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Assuming this is set after Doomsday, she may have got them from there, also she met the Doctor in School Reunion and he might have told her about the new Daleks there. Also, Mr Smith could have got them for her.
  • When Kelsey is being taken over by the Bane, Luke yells "Kelsey Hooper", not Kelsey Harper.
Sarah Jane refers to her name as Kelsey Hooper first (possibly not hearing Maria or Kelsey saying it right), therefore Luke assumes - as he only heard Sarah Jane call her it - that it is her name.
  • Sarah Jane incorrectly refers to the book of "Revelations" in the Bible, it's just "Revelation".
The term "Revelations" is commonly used by lay people to refer to the book.
  • Why would Maria go into town with Kelsey having known her for barely 2 minutes?
Kids can make friends easier and as she was new she may have been desperate to seem fun. Plus Kelsey was not taking no for an answer hence why Maria laughs nervously and is like, "What the hell?"
  • When the Bane Davey is climbing up Sarah Jane's staircase, one of his tentacles pulls on a banister where some hats are mounted, and they don't even move.
He might have pulled on it lightly.
  • Mr Smith looks different in this episode. His screen is more of a plasma screen tv and looks different in later episodes.
Just as computer users can change their computers desktop if they wish, Sarah Jane or possibly Mr Smith himself may have changed it. The Lost Boy reveals that Sarah Jane hasn't had him for long at this point. He may still be in construction. She had him for at least a year and a half
But the flashback of the Lost Boy showed the same screen as today. So what your saying is that it had the brown rimmed screen then magically turned into a plasma screen tv and and back into a brown rimmed screen later
Why "magically"...? I think the previous writer was saying that screens can be changed, either physically or otherwise. If Sarah thought the brown rim would look cool, she may well have just put it on there early on, had removed it for a brief period of time for some reason or other (cleaning or replacing it, for example), then put it back like it usually is.
  • When Sarah Jane is being escorted to the lift from Mrs Wormwood's office her coat goes from in her arms to being worn in the space of a few seconds.
This isn't a plot hole, this could be for many reasons. just dont worry about it!
She put her coat back on because she got cold, or just found it easier to carry that way. Only takes a couple seconds, and people do it all the time.
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