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The Wire, also known also Defeat The Wire!, was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


In 1953 an alien creature, which threatened the world, was destroyed. It left behind a message. Resemble the message by scanning the media clips, and delete it before it shatters the Tinternet.

How to play?[]

The up and down arrow keys are needed to navigate the clips and track down the Wire's last message. There are four parts to the message in total.

The player's job is to play back the media clips in the playback window until he has tracked down all of the clips. Once he has collected all the missing parts of the message he must select "delete" to destroy the message forever.

There are several media clips which cannot be clicked otherwise the player has to start from the beginning and destroy the message again.


All code detected... Wire message analysed. You have to delete it. A short TV clip is shown and then the TV shuts down.

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