The Woman Who Lived was the sixth episode of the ninth series of Doctor Who produced by BBC Wales. It was the 100th story of Doctor Who since its revival in 2005. It featured the return of Ashildr, now going by the name "Me," after her introduction in the previous episode. The episode explored the darker aspects of immortality -- the relativity of time and the short period of human lives being a focus. Despite being a continuation of the story started in The Girl Who Died, the stories were not a two-parter, having different writers, settings and tone.

Much like the Fourth Doctor adventure, The Deadly Assassin, the Doctor is without a true companion for this story; however, unlike that story, the Doctor was simply on his own due to this companion being on a break from travelling, rather than being left behind in the preceeding story.

This story, like The Unquiet Dead, had aliens with hostile intentions lie to the Doctor and his allies about seeking peaceful refuge.


A deadly Highwayman called 'The Knightmare' roams in the dark streets in England, 1651.

They come face to face with the Doctor when they find an unearthly element that he wants too.

Who's the Knightmare's sidekick? And can the Doctor protect the Earth from an enemy that has secret intentions?


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The Knightmare stopped a carriage, and held the owners at gunpoint, asking for an amulet. Soon after, The Doctor came, and his devices showed him the chest on the back of the carriage contained the amulet. However, the carriage quickly went in escape. The Doctor initially didn't recognise The Knightmare, but did so after she removed her mask and reverted to her original voice. The two went back to her mansion, where Ashildr repeatedly asked to be The Doctor's companion, but he refused repeatedly. She also stated how her name was now 'Me', and that her humanity had been "run dry". They decided that they were looking for the same prize, and they stole it from Fanshawe house. After his amulet had been retrieved from the Fanshawe house, Leandro revealed himself to the Doctor, who discovered that in order to reach another world through the doorway the amulet would conjure, a death was required.

At Tyburn, a man named Sam Swift was to be executed. Both Ashildr and Leandro were in attendance. The Doctor used his Psychic Paper to pardon him, but Ashildr used Leandro's amulet to kill Sam Swift anyways and open a portal; this revealed an army of Leonians was alive and ready to invade Earth. His lie discovered, Leandro admitted that he had tricked Ashildr, but when she used a Mire medical kit she had in her possession to reverse the death of Sam Swift, the portal she had opened was closed. For failing in his mission to keep the portal open so his people could invade, Leandro was killed.



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  • The Doctor recalls traveling with Jack Harkness, and suggests that Lady Me will run into him someday.

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