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This page is for discussing the ways in which Before the Flood doesn't fit well with other DWU narratives. You can also talk about the plot holes that render its own, internal narrative confusing.

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  • Who is the doctor talking to narrative wise in the pre credit scenes and looking at in the last shot
  • In the previous episode, the doctor is shown opening up the power cell container, but in this episode, he leaves it open before he climbs in the pod.
  • Shouldnt the O'Donnell ghost fade away? The doctor and crew leave Prentis, Fisher king kills Prentis, FK chases them and kills O'Donnell, doctor and other guy go back and the doctor encounters FK at exactly the point he was supposed to start chasing them?
    • The Doctor had to have taken the power pack and left it to detonate at the damn before he confronted the Fisher King. It seems like quite a walk. The events of O'Donnell's death played out while he was walking to the dam and back.
  • Why is the TARDIS not allowing the Doctor to leave the past and actually forces the Doctor to travel back to the place where he already is part of the events ?
    • Because of the Doctor's stated intent to change history by simply leaving and not encountering the Fisher King. To do so would cause an unacceptable paradox. Remember the TARDIS is alive and aware of these things. This is also likely why in the later TV: "Hell Bent" the Doctor doesn't use a TARDIS to prevent Clara from entering the trap street in the first place. No TARDIS would allow this.
  • If the Doctor's ghost was only a hologram, how could it use the control panel?
Multi-functional hologram most possibly... The Shakri did the same in The Power of Three.
Seeing as the panel doesn't actually have a physical keyboard, just a touchscreen, it makes sense that a hologram could interact with it by using energy (remembering of course this is a hologram programmed by the Doctor).
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