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The Wintertime Paradox was a collection of short stories released on 15 October 2020 by BBC Children's Books.

Publisher's summary[]

Did you know Davros and the Doctor met for three Christmases, on different planets, across time and space? Have you heard the one about the time the Plasmavores came to pay a festive visit? Or when Madame Vastra fought a cyborg?

The perfect collection for the bleakest - and sometimes brightest - time of the year, these are the tales to get you halfway out of the dark...

This thrilling anthology presents a fantastic collection of adventures through time and space, featuring the best-loved characters and places from the Doctor Who world.


The anthology consists of twelve Christmas-themed short stories,[1] and a Time Lord Victorious tie-in short story.

# Title Doctor Featuring Read by
1 He's Behind You 10th Rose, Autons Sophie Aldred
2 Father of the Daleks 11th Davros, Daleks
3 Inflicting Christmas 12th Bill
4 For the Girl Who Has Everything Osgood, Kate
5 Visiting Hours 11th Rory, River
6 We Will Feed You to the Trees 7th
7 Christmas with the Plasmavores 4th Plasmavores
8 A Girl Called Doubt 5th Cybermen
9 A Perfect Christmas Paternoster Gang
10 Missing Habitas Frond Missy
11 A Day to Yourselves 9th
12 The Paradox Moon 13th Shadow Proclamation
- Canaries 8th, 11th,
The Curator
Faction Paradox -


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