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  • The Abzorbaloff does not look similar to a Slitheen.
He does. Both the Slitheen and the Abzorbaloff have light green skin, three claws on each hand and three toes on each foot.
  • When Bridget is shown, there is another face next to her, but when the Abzorbaloff gets out his chair there is a shot where you can see his back, and only the other face is there, Bridget is missing.
Newer faces may flatten out and protrude at different times.
  • The Abzorbaloff recently absorbed his cleaner. What happened to her when he revealed himself and why didn't the cleaner speak when the Abzorbaloff revealed himself?
We don't know how long it is before faces on the Abzorbaloff's body cannot speak.
  • What happens to those that are absorbed when he disguises himself as a Human?
They simply disappear. If he is using a shimmer or some other type of disguise, it will most probably hide any alien characteristics, including the actual shape of his body.
  • In the TARDISode the tea lady is never pictured on the Abzorbaloff but the nose and mouth are only seen.
  • Why didn't Bliss fight the Abzorbaloff with the others?
Perhaps she was absorbed too long before the others.
  • Why didn't the Abzorbaloff just asborb the Doctor while he was right in front of him?
He wasn't quite close enough, and the Abzorbaloff was kinda slow.
  • There is no possible way Ursula could have fit through the Abzorbaloff's arm. It is too small and it couldn't have squished her as her face and glasses were still intact afterwards. Her face and glasses were too big to fit through its arm even if the rest had been squished.
He can absorb other creatures, I bet that involves a fair bit of elasticity.
That seems a bit like saying there's no possible way the Abzorbaloff could absorb a human slightly smaller than himself without growing a noticeably larger in the process.
  • Surely other people would have noticed the disappearances of Bridget and Bliss. Were they not reported on the news or anything?
  • Elton states that LINDA meets "underneath the old library", and it is clearly shown that this space is only accessible through a lift from ground level, yet when fleeing from the Absorbaloff, he runs straight out onto the street without having to use the lift.
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