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  • Could a simple direct meteorite strike be capable of destroying the TARDIS when so many other more destructive forces have failed to do it any damage at all (e.g. the molten lava flow on Dulkis in The Dominators to name one)?
Perhaps the Gravis' gravitational influence weakened the TARDIS' structure.
It's also not the meteor strike itself that destroyed the TARDIS - that shower would not be anywhere near enough to embed panels in the walls. It's rather strongly indicated that the TARDIS was pulled down as part of the strike, causing her to break up and scatter throughout the planet.
  • Would the Gravis really have the power to reassmble all the pieces of the TARDIS together and back into full working order, simply by using his powers of crude gravitaional attraction - i.e. it is hard to see how gravitaional attraction alone could re-wire all of the damaged complex circuitry of a machine as sophisticated as the TARDIS.
It doesn't. All the Gravis does is bring the pieces back together. The TARDIS auto-repair systems do the rest.
  • The Tractators maintain an entire human colony just to use two humans; Captain Revere and Plantagenet for their machines? Surely their must be a simpler way.
There are lots of other machines besides the one we see. They do need the use of lots of humans.
  • So what happened to Kamelion when the TARDIS broke up?
Her presumably was still in whatever room he had been in before. All the rest of the "stuff" in the TARDIS seemed to remain intact wherever it had been at the time of the break-up.
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