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The Doctor believed what he said but was wrong.
  • The mines apparently have central heating.
The Galactic Federation had the technology to do so.
  • In Part One the Doctor opens a secret door which nearly knocks him over.
If it's a secret door, he probably can't predict how it'll open.
  • In The Seeds of Death, the Ice Warriors skin was immune to bullets, but now a simple sword can kill them?
A recurring element in science fiction is shields that stop fast moving objects, such as bullets, but not slow moving objects, like a sword. Other instances of this include Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War" and Frank Herbert's "Dune" as well as the Goa'uld Force shield in "Stargate SG-1".
Similarly, a bullet-proof vest is much better at stopping bullets than it is at stopping swords. Guns are popular because they have range advantage and a low entry barrier to effective use. This doesn't mean they always trump swords. Swords are heavier and usually have a much smaller point; the metal is probably also quite a bit harder. These are all properties that make swords better at piercing armour (or tough Ice Warrior skin).
Could this be somewhat like with the normal military? All of the higher-up generals are given less protection than the soldiers they command (the soldiers being given guns such as assault rifles, while the most higher-up officers are only given handguns) and all of Ice Warriors except Azaxyr are in a lot of highly protective armour, while Azaxyr is only given some protection and is leaving his skin somewhat vulnerable.
  • Doesn't the Ambassador of Alpha Centauri remember that The Doctor wasn't the real Earth representative? - and why does no-one ask about Jo?
Why would that matter at this point? He undoubtedly does remember that the Doctor saved the day and exposed the treachery that was going on.
  • If the Ice Warriors were on Peladon already, then surely they would know that the miners weren't co-operating - so why does the leader believe the fake speech about "co-operating" with the federation?
They would not necessarily know. Simply being on the planet doesn't mean that they are following all the local politics.
  • Alpha Centauri needs help getting up - it does have SIX arms - a human can get themselves up with two.
A turtle, with FOUR legs, also needs help getting itself up.
And what is it walking with - no legs are visable?
It's likely a snail-like "foot" covered by it's floor-length robes.
Human arms are much larger and stronger than Alpha Centaurian arms.
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