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  • We never find out what's happened to Roberts and the other two missing crew.
The implication is that their minds were destroyed by exposure to the Box of Jhana.
  • The nature/origins of the Mara(s) according to the legends of the Kinda seem to be at least partially at odds with the backstory it is given later in Snakedance. Also, how did it come to be on Deva Loka?
The Mara originated on Manussa, but when it was banished to 'the dark places of the inside' (presumably some kind of other dimension or astral plane), it sought out a new way to re-enter the corporeal realm. It was subsequently drawn to Deva Loka due to the presence of the telepathic Kinda, where it remained for millennia, eventually entering into the folklore of the Kinda, its true origin and nature becoming obscured in the process. It was only the chance encounter with Tegan that finally presented it with the chance to return home.
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