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  • What happened to the rest of the Dominator's fleet at the end of the story? With Rago & Toba's mission being so vital to the war-effort wouldn't they have sent another expedition to detonate a seed capsule, or at the very least investigate what happened with a view to retaliation?
They decide to cut their losses and move on to another planet, concluding that the Dulkians are more aggressive and harder to control than they originally thought.
  • Toba states that the Dominators are the 'masters of the Ten Galaxies'; Rago however says that they control an entire galaxy
The Milky Way has 14 dwarf galaxies as satellites. If we colonized the whole system, and then talked to some race from a distant galaxy, we could say that we control an entire galaxy, or that we control 15 galaxies, and neither would be that inaccurate; it would really depend on how much we wanted to brag.
It's also possible that Toba is fibbing a bit; they actually only completely control one galaxy, but have some control over 9 others.
Finally, maybe Rago means something more by "control": in their home galaxy, they've harnessed the supermassive black hole at the core, moved stars around for convenience, etc., while in the other 9, all they've done so far is subjugate all the natives.
  • At the beginning of Episode 3 during the external exchange between Rago & Toba, birdsong can clearly be heard while they are speaking. If the Island of Death has been irradiated for 172 years, there should not be any birds on it..
Birds can fly and on earth we have birds that migrate to different countries and continents for their breeding seasons, so the birds could have been mirating and rested on the island of death
  • The Quarks are some truly horrendous soldiers for a species that has advanced space travel and have supposedly conquered an entire galaxy. They can be destroyed by anything from one shot from a laser weapon the Dominators describe as primitive to an improvised explosive that doesn't appear much more powerful than a firecracker. They're also very slow, not very good shots, are easy to sneak up on, and can't get up if they're knocked over.
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