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This page is for discussing the ways in which The Eclipse of the Korven doesn't fit well with other DWU narratives. You can also talk about the plot holes that render its own, internal narrative confusing.

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  • If Thorne is a Meron how could he supposedly have had a great-grandfather in London 1963? Well another error presents itself.
    • Thorne was born a Human, but implanted with Meron DNA by the Korven.
  • Also, as Lomax and Thorne were working together aiding the Korven invasion, why did Lomax have June threaten Thorne with forced resignation in Lost Library of Ukko because he took the Ukkan library card? Being the supreme leader of the Department, Lomax could have easily let it pass or authorise Thorne's use of the card as a prison colony where you could just dump prisoners there and not attend to them would be of good use if the Korven had occupied Earth.
It is possible that Lomax only did this so as not to make June suspicious.
  • It is extremely unclear whether or not K-9 regenerates but he could not have possibly survived without his regeneration disc and when it homed in on him his power-core was jump-started and all his systems and processes came roaring to life. When he reemerged from Starkey's jacket he had a much brighter coat of pain, slightly longer ears and K-9 Mark I's old collar so I think it is safe to say he did change but not as drastically as Mark I.
  • When K9 makes Trojan go out of control, why don't the CCPC's do anything to stop the creature, they don't even notice it.
The CCPCs are simple robots, and Trojan wasn't part of their current objective at the time, to "subjugate all humans".
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