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  • How does Sarah Jane know about both the Judoon and the Shadow Proclamation?
Sarah Jane has shown significant knowledge of the greater community of the Universe - the Malakh for instance. Some of this knowledge comes from the Doctor, some from Mr. Smith, some from her affiliation with UNIT, and likely some from her own other encounters with other sources of knowledge.
  • How does Androvax know English without any translation?
He took control of the little girl first, learning everything about her including her language.
  • When did Mr. Smith have time to tell Luke about the ship that wasn't even built at the time Luke talked to Mr. Smith?
Mr Smith tells Luke that Sarah Jane used him to access the plans of the ship that had crashed at Roswell and is being held at the Dreamland military base in Nevada. He shows Luke the plans of the ship, explaining that Androvax intends to use the Nanoforms to recreate the ship so that he can escape the Judoon. Luke explains this to Androvax when he's trying to persuade the Veil life form to let Sarah Jane go free again.
  • In TV: Smith and Jones the Judoon have come to arrest a criminal charged with a murder and at least two spaceships full of them come to arrest her. In this episode however, the Judoon are attempting to capture a criminal charged with the destruction of multiple worlds and only five Judoon (including Tybo) come to arrest him. Why is this?
Even though Androvax has destroyed a dozen worlds he is still only one man and five Judoon could easily overpower him, they wouldn't need an army. There were so many Judoon in Smith and Jones because they were needed to search for one non-human out of the 1000 people in the Royal Hope Hospital.Androvax had already been captured and Tybo was presumably escorting him to the Shadow Proclamation. The four Judoon who appear after Tybo are the closest to Earth and arrive first while other fleets are still on their way.
The punishment for murder is different for destroying planets, which explains why Tybo was escorting Androvax in the first place.
  • The Judoon consider humans to be irrelevant, however they follow all minor laws by humans such as "Authorized Personal Only"?.
The Judoon always follow laws however primitive or irrelevant the race is.
Well murder is illegal but it didn't stop the judoon from incinerating the man in Smith and Jones
The man attacked a Judoon, they don't see it as murder, they see it as a punishment. After all they didn't hurt anyone else, because no one else did anything.
  • Captain Tybo said the Judoon couldn't go into the room where they trapped him because, as it was Authorised Personnel only, it would break the rules, so why does the squad of Judoon infantry go in there later? If a captain doesn't have the right to go in, why does infantry?
The captain persuades the soldiers to let him out in Judoon language much like how Luke persuades him to go in.
  • Luke doesn't know about the Judoon but he does know that they are not allowed on Earth
He knows the Shadow Proclaimation - he could have also got this much from Sarah Jane.
  • When Clyde, Luke and Rani trap Captain Tybo in the chamber in the lab, Luke says it is an electro-dampening chamber so Tybo's gun and communicator would not work in there. Why would Judoon technology be electrical, considering no other alien technology ever seems to be?
  • When Androvax is eventually surrounded by the Judoon and apprehended surely to escape all he needed to do was go inside the body of one of the Judoon surrounding him and run away?
They had guns and outnumbered him, if he tried to go in one of the Judoon and escape he most likely would have merely postponed his unavoidable capture. Also he may have wanted to be captured rather than running away and possibly being killed for it. As he later escaped his inprisonment, he likely had a plan.
Besides, knowing the Judoon, they probably wouldn't hesitate to shoot one of their own to kill Androvax
  • In Smith and Jones, the Judoon take the hospital to the moon because they have no jurisdiction on Earth. How, then, can they search for and arrest the Androvax on Earth in this episode?
Androvax was about to destroy Earth, so it's unlikely the Judoon could do anymore damage. Also Androvax was likely a top priority compared to Florence.
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