The Zygon Invasion was the seventh episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales.


A long time ago, the Doctor made a deal in the Tower of London. 20 million Zygons walk among us, in human form, living undetected in peace and harmony. But cracks are showing in this delicate peace. Humans and Zygons are disappearing. In city apartment blocks, lifts are going missing, and far below the streets of Britain, alien pods are growing in secret caverns. To top it all off, UNIT's scientific advisor, Osgood, sends a desperate message to the Doctor - but since Osgood is long dead, how is that even possible?

The Doctor, Clara and UNIT must scatter across the world in a desperate bid to set her free. But in a world of shape-shifting aliens, who can you trust?


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After the Human-Zygon peace treaty, seen in TV: The Day of the Doctor it is revealed that 20 million Zygons were relocated around the United Kingdom. It quickly became clear that these Zygons had seized control of the UK and had slowly spread across the entire globe.

Story notes

  • The Radio Times programme listing was accompanied by a small colour shot of Osgood and the Doctor, with the accompanying caption "Doctor Who / 8.15 p.m. Osgood is snatched by aliens, prompting a round-the-world rescue mission".


  • BBC One: 3.87m

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  1. Think I was just left off the credits of Doctor Who just now. I did the Zygon voices. If I'm mistaken, apologies. Credits move so fast ;-) - Nicholas Briggs on Twitter
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