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Welcome to the Tardis Wiki discussion forum for discontinuity and plot holes in K9 television stories. Through this page via the links below you can discuss plot holes and discontinuity (point of continuity in stories that does not make sense with regards to other stories).

This is the main page on this wiki for the discussion of discontinuity in K-9 televised stories. Feel free to use this list to create pages that discuss in detail all the continuity errors that you've found — or think you've found — in your favourite episodes of K9.

Note that the slash (/) in front of episode names is necessary in order to create a link back to this page, and to prevent a link to the main article itself. The notion of removing discontinuity sections from mainspace article pages was deemed approved by community consensus at Forum:Discontinuity revisited.

Please do not attempt to add discussion of narrative discontinuity on the proper story pages themselves.

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