The Zygon Inversion was the eighth episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.

This episode saw the Twelfth Doctor describe the immense pain he felt while fighting in the Time War. It also revealed that there are two Osgood Boxes, and their design is based on that of the Moment; this symbolizes how the Doctor nearly destroyed his entire race with a box, just as Kate and Bonnie were about to destroy theirs.



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Uncredited cast


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The Doctor

  • The Doctor claims to Osgood that his real first name is "Basil."
  • The Doctor nicknames Bonnie "Zygella."
  • The Doctor jokes that as he is over 2000 years old, thus he is old enough to be a Messiah.
  • The Doctor calls London a "dump." When Osgood says he goes there often, he says that does not mean he has to like it.


  • Clara has enough authority within UNIT that she can access the Black Archive without question. She is one of only four individuals who can access the Osgood Boxes (the others are Osgood, her Zygon double, and the Doctor).
  • In the TARDIS, Clara fiddles with the console's settings. The Doctor does not appear to object, suggesting Clara knows what she is doing.

Story notes

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Production errors

  • When the Doctor, Clara, and Osgood arrive at the TARDIS, the Doctor is a few feet away from it. In the next shot, he is standing right next to it.
  • As the Doctor enters the TARDIS, Bonnie is standing to Osgood's left. However, in the next shot, Bonnie and Osgood have switched places.


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