This area is here to be used by all contributors to this wiki interested in matters of narrative discontinuity. Don't understand how the space program of 2070 as depicted in The Waters of Mars matches up with that seen in The Seeds of Death? Curious how the Doctor can claim to be 907 in the Voyage of the Damned but is explicitly 953 in Time and the Rani? Wondering why the Fourth Doctor died with his boots on in Logopolis, but the Fifth Doctor was wearing ordinary lace-ups a few seconds later in Castrovalva? If so, this is your forum!

No spoilers, pleaseEdit

Please be aware that this is a spoiler-free forum. No discussion of narrative elements from future stories is allowed or tolerated here. All users should feel welcome to discuss discontinuous elements in a spoiler-free environment. After all, the point of a discontinuity discussion is to make sense of a particular story in light of what else we certainly know about the DWU. And we don't know anything for sure about stories we've not actually seen, heard or read yet.

Therefore, if you post spoilers about un-broadcast stories, even if you only give information which the BBC or other rights holders have officially released, you will be blocked from editing for a period of time to be determined by whatever administrator catches you. Expect your ban to last on the order of months, not hours. Posting spoilers here is, in the words of our blocking policy, something which will "disrupt the functioning of the community".

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