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This is the main page on this wiki for the discussion of discontinuity in Doctor Who television stories. Feel free to use this list to create pages that discuss in detail all the continuity errors that you've found — or think you've found — in your favourite episodes of Doctor Who.

The notion of removing discontinuity sections from mainspace article pages was deemed approved by community consensus at Forum:Discontinuity revisited. Therefore, please do not attempt to add discussion of narrative discontinuity on the episode pages themselves.


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First Doctor - William Hartnell[edit source]

Season One - 1963-64[edit source]

Season Two - 1964-65[edit source]

Season Three - 1965-66[edit source]

Season Four - 1966[edit source]

Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton[edit source]

Season Four - 1966-67 (continued)[edit source]

Season Five - 1967-68[edit source]

Season Six - 1968-69[edit source]

Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee[edit source]

Season Seven - 1970[edit source]

Season Eight - 1971[edit source]

Season Nine - 1972[edit source]

Season Ten - 1972-73[edit source]

Season Eleven - 1973-74[edit source]

Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker[edit source]

Season Twelve - 1974-75[edit source]

Season Thirteen - 1975-76[edit source]

Season Fourteen - 1976-77[edit source]

Season Fifteen - 1977-78[edit source]

Season Sixteen - 1978-79[edit source]

Season Seventeen - 1979-80[edit source]

Season Eighteen - 1980-81[edit source]

Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison[edit source]

Season Nineteen - 1982[edit source]

Season Twenty - 1983[edit source]

Season Twenty-One - 1984[edit source]

Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker[edit source]

Season Twenty-One (continued) - 1984[edit source]

Season Twenty-Two - 1985[edit source]

Format changes to 45-minute episodes

Season Twenty-Three - 1986[edit source]

25-minute episodes resume.

Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy[edit source]

Season Twenty-Four - 1987[edit source]

Season Twenty-Five - 1988-89[edit source]

Season Twenty-Six - 1989[edit source]

Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann[edit source]

Television Movie - 1996[edit source]

  • Doctor Who, a.k.a. "Enemy Within", "The TV Movie" or "The Movie"

Animated Serial - 2003[edit source]

Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston[edit source]

Series 1 - 2005[edit source]

Tenth Doctor - David Tennant[edit source]

Children in Need Special - 2005[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2005[edit source]

Interactive Christmas Special - 2005[edit source]

Series 2 - 2006[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2006[edit source]

Series 3 - 2007[edit source]

Animated Mini-Series - 2007[edit source]

Produced as part of the behind-the-scenes series, Totally Doctor Who.

Children in Need Special - 2007[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2007[edit source]

Series 4 2008[edit source]

Proms Special 2008[edit source]

Christmas Special 2008[edit source]

2009 specials[edit source]

Animated Mini-Series - 2009[edit source]

Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith[edit source]

Series 5 - 2010[edit source]

Christmas Special 2010[edit source]

Series 6 - 2011[edit source]

Christmas Special 2011[edit source]

Series 7 - 2012[edit source]

Christmas Special 2012[edit source]

Series 7 - 2013[edit source]

50th Anniversary Special[edit source]

Christmas Special 2013[edit source]

Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi[edit source]

Series 8 - 2014[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2014[edit source]

Series 9 - 2015[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2015[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2016[edit source]

Series 10 - 2017[edit source]

Christmas Special - 2017[edit source]

Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whittaker[edit source]

Series 11 - 2018-19[edit source]

New Year Special - 2019[edit source]

Series 12 - 2020[edit source]

New Years Special — 2021[edit source]

Other[edit source]

"They may not be in the Whoniverse, but anything for sport, innit?"

The following episodes are generally considered wholly discontinuous with the main series (mostly due to the stories being retconned by later sources), and so therefore can't have "continuity errors" as such. Another way of looking at it is that they are continuity errors. Nevertheless, as this is a forum, they're included more or less for pure sport.

Pilot Episode[edit source]

Jim'll Fix It Mini-Episode - 1985[edit source]

Search Out Science Mini-Episode - 1990[edit source]

Children in Need Special - 1993[edit source]

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day Special - 1999[edit source]

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