklands are taken - Victory
PERI: Doctor, we have stepped back into the past.
DOCTOR: A year or two for you. For me, well, it's all the same to me, of course. Early 1980s, but it could well be the 1880s.
When the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan arrive in 1980s London, they find the current hot ticket is The King of the Dead, an interactive theatre experience they've inadvertently become part of.
"It was a cumbersome operation, but preferable to creating a fuss by dropping out of the skies in what the local inhabitants would call 1982."
"In late 1982, I drove around for a couple of hours trying to find a road that would lead to the building itself."
"United Kingdom 1982 - And he had to be good if he wanted Father Christmas to visit, like Mum kept on saying."
"And in 1982, Alice fell and broke her hip, and died under general anaesthetic, and, despite his children urging him to join them, Tom met the Doctor in a cold house that Christmas..."


DOCTOR (The Burning Prince): Hmm, let's see. A few days should have been enough for them to see the sights, take in the town. Let's just hope they remember where we arranged to meet. There we go, central station, Amsterdam, January 1983.
NOTE: follows directly on from Arc of Infinity
TEGAN: Those creatures we saw in 1983, they’re here as well?
DOCTOR (Mawdryn Undead): And Harry Sullivan?
BRIGADIER (Mawdryn Undead): Seconded to NATO. Last heard of doing something very hush-hush at Porton Down.
"He also decided to try to forget all about his unpleasant experience in the gymnasium, though his sore ribcage made this rather difficult and, as he walked along Pall Mall towards Trafalgar Square in the watery May sunshine..."
"Could his secretive NATO masters in Geneva be trying to get rid of him..."
DOCTOR: If these readings are correct, it's 1983 on Earth.
BRIG: It was in the summer term of 1983. That wretched boy Turlough had taken my car and crashed it.
NOTE: Set between Mawdryn Undead and Planet of Fire.
DOCTOR: Just a simple test. If you could tell me the exact date.
KEVIN: June the ninth, nineteen eighty three.
SARAH JANE: Summer, 1983. This is my latest trip to see my Aunt Lavinia in Oxfordshire...
CLARA: Yeah, but the world didn't end in 1983, did it, or I wouldn't be here.
"Next, the Doctor had shifted the TARDIS to hover above Colombia, 1983, confirming that the Vampire waveform mimic itself had not activated the Nform."
SUMMARY: Perivale, 1983 - A column of smoke rises from the blazing ruins of a forgotten, decaying mansion.
SUMMARY: Over a thousand years later, in 1983, battle is still being raged, with student activists taking on savage funding cuts...
"Little Caldwell, Berkshire, 10 December 1983"


TURLOUGH: We're not. I checked the time monitor. It is 1984.
DOCTOR: Don’t count on it. Mikey – if it hadn’t been for that signal, I hope I’d have made the time to listen to you properly. Back in Little Hodcombe, in nineteen eighty-four.
DOCTOR: Well, the instruments are still affected by turbulence, but I think it's 1984, London. Found it!
TEXT: Rekjavik, Iceland, 1984: Atop long extinct shaefels.
"8th May 1984 - Reference: StJRB/TKL/EJ Waterfield"
SYNOPSIS: On the morning of 9 May 1984, Peri woke up.
NOTE: The opening scene of The Reaping takes place a few hours before Peri first meets the Doctor.
"13th May 1984 - Dear Victoria, Well, what a lot of news you have for us."
THE DOCTOR: Nineteen Eighty-Four. I misjudged the co-ordinates slightly, sorry about that.
"It was the summer of 1984, and Mr Browning despaired of finding a buyer for the little house at the end of Claversham Row."
DOCTOR: Well, here we are: Baltimore, the 24th of September 1984.
NOTE: The Doctor briefly arrives in Baltimore, 1984, before he realises his future self is already there.


"At six we go to a press preview of a new movie called The Breakfast Club which I may review for the student paper when I get back to Bennington."
DOCTOR: Can't be far, the signal is very strong.... Strange. It's coming from Earth. In 1985?
DOCTOR 12: New York. 1985. Not a classic year. But nonetheless one where you were needed...
TEXT: New York, 1985
TEXT: Muswell Hill, London - 1985
TEXT: San Fransico, 1985.
"She was Ace by then, of course, developing that Ace frown that was starting to push her friends into two groups: the ones who wanted to walk over the line and the ones who wanted to walk away. She was fifteen."
"Beneath them, an old Allegro took a corner far too fast. Long ago in an English autumn."
TEXT: Dateline 12th Decenmber 1985


“The Wake extends between the present day...”
“January, 1986,” Peri interjected.
SUMMARY: The TARDIS has been drawn to Blackpool in the year 1986, where the Doctor intends to investigate a dangerous space/time vortex...
"Part Two - ‘Masters of the Universe’ - The Mid-1980s"
‘Sweet sixteen,’ she said. ‘How old are you?’
Part Three [c. 1989]: "The Doctor took the photo of Miranda he kept in his coat pocket, apologised that it was a couple of years out of date. She would be nineteen now."
"27 September 1986 - My dearest Sam, I hope that this finds you well."
CYBERMAN (Death in Heaven): [Clara Oswald was] born 23rd November, 1986.
NOTE: Mondas before The Tenth Planet.
CALENDAR: December 1986.
POLLY: 1986! Oh no, and I thought we'd be able to get home.
NOTE: During TV: The Tenth Planet.
NOTE: During the end of TV: The Tenth Planet.
"After all, it was New Year's Eve - New Year's Eve, 1986."


'Adios 1986,' said Ben, smiling. 'We made it.'
MOTLEY DOCTOR: Perhaps not… Tell me. What year is this?
YOUNG MEL: I must have hit you harder than I thought! 1987.
'Good morning. It's 15 August 2067 and you're watching Breakfast with Channel Seven. I'm Nick...'
"Not much on the temporal scheme of things, just a few individuals displaced by eighty years or so."
SUMMARY: The year is 1987, and Britain is divided.
"The gold plaque at the bottom identified him as David Gosthorpe, died 1987."
"17 July 1987" and "25 July 1987" to "28 July 1987"
NEWSREADER: They are the headlines on Sunday the 26th of July.
DOCTOR: November the 7th?
ROSE: 1987.
'You see, I'm travelling with a friend of mine. Anyway, Charley's gone to a... disco? Is that the right vernacular for 1987? I'm sorry, I can never remember.'
'You can't go walking up and down the highway on Christmas Eve, Doctor,'


DOCTOR: The village of Stockbridge, as requested. Relative date – Friday the eighth of April, 1988.
"4 May 1988 - Reunion"
ALICE: At 11:39 am on May the 22nd 1988, a range rover tore through my parents' car, and my spine broke at the impact.
TEXT: The Tardis whirls through time and space, when suddenly it materialises in the middle of the Arizona desert, the year 1988.
NOTE: Clara as a toddler.
DOCTOR: In a matter of months since I was last here, he's calculated the exact time and date when a comet called Nemesis will land on this planet. The twenty third of November.
ACE: 1988
"Saturday 24 December 1988"
"They had virtually nothing in common apart from their brief encounter over a quarter century before [TV: Remembrance of the Daleks], but Judith wanted to talk and Ace found it easier to listen than to try to make conversation."


"Ashdown Forest, Sussex Weald - 11 May 1989, 19.17"
"It was an ordinary Sunday in Perivale. The hazy June sunshine made a half-hearted attempt to pierce the cloud and fumes that hung over London."
"The Doctor followed a pace behind her, looking round at the sights. He was not familiar with Perivale in the late 1980s."
PROSE: First Frontier: 'What?' Ace thought hard, recalling what the Doctor had said about the other Time Lord after their encounter in Perivale in 1989. 'You said he had passed his last regeneration.'
"Garrett Manor, Ashdown Forest, Sussex Weald - 30 June 1989, 14.00"
TEXT: Suddenly [The TARDIS] materialises in the middle of the 1989 Interplanetry Motor Racing Meeting being held on the planet Velon...
NOTE: An Interplanetry Motor Race existing in 1989 conflicts with most stories set in 1989.
"William Street Police Station, Brighton, East Sussex - 24 July 1989, 11.45"
"56 The Cliff Roedean, Brighton, East Sussex - 25 July 1989, 03.18"
"West Street, Brighton, East Sussex - 26 July 1989, 23.47"
DOCTOR: So when six strangely-shaped meteorites fell from the skies on that summer night in 1989, one might almost have said it was...
RAINE: October 13th, 1989. Dear diary, it's friday the 13th. Lucky for some.
"Part Three - ‘Defenders of the Earth’ - The Late 1980s"
"A clear November night, a little cold, but the crowds out on the streets didn’t care."
Trading Futures: The Doctor racked his brains. ‘Ah yes. 1989. I stole your space shuttle.’


DOCTOR: I acquired that house in the seventies while working for UNIT. Or was it the Eighties?
NOTE: Primary school age Clara
IAN: I'm reminded that, if I wanted half the world to think I was mad, I could call myself Sir Ian Chesterton, knighted by Richard the Lionheart himself, over seven hundred years ago [in 1190].
"A normal mum wouldn't think that the best part of her life, the only important part of her life, had happened more than twenty years ago, and that everything that had happened since was a sort of afterthought. First she'd saved the universe with the Doctor; then she'd saved the world with Cliff..."
" It wasn't Christmas till tomorrow, and she'd never liked to open presents early."
'He's over seventy. And I'm... not far behind him.' [The Brigadier was born in 1929 or 1930.]
"He pulled his mobile phone from his jacket pocket and switched it on."
"One of these moments was when it became apparent to them that they were in the twentieth century not the nineteenth or earlier."
'Oh, don't worry. Well...apparently, London was invaded back then by the Zexians.' [Fake name in place of Cybermen]
"The two friends looked at each other. A shadow of suspicion deepened across the old soldier's face."
DOCTOR: The West Country Children's Home. Gloucester. By the ozone level and the drains, mid-nineties. You must have been here when you had the dream.
GRANT: A couple of years after high school...


TEXT: Stage one of the invasion was complete. It was June, 1990.
"It was only three years since [Ace] had left, yet some familiar shops on the Broadway had already been replaced by newer, blander commodity outlets."
DOCTOR: Not in 1990 Ace. Hang on, we're about to land.
‘You and Ian worked together sorting out that camera on the Hubble space telescope.’ [Launded in real world 1990.]
NOTE: The Seventh Doctor returns to Elizabeth Klein after the events of Dominion.
"'Well, I'll be,' he said. Tokyo, somewhere around 1990."
'Oh, I see!' he said, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. 'This must be Christmas Eve!'
PROSE: Short Trips: The Centurian (epigraph): "Tuesday 25 December 1990 - Linda Grainger opened her eyes and looked at her family."


SUMMARY: It's 1991, the hardest of times - but now they're shipbuilding once again, thanks to the yard's new owners, the Dark Alloy Corporation.
"Sally's Cafe, Edward Street, Brighton, East Sussex - 23 July 1991. 14.02."
DOCTOR: Er, this is 1991, isn't it?
DAN: Yes, but this still looks like a sticky wicket to me...


DOCTOR: This is London, isn't it? What year?
LEAPY: 1992, of course!
TEXT: Cuzco, Peru. 1992
"In the end, when he saw the way it was going, how his book had changed things, he seemed to lose interest in going on. He died in 1992, just short of his eighty-sixth birthday."
NOTE: Young Rose in her flashback was portrayed by Julia Joyce, born in 1998, was 6 in 2005. Rose was born in 1986.
"It was the Sunday before Christmas 1992, and the churchgoers of Cheldon Bonniface were wrapping up, shutting the doors of their houses and stepping out this fine Norfolk morning."
"On Christmas Day, after an enormous dinner that the Hutchingses had prepared, Ace tiptoed out into the hall, and looked at their telephone."
DOCTOR: Ho-ho-ho-ho. Merry Christmas, Grant!
DOCTOR: Grant, how long have you known this woman?
GRANT: Since elementary school. Twenty four years.
"And in 1982, Alice fell and broke her hip, and died under general anaesthetic... Ten years later, Tom had to move into sheltered accommodation.... The Doctor wandered in every Christmas, now resigned to the fact there probably wasn't going to be much in the way of danger."


‘2Unlimited ... They’ve been at number one since yesterday,’ ["No Limit" hit number one: real world 13 February 1993.]
"‘Makes you wonder how Major got in again.’ It was a canny line – Maurice again on the offensive, trying to trip her up." [John Major was re-elected in real world 1992.]
"1993 wasn't that different from the eighties, thank God."
"TEN YEARS FROM NOW ... ‘S.J. Smith, reading from her new novel Moving On, which is published in two weeks’ time by Virgin."
‘Irongron’s Star’ (#886, Aug 1995) [Sarah Jane's first short story]
‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ (#965, Mar 2003) [Most recently published story]
NOTE: The Doctor and Ace return to Cheldon Bonniface soon after PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation.
"1993. The Doctor, Ace and Benny wandered through the sprawling site of the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. Distant music echoed from the stages, people walked by in paint and dreadlocks, and the smell of hot food mingled with aromatic summer breezes in the cool dusk."
"Will arrive tomorrow with friends, all being well. Report anything unusual. Regards - the Doctor."
"He had checked with his diary – the eighteenth of November, 1993, had most definitely been a Thursday in the Earth calendar, a day when the streets should have been bustling with students’ bicycles, minibuses, hurrying shoppers. And yet the traffic had been Sunday traffic."
"The sun was getting lower over Perivale, splitting through the trees as they trooped out of the cemetery to the waiting cars. Autumn was rushing in hungrily, a cold breeze in every three a warm ones."
DOCTOR: We seem to be flitting around in some sort of twenty year time loop. 1973...
SARAH: 1993... 2013?
SANJAY: Special discount for you, seeing as it's nearly Christmas.
"News Report, BBC Radio Shropshire, Saturday 24 December 1993"
"29 December 1993 - Gohnn, a state island of Micronesia"
"It was 30 December 1993 – she’d been away over four years, parents’ time."
"Ciara found herself watching him for the next few hours until the dawn began and heralded 31 December 1993."


‘6 January 1994. Nurse called at 3.04 a.m. Heart failure. Hospital confirmed time of death: 3.26 a.m.’
"20 January 1994. 7.59 a.m. - The older man had his arm around the woman’s neck."
"First of all, the date. I'm sure it's Tuesday but I may have lost track of a week somewhere, so it may be the last Tuesday in January, or the first in February, 1994."
DOCTOR: Your saddest ever memory was at a fairground in 1994.
NYSSA: 1994. Doctor, your energy reading is still registering
"Mexico City, 1994 - The Doctor stood alone in the darkness, listening to the city breathe."
"Friday the eighth of July 1994. Eight o'clock in the morning exactly."


"Paris: St Vincent Cemetery: 11 June 1995: 3.17 p.m."
"‘Glebe,’ said the Doctor, watching the bubbles rise in his mineral water. ‘Sydney, Earth, 1995.’"
K9: We are on the planet Earth, Master. The year is 1995 by the current calendar.
"As befitted the cold end of September, the zoo was deserted."
"As she bundled Gordy off the boat with his bags, the four-year-old (nearly five!) ... ‘He’ll be five next week,’ she said flatly."
NOTE: Gordon was born on 25 September 1990. (PROSE: Of the Future)
ACE: The TARDIS chronometer read December 20th, 1995. What's that the anniversary of?
‘Professor Gregson, you’re here, working, on Christmas Day.’
‘Of sorts,’ said Mel’s friend. ‘That’s what caused the fire, no doubt. It’s also what sucked Mel into the past when we landed in Croydon in 1995.’


"22 January 1996 - The incident just described never happened."
AMELIA: Dear Santa. Thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you, but honest, it is an emergency.
AMY: There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope. Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this how it ends.
DOCTOR: Amelia's house. When she was seven. The night she waited.
NOTE: Amy, Rory, and Mels in primary school.
NOTE: Amy, Rory, and Mels in primary school.
"28 April 1996 (Research Notes)"
TICKET BOOTH: Festival of Ghana 1996
"Sydney, 1996 - Death has no name."
"The British Museum, London 1996 - Henry Edwards swept his torch round the darkened room once more."
“Earth,” announced Peri. “September 3rd, 1996.”
MAX: Six days 'til Christmas -- and all's well in Stockbridge.
TEXT (Oblivion): Stockbridge, December 19th, 1996...
"COPEX: 18 August 1996", "19 August (11.30 a.m.)", and "The Last Day in the Life (20 August somewhere a long way from London)"
"Newspapers confirmed that the date was 16 December 1996, giving them several hours to scour the card shops and newsagents for a card exactly like the original."
"But at Christmas 1996, there was this one big new nurse who was brusque with Tom, who repeated his words in a sarcastic voice when he talked about the Doctor, and went so far as to pat him lightly on the cheek when he protested."


"Bangkok, March 1997 - It was gone noon when Sarah Jane Smith flagged down a taxi on Thanon Prachitapai."
"Date: Monday 14 April 1997, 03:16"
"Fran: grizzly<grizzly@domovoi.ru> To: Lung Tau <dragon@pimms.com> Subject: Re: prospecting Date: Wednsday, 16 April 1997 13:12"
"Tuesday, May 6th 1997 - The Doctor was late, as usual."
"Wednesday, May 7th 1997 - 'All hail King Xznaal the First,' Gerayhayvun said quietly."
DOCTOR: Earth. A few years in your future.
BRIGADIER: Doris, I don't care if it was the King. I'm still retired.
ORACLE (Project: Lazarus): Positive identification made. Matching records from reported incident in Shoreditch, London, 1963. Cross-reference to Carbury, 1997. Cross-reference..
SUMMARY: Ibiza, 1997, and thousands of young people are acting like mindless zombies.
"Thursday, May 15th 1997 - Benny stretched her arms and yawned"
"Friday, May 16th 1997 - 'They've taken over local radio stations, there's going to be a broadcast at mid-day. That's the same time that the Queen... the, er, ex-Queen,' she corrected herself quickly, 'will address the UN General Assembly.'
"Of that, Bernice was painfully aware. But after what she had seen happening in Tilusha’s flat in 1997, and to the Phractons in Londinium Plaza, she wanted to be part of it."
"Blake wondered why a man who could choose anywhere and anytime in creation would pick twentieth century England."
"He suggested that the military man could contact either a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart or a Brigadier Bambera for clarification of his position."
"The colonel returned.... He had contacted UNIT HQ and had confirmed that for a period in the 1970s and 1980s there had been a scientific advisor to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart."
"Sarah re-entered the room, followed by a tall woman in her late forties with long, wavy, heavily greying hair 'Everyone, this is Liz Shaw.'"
"I read one of Sarah's books - she's a novelist - and it struck a chord. Bits of it seemed familiar. "
NOTE: Despite Liz Shaw being born in 1943, (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune), Sarah Jane's novels were published from 1997 to at least 2001. (PROSE: Moving On)
‘Hasn’t been seen since 2 August. See here, UNIT aren’t after him, are they? What’s their interest?’
"As they walked, Lethbridge-Stewart examined his old friend. Even after several years, he wasn’t yet quite used to this latest incarnation."
"But not in her world, not in Shoreditch 1997, where stakes didn't get any higher than the playground."
NOTE: Sam asked UNIT to contact her parents but she hadn't yet begun travelling with the Doctor at this point in 1997. (PROSE: Unnatural History)
"The place had been closed for years now - a junkyard that had been junked. It had a sinister reputation that went back over thirty years. Something about a mysteriously appearing and disappearing police box."
"11 October 1997"
"Sunday, November 23rd 1997 - Queen Elizabeth sat on the coronation throne, the Imperial State Crown on her head, restored to its former glory."
"They landed on the other side of the lake on 17 December 1997. It was lunchtime."


'Anything I should know about 1998?' Sarah asked the Doctor as the noise subsided. 'Apart from the fact that we shouldn't really be here at all, that is.'
"Today. The Crucible again. The Doctor shifted uncomfortably in his seat."
"He took her to the small town of Danvers, Massachusetts. It bore scant resemblance to the Salem Village of three hundred years past."
NOTE: The Witch Hunters was published in 1998.
DOCTOR: 1998. Not a favourite, but basically tolerable.
DOCTOR: Yep, and August. You’ll love it. Long days, barbeques, lemonade on the patio.
"The humidity was so intense you could taste it, and the clouds hung heavy and low in the autumn sky."
"The Doctor lowered his book with the slow movement of forced patience. 'Earth. 1998. Or thereabouts.' He raised the book again."
"1998: Aftermath - Sarah shook her head. ‘Nineteen ninety-nine in a few weeks. Can you believe it?’
"So, as the Doctor regarded the Powell Estate in South East London on a winter's day in 1998..."


"The Millennium Bug - Extract from an article by Sarah Jane Smith - This text is reproduced from the January 1999 issue of Popular Technology, with permission."
"Giornale di Sicilia 15 March 1999"
"Giornale di Sicilia 24 May 1999"
'It's the principle of the thing. I knew something was up the moment we landed. So what year is it really? ... And outside?'
TEXT: Far bellow, London waits for the end of the end of the twentieth century quietly.
TEXT: It's taken thirty years for this city to win back it's nickname — Swinging London. Now, as the twentieth century rumbles to a close, it is the place to see and be seen.
TEXT: 1999
RIVER: The accused has the right to be tried by a legal system of her or his choosing. So naturally I went for English law at the turn of the millennium.
SUMMARY: Enter Roger Hodgkiss: curmudgeonly barrister, plucked from a 20th Century English courtroom.
"Tokyo: 1 July 1999"
"Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam: 3 July 1999"
‘Ah yes. According to this we are a little more than halfway through the local year 1999... The second or third week of July I would think. Really, Jo, you can’t expect the Time Lords to program in the English names of the months. It’s very odd, though.’
"From peering at a newspaper the passenger in front was reading, Fitz saw that the date was 31 July 1999."
"The date was 11 August 1999."
Summary: He’s a man on a mission. But he has no idea what the mission is. It’s 1999.
"He was there when the office was due to open – 9.15 a.m., 1 October 1999 – an early start for Buenos Aires."
"The Doctor didn't answer her for a few moments, he was too busy squinting up into the salmon sky. '1999. December.'"
‘It is December 29th, after all. We haven’t got long.’
"It was the morning of 30 December. Just one more day, and then they would know."
"By late afternoon on 31 December, the new millennium had arrived in the Far East."
"On 5 November 1999, Chapel delivered the biggest firework of them all: as of Thursday, December the thirtieth, ACL would cease trading as part of the Ashley Chapel Holding Corporation.... And now it was 30 December."
'We are in London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the galaxy. And today is 31 December 1999!'
BRUCE: December thirtieth.
LEE: 1999.
SUMMARY: When an unconscious Iris Wildthyme is rushed into a San Francisco hospital on New Year's Eve 1999, hunky doctor George Strangeways' life is turned upside down.
NOTE: Iris sees a news report about a fancy dress costume stolen from a hospital, setting this currently with the events of Doctor Who.
‘He’s already been to Earth on the last day of 1999. That’s what he told me, anyway. He’s not going to be in two places at once, is he?’
TEXT: December 31st 1999 A Happy New Year
TEXT: New Year's Eve 1999. 01:59:89 [Counting down to midnight.]
REPORTER: Some parts of the world have already welcomed in the New Year. Our cameras, of course, have been out in force across the UK tonight. Let's take you first to Cardiff.
"Of course, we know now that the world didn't end at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve 1999. There was no Y2K. No Armageddon."

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