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This page is for discussing the ways in which Cold War doesn't fit well with other DWU narratives. You can also talk about the plot holes that render its own, internal narrative confusing.

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  • How comes The Doctor and Clara, the Russians and Skaldak can all still understand each other despite the fact that the TARDIS is not there anymore to provide the translation matrix.
As River said to Rory in 'The Angels Take Manhattan', the TARDIS's translation matrix sticks around even if the TARDIS is not present.
  • Why does Skaldak's unmasked mouth look different to all past Ice Warrior's mouths?
In "The hungry earth" it was shown that Silurians can look very different from each other (I think the reason was because the Silurians in this episode were from a different branch of the species than the ones that had been seen before) but whatever the actual reason was, a similar reason could be true for the ice warriors.
  • When Clara and the Doctor arrive in the submarine Clara is wearing a dress.Soon after the submarines settles and the hull is breached. The next scene she is wearing military uniform same as that of the russians. When did she change?
She is clearly still wearing the dress. She just got a coat.
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