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  • The Doctor seems to have forgotten that he was following the Daleks to their base of operations in episode one.
Given that in the previous story he was grazed in the head by a gunshot it is entirely possible he could have lost some of his recent memories. This is why he can't remember giving instructions to Jo. Or it could be the fact that he knew about them but wasn't sure exactly as to the circumstances in which he would meet them.
  • With the exception of the climax to episode one, none of the Daleks are ever seen using their newly acquired powers of invisibility, even when hunting for the Doctor and the Thals through the jungle.
The power is still experimental for them.
  • Trapped in the TARDIS with a dwindling air supply, the Doctor takes time to change clothes.
As seen on The Web Planet the TARDIS can change people's clothes, perhaps that happened.
  • When the Thals take cover on the plain of stones in episode four a huge, dark shape appears behind the sky.
The Planet is mysterious, figures might pop up in the sky, a creature perhaps.
  • The second Dalek, pursuing Jo and Latep in episode five, knocks into a polystyrene 'rock' and moves it out of position.
The Daleks have been seen to be very powerful, perhaps enough to knock a rock aside?
  • The strings that operate the doors of the Dalek ship are visible, and the Dalek Supreme's lights are especially out of sync with his dialogue. And the Dalek he exterminated couldn't be the section leader as the leader was trapped in the laboratory, so who was the Dalek the Dalek Supreme killed?
The new section leader. Bad timing on his promotion, though.
  • In part one Jo rattles a person thus revealing a dead person. If she did not know he was dead would she not just say hello?
Most people would touch a person before saying anything, especially since, if he's not dead, he's more than likely unconscious.
  • When one Dalek fails to stop it knocks another backwards.
  • In episode 6, when Latep slides a bomb at an advancing Dalek, he slides the bomb on its side. However, in the following shot, the bomb is in an upright position.
  • 10,000 seems a ridiculously small figure for an army that intends to conquer the galaxy
Even with a small force the Daleks are still a force to be reckoned with.
In Doomsday we see that four daleks are more than capable of wiping out all the Cybermen and presumably the human race...
There may be some other daleks stationed on planets close by to assist.
  • The rather obvious use of toy Daleks.
  • When the Dalek levitates up the shaft to get the Doctor and the Thals, the harness used to levitate it is visible.
  • Why is Jo so surprised to see a Dalek that she doesn't recognize?
She's only met them once and there were only three in that story.
Wrong because Jo has met the Daleks twice before in "Day of the Daleks" and part 6 of "Frontier in Space". Plus in "Day of the Daleks" there was'nt 3 Daleks, there would be a lot of Daleks. Watch the attack part, there were the gold Dalek then 2 more then 2 more!
  • When the Doctor and Codal attack the Dalek in the prison cell, the mid-section of the Dalek is seen to move off its base.
  • The Doctor warns against removing the top because of the automated distress signal it will cause, but when the two Daleks are pushed into the lake, there's no problem with removing the tops and the mutants within.

Actually the Daleks do mention detecting the a very weak automated distress signal from the area where the two Daleks where at.