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This page is for discussing the ways in which Dreamland doesn't fit well with other DWU narratives. You can also talk about the plot holes that render its own, internal narrative confusing.

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  • If the Viperox and the U.S. Military are supposed to be allied, why does the military helicopter kill the Viperox threatening the Doctor?
The soldiers' orders were to bring them in, so the military could obtain the Ionic Fusion Bar and mind-wipe the trio; obviously the orders were by any means necessary
  • Is only Colonel Stark allied with the Viperox? If so, how does Colonel Stark manage to smuggle in Lord Azlok into Area 51?
Obviously some soldiers would be in on the conspiracy.
  • After arriving in Solitude and lifting a lantern, the Doctor asks for a match even though his sonic screwdriver can light a flame such as in TV: The Girl in the Fireplace.
His screwdriver is noisier than a match and the Viperox have sensitive hearing.
  • Why does a room that's being filled with amnesia gas have an air vent?
To vent the gas in and out of the room
  • Although past stories (TV: Marco Polo, Army of Ghosts The Mark of the Rani to name three) have established that the TARDIS is light enough that it can be lifted by a group of men, it seems unlikely that Cassie and Jimmy on their own would be able to hoist it onto the back the truck.
The TARDIS is always said to have a degree of self-awareness, maybe it can adjust it's exterior weight to assist those who need to lift it or hinder those who want to steal it, etc.
Alternately, just as the TARDIS has varied in its exterior dimensions over the years (appearing as differently-sized and shaped police boxes) it might also weigh a different amount here than it has in other stories.
  • The Doctor greatly dislikes being called "Doc" by Jimmy, but he didn't seem to mind Mel calling him that occasionally.
Different Doctors have different attitudes. While the Seventh Doctor was OK with Mel using the nickname, the Sixth Doctor rebuked Peri Brown for calling him Doc. As both Jimmy and Peri were American, it's possible he just dislikes Americans calling him Doc.
Also, Captain Jack Harkness; again, an American (and I also support the different Doctors/different attitudes idea).
And the 8th Doctor seemed more amused than annoyed at an unnamed wascally wabbit calling him "Doc" in The Crooked World.
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