The Zentrabot Invasion was a comic story published in The Official Doctor Who Annual 2013.

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Danny and Abby slowly make their way downstairs, trying not to wake their parents so that they can open their Christmas presents. Danny is content that he has gotten a new skateboard. Danny is about to open another box, hoping that he will get a Zentrabot. Before they get to open the box, a weird man bursts into their houses. This man is The Doctor, and is warning them about opening the present, as it will end them both. Danny and Abby are confused and a bit scared about this man wearing a Christmas hat, and scanning the box with unknown contents. He also claims he landed 30 years in their future and saw Danny's children (twins). A hand bursts out, and soon the whole body appears. It's a Zentrabot, but not a friendly toy. They resort to running out of the house, and out of danger.

When they leave, the Zentrabot chases after Abby, but they find out that there is more than one rogue Zentrabot, as the whole street is full of Zentrabots attacking children. The Doctor and Danny go into the TARDIS to look for Abby and the rest of the children to save them. The big TARDIS screen gets a TV signal, where an alien ask for the government to surrender all of it's weapons to the Zentra in one hour of their children will die.

The TARDIS lands in the Zentra mothership. Danny wonders why it is so rusty. The Doctor reveals that the Zentra have been fighting wards for millennia, and that they're running out of resources. They see a Zentrabot, and it is revealed that the Zentrabots themselves are just maintenance drones. The Doctor then says he has a plan.

One minute later, Danny rides is skateboard and hits a Zentrabot. The Doctor catches the Zentrabot with a net and reprograms it to reprogram any Zentrabots that it encounters, and they will all do the same. A guard of the Zentra captures The Doctor straight away, and takes him to Captain Karvox.

Karvox laughs at the attempt of saving the children, and laughed at how these were the best people Earth could send them. The Doctor then orders them to free the children or he'll give a signal to attack the guards. Karvox doesn't believe them, but he takes out his Sonic screwdriver and sends the signal. Whilst this happens, The Doctor opens the doors to the Area Z6 Holding Pen, where the children were kept. They escape on the skateboard to Area Z6 and open the doors, where the children run out.

After getting "a hundred-odd thousand" kids home safely, he returns Danny and Abby home to their Mum and Dad in time for Christmas.

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