The Year After I Died was the first audio story in the anthology The Lives of Captain Jack. It starred John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, and took place in the aftermath of The Parting of the Ways, the Doctor Who series 1 finale.

Jack has been left behind in 200,100, after having been revived for the first time. The Year After I Died takes place in 200,101, and explores the consequences of the Battle of the Game Station, furthermore bridging the gap described in the television story Utopia, where Jack makes his way back in time to find the Doctor.

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Set in the year 200,101, on an Earth ravaged by the Daleks, Jack struggles to save humanity from its oldest enemy.

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  • The Hope Foundation is a charity founded by Vortia Trear, which helps people relocate off the planet, and "forge a new life". Those who've "resettled" are never heard from again.

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