The Zarbi Are Destroyed was a comic story in Kenner's Give-a-Show Projector series of comic stories. It was the last of the series.

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After previously saving the Menoptera from the Zarbi, a group of Zarbi approach the Doctor, Ian and Barbara. As a class cylinder makes it way around the Doctor's head the Menoptra states that they are about to speak to the Doctor. The Zarbi tell the Doctor that he is their prisoner and that they require his knowledge. In hopes to rescue the Doctor, Barbara takes Ian to look for the Zarbi brain centre.

Reaching Animus, they see that the light is overpowering. Barbara is still able to take out an isotope, saying that this will kill the brain. Before the three make their exits, the Menoptera thank the "Earthmen" for saving them from the Zarbi menace.

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