Theodore Benik (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World) was Ramón Salamander's assistant.

Benik was confused by Donald Bruce's questions about Salamander's whereabouts. Bruce thought he had seen Salamander with Giles Kent but Benik assured him that Salamander had gone to the Central European Zone. Kent wanted Benik to contact Salamander for confirmation but Benik was under orders not to contact him.

Later, Benik confronted Kent in his caravan in the Australasian Zone and had a guard break up Kent's crockery to threaten him. He later led an attack on Kent's office to stop Fariah Neguib from exposing Salamander's plans, killing her. When Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield were captured, he was looking forward to questioning them but was ordered off by "Salamander", in reality, the Second Doctor impersonating Salamander.

When Salamander was defeated, Benik was arrested by Bruce and Forester. (TV: The Enemy of the World)

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