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The Worst Thing in the World was the thirty-first Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the third story of the seventh season.

Publisher's summary[]

The Drome was set up with the best - or at least the most blatantly venal - of intentions. A self-contained planetoid-community, wired with microcams, designed to pump out product to the GalNet media-stream twenty-six hours a Galactic Standard Day.

But now the Medium is rotting minds and turning them to murder. The machine is turning out brain-dead zombies, setting them to stumble through the twists and turns of some inhuman and unguessable plan - and Professor Bernice Summerfield, and her ex-husband Jason, are caught in the middle of it!

Now Benny finds herself in a desperate fight for her life. A fight so desperate that she will be forced to do something she has never done before, a horror that she never imagined she could bring herself to commit. The worst thing in the world.


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  • Benny uses a dictaphone.
  • Reference is made to the Galactic Transit Core, bubble-chip technology, the Infinity Division, transputonics, transputers, temporal reality and sector security.
  • The "singularity" is essentially "god-grade A.I." Marvin becomes the "god box," an A.I. with a god complex.
  • Cabin fever feeds on itself, and usually takes an outsider to see it.
  • Benny's favourite colour is turquoise.


  • Benny (Lisa Bowerman) sings to bring the story — that she's stuck in — to a happy conclusion. The full version of the song "Happy Place," composed by Caroline Hrycek-Robinson, is on track 25 of the CD.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 17 and 31 July 2006.


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