The Wolves of Winter was the sixteenth story of the Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic series, published in 2017. The story featured Bill Potts' first appearance in the ongoing Twelfth Doctor comic series, even though it was published only a few days after she left the Doctor in The Doctor Falls. It featured the return of two Martian species from Doctor Who - the Ice Warriors and the Flood.

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  • This story is a rare example of using the dating system of CE (Common Era) over AD (anno domini or "In the year of our Lord")
  • Bill remarks how the Vikings do not have horns. This is an in-joke reference to criticism levelled at The Girl Who Died, which featured stereotypical (and historically inaccurate) horn-wearing Vikings. The Vikings seen in this story are depicted closer to how they appear in the popular TV series Vikings.
  • Bill and the Doctor previously encountered the Ice Warriors in the TV episode, Empress of Mars, which was clearly the former's first encounter with them. Her recognition of them in the second issue places this story some point after that episode.
  • This story acts as a prequel to both The Curse of Fenric and The Waters of Mars though both occur in the Doctor's personal past.

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